Top 15 Stupid Playable Characters in Wrestling Video Games

Pro wrestling video games date all the way to the year 1983. The very first pro wrestling game was made for the arcade and was called "The Big Pro Wrestling!" The game was eventually ported over to the Nintendo Entertainment System and was renamed "Tag Team Wrestling." The game wasn't very good and only had four unique characters in it. The very first actual licensed professional wrestling game, based on an actual promotion, was WWF WrestleMania on the NES. The game only featured six playable wrestlers due to the small size of the NES cartridges.

As the years went on and consoles became more powerful, game companies were able to put in more playable characters. We went from having six wrestlers in a game in 1986 to over 120 to choose from in 2016. Back when game companies were only able to fit six wrestlers into their game, only the the top wrestlers were included. In more modern wrestling games, almost every wrestler on the roster was included. A lot of the times, characters are included, who are not even actual wrestlers. These characters include anywhere from managers and commentators to rock stars and even the head of a mannequin.

Even though almost every wrestler a fan could want are included to today's wrestling games, the inclusion of these stupid playable characters still feels like a big waste. It's seems highly unlikely that any wrestling fan was salivating at the mouth when they found out the people on this list were going to be playable characters. They would have been better off had they not included these characters in the first place.

Without further ado, here are the top 15 stupid playable characters in wrestling video games.

16 Jim Ross


Playable in: WWF Wrestlemania 2000, WWF No Mercy, WWE '12

15 Michael Cole


Playable in: WWF No Mercy, WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role, WWE '12

14 Mike Tyson


Playable in: WWE '13

13 Paul Heyman


Playable in: ECW Anarchy Rulz

When you think of Paul Heyman today, you think of Brock Lesnar's mouth piece. He's portrayed as somewhat of a coward when Lesnar is not by his side. There was a point in time where Heyman traded in his suit for a leather jacket and a baseball cap. As the owner of ECW, Heyman had a ruthless atttitude and was someone you didn't want to piss off. Still, Heyman was not the most imposing figure and probably couldn't pull off a drop kick if his life depended on it. If you owned a copy of ECW Anarchy Rulz on PlayStation, you could perform as many drop kicks with Paul Heyman as you wanted.

12 John Laurinaitis


Playable in: WWE '13

John Laurinaitis made a name for himself in Japan, where he wrestled in All Japan Pro Wrestling for over a decade. WWE fans of today know him as the former heel Raw General Manager. During his time as GM, he had notable feuds with both CM Punk and John Cena. He even had a couple of forgettable in ring matches with Cena. Laurinaitis was included as a playable character in WWE '13, which isn't a completely stupid choice considering he was an actual wrestler at one point. What makes he inclusion stupid was that fact that the game developers were too lazy to give him an attire other than a business suit. 

11 Vince Russo


Playable in: WCW Backstage Assault

10 Tony Schiavone


Playable in: WCW Nitro, WCW/nWo Thunder

9 "Mean" Gene Okerlund


Playable in: WCW Nitro, WCW/nWo Thunder, WCW Mayhem

8 Kwang


Playable in: WWF Raw (Sega 32X)

7 Doug Dellinger


Playable in: WCW Mayhem , WCW Backstage Assault

6 "Ho"


Playable in: WWF No Mercy

The Godfather was a popular Superstar in the WWE during The Attitude Era. His character was that of a pimp, who would bring "hoes" down to the ring with him. In WWF No Mercy, you were given a chance to play as one of these "hoes." The unlockable character was simply named "Ho" and cost an absurd $500,000 of in-game currency. To put that in perspective, you could buy Earl Hebner, Ken Shamrock, Cactus Jack, and Shawn Michaels for a combined $160,000.

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger


Playable in: WWE 2K16

4 Turok


Playable in: WWF Warzone

3 Fred Durst


Playable in: WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It, WWE Raw

Fred Dust is best known for being the lead singer of the band Limp Bizkit, who achieved mainstream success in the late 1990s and early 2000s. His only real contribution to professional wrestling was providing the theme song "Rollin" for The Undertaker. The WWE to decided to do a nice gesture for Durst and included him as a playable character in two different games. The only person happy that Fred Durst was included in the games was probably Durst himself.


1 "Head"


Playable in: WWF Attitude

Al Snow first starting carrying the head of a mannequin to the ring in ECW, he then took “Head” with him when he returned to the WWE in 1998. The character of “Head” really got over with fans, so much so that it was an unlockable character in WWF Attitude. The character really looked out of place in the game, as it had no body, just hands and feet. “Head” was the only character ever to featured in a wrestling video game that wasn't even a living thing.

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Top 15 Stupid Playable Characters in Wrestling Video Games