Top 17 Funniest Sports-Themed Adult Films

There really is no elegant way of saying this but the people who come up with the names for adult films, and especially those that parody pop culture, are some of the most clever, inspiring people out there. Their use of puns, wordplay and exact language rival Shakespeare, Hemingway and Dr. Seuss. Okay, maybe not the Doc, but you get my idea.

For those who aren't familiar, the adult film business will parody just about anything. Obviously movies and television shows are fair game, and usually make good targets. Building on those, the lives of celebrities are usually a good bet for some laughs and insane story lines. Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus and Sarah Palin are just a notable three in terms of celebrities who have been mocked by the business.

Even outside of the world of celebrities, you'd be hard pressed to find a real life scenario or occupation that hasn't been spoofed in the adult film business. The pizza delivery man and the dishwasher repair guy are cliches, television and movies are poked fun at constantly in the industry and sports are no exception. Whether it be scandals, the sports themselves or individual athletes, there is plenty of opportunity for athletic themes in adult films. Enjoy, ya filthy animals.

17 Dodgeballs 


I've always considered dodgeball to be one of those things that was played in gym class back in elementary school, but sadly did not play a bigger role in later life's sports world. I saw a petition a while ago that was aimed at having dodgeball included in the Olympics but I don't think it gathered much momentum.

16 Squirts Illustrated 

15 White Men Can't Hump 


14 Not Monday Night Football 


13 She Got Game 


12 Bad News B****** 

11 Caddysnatch 

10 Chyna is Queen of the Ring 


9 Super Ball Sunday 

8 Rollerball 

7 Footballers Wives 


6 This Ain't ESPN 


5 (At Least) Three Olympic Themed Films 

4 Field of Reams/Field of Creams 

3 Rocky: A Couple of Parodies 

2 Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded and Pounded 


1 Tiger's Good Wood/Tyler's Wood 


If there was ever a perfect sports-themed scenario for adult film-makers, it was Tiger Woods' cheating scandal. The athlete who was long considered the epitome of class and the golf world's top gentleman quickly went from an idol to a booty-wrangler, having cheated on his former supermodel wife with over a dozen women. There would be no justice in the world if the adult film business didn't get at least a couple of films out of this. These two movies came out in 2009 and were essentially the same thing: golf puns and ridiculous golf-based scenes.

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Top 17 Funniest Sports-Themed Adult Films