Top 15 Times Athletes Got Their Mistresses Pregnant

Being a professional athlete seems like it would be the greatest life possible. Most athletes are under 40 years old with youth on their side, not to mention the millions of dollars and publicity that comes from being an athlete. When you’re that famous, there are definitely going to be a lot of people that want to be involved in your life, especially on a personal level.

It has been well known for a while that there are typically women waiting for professional athletes in hotel lobbies waiting to meet some of the millionaire athletes. The only problem is that many of these athletes are either married or in serious relationships, some that have lasted for over a decade and resulted in children.

Then, things can get really dicey when hooking up with a mistress on the road can result in another child. A lot of times, this will lead to a divorce between an athlete and his wife, but some have stuck together. Many of the stories get swept under the rug as athletes are willing to pay big bucks to keep their personal lives secret. Here are 15 athletes that didn’t have it kept quiet and are reported to have gotten their mistresses pregnant.

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15 Chipper Jones

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Braves fans were shocked to hear the news in October 1998 that Chipper Jones had been fathering an illegitimate child. Jones made the admission that he had met a Hooters waitress during Spring Training the season before and that the woman moved back to Michigan to raise the child. Jones was married to Karin Fulford at the time, though the two would get divorced in 1999.

The two tried to make it work for a little bit, but obviously that didn’t happen. Jones would say that “I’ve messed up royally. I’ve messed up just about as bad a man can mess up without killing somebody. I’ve committed adultery and I’ll pay for that the rest of my life.” Jones would remarry a year after his divorce to Sharon Logonov, though the two would call it quits in 2012.

14 Jermichael Finley

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Former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley has had his relationship problems, though it didn’t really come to light until 2013. A woman named Chelsie Bellisle made the accusation on social media that Finley was the father of her child, while he was married to Courtney Finley. Bellisle said that Finley would intentionally withhold child support after finding out and that he also smashed her phone.

While Finley has two children with his wife while they were living in Green Bay, there were reports that there were three illegitimate children that he was fathering in his native Texas. Neither Finley nor his wife would comment on the allegations made by Bellisle in 2013 and she would also say that there was another woman that was four months pregnant at the time with Finley as the supposed father.

13 Ben Wallace

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Not only did Ben Wallace bring an NBA Championship to the Detroit Pistons in 2004, but he was also a four-time Defensive Player of the Year and led the league in rebounds on two occasions. While his career had been going on, Wallace has been married to a woman named Chanda. The couple has three children together, but it appears that there is another one outside of the marriage.

Wallace’s wife allegedly created a fake profile on Twitter to confront a pregnant woman that said she was carrying Wallace’s child. Chanda would also accuse the woman of being the reason that Wallace crashed his car when he was surprised to hear that she was pregnant. Wallace would actually receive a one year jail sentence as a result of the crash for leaving the scene of an accident.

12 Adrian Peterson

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

While we didn’t quite know the extent of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s history with women and children until a few years ago, it came as quite a shock when all of the news seemed to happen at once. Since 2014, Peterson has been married to Ashley Brown, who announced that she was expecting Peterson’s seventh child. Then, in 2015, it turned out that Peterson might have had his ninth child overall.

A woman that was working as a massage therapist claimed that she was carrying Peterson’s child, but had a miscarriage in September of that year. The woman also said that she wanted a cool $2 million from Peterson to cover 18 years of child support and that she saved fetal tissue and could prove that it was Peterson’s baby upon a paternity test. Even with all we know, there’s no telling how many possible future NFL stars are out there.

11 Nick Young

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

While the former first round pick out of USC was fairly anonymous in his first several seasons in the league, Nick Young became a known name when he started playing for the Lakers in 2013 and being referred to for the most part as “Swaggy P.” He also increased his celebrity when he got into a relationship with rapper Iggy Azalea and the two were on the verge of getting married before Azalea found out that Young had been straying.

Young already had a child with ex-girlfriend Keonna Green, though it appeared the two were done for. That was, until, Azalea found out that Young had gotten her pregnant again. While that might not have been a problem before Azalea and Young got together, it turned out that Green got pregnant several months after the couple had already gotten engaged.

10 Reggie Bush

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A former Heisman winner that played in the bright lights of Los Angeles and became a second overall pick already draws a lot of attention. Then, when you start dating a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, the attention gets cranked up even farther. While that couple wouldn’t last, Bush would eventually find someone to settle down with in the form of Lilit Avagyan...or so we all thought.

Bush and Avagyan had two children together and have been married since 2014. However, it was revealed in 2016 that after the couple had tied the knot, Bush would get a waitress in Miami pregnant named Monique Exposito. Reports said that Bush offered $3 million to Exposito to have an abortion, but those plans fell through. Now, he’s saying that he will father the baby if proven to be his when it is due in February 2017.

9 Dan Marino

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

While his reputation was damaged due to rumored drug use while at Pitt, Dan Marino would repair any damage thanks to his NFL career and ability to stay out of trouble. Even after his career, it seemed that Marino was just fine and had been married to Claire Veazey since 1985. The couple has six children together, but they would run into some problems in 2005.

It turned out that Marino and CBS employee Donna Savattere had an affair, and she would end up pregnant with daughter Chloe. Marino paid millions to have Savattere keep the secret out of the public and it wasn’t revealed until eight years later what had happened. Marino said that “I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then.” Marino and his wife are still married.

