Top 20 Current Female Athletes We Wish Would Pose For Hugh Hefner

In today’s day and age there are tons of talented athletes out there from a variety of different sports. People tune in to see them do their thing, witness their athletic feats, but let’s face it, in the world of female sport, it helps if you’re hot. If you’ve got the looks, got the figure, people will tune in regardless of how well you’re doing in your particular sport. You’ll get a fan following, and could actually make a living, achieve fame as well as fortune out of your sport. That’s because companies will get on board, there’ll be endorsement deals, sponsors will be queuing up to acquire your services – that’s the dream for any female athlete. There is also one other way, as a female athlete, you can get out there, become known to the masses.

That’s by posing in sultry men’s mags. Pose for some of the world’s top publications, and your fan following’s going to increase ten-fold. It’s happened to a number of athletes over the years, Torrie Wilson, Amy Acuff, Kiana Tom, to name a few. And what’s the top men’s mag out there? It’s open to conjecture, but I’m sure the majority of you would agree it’s Playboy. Pose for Playboy and you’ve reached the pinnacle – in many people’s eyes anyway. The magazine abandoned its tradition of a centerfold model in an effort to become more mainstream, but with subscriptions down in 2016, the magazine elected to bring them back earlier this year. And thus fantasies of men as to who could pose for the magazine returned.

Here are 20 athletes, super-hot current female athletes, we and fans wish would pose for Hugh Hefner and his magazine.

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20 Hilary Knight

Zoe said she wanted me to post her favorite picture to remind everyone that this Saturday we are celebrating A NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS at 6:30pm. We won a trophy. Please celebrate it with us. #ThrowbackThursday #CityOfChampions #ThePack

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Unless you’re into ice hockey, chances are you haven’t really heard of Hilary Knight. She possesses a pretty generic name, but there’s nothing generic about this brunette beauty. She’s achieved a staggering seven golds at various world championships around the globe, and currently plays for Boston Pride of the National Women's Hockey League. She’s pretty awesome on the ice, as you’d be able to gather from her accomplishments, but that’s only part of the reason she’s a household name in the world of hockey. She’s – as I’m sure you’d all agree – incredibly hot. Even when she’s in her hockey attire, wearing that protective gear, she looks stunning, but off the ice she’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s also prone to posing for racy shoots, including a naked photoshoot that’s sure to get the pulse racing, so posing in something skimpy for Hugh Hefner wouldn’t be an issue and she’d probably agree to the deal then and there, should the offer come along – which we hope it does – of course.

19 Maria Kirilenko

via suwalls.com

If anyone on this list actually has a real chance of appearing in Playboy, it’d be Maria Kirilenko. But she’d better hurry up, provided she gets the opportunity of course, because she’s getting on a bit. She’s in her 30s, has just given birth to a baby boy, and who knows how much longer she’ll be around on the tennis circuit. She needs to get back on the horse, get playing tennis again, lose that post-partum body and get back to her original hot self, because boy is she hot. She’s a head-turner and has been ever since she turned pro. Plenty of magazines, companies and photographers have picked up on it, and she has posed in lads’ mag before; Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009 Edition, so she wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to pose for Playboy should she get it.

18 Maggie Vessey

via vimeo.com

Those involved in track events only have limited opportunities to show people what they’re worth. When the Olympics come around and world championships, it’s their time to shine, and boy has Maggie Vessey done just that. She’s a steady performer in middle distance events, but she’s the woman all the cameras are pointing at, the person everyone has their eyes fixed on. That’s because she’s stunningly beautiful, and – not that Playboy would necessarily care about this – she’s become somewhat of a fashion icon after starting her own fashion line and wearing her attire on the track.

Maggie’s tall, has a lean, svelte physique, and has the looks too – she really does possess the entire package. She’s also posed in some hot shoots for magazines in the past; wonder if she’d be down for stripping down into even more sultry skimpy attire should Playboy come calling – we certainly hope so!

