Top 20 Athlete Vacation Homes

There are quite a lot of vacation homes that athletes own. This has to do with the fact that athletes are constantly moving from one professional team to the next and sometimes need a place to escape. However, once retired, some athletes will stay in the same place or buy a permanent home in a desired location. Many who play in cold-weather markets will also have a home in Miami, San Diego or other tropical spots.

Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice, for example, have sold their homes and made millions in their real estate investment. There are several reasons why athletes would want to put their homes up for sale or keep their homes. Some may want to go bigger and some may be tired of paying exorbitant taxes that some states charge, especially if it is a home that they have not resided in for years. So many athletes have their own personal taste. Some will go all out to make their home more attractive by adding golf courses, movie theaters, gyms, basketball courts and steam rooms. It all depends on their lifestyle. Even though Jerry Rice listed and sold his home for a whopping $16 million, he is not included on the list because this list is about athletes who currently own and live in their vacation homes.

The home values are based on the length of time that the home is owned and what the home was bought for. In some cases, the estimated value is dependent on what homes are selling for in the area. Each year, athletes rake in millions of dollars from endorsements, contracts and fees related to public appearances. They can afford these pricey homes and they don’t hold back in treating themselves. Kobe Bryant, Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordan and Venus Williams are among some of the athletes who do not care if you are upset about their spending habits when it comes to owning a home. Let’s see who made this list.

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21 Ray Rice – New Rochelle, New York

via celebritydetective.com

Ray Rice is a former running back of the Baltimore Ravens and is said to have purchased another home in New Rochelle, New York, which is his hometown. The home was built in 1956 and has an open floor plan that comprises of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a remodeled kitchen, Jacuzzi, large courtyard and au pair suite. The floors are hardwood and tile. He has plenty of time to spend there now, as it's unknown whether another team will ever sign him.

20 Floyd Mayweather, Jr – Las Vegas, Nevada

via wsj.net

When Boxer, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. wants to hide out, he goes to his crib in Las Vegas, Nevada. His mansion is smack in the middle of the desert. With 24-foot ceilings, the house boasts several expensive crystal chandeliers. The walls are covered in textured glass and red silk. The house has a movie theater that is two-stories high, video games that are touch screen and attached to the kitchen counter. There is a golf course and the house also hosts a wet bar to relax when the champ is not fighting. Last summer, the house was listed on the real estate market for $3.45 million. However, the boxing champ recalled the listing in February. Why wouldn’t he? The house holds a fleet of sports cars and has a walk-in closet that is 600 square feet.

19 Maria Sharapova - Longboat Key, Florida

via bornrich.com

Professional tennis player, Maria Sharapova is known for her place in the history of the game. So do you wonder where she lives?  Well, Maria gave up her Manhattan Beach estate to purchase a quaint little property with ocean view in the Hill section of New York. She bought it for $4.1 million. She has staked her claim in the community, having done most of her tennis training there for many years. In 2012, she also received the keys to the city. Maria also owns a home in Longboat Key, Florida. It is of Mediterranean style with four bedrooms, a boat dock and swimming pool. For that second home, she paid $1.2 million. It is reported that she bought it prior to her 20th birthday when she won one of her tennis tournaments.

18 Adam Jones – Baltimore, Maryland

via rantsports.com

Baltimore Orioles baseball player, Adam Jones staked his claim in Baltimore, Maryland while he played professionally. He bought his home for $1.75 million. It is located in Lutherville, Maryland. With 6,600 square footage of living space, the home is stunning. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 fireplaces, 4 bathrooms and a garage that fits three cars. Its features include a study, gourmet kitchen and a second master bedroom suite. There is also an outdoor space with swimming pool and three and a half acres of sweeping lawns.

