Top 15 Worst Rappers In The History Of Sports

Many athletes become interested in music once they have the money to produce it. That doesn't mean that these guys (or gals) will be good, in fact most of the athletes who get into music are horrible. No one in this list is comparable to actual music artists, because that is obviously what they do with their lives, and not a side hobby.

Future NBA Hall of Famer, Kobe Bryant did a song with Tyra Banks called K.O.B.E, and it is horrendous. The song is so bad, that it is actually kind of catchy, in a bad kind of way. The song isn't bad because of the quality of the track, but rather because the artist is an NBA legend, NOT A RAPPER. This phenomenon has gone on for a while, as sports players have attempted rap careers since the inception of hip hop.

Unfortunately for artist/athletes, their coaches depend on them to focus primarily on their professional sports careers. So an athlete's music career doesn't last, but players may still release songs occasionally between seasons. Some songs are taken serious, and others fade away at the bottom of the charts. This list looks at athletes who attempted a rap career, but were absolutely horrible at it.

We aren't saying that some athletes who rap aren't good, as there are some legitimate hip hop artists in the world of sports.  In fact, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers is a prime example of a good sports rapper. Seriously, you should go and listen to his raps on Sway in the Morning, for real.

As always feel free to leave you opinion in the comments below, and let us know who the worst athlete rapper you've ever heard is.

Here are the Top 15 Worst Rappers In The History Of Sports.

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15 Metta World Peace

via si.com

Ron Artest or Metta World Peace released a song called Champions after the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship in 2010. He has also released other singles throughout his sports career, to varying levels of success. He even has a music video for his song titled Get Low, featuring Mike Jones, Capone, and Nature. Artest isn't the worst rapper who ever played in the NBA, but by no means is he the best.

14 John Cena

via weekly.com

Not only has John Cena released several rap albums during his time in the spotlight, but he actually was recorded rap battling one of his fans. The video has over 34 million views, and ironically enough, that isn't Cena's most famous music related trivia fact. I would venture to say that more people have heard John Cena rap than anyone else on this list. Want to know how I know this? The unexpected John Cena prank meme. This meme saw every single video on the internet be interrupted by Cena's theme music, which of course was rapped by the former WWE Champion.

13 Chris Webber

via via snipview.com

The Michigan basketball legend, or villain (as some say) recorded an album titled 2 Much Drama. Released in 1998, the track is a mix between soul and hip hop, and features Redman and Kurupt on the a track. Needless to say, Webber failed miserably, and the only reason his music got popular was because of his basketball fame. Webber could be lower on this list, but believe it or not, there are worse rappers to come.

12 1985 Chicago Bears

The 1985 Bears released The Super Bowl Shuffle three months before winning the Super Bowl. The album was produced by Richard Meyer, and was moderately successful. Although the album sold more than 500,000 copies, it was very cheesy, featuring a bunch of non-rappers rapping about football.

It was really bad, and poorly recorded, but it was funny, and meant to make people laugh. They won the Super Bowl that year, so I'm sure there are no complaints for the city of Chicago, or the '85 Bears.

11 Andre Igoudala, Kevin Durant, Mo Williams, and Rashard Lewis

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The "Hyperizers" did a Nike commercial rapping about some shoes. The video is funny, but obviously kinda weird and poorly rapped. Of course it was supposed to be a joke, but "Iggy" really is horrible on the mic, and in fact the entire commercial is cringe worthy. Their rap names are Chief Blocka, Fog Raw, Velvet Hoop, and Ice O; Chief Blocka if Andre, Fog Raw is Mo, Velvet Hoop is Durant, and Ice-O is Rashard Lewis. Although this group would be formidable on the court, in the studio, they are laughable at best.

10 William Perry

via amazon.com

Also known as "The Fridge", the Chicago Bears player released a song called The Refrigerator Man. He also featured in the "Super Bowl Shuffle" since he was on the 1985 Bears his rookie season. His single sounded like a typical 80s song, except by a guy who doesn't and should not be producing music. The music video is not awful, but there is just really nothing good about it.

9 Marquis Daniels

via youtube.com

The former subpar NBA player's rap name is "QR", and he tried to defend his music career by separating his two personas:

"There's just a kitsch about it because number one you're in the NBA and you're automatically going to get stereotyped, ‘Oh here's another NBA player trying to rap.' “That's why I didn't even say Marquis Daniels. I used my rap name [Q6] because you hear it then see it's me and say, 'Okay, he can actually rap,' or 'He can't rap.' It won't be a stereotype that leads you to listen to it.”