17 Eugenie Bouchard

via si.com

Eugenie Bouchard is among the younger athletes on this list and while she's yet to win a Grand Slam, she's still among the hottest names in tennis, as she was famous from the moment the cameras laid eyes on her. Bouchard has realized how good looking she is, as she has posed for many magazines, including Sports Illustrated and you have to think that Hugh Hefner would jump at the chance to feature Bouchard in the magazine. Bouchard went in a bit of a slump going into this year, but Maria Sharapova returning following her suspension seemed to light a fire under Bouchard, as she defeated her former idol earlier this year and was very outspoken about Sharapova returning to the sport.

We doubt you're objecting to this choice.

16 Whitney Miller

I kinda feel like I look like a baby deer ? lol #bambie #photoshoot #fitness

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Whitney Miller, a former Miss USA winner, didn’t really have any athletic pedigree. One thing she’s always had is grace, poise, and the sultry looks to get her a gig in many magazines – she did after all, win the prestigious Miss USA. So, she knows how to pose, would have that bit on lock. In terms of her sporting career? She basically thought it’d be fun to get into combat sports. She’s made her boxing debut, and is currently trying to kick start her MMA career. A model, tuned fighter – that’s a new one, it’s usually the other way around.

Since she’s gotten into the world of combat sports, you could argue that makes her even hotter. She’s still utterly gorgeous, and now, due to her training, has the body too. She’s a beauty queen like no other, and would be a perfect fit on the pages of Playboy.

15 Mandy Minella

#tb @jbthiele bons souvenirs :)

A post shared by Mandy Minella (@mandyminella) on

And we’re back to the tennis pros. Mandy Minella is probably one of the lesser known athletes on this list, but if you follow women’s tennis, you’ve probably seen her pic at some point. You wouldn’t have seen her pic in relation to anything special she’s done on court, because she hasn’t achieved anything of note during the course of her inconsistent career. But she’s undoubtedly one of the hottest players on the tennis circuit, although for how much longer remains to be seen. Posing for Playboy would certainly give her career a much-needed boost, and would definitely attract a whole lot more fans to women’s tennis. Mandy’s in the twilight of her career, so would have to get a move on if she’s going to pose in such mags, but there’s no doubt that she’d be a huge hit if she does.

14 Ronda Rousey

via espn.com

Yes, Ronda Rousey is not quite on fire like she was about a couple of years ago, but Rousey is still as hot as ever and she's proven in many photoshoots that when she's not in fight shape and lets her natural curves take over that she has what it takes to be a centerfold. Rousey's fight career is in limbo so she may have to start thinking about what her post-fight career is going to be. Becoming a centerfold on Playboy would instantly bring her a ton of attention and the magazine would undoubtedly sell. While Rousey's days as the dominant force in the women's division of the UFC may be over, she's still a pioneer in the sport and her fame shouldn't just fade away.

13 Skylar Diggins

via nikeinc.com

When it comes to women’s basketball, Skylar’s one woman who attracts a lot of fans. First of all, I’m sure you’d all agree, she’s got a pretty awesome name – Skylar, it sound like something out of a James Bond movie. Secondly, she’s one of the best WNBA players around, and is seriously hot. She really does possess the whole package, is fit, young, and is prone to stripping down and posing in hot and steamy shoots too. She’s been a model for Nike, and has shown off her physique in a memorable spread in Sports Illustrated. Skylar’s a pretty deal already, but posing for Playboy would no doubt raise her profile even further, and it’ll bring Hugh Hefner a whole lot more readers – although they won’t really be doing much reading, just a lot of staring and other stuff.

12 Paige Spiranac

Happy first day of summer!☀️ It's only 117 degrees here in AZ...but it's a dry heat?

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Let’s face it, women’s golf isn’t the most popular sport going around. Most people who tune in do so to ogle at the gorgeous athletes on show, strutting their stuff, clubs in hand, on the course. There have been a number of female golfing superstars over recent years who’ve gained a tremendous fan following, not because of their golfing credentials, but because they’re hot AF. Paige Spirnac is one of these golfers. She’s a relative newcomer on tour, but has made a tremendous amount of headway, mainly due to the fact she’s a head-turner. This blonde bombshell really is drop-dead gorgeous. She has youth on her side, a killer body, and glamor model-like looks; Paige would be absolutely perfect for Playboy, and she’s probably one athlete Hugh Hefner would be looking to call in the future.