17 Kevin Durant – Miami Beach Condo

via hauteliving.com

Kevin Durant is known for his prowess on the basketball court, but he is also great with securing good real estate. In 2011, he experienced some success and was able to snag a three bedroom Miami Beach condominium, at 3,535 square feet - for only $1.825 million. The views are said to be absolutely amazing. The condo is located on the top floor. Durant hangs out there when he is not traveling or needs a break from Oklahoma City. He has been spotted around the area during the day and nights when he goes out to party.

16 Matt Leinart – Manhattan Beach

via realtytoday.com

Matt Leinart is a former NFL quarterback who played for the Arizona Cardinals as well as Houston Texans. He purchased a beach house in Manhattan Beach, California, which he uses as a vacation home. The cost was $1.45 million and is said to be 2,135 square feet. It is a three level house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has a large open entryway with a dramatic spiral staircase. On the top floor is a great room with a lot of natural lighting and an excellent view of the beach. The features inside the home include two Jacuzzi’s, two fireplaces, a patio outside and two private decks.

15 Manny Pacqiao – Kiamba, Sarangani

via emssideoftheworld.com

Boxer, Manny Pacqiao has several residents. His primary residence is in the town he grew up, General Santos City, Philippines. He also spends time in Kiamba, Sarangani where he is a congressman and where his wife comes from. He also has a home in Brentville, Laguana. This is where his children do their international studies. When he is not boxing, he likes to sit and relax in this beachside property. Among his other properties, he also has real estate holdings in Boracay, Aklan. It is a famous island resort with a cove and secluded beach area.

14 Amar'e Stoudemire, Miami, Florida

via celebrityhouses.org

NBA player, Amar'e Stoudemire may be playing out the rest of the season in Dallas, but he has a lovely home waiting for him in the offseason. The power forward has invested in a home in Florida valued at $3.7 million. He bought the home during the NBA lockout, but didn’t seem to be concerned about being out of a job for too long. He took the risk of buying a second high-priced real estate property. The home is huge and features a pool, game room and movie theatre.

13 Shaquille O'Neal – Windermere, Florida

via starmap.com

Shaquille O’Neal was a giant bear on the basketball court. Now that he has retired, he has time to evaluate his real estate investments and make changes. However, most of his investment took place in the 90s when he bought a place in Florida for $3.95 million. He took out an $8.9 million loan on the house, expanding it to include a basketball court and other toys that the big guy loves. Shaq is not your ordinary celebrity icon because which celebrity do you know that purchased a regular five bedroom house for $235,000 about 30 miles from his million dollar home? Only Shaq attack would do that!

12 Chad Johnson – Davie, Florida

via businessinsider.com

Chad Johnson is now plying his trade in the Canadian Football League with the Montreal Alouettes, but he still loves his home state, spending his offseasons there even when playing in Cincinnati and New England. He bought a home in Davie, Florida for $1.3 million in 2005. The home is 6,824 square feet. It has been reported that he has some financial issues with the home, owing $8,000 in overdue homeowner’s association fees. He might not be enjoying his home right now because if the fees are not paid, he risks paying a higher interest rate annually of 18%.

11 Sammy Sosa – Golden Beach, Florida

via yahoosports.com

Retired baseball player, Sammy Sosa was able to close on an oceanfront property valued at $7.6 million. It is located in North Miami Beach – the Golden Beach area. The home was constructed in 1998 on a half acre of land. It has 70 feet of ocean front. It features double entry doors that open up to a courtyard. The courtyard has a koi pond. The house has his/hers bathrooms, three walk-in closets and a Jacuzzi. He got a good deal for this property since it was listed in 2010 for $9.9 million. You saved on this one, Mr. Sosa!

10 LeBron James – Coconut Grove, Miami

via rollingout.com

LeBron James was most recently the centerpiece of the Miami Heat's big three until he moved back to Cleveland, Ohio. When the superstar moved to Miami, he purchased a bay front home at $10.6 million that overlooked Biscayne Bay. It features a library, guest house, wine cellar, dock, home theater and infinity pool. It also has eight bedrooms and six bathrooms. Lebron also owns an amazing home in California where he spends very little time. Now that he has gone back to his hometown, LeBron still owns his Miami mansion where he can possibly still relax during games, although he has recently listed it at $15 million.

