Top 15 Worst Bodies in Sports

Professional sports are filled with top of the line athletes who treat their bodies like temples. Most guys are in the gym every day to get stronger or at least make sure that they maintain their stre

Professional sports are filled with top of the line athletes who treat their bodies like temples. Most guys are in the gym every day to get stronger or at least make sure that they maintain their strength and athleticism. This is the work ethic that got them to the pros, and in return for their hard work, they get paid the big bucks.

However, not every player is super concerned with their body. Some couldn't care less how they look or what they weigh, as long as they perform. A lot of players slack off in the offseason and come into the preseason fat and out of shape. Weight can be a major problem in many sports. Weight is often a problem when it comes to the longevity of careers. Later on, knees start to give in and stress fractures are increasingly relevant. Many times, the teams will step in and give them a weight they want to slim down to if it gets out of control.

Many countries are becoming increasingly obese and it's surprising that it's even making its way into sports. Their body is what they rely on, so they should take care of it. They have enough money that they don't have to be eating fast food, yet they probably consume it daily. You wouldn't put regular gas into a Lamborghini, would you? The same concept applies here, the better quality fuel you put in, the better performance you get out.

The criteria for this list is a player who is either fat, out of shape, or anyone who just doesn't look like an athlete. I don't understand how a professional athlete could ever be out of shape, it's their job for crying out loud. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

Here are the 15 worst bodies in sports.

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15 David Ortiz

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

"Big Papi" rightfully earned his nickname. He is big, that's for sure. Since he has been a designated hitter for most of his career, his weight hasn't really hurt him. Whether the "big" came from his home runs or his body, he doesn't look like an athlete either way. He looks more like a fan watching the game from his couch than a player in the game. Big Papi weighs 230 pounds but as long as he doesn't get exposed in the field he can be whatever weight he wants. His weight might just help him hit bombs over the green monster.

14 C.C. Sabathia

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Sabathia was a dominant pitcher in his day, but these days he has lost some velocity, and hitters have figured him out. At his heaviest, C.C. tipped the scales at 300 pounds. Although he is 6'7, his gut still hung over his belt and he was noticeably fat. If he shed some pounds he would have definitely been able to field his position better. A lot of baseball players just let their body do whatever they want because they don't think it affects them too much and it probably doesn't but that doesn't prevent him from being on this list.

13 Prince Fielder

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Prince Fielder is a classic out of shape first baseman. All he does is hit home runs, in his best season he hit 50 with a ton of power coming from his 275 pound frame. No doubt Fielder has a ton of muscle, but on top of that, he has some unnecessary weight. What you might not know is that Fielder even used to eat a vegetarian diet, but it's unknown whether he still follows the diet or not. Just by seeing him on the street, if you didn't recognize him, you wouldn't think he is an athlete.

12 Roy Nelson

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Nelson is not one of those MMA fighters with virtually no fat on their body. Most fighters are extremely concerned with their weight constantly trying to make weight to fit into their weight class, but the same cannot be said for Nelson. He weighs 246 pounds and it packs a punch. He often pokes fun at himself about his body, but the question has to arise, is it holding him back? The fact that he can compete with the fighters that are in tip-top condition is extremely impressive.

11 Glen "Big Baby" Davis

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Glen Davis must eat a ton because it's hard to keep 290 pounds on your body when playing basketball. Working out and sweating every night you think would be enough to keep him in shape but apparently not. I can only predict that the "Big Baby" makes frequent stops at the McDonald's in each city he visits. The only positive about his weight is that he can get away with playing the role of a "big" in the NBA. Without his weight, a 6'9 power forward would be undersized.

10 Sebastian Janikowski

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When your only job is to kick the football, and kick it far, anything above your legs probably isn't as important to maintain. Sebastian Janikowski has been a mainstay for the Oakland Raiders. At 38 years old, there are no signs of his kicking power decreasing, so as long as he does that, he'll have a spot in the NFL. He's found a pretty sweet gig for himself. Seeing him on the street, you'd probably think he was a fisherman or maybe a bouncer at a high end nightclub. Sea Bass seems like an appropriate nickname for him.