11 Caroline Wozniacki

via athletewallpapers.com

What the hell was Rory McIlroy thinking? He’s hardly known for his looks, so to get with a stunner like Caroline was an achievement in itself, but then to get engaged with the Danish beauty and subsequently break it off – seems like utter madness in many people’s eyes.

The 26-year-old tennis superstar is currently back to her best, where she belongs at the top of the rankings. Having a sultry woman like Caroline at the top has certainly helped raise the profile of women’s tennis, as has the fact she’s not shy when it comes to posing in hot shoots. She’s posed in the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, in what was a killer spread, and that just gained her a whole heap of fans and served to remind everyone how hot female tennis players are.

10 Lindsey Vonn

via redbull.com

Lindsey Vonn is the face of alpine ski racing, and what a pretty face it is too. Having her involved will certainly get people watching; again - it’s a shame she’s in a sport that requires her to be covered up most of the time.

Because she’s such a stunner, she’s picked up a number of notable endorsements over the years, meaning her earnings have gone into the millions – good going considering she’s an alpine skier and they’re not known for earning megabucks.

When Lindsay takes off her skiing gear and her beauty’s unveiled, it’s clear to see why she’s regarded to be one of the hottest athletes around. She’s got supermodel good looks, and a physique to die for; luckily for her fans we’ve seen plenty of it when she posed nude, in body paint, for SI. No doubt Playboy would – or should – want to get her on board and do something similar, and she’d probably oblige should the offer come her way.

9 Paige VanZant

via maxim.com

The diminutive figure of Paige VanZant sure packs a powerful punch in the octagon, but that’s not really why she’s achieved so much fame over the years. Doing her thing in UFC, she wouldn’t be too preoccupied with looking glamorous, but when she’s not gearing up to go toe to toe with her latest opponent, she’s a glamor puss, pulls off that look effortlessly.

It’s something that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Since turning pro, she’s taken part in sultry shoots, raunchy ads, and her social media has been a hive of activity, with her delighting fans with racy pics. If Hugh comes across such pics, you can bet your bottom dollar he’d be making a mental note to get her on board at some point, something that we’d all love to see happen.

8 Allison Stokke

Post training float ?

A post shared by Allison Stokke (@allisonstokke) on

Allison Stokke is an interesting one. She’s basically known for being a sex symbol, but at the time, when her face began to get picked up, she wasn’t all too happy about it. She wanted to focus on pole vaulting, and achieving fame by becoming an internet sensation, a sex symbol, brought with it a whole heap of new challenges, ones she wasn’t prepared for at the time. But she gradually began to get into it, and has modeled for some top companies, such as Nike and Athleta. But it’s her videos that drive people crazy. She’s been doing YouTube vids for GoPro, videos that have received more than six million views. People are crazy about Allison, have been for quite some time, and a spread in Playboy would only increase the hype; we wish, but she’s probably not quite ready to pose in such magazines.

7 Blair O'Neal

via blaironeal.com

Talking of sex symbols; Allison Stokke may be one in athletics, but Blair O’Neal’s the sexy sizzling superstar golfer who’s taken the sport by storm since she turned pro those many years ago and people began seeing her on tour. I say she’s a superstar, but that’s not down to any of her golfing achievements, which are non-existent. But no one really cares about that – no one’s worrying about her stats because all the cameras and eyes are firmly pointed and fixed in her direction. The blonde bombshell steals the show with her beauty, and today is known as much for her modeling as she is for her prowess with golf clubs in hand. She’s a golfing personality, people know her name, and we just hope Hugh Hefner’s one of those people.

6 Michelle Waterson

via awakeningfighters.com

Look at Michelle Waterson and you’d think she’s a lover, not a fighter, but this little beauty can pack a powerful punch…and kick, and grapple, and all kinds of other moves that have meant she’s a force to be reckoned with in the strawweight division. She’s actually got a pretty impressive pro MMA record, and that combined with the fact she’s a hottie, you’d think that some lads’ mag or other would’ve snapped her up for a shoot by now. But nope, amazingly that hasn’t been the case. She’s had a calendar released, featuring just her, but in terms of sultry shoots for magazine go, it hasn’t happened as yet. But it hasn’t stopped her posing in racy pics. We’d just love it if Playboy would be the first, and her in the magazine would certainly benefit both parties.

