Top 20 Athletes You Didn't Know Had Bizarre Criminal Records

I’m not too sure if there is such a thing as being a "cool" criminal, but you better believe you’re about to learn about some embarrassing or bizarre ones. When it comes to being a professional athlet

I’m not too sure if there is such a thing as being a "cool" criminal, but you better believe you’re about to learn about some embarrassing or bizarre ones. When it comes to being a professional athlete you need to understand that if you commit a crime or if you have in your past, that people are going to learn about it. This becomes even worse when what you did was so stupid that everyone in the world can’t help but comment on what an idiot you are. Everyone that follows the NFL knows that Josh Gordon should stop smoking weed, but did you know that in University he literally fell asleep in a Taco Bell drive-thru with weed on him?

Even if the crimes that some of these athletes committed were not all that serious, the context behind it could make it be the most memorable thing that they ever do. While some of the athletes on this list were able to recover from their arrests, others were not quite so lucky, or they came after their career had winded down. Want to know what Gilbert Arenas got up to after retirement? Nothing huge, just being caught smuggling one hundred pounds of an illegal substance, but I bet you can't guess what it was.

There is no shortage of variety of crimes committed on the list, but that should make it all the more intriguing. Whether you want to read about from the athlete who drove around with Viagra or William Regal’s unfortunate incident on a plane, there is something in here for you. Everyone is going to have moments in their life that they wish they could take back, but this is even more true when you consider that many of these people had a public image to try and maintain.

Here are 20 of the most bizarre and, in some cases, humorous crimes that have ever been committed by a professional athlete. At least the next time you make a mistake or do something stupid, you can rest easy that you probably won't have to read about it in the paper.

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20 Big Show - Allegedly Exposed Himself


Big Show is one of the largest athletes to ever step through a wrestling ring. It can be easy to understand why when he was with the WCW, he wrestled under the moniker of The Giant. He landed himself in some potential big trouble when he was staying at a motel in 1998. While he was working for WCW at the time, Big Show allegedly pulled out his 'big show' and exposed himself to the female motel attendant. Officers were called to the scene, but were not able to find enough evidence to charge him. One thing is for sure, it led to one of the best mugshots in sports history.

19 Aldon Smith - Yelled Bomb At Airport


When it comes to Aldon Smith, the fact that he has had multiple run-ins with the law make this next story all the more bizarre. Smith was randomly selected for a pat-down, and when he became further belligerent he made a joke that indicated he was in possession of a bomb. Shockingly, they take this thing kind of seriously and Smith was promptly arrested for making a false claim of a bomb threat. Smith has also had three DUIs and is currently facing a one year suspension from the NFL.

18 Booker T - Robbed A Wendy's 


Booker T may be best known for his Spinaroonie, but there was a time in his life where his future seemed uncertain. In 1987, when Booker was 22-years-old he was arrested for a series of armed robberies and was sentenced to 19 months in jail. This wouldn’t be embarrassing until you learn that Booker was going around to different Wendy’s Restaurants trying to get the money. Wendy’s?! Seriously, dude? You hoping to cash in on all those people buying Frosty’s? To make matters even more embarrassing, Booker was working for Wendy’s at the time. There is no report on if he tried to rob his own location, but it does further explain how he got caught. Booker ended up serving 19 months of his sentence.

17 Onterrio Smith - Tried to Travel With Dried Urine


You may not recognize the name Onterrio Smith, but you might if he had never been caught at the airport one fateful night. Smith was detained after he was seen carrying dried urine and a mysterious device. The device was later identified as a Whizzinator, which is used when trying to beat drug tests. Perhaps not shockingly, Smith was shortly found in violation of the NFL’s substance policy and was suspended for an entire year. He was later released by the Minnesota Vikings and was unable to land a starting job when he later tried out for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the CFL.

16 Golden Tate - Broke Into a Donut Shop

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Golden Tate made a name for himself as being one of the most exciting and dependable players in football for the Seattle Seahawks. One of the lowlights of his time in Seattle though, may be when he broke into Top Pot Doughnuts at 3am. Tate lived above the famous donut shop and stated that the desire for their maple bars was simply undeniable.

“When I got here, it was one of the first things I had," Tate said. "I heard about it. They're irresistible. It was kind of a foolish mistake that won't happen again. If you ever want some maple bars, that's the place to go."

It’s a nice endorsement for the shop, but it also one of the most bizarre stories involving local law enforcement and a famous athlete.

