Top 15 WNBA Players Who Are Hot AF

The most attractive WNBA players usually have something about them that goes beyond supermodel looks and truly makes them some of the hottest.

When people think of the hottest female athletes, they don’t typically think of the WNBA. In some ways, that’s because the WNBA itself isn’t really one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. Despite the many presentation improvements the WNBA has implemented over the years and the influx of incredible talent that the league has enjoyed over the last decade or so, many basketball fans don’t think as the WNBA to go for world class basketball. We’d love to try to change their mind, but hey, maybe they do have kind of a point there.

However, the WNBA is a great place to go for world-class female athletes. The rigors of basketball force anyone who play it professionally to be in top physical form. The benefit of all that training for the players is, of course, a career as a basketball star, but the benefit for fans around the world is our ability to recognize the impossibly impressive athletic forms of these basketball beauties. Of course, the most attractive WNBA players usually have something about them that goes beyond supermodel looks and truly makes them one of the top 15 WNBA players that are hot AF.

15 Jasmine Lister


Jasmine Lister had an odd road to the WNBA. Lister enjoyed a fairly decent college career at Vanderbilt where she made a name for herself as a reliable point guard who could occasionally put up points when called upon. Despite her accomplishments, the WNBA didn’t come calling when she registered for the draft. Instead, Lister decided to accept a coaching position at UCONN where she helped lead the team to a championship run. After that, the Los Angeles Sparks finally gave her a WNBA contract.

While Lister has since moved back to coaching, fans will always remember her for exceptional play and incredible looks. Lister is kind of a girl next door type but is clearly aware that she is very attractive and isn’t afraid to show off on social media.

14 Skylar Diggins-Smith

Adam Franzino/Sports Illustrated

Skylar Diggins-Smith caught the attention of scouts everywhere not because of her supermodel looks, but because of her superstar play. Even as a high school freshman, Diggins was setting national records and making every All-American team in the country. Eventually, she decided to go to Notre Dame where she established herself as one of the best female basketball players in the country. Her achievements there are legendary as is her WNBA fame. Diggins was the first female athlete signed to an endorsement deal with Roc Nation Sports which has joyfully put her into the public spotlight.

Diggins was always ridiculously attractive, but her legendary Sports Illustrated shoot really caught the attention of sports fans everywhere who suddenly realized that one of the best looking female athletes on the planet is a WNBA star.

13 Cayla George


Cayla George was born in Australia and began her basketball career in a country/continent not exactly known for churning out basketball stars. As a member of the Central Australian Basketball League, she quickly established herself as perhaps the best female basketball player in Australia. While George would continue playing for the Australian National Team, she made the jump to the WNBA in 2015 when she signed with the Phoenix Mercury. While George remains a spectacular player, this 6 ft 4 in 28-year-old star hasn't really entered the national spotlight.

However, those who are aware of her know that George is one of the league’s most attractive young stars. Her surfer looks and carefree style have won her quite the fanbase even if her somewhat restrained public image doesn’t include many modeling shoots.

12 Maria Stepanova


While Maria Stepanova is unfortunately retired, we can’t help but talk about one of the hottest women to ever play in the WNBA. Stepanova turned heads early on in her career by virtue of being one of the tallest women to ever play in the WNBA. At 6 ft 8 in, this Russia-born Center towers above the competition physically and skill-wise. Her sheer physical stature allowed her to dominate the competition in the paint, and her natural beauty turned her into a global phenomenon early into her career.

Stepanova’s early career saw her participate in quite a few modeling shoots that caught the attention of anyone with a soft spot for almost Amazonian women whose looks are surpassed only by their on-the-court abilities.

11 Sydney Carter

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Sydney Carter kind of came out of nowhere when she joined the Texas A&M basketball team. However, she soon became a part of a dominant college trio that included Sydney Colson and Danielle Adams. While Carter wasn’t the most dominant member of the group, she was drafted by the WNBA’s Chicago Sky. From there, Carter began capturing the attention of both WNBA fans and sports fans in general. The latter group was drawn to her Instagram account and other social media outlets where Carter loves to post bikini photos, selfies, and other pics that show off her incredible physical form.

At just 25 years old, Carter clearly has a whole world ahead of her. We wouldn’t be surprised if that future includes a few modeling opportunities.

10 Swin Cash


Swin Cash may be retired, but we have a hard time forgetting about her many contributions. Cash didn’t really think that she was going to be a professional basketball player growing up, but she ended up attending UConn and established herself as a true star en route to a National Championship and an undefeated season. She was snatched up by the Detroit Shock in 2002 and began an all-time great WNBA career that few WNBA players will likely ever surpass. Of course, some people might know Swin Cash best from her appearance in the ESPN Body Issue.

Yes, Cash's’ infamous semi-nude photo shoot really caught the attention of many who suddenly realized that her years of work took the form of an incredible athletic body.

9 Candice Wiggins


Candice Wiggins is one of those WNBA players that you’ve probably heard of even if you don’t follow the league. In high school, she eventually earned just about every award that a female basketball player can possibly garner. She eventually decided to attend Stanford University where she did well enough to be worthy of the third overall pick in the 2008 WNBA Draft.

