Top 16 Oldest Superstars In The WWE Today

Over the past couple of years, the WWE has been going through changes creatively. Times are changing and superstars of old have retired, but there are still some superstars who just won't quit. Not

Over the past couple of years, the WWE has been going through changes creatively. Times are changing and superstars of old have retired, but there are still some superstars who just won't quit.

Not just in the WWE, but in life, father time is undefeated. There comes a day in life where we all slow down. There comes a day where we are unable to do what we did in our early years. Most of us that is anyway. Why do I say most? Because some of these Superstars are giving father time a serious run for his money.

Age works differently in sports, as opposed to everyday life. A 35-40 year old person who works in an office is definitely not seen as an older man. However, an athlete in that age gap usually slows down. Like I said, that's most of the time. Guys like Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, Hulk Hogan and more took father time to hell and back, wrestling way past the expected time. Ric Flair officially retired from the ring in 2012, when he was about 64 years old. Hulk Hogan hasn't officially retired yet and I just saw Jerry Lawler compete in a match at a Northeast Wrestling event two weeks ago.

With that said, their are some wrestlers who are defying father time. So, in this list, I'll be counting 16 of the oldest superstars who are currently still competing in the WWE. Some of these guys already have given father time a run for its money and, if they haven't yet, some of these guys have potential to do it.

16 Sin Cara/Hunico, 38 


Most people are aware of the fact that the Sin Cara that is in the WWE is not the original Sin Cara, as Mistico left after having multiple issues with the company. Some may be surprised at the age difference between the two, however, A Mistico is still only 33 years old, while Hunico, the current Sin Cara, is 38.

It may be hard to tell by HIS wrestling style, as Sin Cara wrestles as if he's much younger and is in pretty good shape for his age.

15 Brock Lesnar, 38 


Despite leaving to pursue careers in the UFC and NFL, Brock Lesnar's name has always been around the wrestling scene. The crowd nearly blew the roof of the building when he returned in 2012 against John Cena. He is one of the biggest draws, if not the biggest draw, that the WWE has to offer right now, rivaling only The Rock and John Cena.

With that being said, Lesnar has been around quite a while now and is long from his WWE debut in 2002. He is now 38 years of age, being born July 12th, 1977. Brock Lesnar is in tremendous shape and his career may end at his own will, as opposed to injury or slowing down.

14 AJ Styles, 38 


For about 11 years, AJ Styles carried TNA, first joining them when he was just 24 years of age. He along with other TNA originals put TNA on the map. However, he is long from that, as he is now also 38 years of age. He was born June 2nd, 1977.

AJ Styles joined the WWE nearly two months ago and claims that he wants to remain with company for a couple of years. With the shape that he is in, there is no reason why he can't.

13 Alberto Del Rio, 38


The WWE is loaded with 38 year olds, as Alberto Del Rio is 38 years old, just beating AJ Styles by eight days, as he was born May 25th, 1977. Del Rio looks as if he'll be around for a couple more years as well, as he looks in very good shape. Actually, he looks in much better shape than he did when he was let go from the company in 2014.

If he chooses, Del Rio looks like he can stick around for a while.

12 John Cena, 38 


Arguably the most controversial WWE superstar of all time, John Cena steps in at 38 years old as well, being born April 23rd, 1977. The Cenation leader seems as if he is slowing down a little bit, as he's had injury issues for quite a while now. However, it's to be expected for a man who's been wresting for the majority of 14 years.

Although Cena has more then enough hater, it's impressive how he still has the ability to put on a great match at a high level at his age.

11 Sheamus, 38


This fella, Sheamus, is still going strong at 38 years old, being born January 28th, 1978. Sheamus debuted with the WWE in 2009. For the long time wrestling fans, it's really hard to believe it has been about seven years since then.

Despite having some issue staying healthy the past couple of years, Sheamus is in great shape and we shouldn't expect him to slow down anytime soon.

10 D-Von Dudley, 43 


D-Von Dudley, Reverend Devon, or Brother Devon. What he's best known for is being one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, The Dudley Boyz. He's been wrestling since 1991 and was put on the map by ECW in 1996. So, D-Von has been around the wrestling scene for quite a while now.

