Top 20 Curviest WAGs in Sports

Living in the spotlight reveals a lot about an individual’s persona. They either revel in the glitz and glamour soaking up all the adulation that comes their way, or they regress into a life of quiet anonymity protecting their privacy at every turn. The following athletes very much fit the category of the former.

What we will find out about these gorgeous women is the majority have careers that stand on out from their partner’s sporting stature. Among the list are actresses, models, pop stars, entrepreneurs and players themselves who cannot get enough of gaining the competitive edge.

Whether it’s the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, soccer or golf, athletes have an uncanny habit of hooking up with the most intoxicating women with their own talents and ambitions that leave them in the shadows. But what separates these ladies from the remainder, other than their picturesque qualities, is their curves.

Ever since Sir Mix-a-Lot could not lie about his love for big butts way back in 1992 and Destiny’s Child gave the world a dose of bootylicious, it became trendy for big stars to date women who could be crystalized and admired through a silhouette.

These WAGs take all of the glory and attention on the red carpet because their curvaceous figures outshine any dress a designer can put on them. So gorgeous are these women they could pull the same thing off if they went to the VIP party sporting thrift shop bargains, they simply can’t be limited by societies expectations.

So kick back and relax because here is the essential top 20 curviest WAGs in sports.

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21 Miranda Brooke

via bet.com

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ Green better not have an inferiority complex, because wife Miranda Brooke ticks every box for talent you could ask for. The triple threat of singing, dancing and being one of the most beautifully photogenic stars to ever grace the spotlight in recent years. Green must know he’s punching above his weight, as he moved in to tie the knot this year to the woman who can bust a move with the best of them!

20 Yvette Prieto

via listal.com

Michael Jordan might have hung up the boots a number of years ago, but the hour-glass figure of his partner Yvette Prieto cannot be ignored. The couple married early last year and instead of hiring a local wedding singer, they called on the services of none other than Usher and Robin Thicke to keep the party going. While MJ has 15 years on Yvette, the gorgeous Cuban-American has made a serious commitment to the basketball superstar, giving birth to identical twins.

19 Melanie Collins

via fansshare.com

Melanie Collins loves her sports. How do we know this? A career presenting for Yahoo Sports, co-hosting the Big Break on Golf Channel, NBA TV, PGA.com and Nascar.com might be a fair indication. She loves her NHL too as well one or two hockey players. Her current partner is James Neal from the Nashville Predators which came after a four-year relationship with Scottie Upshall. A small and slender 5-foot-6, 110 pounds makes the 26-year-old small in stature, but radiant off the television screen.

18 Amanda Dufner

via geeksandcleats.com

Ms. Dufner cannot get enough of the world’s best golfers. The brunette’s appetite for men swinging their clubs drew the attention of serial womanizer Tiger Woods, landing the former champion in hot water once again when the scandal broke this summer. After splitting from husband and PGA player Jason Dufner in February, tabloid publications are labeling the starlet as a big “flirt” on tour. Regardless, her capacity to grab the headlines and spotlight with a body made for the beach is more than enough to make our top 20.

17 Alessia Tedeschi

via gotceleb.com


Italy has blessed the world with some of the best food, wine and designer clothing that has ever been invented, but they really outdid themselves with Alessia Tedeschi. So much so the engaging model got Cristiano Ronaldo all love struck and he hasn’t looked back since. At 24, Tedeschi dated the son of former AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi, yet it was picking up the Real Madrid star this year that set tongues wagging around the soccer world.

16 Molly Beers

via imgur.com

How could an athlete not fall for someone named Molly Beers? The model from Arizona stole the heart of Mets third baseman David Wright, rounding for home when the pair hooked up at the World Baseball Classic in 2006. Beers has signed on with Ford Agency and JC Penney, proving how the sexy brunette is hot property. Her ability to rock an outfit to match the tanned physique leaves us in no doubt that she is the better half in the relationship.

15 Antonella Roccuzzo

via theguardian.co.uk

Being the best soccer player in the world has its perks. One look at the exotic Antonella Roccuzzo and it’s not hard to see why Lionel Messi dived head-over-feet for his fellow Argentine. The couple have a baby together since they began dating in 2008, but she can be spotted around all corners of the globe, whether it’s the nightclubs of Barcelona, photo shoots, soccer games, the beach or red carpet events. Messi’s team won all before them last season, but off the pitch the little maestro scores goals everyday!

14 Liz Estes

via golfbabes.com

If Motley Crue wrote a song about Liz Estes, we’re guessing it would be titled Curves, Curves, Curves! Named by golf.com as one of the most beautiful people in the sport, Estes made a splash with the reality television series Golf Wives to bring the ladies behind the tour front and center. The curvaceous personality has PGA veteran Bob Estes hitting well above par. Who knew hitting a few balls while wearing a dorky sweater vest could entice such a stunning admirer?