Her career was stellar, but Wiggins decided to leave the WNBA over what she referred to as the league’s “toxic culture” towards straight women. Wiggins’ male fans have never had any problem with her openly heterosexual nature or her naturally good looks and incredible form. At just 30-years-old, Wiggins has her whole life ahead of her and will surely have plenty of chances to utilize her natural beauty.

8 Sue Bird


Sue Bird’s incredible high school career led to her receiving offers from nearly every prestigious university in the country. After much debate, she finally agreed to attend UConn. Despite her fears that she would be lost on the team’s deep roster, Bird distinguished herself as one of the best female players in the country. She maintained that reputation when she was drafted by the Seattle Storm with the first overall pick in the 2002 Draft and when she went on to play international Basketball for the USA.

Throughout it all, Bird has attracted quite the fan base of sports fans who can’t help but be enamored with just how cute one of the world’s best female basketball players really is. Bird isn’t afraid to show off her girlish side.

7 Penny Taylor


Penny Taylor is another Australian-born WNBA star. In her home country, Taylor began playing basketball at the age of four and eventually became good enough to play for the women’s national team. She immediately established herself as one of the most dominant forces in women’s basketball and was quickly picked by the Cleveland Rockers in the 2001 WNBA draft. While Taylor’s career started off somewhat slow, she really hit her stride when she began playing for Phoenix. Of course, some of you may know Taylor for the controversial nude shoot she did for an Australian magazine during the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. That shoot certainly caught the attention of many fans across the world as did her marriage to fellow former WNBA player, Diana Taurasi.

6 Brittany Jackson


Brittany Jackson first entered the national spotlight when she joined the University of Tennessee and played for Pat Summitt. In four years at the school, Jackson helped the team reach four consecutive final fours and won two championship games in 2003 and 2004. While Jackson’s skills remained impressive, somewhere along the way, someone realized that Brittany Jackson is a great beauty who would probably do quite well as a professional model. So, Jackson became a professional model. As great of a player as Jackson was, we can’t help but feel that modeling is her true calling. Jackson’s bikini body and classic natural blonde looks are the kind of beauty that never goes out of style. As good as Jackson looked on the court, her photo shoots reveal just how hot she really is.

5 Renee Montgomery


In high school, Montgomery averaged 22.5 points, five rebounds, five steals, and six assists a game during her senior year. She also led her team to 3 state championships. Naturally, the University of Connecticut came calling and quickly snatched her up. In 2009, Montgomery helped lead UCONN to a perfect season and national championship. Along the way, she set quite a few records and was eventually selected fourth overall by the Minnesota Lynx in 2009. While Renee’s modeling shoots consist mostly of tasteful professional shots, it doesn’t take much to see her naturally good looks and bright smile. Montgomery’s girl next door nature made her a poster child for the WNBA once upon a time and has helped ensure that she retained the attention of a global audience.

4 Leilani Mitchell


We don’t know what it is about Australia and attractive female basketball players, but there’s something about the country that just seems to naturally produce them. Leilani Mitchell was a first-team all-state high school player who became a global name by her senior year. The University of Idaho offered her a scholarship and she rewarded them with four excellent seasons that eventually led to her being drafted by the Phoenix Mercury. Mitchell’s career got off to a somewhat rocky start, but she was able to put together quite a few good seasons. Through it all, however, most people just focused on how impossibly cute Mitchell really is. Michell’s forever young features make her a constant contender for one of the WNBA’s most beautiful women.

3 Erin Phillips


Erin Phillips has enjoyed quite the athletic career. As yet another Australian-born WNBA star, she began her career at a young age and was eventually offered a scholarship by the Australian Institute of Sport. She actually started her professional basketball career in the WNBL but transitioned to the WNBA by 2006. Impressively, Phillips has also served as a professional Australian football player and has proven to be just at both sports. No matter what sport she plays, Phillips can’t help but capture the attention of fans everywhere who immediately recognize her absurdly good looks. Phillips’ swimsuit and lingerie photo shoots have garnered some negative attention over the years, but you can hardly blame Phillips for recognizing that she has a near perfect athletic body and naturally good looks.

2 Candace Parker


Some may remember Candace Parker’s famous former NBA player brother Anthony Parker, but there’s really no denying that Candace is the best basketball player in the family. Parker’s list of career achievements reads like the list of awards a female basketball player could win in their lifetime. Along with a national championship win at Tennessee, Parker also helped lead the US Women’s team to two gold medals in the Olympics. As the first overall pick in the 2008 WNBA Draft, Parker has since shined as one of the league’s most dominant players. While some always described Parker has cute, it wasn’t until she agreed to do the ESPN body issue that fans everywhere realized that Parker is a downright sexy athlete who is not afraid to show off her assets.

1 Elena Delle Donne


When Elena Delle Donne was still very young, doctors suggested that she be injected with substances that would help stunt her growth. Donne was six feet tall at a very young age and was embarrassed by her abnormal height. At first, her height helped her become one of the best basketball players in the nation. Soon, however, Donne began growing into her tall frame and quickly became an exceptionally beautiful woman who is quite honestly a contract away from a career as a supermodel.

When she isn’t tearing up the WNBA courts, Donne is breaking hearts everywhere with her sizzling Body Issue shoots and tantalizing social media posts. It's no surprise that she has received multiple endorsement deals as well as many magazine photo shoot requests over the years.

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