Top 15 "X-Files" Moments in Sports

The X-Files' Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are two iconic television characters that investigate the paranormal. It was awesome to see them be reunited for another season after such a long lay-off in the

The X-Files' Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are two iconic television characters that investigate the paranormal. It was awesome to see them be reunited for another season after such a long lay-off in the franchise. It makes you wonder if there’s a real X-Files group in our governments. The department could take the shape of one form or another, hiding in between agencies, always observing, always watching.

If there’s such a division, do they investigate everything? If we knew the answer, we’re pretty sure we would have the “Men in Black” come visit and erase our memories. Yet, even with the threat of having our mind wiped, we human beings are a curious bunch. Ever find yourself up late at night and searching for something paranormal and then you got goosebumps and realized it was a bad idea? We thought you did, so what better way to take a break from our daily lives then to dive into some crazy and spooky moments that have happened in sports. It could be ghosts, UFOs, and pretty much anything Scully and Mulder would investigate on their own.

Yes, we know that many UFO sightings have been debunked. A blimp caused a stir at the 2008 Summer Olympics and a time lapse shot during a New Orleans Saints football game got the attention of alien enthusiasts. We can all use our common sense, but we ask you to throw that out window for one moment and believe in something supernatural. So this list is for all the tin foil wearing, UFO loving, etymology studying people out there. Solidarity can be a great thing so drop the window blinds, close the curtains, and turn off the lights. Once that’s done, put on some of the spookiest music you can find and get ready to believe.

15 UFOs Teeing Off

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s not Superman, that’s for sure, but it’s still a mystery of what appears to be a UFO caught on camera at last year’s PGA tour’s Players Championship in Ponte Verda Beach, Florida. The footage went viral which led to a comment by Huffington Post’s chief image and video analyst, Marc Dantonio, on the subject. He believes it was a bird and not a flying saucer but will never know the truth of it. Who knows, maybe aliens love golf or their marking down the location as a base of operations for the incoming invasion.

14 The Sixth Man


During the 2015 NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers' guard Iman Shumpert was defending the Golden State Warriors' Klay Thompson when he got stone walled by some invisible entity. It looks like his head contorted away from his body almost as if a ghost was setting up a pick and roll for Thompson. Whatever it was, the play has its fair share of theories. Maybe the Warriors did have a sixth man on the court or could it be that his powers were being stolen like in the movie Space Jam. The ghostly fan of the Warriors must be happy as they went on to win the series.

13 Lumley Castle


A 14th-century building that looks scary, check. Rumors of people dying in the castle, check. An Australian cricket team that doesn’t know the North England hotel is haunted, check. After checking off the list, it’s no wonder Aussie cricket player Shane Watson was scared out of his knickers while spending a night in the hotel. In 2005, Watson was reported as being so afraid of the castle he had to go to his teammate's (Brett Lee) room and sleep on his floor. Other players on the team also got the heebie-jeebies but Watson was the worst of them all.

12 Discount Double Check Aliens


Before breaking records, winning a Super Bowl, and having all the success that comes with it, Aaron Rodgers saw a UFO. It was February of 2005 and he witnessed the object right after having dinner with a former Cal teammate, Steve Levy. “It was behind the clouds we were seeing, but it was definitively large, moving from left to right,” said Rodgers in an interview. He claimed it was a large orange object and it disappeared as quickly as it came. Now all the Rodgers haters have an excuse to why he’s a top quarterback in the league: aliens.

11 New Zealand's Haunted Hotel


During a tour in New Zealand, Pakistani cricket player Haris Sohail woke up to his bed shaking at the Rydges Hotel in Christchurch last year. The incident left him so upset that he was “visibly shaken” and had to be removed from the room. Sohail was examined and found to be healthy but couldn’t practice for two days because of the ordeal. No earthquakes were reported during his time in New Zealand. In 2011, an earthquake rocked Christchurch, killing 185 people. Could it be possible that some entity still doesn’t want people to forget about the tragedy?

10 UFO's Love Fire Works

During the opening ceremonies of the 2015 Copa America (South American Football Championship) at Chile’s National Stadium, people in attendance allegedly witnessed a bright object in the background of a fireworks display. A fan of Chile’s national team (La Roja) filmed the mysterious object for a few minutes before it disappears. There has been no official word if it was a UFO or not. Regardless of what it was, something was in the sky that night. Imagine enjoying a beautiful fireworks demonstration but your attention turns to a potential UFO and it vanishes. Hopefully who or whatever it was enjoyed the ceremonies.

9 The Gipper


The phrase “Win one for the Gipper,” has been used in political campaigns and pop culture but do you really know where it started? It came from George Gipp, one of the greatest football players to put on a Notre Dame uniform. On one cold night in 1920, he got locked out of Washington Hall and slept outside. He ended up with pneumonia and shortly died later from a related infection. On his death bed he said “Win just one for the Gipper,” referring to an up and coming football game. Notre Dame won but Gipp’s legendary status wouldn’t end there. It’s said that Washington Hall has had many supernatural occurrences reported by students. The most famous tale is of Gipp riding on a white horse in 1925.

