Top 15 Worst Dressed People in Sports

Those involved in professional sports will often find themselves in the limelight, and consequently many of them have become role models for people to look up to. Some people go as far as to try and r

Those involved in professional sports will often find themselves in the limelight, and consequently many of them have become role models for people to look up to. Some people go as far as to try and replicate their personal style, such as copying the hairstyles and clothing styles of popular players including David Beckham and Neymar Jr. Many of the more recognizable faces in the professional sporting world endorse all kinds of clothing lines and beauty products, and they also have the cash to be able to buy high quality, designer wear to impress those watching at home.

Just like in the real world, there are of course many people in the world of professional sports that have either a terrible taste in fashion or simply no taste at all. Their love for being the centre of attention may get the better of them when getting dressed each morning with some loud, garish outfit, they may wear oversized clothing that makes it look like they are wearing their older siblings' hand me downs, or a few of them look like their parents still dress them despite being multi-millionaires and fully grown adults.

It is not just players in professional sports that sometimes have a questionable taste in clothes; it is also the coaches/managers and former players turned pundits. You will notice some coaches or managers patrol the sidelines in a sharp suit and always look well presented, whilst others seem to only be able to focus on the game and you will often see coaches that look sleep deprived wearing awful oversized tracksuits or team jumpers stained with coffee.

Success seems to have no direct impact on how well a person dresses. As this list demonstrates, some of the best athletes in the world can master their sport but struggle to get dressed properly each morning.

Here are the 15 worst dressed people in professional sports.

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15 Tony Pulis


Tony Pulis may be the master when it comes to miraculously saving teams from relegation, and could be about to do it once again with West Brom, but his fashion taste is certainly not what you would consider top division. Opting for the team tracksuit and cap, Pulis looks more like a cartoon soccer manager than a real one as he stands on the sidelines with his hands on his hips. To be fair, the amount of work that he puts in to save teams from the drop means he probably has very little time to do anything but work, which is probably why he dresses himself from the team shop next to the stadium to save time before games.

14 Brent Burns


NHL All-Star Brent Burns recently gave the world a bit of a shock with his outfit choice at the All-Star weekend, opting for a grey and black plaid suit with a matching waistcoat, topped off with a beanie. A three piece plaid suit to go with a scruffy beard and beanie is certainly a unique look, but not in a good way. To make matters worse, Burns wore the suit on both Friday and Saturday night. Surely as an NHL All-Star you can afford more than one suit?

13 Tim Duncan


You would expect most 7 footers to struggle to find clothes that fit them, and whilst Tim Duncan does, it is not clothes that are too small that he struggles with. The Big Fundamental is frequently seen in suits and casual attire that is way too big for him, and at 7 feet you have to wonder who could possibly wear these items (Yao Ming springs to mind). Duncan doesn’t strike me as the sort of person who really cares about fashion, and with the level of success he has, it isn’t like he needs to impress anyone.

12 Deion Sanders


Some of the suits that Deion Sanders has rocked over the years make him look more like the host of a terrible game show than an NFL Hall of Famer and a former baseball player. A few examples include a full peach coloured suit and matching tie as well as a black dinner jacket, red waistcoat and a white shirt that has zebra stripes on the collar. His flashy suits and jewellery have become part of his “Prime Time” image, and at times he can look sharp, but he has way too many suits that are too bold or the colour scheme is bizarre. These loud, colourful suits seem to be common with athletes and beg the question, what is wrong with the classic look?

11 Andy Reid


If I were in the NFL I’m not sure I could take the advice of a man who wears a Hawaiian shirt too seriously. The KC Chiefs head coach is often seen patrolling the sidelines in a range of billowing Tommy Bahama shirts, which is the sort of thing you can expect an armchair manager sat at home to wear, not a former AP NFL Coach of the Year. Speaking about his taste in shirts, Reid stated “you wear them and you can hide cheeseburgers underneath and no one will ever know,”... Nice.

10 Alex Song


He may be impressing in West Ham’s midfield this season, but off the pitch Alex Song isn’t impressing anyone (although it seems like he is trying). As this list demonstrates, many pro athletes have little interest in fashion, but then there are some that do and seem to have a point to make. Song falls into the latter of the two, and a few questionable outfits he has been spotted in include some kind of apron/dungarees crossover with loud yellow trousers topped off with a bowler hat, a pink cardigan with matching shoes and a brown fedora and plenty more bizarre outfits which he takes great pride in. Although he may get teased by his teammates, I'm sure they don't mind provided he can continue his stellar play in the centre of the park.

9 Michael Jordan


He may be the greatest of all time, but Jordan has an awful fashion sense which at least makes him seem a bit more human. His classic look is an oversized suit jacket to go along with baggy jeans (often ripped) or what can only be described as parachute pants. Many pro athletes wear loud items or things different from the norm, but where Jordan takes it to the next level is that none of his clothes are properly fitted. Despite being 6-foot-6 and well built, he still wears clothes that are way too big for him and look clownish. Millions of people around the world try to copy his moves and you even catch Kobe pulling off the trademark stuck out tongue on a drive to the basket, but fashion is one area where no one wants to be Like Mike.