He is now 43 years old, being born August 1st, 1972. D-Von is definitely at the tail end of his career, but for a man that's been around as long as he has, it's safe to say he looks pretty good too.

9 Bubba Ray Dudley, 44 


We already covered his tag team partner Devon and stepping in at number nine is his other half, Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba Ray is already 44 years old, being born July 14th, 1971.

Bubba Ray has been wrestling in different wrestling promotions since 1991 and is still going strong. He's had success on his own, succeeding greatly as Bully Ray in TNA and you have to wonder when this man is going to start slowing down.

8 Mark Henry, 44 


At number eight, we have The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Mark Henry is 44 years old, being born June 12th, 1971. Mark has hinted at retiring sometime after WrestleMania 32, as he's been around for nearly 20 years and has had a pretty successful career. He's been a World Champio, and was one of the top heels for the WWE.

Just like the next entry on this list, Mark Henry seems to be in great health and should enjoy a happy retirement.

7 Big Show, 44 


Coming in at number seven is the world's largest athlete, Big Show. Big Show is 44 years old, being born February 8th, 1972. For a man of Big Show's size, it's hard to believe he has been wrestling for 20 years now and Big Show has been hinting at retirement as of late. It likely doesn't help that fans keep chanting for him to retire at shows.

Considering how well Big Show has taken care of his body, he should live a very happy retirement.

6 R-Truth, 44


R Truth steps in at number six, as he is just one month older then Big Show, being born January 19th, 1972. Some of the newer generation fans wouldn't know that R Truth was already with WWE far before he re-joined the company in 2008, as Truth was with the WWE from 2000-2001. Truth is now 44 years old and is still in really good shape.

You can expect R Truth to be around for a while in the role that he's in, as he seems pretty comfortable there.

5 Chris Jericho, 45 


Stepping in at number five is none other then Chris Jericho. In my opinion, Chris Jericho is probably the most impressive member of the list. The man is 45 years old, being born November 9th ,1970.

Chris Jericho can pretty much do the same things he did when he first came to the WWE in 2000. That's saying something, as Y2J has always had a rare wrestling style that is a combination of a high flying and technical grit. Guess what, he's still got it.

4 Triple H, 46 


The COO of the company, Triple H, is already 46 years old, being born July 27th, 1969. As of this writing, he is also the WWE Champion despite being one of the more controversial wrestlers of all time..

Regardless of how you feel, Triple H is still that damn good. Now, does he deserve to be the WWE Champion right now? That's debatable. But nevertheless, he's still a main event type of guy and has proven it with terrific matches against Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler.

3 Goldust, 46


Goldust is now 46 years old, being born April 11, 1969. Goldust has been around since 1988, and like Chris Jericho, he hasn't lost a beat. Here's the crazy part, if you look at pictures of Goldust from earlier in his career, he actually looks WAY better now. And he's actually have a solid run in the WWE because of it.

He's probably at the end of his career. right? I mean we've been saying this for a while no

2 Kane, 48 


Though he is definitely at the tail end of his career, Kane is still ticking at 48 years old, being born April 26th, 1967. Kane has been wrestling since 1992 and has remained healthy throughout his lengthy career. Hell, he even had a WWE Championship run against Seth Rollins, so he's proof that anything really is possible in the WWE, He's already competed in more matches then any WWE superstar and he might have a few more under his belt, but he's certainly at the tail end.

1 The Undertaker, 50 


The Undertaker is only part time these days and has wrestled a couple times in the past year. All of them have been big time matches, against Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt and an upcoming match against Shane McMahon. This man is now 50 years old and its hard to say when he will officially retire.

After every WrestleMania for the past five years, it's been rumored that The Undertaker would be retiring. So, I'm not going to claim that his upcoming match against Shane McMahon is going to be his last, but it has to be right?

So, who on this list are you most impressed with? Have you had enough of any of these superstars?

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Top 16 Oldest Superstars In The WWE Today