5 Danica Patrick

via thenypost.com

Hot women and cars – Danica Patrick is every man’s dream. Because of her profession, and because of the fact she’s hot, it’s safe to assume her posters have adorned the walls of many guys out there, and a whole lot more would be going up in bedrooms all over the world if she was to get involved with Playboy.

The stock car racing driver is frequently rated number one in polls about the sexiest athletes in the world. It’s no surprise she’s rating so highly in such polls, because we have seen a lot of her over the years. When she’s not a media personality, appearing on TV shows, she’s modeling for some company, some magazine or other, and has to date done so for the likes of FHM and SI. But a gig in Playboy would be the big prize, one we hope she gets in the future.

4 Lolo Jones

Welp back to being single and putting out thirst trap pictures again.

A post shared by Lolo Jones (@lolojones) on

Lolo Jones; the nickname might not sound too sexy to a lot of people – rather childlike – but it’ll certainly get her noticed. And then when she is noticed, it’s safe to say there’ll be lots of staring, people will find it hard to look away.

The US Olympian has a rather strange mix of disciplines; she’s a bobsledder and thankfully a hurdler, meaning she’s not covered up and wearing a helmet all the time. Seeing her in all her glory on the athletics’ track is a sight to behold, a sight that many people have seen, not just during events, but during her various media appearances and when she posed semi-nude for The Body Issue of ESPN the Magazine. Sex sells, and if Lolo posed for Playboy, that issue would no-doubt sell like crazy too.

3 Sydney Rae Leroux

via tumblr.com

Let’s face it, women’s soccer isn’t really up there as being one of the most popular, most viewed sports in the world. Well, at least it wasn’t until players like Sydney Rae Leroux began strutting their stuff on the pitch. When it comes to sultry soccer stars, no one even comes close to Sydney. She turns heads on the soccer pitch, but it was at the ESPY’s where she really got noticed. She arrived all glammed up, and left having imprinted herself on everyone’s minds. She’s just drop-dead gorgeous, and because of that she’s appeared in many magazines, including semi-nude in ESPN's The Body Issue, which just flew off the shelves. She’d certainly have the same effect if Playboy were to come calling, which, cross fingers, they will do in the future.

2 Maria Sharapova

via golf.clickon.co

Maria Sharapova’s currently struggling with her comeback after her drugs ban, which unfortunately means we’re not seeing her in all the best tournaments, in all the Grand Slams. It might take her some time to get back fighting fit on the world stage, might take her some time to be accepted and earn the respect her fellow players again, but to her millions of fans around the world, she hasn’t stopped being loved. She’s feisty, she’s awesome with a tennis racket in hand, and she’s without doubt one of the hottest women on tour. People have been ogling at her ever since she won her Slam as a teenager, and she’s since blossomed into a beautiful, elegant woman, a marketing and hence a money-making machine. She still looks young, still looks amazing, is still fit and raring to go, and a spread in Playboy might help her gain some popularity back, and it’ll certainly be beneficial for Playboy too.

1 Anastasia Ashley

via si.com

Professional surfing and modeling is one hell of a combination. Most of the women out there surfing are super-hot, spend all day in their surfing attire, on the beach, in the sea, sizzling on the beach, and have great physiques because of the demands of their sport, but Anastasia Ashley’s up there as the hottest. In the little-known sport of professional surfing, Anastasia stands out and has stood out ever since she joined the pro ranks. Unsurprisingly plenty of companies have picked her up over the years, and she’s become a very successful model, appearing in the likes of Maxim and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. But when she’s not adorning the pages of popular lads’ mags, she keeps fans interested by posing and posting hot pics of herself on social media; look at her pics and you’ll soon realize why she has over a million Instagram followers. This would probably double should she pose for Playboy, as would the magazine’s sales for that issue.

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