Top 15 Worst Things About Being a Sports Fan

The life of a sports fan is one that is filled with ups and downs, and this is what makes it so exciting. No matter what your favourite sport is or which team that you avidly follow, throughout the year you will experience a roller-coaster of emotions which will affect you perhaps more than you let on to those around you. Sport is enormously popular all around the world, but for many of us it is more than just something to keep you entertained from time to time. Many of us ensure that no fixture is missed throughout the season and we may spend every waking minute pouring over stats, reading blogs and consuming everything related to the sport to keep us up to date and engaged. In addition to this, we may spend huge amounts of our hard earned money attending live fixtures, buying the latest kit or stocking up on memorabilia to demonstrate your die hard loyalty to your team.

When you are so heavily invested in a particular team or sport, it is inevitable that there will be some moments which will leave you frustrated or angry. Many of these can be applied to every sport, but they are just things that you have to put up with and hope that an up is just around the corner. These are the kind of things that non sport fans or casual fans simply don’t understand, and any attempt to explain it to them will be futile and only cause more frustration.

This culture of sport is ingrained into many of us and it may be that you are born into a particular sport or team, and this ensures that it is a large part of your life. The sport or the team’s latest performance may dominate conversation at the dinner table or be the first thing you talk about with a friend, but every sport fan also goes through moments of complete despair, but it’s all worth it in the end…isn’t it?

Here are the 15 worst things about being a sports fan.

15 The lack of control

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14 The added stress of fantasy sports


13 Envy that you are not a professional athlete


12 When your team signs a player you hate

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11 When your rivals sign a player you love


10 Missing games

9 Watching games with non-fans who don’t understand


8 The cost


7 The injustice

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6 The offseason

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5 Crushing losses

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

4 Dealing with rival fans


3 Fair-weather fans


2 Showing support through the dark days

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1 Fans that are damaging to the game


Sport can encompass and celebrate many positive things, such as hard work, teamwork, competitiveness, creativity, respect and sportsmanship. Unfortunately, in all sports you will find fans that ruin the integrity of the game. Although a minority, every single team will have them and they can ruin the fun for everyone. This might include violence, sexism, racism, taunting which is taken a little too far, derogatory chanting or language and generally creating ugly scenes.

This is particularly evident in soccer in Europe, with the recent examples of Chelsea fans pushing a black man off the Paris metro and the anti-Semitic chanting by West Ham fans prior to a game at Tottenham. Behaviour like this goes against everything that is so great about the game we love, but it is unfortunately still a problem that plagues sport as well as society.

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Top 15 Worst Things About Being a Sports Fan