9 Eddie Lacy

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason the Packers gave a goal to Eddie Lacy to lose weight. This past season he seamed to be way overweight and it definitely was a detriment to his play. With a bad season by his standards he knew the weight was slowing him down. If I didn't know Lacy was a running back, I would probably say he was a defensive end or outside linebacker just based on his size.

I hope he can control his weight, because when he is at his optimal weight he is a wrecking ball. It seems he has slimmed down this offseason and the Packers are happy so we'll have to take a look for ourselves. We'll have to see if he can maintain his weight as the season goes along.

8 Pablo Sandoval

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Viral photos of the "Panda" have been floating through the web of how heavy Pablo has gotten. When he arrived for spring training it was shocking to see his gut stick out past his shirt. Over the season it was noticeable how much weight he has gained. He isn't even a first baseman which is the crazy part. Playing third base you need quick reactions and it is amazing how he can move his body even when he has to carry all of the weight with him.

7 Vince Wilfork

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Wilfork is a great player who is practically known for his weight. He weighs an incredible 325 pounds. Although he is very fat, it is necessary for him to have this weight unlike most of the other players on this list. He could lose a few pounds but being a DT, you need to be heavy. His weight allows him to dominate and push people out of his way. It makes him a very feared player in the NFL. I don't think Wilfork is too worried about his weight.

6 Bartolo Colon

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Bartolo Colon is a pitcher for the New York Mets. He weighs 265 pounds which is more than most football players. Colon is a goofy looking guy who was placed on the cover of ESPN's magazine showing him squeezing his big belly. Colon is not self conscious about his body in fact he laughs with people making fun of his gut. Nonetheless Colon is a pretty good pitcher, but I don't know if his weight has anything to do with it. He's still playing at 42, which is shocking when you take a look at him.

5 B.J. Raji

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Raji is one of the fattest defensive lineman in the league. Like Wilfork, Raji's weight is important to his game. It helps him stay strong like an anchor against the the run game and dominate the offensive lineman. Currently at 327 pounds, he is his lightest since college. Although you wouldn't be able to tell, this is his best shape he has been in. The Packers are extremely happy with his current weight. We'll see if it brings his performance back up.

4 Dustin Byfuglien

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

In his hockey pads, he might not seem to have an overweight and flabby body, but off of the ice it becomes evident. He is the heaviest player in the NHL at 265 pounds and blows away everyone else. When you see him in a normal outfit, his man boobs protrude and can be seen very easily. Hockey seems like a sport that would whip you into shape very quickly but he must eat a lot more. Byfuglien is tough to move around and maybe his extra weight adds to his effectiveness.

3 Boris Diaw

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Boris Diaw looks like the softest player in the NBA. Coach Gregg Popovich, has jokingly criticized Diaw for his weight, but Diaw took it like a champ and responded by saying, "No worries Pop, only one glass of wine and daily workouts!" on Twitter. Pop also said that the team has a pool to guess his weight and the minimum is 275 pounds. That might be a little heavy as he is listed at 250 pounds, but it always fun to joke. Diaw also has incentives not to gain any weight this offseason. If he achieves the goal, he gets rewarded with $500,000! Why can't I have a contract like that?

2 John Daly

Ian Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

John Daly has openly smoked and drank on a golf course, so he's just one of those guys that couldn't give a you know what about his body. While you don't typically think of golfers as athletic specimens, Daly sure takes the non-athletic stereotype to a whole new level. Daly may be a folk hero in some cases to people who don't have athletic prowess. Perhaps the extra weight helps Daly though, as he's able to drive the ball far and his weight has probably helped him earn some extra fame.

1 Andre Smith

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Seeing a picture of Andre Smith without his shirt on is pretty embarrassing. His flabby body looks like he might be about 75 years old. When he ran the 40-yard dash his stomach and chest were flying all over the place. He certainly didn't look like a professional athlete. There's no doubt that Smith had to work on his body before coming into the NFL, hopefully he doesn't still look like he did during his 40. He is a really good offensive lineman in the NFL today so he must've gotten a lot stronger.

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Top 15 Worst Bodies in Sports