So basically we found out that Q6 was horrible, then we found out that Q6 was Marquis Daniels, so now we know that Marquis Daniels is horrible at rap. Thanks Q6.

8 Troy Hudson

via youtube.com

Hudson is a retried basketball player, and released an album titled Undrafted. His label, Nutty Boyz has three artists, and he manages all of them. His debut album wasn't exactly successful, as he only sold 78 copies of his album the first week. The album went on to sell 100,000, which is still not great in the landscape of music.

His rap name T-Hud featured a couple bigger artists like UGK, Three 6 Mafia, and Ray J. Ray J raps on a song called True Love. Here are some of  T-Hud's lyrics.

Sippin malibu with mali blue puff on the pound
Sittin low on the avenue touchin the ground
Baby girl your the shi* honey clutchin the crown
Check out your boy gucci friend
Yeah I'm crushin this clown

Could he be any more cliche?

7 Deion Sanders

via sbnation.com

Deion Sanders' album "Primetime", was released in 1994. It received very negative reviews all around by the music industry. His music video Must Be The Money isn't much better than most of his reviews.

First of all, the music video is pretty standard, with a rapper trying to act like a thug, and Sanders can't pull of the thug sound. The album received 2.5 stars out of 5, and needless to say, Primetime won't be in the hip hop hall of fame.

6 Charles Barkley

Who doesn't love Chuck? Although he is an NBA legend, somethings are left undone by Barkley. This was the case when he spit bars in a 2010 taco bell commercial, and it couldn't have been more  funny to watch. This commercial with Barkley may be cheating a bit, as it is more spoken word than rap.

Anyway, I couldn't put Chuck any lower on this list just because I like his comedy too much, and personality on television.

5 Cincinnati Bengals

via youtbe.com

The Bengals attempted to mock the 1985 Bears with a song Who Dey. The only problem with making this track was a lot of people could beat them, and they weren't on the road to the Super Bowl. The Bengals weren't very good, so it was more embarrassing to watch them, than anything else. I will admit it's a funny video, but they were just they were a pretty average team when they released this. Oh well, two stars for trying their best.

4 Stephon Marbury

via foxsports.com

Mainly due to his awful flow, Stephon Marbury is not a good rapper. His song I'd Rather Own Than Be Owned is disgraceful to say the least. Marbury loves attention, especially from media, which is why he named his most famous song such a controversial name. We are pretty sure he knows he is bad, as he deleted a freestyle because it was getting such bad reviews on the internet. Maybe it will one day catch on in China, much like his basketball skills.

3 Delonte West

via youtube.com

Delonte released a song, not too long ago, titled Lockout, which was supposed to be introduction to his album which hasn't been released yet. Techincally speaking his flow is off, and he sounds like a really bad version of Vanilla Ice. Considering he was found in an alley on drugs not too long ago, I don't know where West's inspiration comes from for his music. But either way he's not very good at basketball, or rapping, so I guess neither were good ideas for Mr. West.

2 Randy "Macho Man" Savage

via sports.vice.com

Macho Man is hilarious, and his rap music is a mix of rock and roll and hip hop. The Macho Man is known for legendary sports career, but his music should not be attributed to his success. His album Be A Man is a hilarious amalgamation of grunts, off beat rapping, and disses to Hulk Hogan. Yes, that's right, Macho Man dissed Hulk Hogan on a rap album stating in the intro:

"Huh Hulk Hogan, Hollywood HulksterWhatever they call you, I'm comin after you, you coward"

1 Floyd Mayweather

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather himself, has even produced a little music in his time. His song Yep is especially catchy, just kidding, it's actually tough to listen to. The chorus just repeats itself, and in the background you hear, "yep"! The music video features Floyd in a pool, and partying with the ladies. Classic Floyd.

Anyway, Mayweather is known for his pompous attitude, so it's no shocker he tried his abilities at rapping. The guy thinks he is the greatest person to ever live on Earth. With an ego like Floyd's, I'm shocked he hasn't quit boxing, and already joined another sport.

Regardless, his rap abilities are awful, which puts him at number one on this list.

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