8 Paul George


Paul George’s leg break was absolutely horrific and everyone is feeling sorry for the Pacers star right now, but hopefully he can use this time off to improve his fashion sense. He has been seen in some truly bizarre outfits over the years, including a leather shirt and trousers combo, a leather shirt with bright pink trousers and studded shoes plus a collection of awful headache inducing shirts . He also seems to have developed a habit of tucking his trousers into his socks to top off his strange, eccentric style. Hopefully George will be back on the court in the near future, and hopefully he will have read a fashion magazine or two during his recovery.

7 Bill Belichick

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It is not expected of NFL coaches to wear a suit on the sidelines, but Bill could at least try to look presentable. He has certainly carved out his own unique style, opting to cut off the sleeves of his Patriots hoodies. Why? We don’t know, but the result is more hobo than 6 time Super Bowl champion and 3 time AP NFL Coach of the Year. It has now become an infamous look for Belichick and adds to his slightly intimidating character, as it seems that he quite clearly does not care what you think one bit. With his record, who can argue?

6 Lionel Messi


In terms of everyday wear, Lionel Messi has an inoffensive taste in clothes, but when it comes down to the big award shows where suits are required he seems to have a very odd taste. A player that will go down as an all-time great and football icon, Messi has shocked photographers with his wardrobe choices such as a shiny red suit which looks more like curtains than evening wear, a strange floral dinner jacket, a sparkly burgundy suit, and a black dinner jacket with white spots on. One of the classiest players and a down to earth guy off the pitch, his taste in suits seems out of character and very odd. Still, at least his taste isn't as bad as his rival...

5 Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the greatest footballer on the planet, and he is also well groomed and adored by women around the world. At times he can look very sharp in a suit or simple t-shirt and jeans, but he also has an overly flashy side to him. This flashy side includes wardrobe items such as over the top diamond studded belt buckles, jeans with leather pockets, patent buckled loafers, backwards hats, very, very deep V's and shirts and shorts which are way too tight and leave little to the imagination. Now, at 30, you would hope Ronaldo loses the overly flashy items in his wardrobe and opts for the sharper, smarter look, but this seems unlikely. For those that want to dress like Ronaldo, the good news is that you can pick up all these flashy items at his boutique, CR7.

4 Russell Westbrook


Westbrook clearly takes pride in his taste in fashion and even has his own line of clothing; it’s just a shame that everything he wears is so loud and ugly. Many of his outfits look like they were designed by kids, with strange patterns, different materials and clashing colour schemes, and whilst a bit of colour and flair is good, this is all way too much. There is no denying Westbrook’s talent on the court, but you sometimes get the impression that he is trying a little bit too hard, and this could also be said for the way he dresses too.

3 Ryan Lochte


U.S. swimmer and 11 time Olympic medallist Ryan Lochte was quoted saying “I don’t have a set style, but I try not to dress like everyone else.” This cannot be denied, as Lochte has been seen wearing some awful outfits that no one else would dare wear. This includes shoes covered in green rhinestone, a red leather vest to go with leather trousers, jewel encrusted lapels, and he famously accepted his Olympic gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics with a custom-made dental grill of the U.S. flag to a mixed response. Certainly an athlete that grinds on many, his catchphrase of "Jeah!" does him no favours.

2 John Daly


Golf is traditionally a sport where you are supposed to dress relatively smartly and most courses have a dress code, but Daly is not one to conform to the typically golfer appearance. Even if it is part of his character and now a sportswear company, John Daly’s line of flamboyant trousers are the kind of clothes you wear on a lazy Sunday round the house, not on a golf course. These trousers come in all kinds of brash designs, including dollar bills, zebra stripes, polka dots, the U.S. flag just to name a few; not what you would expect to find on a pair of trousers. Daly became an endorser for Loudmouth Golf in 2009, and now they have become hugely popular around the world with a number of celebrity fans too.

They may be entertaining and loud, but they are still down right ugly and Daly’s sense of style certainly raises a few eyebrows. If he weren't John Daly, most golf clubs would refuse him entry.

1 Don Cherry


Former player, coach and now commentator, Don Cherry is one of the more recognizable faces in the ice hockey world. He is famous for his “tell it like it is” character, and this is matched by his incredibly bold, garish suits which seem to polarize fans. His wardrobe contains loud items such as a bright pink, floral suit, a tartan suit with a striped shirt, blue silk suits and a white, pin-striped double breasted suit. These and his other bizarre outfits are like the sun, in that you can't look directly at them for too long or they will begin to hurt your eyes. It is a bold and unique sense of style that Cherry has, but it certainly makes for entertaining television.

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Top 15 Worst Dressed People in Sports