15 Eugene Robinson - Hired a "Lady of the Night"... on the Wrong Night


Eugene Robinson was a talented football player and had a fantastic 1998 season. Robinson was selected to the Pro Bowl, his team (Falcons) went to the Super Bowl, and things were looking good. Things took a small turn for the worse for Robinson when he was arrested for attempting to hire a prostitute. While that alone may not land him on the list, it does when you consider he won the Bart Starr Award that same night. For those unaware, the award is given out to a player that demonstrates a high level of moral character. Let’s hope he didn’t try and use the award to try and get a discount!

14 Cam Newton - Stole a Laptop

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton may be the most recent NFL MVP, but he also has one of the weirdest past run-ins with the law that you’ll come across. While a student at the University of Florida, Newton had the brilliant idea to steal another student’s laptop. He even decided he would paint his name on the cover of it, because I mean, that’s fullproof evidence that you own it, right? Newton ended up trying to throw the laptop out the window when police were called, but shockingly, that didn’t prevent the officers from finding it and charging Newton. While all charges were eventually dropped, the investigation was one of the several reasons as to why Cam Newton transferred from the University (or he would have risked facing expulsion).

13 Gilbert Arenas - Had 100 Pounds of Fireworks


Gilbert Arenas was an incredible basketball player, but he had an infamous downward spiral towards the end of his career that was partially impacted by off-court issues. Arenas was arrested after officers pulled him over for speeding and found nearly 100 pounds of fireworks in his truck. The unfortunate thing for Arenas is the fact that fireworks are illegal. The sheer amount of fireworks led to the LAPD bomb squad to be called in to come and deal with the situation. Arenas faced up to one year in jail (but did probation) and had over $10,000 in fines for the incident.

12 Titus Young - Arrested Twice on the Same Day


Now call me crazy, but if I was arrested, I imagine that would be a really impactful moment of my life. It may cause me to re-evaluate some things, and I would be shocked if I was arrested again, especially on the same day. But I’m not Titus Young. Young was a talented player out of University, being drafted in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft, but was unable to clean it up off the field. Young was arrested twice on the same day, within the span of 15 hours. To start the day, Young was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, he was cited and then later released from custody.

A few hours later, Officers were called to a local tow company yard where they spotted Young jumping over the fence. He was apparently looking for his black Mustang that was taken during his initial arrest.

11 Cory McGinnis - Broke Into a Pizza Place, Took a Nap


The real shame for Cory McGinnis, is that this is probably the first time that you are reading his name. McGinnis was a prospect for the Chicago White Sox, but he was arrested in for kicking in the door of a local pizza place. The pizza shop had a party on Friday, which perhaps McGinnis saw? It motivated him to kick in and smash the very heavy glass door and then go inside and promptly eat a bunch of pizza. McGinnis then collected pillows from around the office and made himself a little bed where he fell asleep until officers arrived.

10 Josh Gordon - Fell Asleep in Taco Bell

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubting that Josh Gordon is a talented football player, but he clearly suffers from some substance abuse issues that have gotten him suspended from the league multiple times. Most of Gordon’s incidents are centered around the usage of marijuana, which as you’ll read, also haunted him at Baylor. Gordon was out with teammate Willie Jefferson when they decided that they wanted some Taco Bell.

Great idea, except for the fact that both men fell asleep in the car while in the drive-thru. When police officers were called to inspect the car, they found traces of marijuana in the car and Gordon and Jefferson were both arrested on charges of drug possession. Of all the reasons to be busted for marijuana, is there anything more stereotypical than falling asleep at a Taco Bell?

9 Patrick Kane - Punched a Cabbie 


Patrick Kane is one of the biggest hockey stars in the world and is paid handsomely for his skillset. That made the story that emerged in 2009 all the more bizarre. Kane was out in a cab with his cousin when they allegedly had an issue with a cab driver, and ended up assaulting and robbing him over a fare dispute. This is embarrassing and bizarre to begin with, but the story gets even weirder when you find out that Kane and his cousin were furious because the cabbie did not have the 20 cents to give them their change.

The driver stated that he was punched in the face, had his glasses broken, and was also grabbed by the throat. This is far from Kane’s only run-in with the law, but it is easily his most embarrassing.