9 Grant Hill, Isleworth, Florida

via celebritydetective.com

Grant Hill is a retired NBA player and even though he shuffled from team to team, he never gave up his $13 million luxury home in Orlando. This is where he permanently resides. However, he owns a second home in Iselworth, Florida, which he bought in 2002 for $5 million. The $13 million home is in the same gated golf community and it features a pool house, two guest suites, swimming pool, tennis court and library. The second home is Mediterranean style and features a home theater and silver leaf wall.

8 Cristiano Ronaldo - Madrid, Spain

via urbansplatter.com

Soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo currently owns two large homes. One is located in Madrid and the other in England. The 8,600 square feet home in Madrid is valued at $7.2 million. It features a trophy room, two swimming pools, a huge garden and he has gone to the extreme to engrave his initials throughout his house. The house is situated on an acre of land. Even if Ronaldo does go to the MLS when his contract expires in 2018, it's hard to see him giving up this sanctuary.

7 Manny Ramirez – Weston, Florida

via vgstatic.com

Possibly looking for some peace and quiet during the offseason, Manny Ramirez bought his second home during his career in a secret hideaway in Weston, Florida. The 10,439 square foot house was bought in July 2001. He paid $2.97 million for it and seems to be happy knowing that he has a place to escape from the media. The Cubs have hired Manny as a batting consultant, and when he wants to escape the harsh winters of Chicago, he still has this gem waiting for him.

6 Hanley Ramirez – Weston, Florida

via cnbc.com

Hanley Ramirez must have gotten the message that Weston, Florida was a way to get away from the media because one of the newest Boston Red Sox chose this location for his second home. Ramirez purchased the home while he was suiting up for the Miami Marlins, but kept it even after his move to Los Angeles and still has it even as his primary residence will be in Boston. No one will fault him for going back to his Weston home in the winter.

5 Derek Jeter – Tampa, Florida

via nyppagesix.com

Legendary New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter purchased a vacation getaway in Tampa, Florida, which features seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It has a swimming pool and dock in the backyard. The baseball star also owns a property in North Tampa in the gated golf community of Avila. He paid $1 million for the home and uses it as another hideaway. In 2012, Jeter sold his extravagant penthouse that was located in the Trump World Tower. It was sold for $15.5 million. Everyone is wondering where Jeter stays when he is in New York. It is yet to be discovered.

4 Michael Jordan – Lake Norman

via zillow.com


The one and only Michael Jordan owns several homes. In Lake Norman, he bought a lakefront home for $2.8 million. It is 12,310 square feet with tons of amenities and beautiful panoramic view. It features a spa room, game rooms, large living room, vaulted ceilings, exercise room, entertainment room and much more. Jordan can switch to his Highland Park home in Chicago when he needs to get away. He could also go to his Jupiter, Florida mansion or his Chicago penthouse.

2 Tom Brady – Costa Rica

via boston.com

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady is living every dream imaginable. He's the reigning Super Bowl MVP and he's married to model Gisele Bundschen, the NFL star loves to take vacations in Costa Rica where he and his wife own a second home. It is the most amazing getaway when the couple wants to unwind. To know that it is always there is enough to provide peace of mind. The serenity and relaxation is to die for. It is a gem that Gisele discovered when she was looking for a place that would entertain her quest for healthy living. The couple had their second wedding at this location.

1 David Beckham - West London, Britain

via dailymail.co.uk

Retired Manchester United/LA Galaxy soccer player, David Beckham now lives in the United States – Beverly Hills, California to be exact. However, both he and his actress wife, Victoria Beckham own another home in Kensington. It is valued at US $57.1 million. The home is more than 150 years old and 9,000 in square feet. It features seven bedrooms and five bathrooms with a panic room. Since purchasing, the home has been hardly altered on the exterior.

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