8 Float Like a UFO, Sting Like a Laser Cannon


"If you look into the sky in the early morning you see them playing tag between the stars," said Muhammad Ali when asked about seeing a UFO. Ali wasn’t a stranger to talking about controversial topics when he was a World Heavyweight Boxing Champion but not many people know he has admitted to seeing several UFOs. In 1971, during an early morning jog in New York’s Central Park, he saw a bright UFO dash across the sky. During another incident, he experienced seeing a “cigar-shaped” UFO pass by his car. The legend has also claimed to see UFOs over his training camp, performing “dazzling” moves. Maybe he has alien blood in him (it explains why he was so good) or maybe there was a combat tournament with all the best fighters in the universe and he was being scouted to participate. We may never know.

7 The Lighting Storm

In 2011, Notre Dame's Fighting Irish were playing South Florida when a severe lighting storm delayed the game. During the delay, NBC decided to pan the camera at the lighting. What was caught on camera still remains a mystery today. An object could be seen flying through the lighting storm. The UFO was coasting in a straight line when all of a sudden it curves upwards, disappearing into the storm. Could it be that aliens are die hard Notre Dame fans or maybe it was a huge piece of paper? Only you can judge for yourself.

6 Strange Noises

“It sounds supernatural,” said the Tampa Bay Ray’s announcer during a nationally televised broadcast on August 23th, 2011. Both announcers seemed freaked out for a few minutes after hearing loud noises throughout the stadium. This wouldn’t be the first time strange noises were reported, but it was the first time it happened at a professional baseball game. Conspiracy theorists would say it's the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). They theorize that a facility in Alaska can create natural disasters and manipulate the weather. What makes this story creepier and in line with the conspiracy crowd is an earthquake did hit the east coast that day. Scully and Mulder can have a field day with this one.

5 The Langham Hotel


The Langham Hotel in central London is thought to be one of the most haunted spots in the city. Built in 1865, this five-star hotel has had numerous reports of ghost sightings, something English cricket players Stuart Broad and Ben Stokes found out the hard way in 2014. Both felt uncomfortable enough that they couldn’t sleep. Broad was shaken up so bad he had to be removed from one of the rooms. He ended up sleeping in a twin room with teammate Matt Prior, who also couldn’t sleep due to a “presence.” Even the wives of some of the cricket players wouldn’t sleep in the hotel.

4 Frontier Field


It’s the home of Minnesota Twins affiliated minor league team, the Rochester Red Wings, but unwanted guests have been reported by the employees of Frontier Field. After discovering human bones during construction, ghostly apparitions and sounds have been seen and heard throughout the stadium. The sightings gained so much attraction that it was officially declared the first haunted sports stadium by paranormal experts in ‘04. Even ESPN covered the haunting and left it up to the viewers to decide. For those who love to travel to spooky areas, Frontier Field is a destination everyone should visit.

3 Effie the Maid


The Skirvin Hotel was built in 1910 but stories about ghosts never went main stream until the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder came to the area. Opposing players would stay in the hotel and would hear strange noises, items being moved around their rooms, and even to find their bathroom tub filled with water. Don’t believe us? Even the New York Times covered the strange events in 2014. Supposedly everyone in the league knows of “Effie” the ghost. The tale says Effie was a maid during the early years of the hotel and both her and her baby fell out of a window and died. There has been no record of this ever happening but people have reported to hear the cries of a baby. Ghost are one thing but to include babies makes it even scarier. No wonder the Thunder always win at home.

2 Baseball's Ghostly Problem

The Milwaukee Brewers haven’t been doing so well to start off the new season and maybe they should take advantage of their ghostly friend at the historic Pfister Hotel. A who’s who of baseball players have admitted to experiencing unnatural incidents over the years. Washington National’s Bryce Harper changed rooms because his clothes and a table were moved in the middle of the night. Former player Michael Young said he heard footsteps so he actually spoke out loud to let the ghost know that he came in peace. Boston Red Sox’s Pablo Sandoval’s iPod turned on unexpectedly and he left the hotel shortly after. There’s countless other stories by professional players that make this one of scariest hotels in the United States.

1 A Day to Remember

It’s one of biggest mysteries in sports history. On Oct 27th, 1954, thousands of people saw bright UFOs from the sky during a soccer match between Fiorentina and their rivals Pistoiese in Tuscany, Italy. It was just after half time when the mysterious shinning balls of light could be seen flying over Fiorentina’s Stadio Artemio Franchi. The game literally stopped because of the chaos in the skies. The incident went global and not one organization, country, or person has claimed responsibility for the sightings. One theory floating around is a migration of spiders used their webs to move between locations through the air. Aliens, spiders, or humans, it doesn’t matter, something strange happened that day and it deserves the number one spot.

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Top 15 "X-Files" Moments in Sports