8 Raheem Brock - Skipped Out On a $27 Bill


I can totally understand that feeling you get when you go to pay the bill, and you are shocked at how much it is. One thing that I have never done however, is walk out on a bill. You better believe that if I ever made an NFL salary, that I certainly wouldn’t. Especially when you find out that Raheem Brock walked out on a $27 bill! I know a lot of players go broke after retirement, but $27?? There was apparently a struggle with officers when Brock was confronted and he was charged with theft and resisting arrest.

7 Louis Murphy - Arrested Over Viagra


Apparently Louis Murphy never heard that you should never be doing more than one illegal thing at once. Murphy was driving around when he was pulled over for having his music too loud and was arrested when he refused to show his ID. The bizarre part comes when officers went to search the car, and found an unlabeled prescription bottle that had 11 individual pills inside, which were later identified as Viagra. Murphy stated that he pulled the label off of the bottle because he didn’t want his girlfriend to know about it, and was unable to provide the prescription for the officer. Don’t worry Louis, now not only does your girlfriend know, that’s probably what your career will be remembered for too.

6 Dhani Jones - Dancing in the Streets


What happens when you are getting your groove on, but you are then asked to stop by police officers? Logically, most people would stop, especially if they were dancing in the middle of the street. Yet, Dhani Jones had a much different mentality when he was dancing in the street and then confronted by officers outside of a South Beach club. When Dhani refused several orders to get out of the street, the officers had no choice but to arrest him. Jones was charged with a failure to obey a lawful command.

5 Chad Johnson - Slapped Attorney's Butt in Court

Chad Johnson has been arrested for a few different reasons, but what is important for this story is that he was in court facing probation violation charges following a domestic violence arrest. The meeting was already not going well for Johnson, with the judge ripping Johnson for not going through his court-assigned courses in a timely manner. Things went from bad for worse, when the judge mentioned that Johnson should thank his lawyer for all the work he put it which led to Johnson patting his attorney on the butt.

This led to the judge to state that she does not feel Johnson is taking this whole thing seriously and refused Johnson’s plea deal, sentencing him to 30 days in jail.

He was released after spending one week in jail.

4 Vader - Attacked an Unsuspecting Host

Here’s a little tip for Vader, if you are going to "attack" someone on television, make sure they know about it first. Vader was filming a taping of the show Good Morning Kuwait when he went after the host after he claimed that wrestling was fake. Vader claims that he was ordered to attack him by Gerry Brisco and thought that the host would be expecting it. He very much was not, especially not the part where Vader flipped over the table and started cursing out the host. Vader was eventually fined $168 dollars for the incident.

3 Fred Smoot - Organized An Infamous Boat Party


There might not be a more bizarre story in all of sports than the Love Boat scandal of 2005 where 17 players from the Minnesota Vikings set out on a boat with several prostitutes and engaged in multiple public sex acts on the cruise. The fact that this happened in the middle of the season makes it all the more bizarre. Smoot was one of four people that were arrested, and he later estimated that there were at least 100 women present on the boat. The incident was one of the large reasons behind the decision to eventually move on from head coach, Mike Tice.

Four Viking players were charged with indecent conduct, disorderly conduct, and lewd or lascivious conduct for their actions on the boat

2 Chris Perez - Ordered Pot To His Dog


I have absolutely no idea what former MLB pitcher Chris Perez and his wife Melanie Baum were thinking. They decided first off, that it would be a brilliant idea to get marijuana sent to them in the mail. When officers smelled two packages that, you know, smelled like weed, they got a search warrant for their home. Officers then found more than nine ounces of marijuana in the home. The real bizarre part comes when you find out that the packages were being delivered to "Brody Baum," the family dog. Maybe they thought the dog would get busted for it? Melanie denied smoking marijuana, but Chris claimed that it was for personal use.

1 William Regal - Urinated on a Flight Attendant


If you are going to drink on a plane, it might be best to try and make sure you don’t get too drunk. After all, the last thing you want to be dealing with is jet lag on top of being hungover. That did not stop William Regal from being a bit too liquored up on a flight from Tokyo to Detroit. Regal was urinating in the planes washroom, but elected not to close the door. When a flight attendant came up and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and claims that was the last thing he remembered. Regal recalls standing in court and “They were going along the line of prisoners reading out charges. I was laughing, thinking, 'This is all a terrible mistake.' Then they read my charge out: 'Urinating on a flight attendant." ….smooth move William. Let’s hope the flight attendant had a change of clothes.

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Top 20 Athletes You Didn't Know Had Bizarre Criminal Records