8 Donald Penn

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A former undrafted free agent, Donald Penn has spent the last decade in the NFL, has made it to one Pro Bowl and is a current member of the Oakland Raiders. Penn has been married to his wife Dominique for many years and the couple has three children together. In 2016, it was revealed that it might not be limited to just three. Dominique Penn said that Donald hooked up with Camilla Poindexter, a reality star from Bad Girls Club.

Dominique tweeted out that Donald “has 4 kids now (paternity test pending) to worry about,” after she said that “My husband cheated on me with this hood rat.” The baby was born in March 2016, though it wouldn’t put an end to Donald and Dominique’s marriage. After all, Dominique did say “I uplifted him and I told him as his friend (we’re) gonna get through this!!!” She also said some harsh words about Poindexter, but we’ll leave those out.

7 Eric Snow

via kukly-bratc.ru

Though he wasn’t the greatest NBA player, Eric Snow had a career that spanned 13 seasons in the league with Seattle, Philadelphia and Cleveland. Now, Snow is an assistant coach with Florida Atlantic, but the biggest headlines from the former player come from his relationship drama. Snow had been married to Deshawn Snow, who was featured on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality series.

In 2010, news came out that Snow had gotten a mistress pregnant, a college classmate that had been friends with both Eric and Deshawn. News of the pregnancy derailed Snow’s marriage and Deshawn filed for divorce. It was believed that the divorce settlement was in the neighbourhood of $20 million. Now, Snow is married to Carrie Snow while trying to stay out of the spotlight that is reality television.

6 Kevin Garnett

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett, spent more than 20 years in the NBA, being named to the All Star Game 15 times while winning the 2004 MVP Award. In 2004, Garnett was married to Brandi Padilla, a woman that he had been dating for several years before then. The two have had two daughters together, while right around the same time that they were welcoming their second child, Garnett had one outside of the relationship (allegedly).

In 2010, rumors started to swirl around Garnett that he had been involved in an affair with a woman named Krissy Freiberg. The reports also said that Garnett’s wife Brandi confronted the woman during a Clippers and Celtics game. So why was she at the game? Sources say that Krissy had season tickets courtesy of Garnett. Not much information has been updated on Freiberg as of late, but she alleges that Garnett is her baby’s father.

5 Dwyane Wade

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade seems to have it all. The NBA vet has been to a dozen All Star Games, has won three NBA Championships and has been married to actress Gabrielle Union since 2014. Wade had a marriage before that, as well, with Siohvaughn Funches from 2002 to 2010. While Wade was involved in a relationship with Union, there was news that he had strayed and got into an affair with a woman named Sandrina.

Union had apparently known about the fling that Wade had with the woman and it would end up in a pregnancy. In late 2014, the woman gave birth and Wade confirmed that he was the father of said child. It was big news when the affair was revealed, as there were a lot of personal attacks going on between Union and the mistress who engaged in a social media war.

4 Arian Foster

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

While it appears that his career might be done now thanks to injuries, Arian Foster was one of the best running backs of the past decade with four Pro Bowl appearances and an All-Pro selection. Foster, a former undrafted player from Tennessee, has been married to his wife Romina since 2011. However, it appears their marriage is inching toward the end after Romina filed for divorce in 2015.

The divorce filing stemmed from when Foster fathered a child with a 20 year old woman from Houston while he was still married. The woman, Brittany Norwood, sued Foster for child support and emotional distress as the shocking news came out. Norwood claims that Foster pressured her into getting an abortion and the suit would eventually be settled in February 2015, though the damage that Foster brought to his relationship had already been done.

3 Tiger Woods

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For many years, people only knew about Tiger Woods from what they saw on the golf course and in advertisements. With all of the success that he was having, not many people even gave thought to Woods’s personal life. Woods would become married to Elin Nordegren in 2004 and had two children together. However, it all came crashing down in 2009 when the laundry list of Woods’s mistresses came to light.

The list of mistresses has been reported to be anywhere between 12 and more than 100, so it’s hard to say what exactly happened. It was reported in 2010 that one of them has led to an alleged illegitimate child with Theresa Rogers, who said that the child was born while Woods and Nordegren were married. Though nothing has been confirmed, there have been other allegations, as well, and we all know that Woods (along with Nike) had plenty of money to keep the secrets quiet.

2 Bartolo Colon

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It was a big year for Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon who had his first career home run and appeared to be one of the more lovable players in the game. However, not all fans were ready to support the hefty hurler after it was revealed that he had an entire family on the side. Colon has been married to wife Paula for more than 20 years now and the couple has had four children (all sons) together.

In May 2016, Colon had to go to court for a child support hearing as it turned out that he had gotten a woman named Alexandra Santos pregnant not once, but twice, during his marriage to Paula. The children are now nearing 10 years old and Santos said that Colon has been a “deadbeat dad” for not supporting the two.

1 Tom Brady

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Of course, we have to end our list with Tom Brady, perhaps the best quarterback in NFL history and holder of four Super Bowl titles. Brady has been famously married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen since 2009, though the marriage almost didn’t last long at all. In late 2006, Brady started his relationship with Bundchen, though she didn’t know that she was well on her way to becoming a stepmom.

Brady had gotten his ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, pregnant with his first son. The baby was born in August 2007, nine months after he had started dating Bundchen. Bundchen said of the revelation that she considered ending the relationship. “I felt like I did not know what to do. It was one of those moments of like, do I just run away?” she said. But the two are still together, and all involved in the situation appear to be getting along just fine.

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