13 Ann Kathrin-Brommel

via fifawallpapers.com

Scoring the winning goal to win you’re country the soccer World Cup is one thing, coming home everyday to Ann Kathrin-Brommel is quite another! Emerging German superstar Mario Gotze’s reputation in the national dressing room must have shot through the roof when they found out the Bayern Munich man caught the attention of the 25-year-old. Brommel suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in June when her nipple plasters were exposed on a night out in L.A, not that the press got carried away with it or anything…

12 Amy Lepard Campbell

via golfbabes.com


The one time darling of Sports Illustrated Amy Lepard Campbell started from humble beginnings in Texas as a school teacher. An amazing transformation saw the blonde bombshell transition into an ambitious pop star and songwriter in her own right, partnering up with golfer Chad Campbell almost a decade ago. While Chad’s qualities are limited to the course, Amy has rocked out everything from denim to black designer dresses that show off her elegant and sensual body. Her star may have fallen to younger celebrities, but Amy Lepard Campbell remains one of the curviest WAGs to grace the sporting world.

10 Porschla Coleman

via photobucket.com

Hot pink outfits were made for people like our next entrant, Porschla Coleman. While the New York Post are circulating rumors about Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd micro-managing the franchise, his better half Porschla doesn’t let the innuendo affect her personally. Pictured in yellow denim, pink dresses or smart white outfits for media events, Coleman’s curves are as big as her heart when it was announced that she was to run the charity in the name of her partner, the Jason Kidd Foundation.

9 Alexis Randock

via sportressofblogitude.com

If you guys need another reason to start practicing your golf swing, take a look at bikini model Alexis Randock. PGA tour pro Rickie Fowler sees a big future ahead for himself on the course, but it's Randock’s credentials that people are more fascinated with. The brunette frequents the biggest and best catwalks around the world, oozing her glamorous sexuality through the lens. If she’s not having her picture taken, she is taking it herself on Instagram (@alexis.randock), an account that garners more and more followers by the day.

8 Larisa Fraser

via bellazon.com

No one quite pulls off lingerie like Larisa Fraser. Partner to controversial Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun, Fraser’s modeling work has provided some of the most scintillating images produced from an athlete’s significant other. How Braun could cheat on the sumptuous girl from Canada is anyone’s guess, although his disposition to cheat on his sport with the use of recreational drugs might have been a window into the soul of Braun. Bad boys like him shouldn’t be so lucky, it just isn’t fair.

7 Lindsey Vecchione

via bleacherreport.com

We don’t think Jonathan Toews girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione has any imperfections, but we’re happy to keep looking just in case any pop up. While female NHL and Blackhawk fans consider Toews to be the heartthrob that should be off the market, Vecchione’s status as one of the premier models surpasses any stock Toews has in the sex appeal stakes. She makes modeling an art form. That’s probably because with a body like that there really isn’t anything else to do other than be really, really ridiculously good looking.

6 Jessie James Decker

via thenypost.com


Model, singer and reality television star. Not a bad set of occupations when you’re lobbying to charm New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker. Jessie posted pictures of the couple's baby Eric Decker II this week, but if her career to date has taught us anything it is that motherhood won’t slow her down one little bit. Male Denver Broncos fans would have been smarting at Decker’s defection to the Jets because if Jessie can make that franchise sexy again there is no telling what other NFL clubs could offer. Her extra big curve sporting the pregnancy in a bikini elevated her status as a bootylicious and curvaceous sports WAG.

5 Shenae Saifi

via buschleaguesports.com

Hayne Plane mania is all the rage in San Francisco for the 49ers this football season, but when that hype inevitably dies down in the weeks to come there is one shining light that the Bay Area adore. Shenae Saifi is without question the selfie queen of the NFL (@shenaesaifi), snapping shots at will in tight-fitting dresses and bikinis on the beach. Saifi’s partner Patrick Willis, a linebacker from the 49ers, announced his retirement from the NFL at the end of last season to free up some roster space for the next generation. There won’t be too many disappearing for Willis to spend more time at home.

4 Elisha Cuthbert

via ndsstatic.com

Performing starring roles in Old School and The Girl Next Door over a decade ago, the gorgeous Elisha Cuthbert took a liking to Toronto Maple Leafs defender Dion Phaneuf and have been together ever since. This is despite an ugly rumor circulating in the press that she was dating fellow Maple Leafs player Joffrey Lupul on the side, something all parties shot down immediately. Although it might feel like Cuthbert has been around for a long time, at 32-years of age the Canadian native, with slim frame and all, looks comfortable in any attire.

3 Paulina Gretzky

SaturDaze Vibes

A photo posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

387,000 Instagram followers can’t be wrong! The 26-year-old eldest child of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky comes from impeccable stock and wants to keep the sporting bloodline in the family, spawning a baby with golfer Dustin Johnson two years ago. While her pop career never took off like she wanted when her track was featured on MTV’s Laguna Beach series, the triple threat now has the time to raise the next sports legend. A life lived in L.A. has done Paulina no harm whatsoever, dropping jaws when she covered Golf Digest magazine in a set of skin-tight white pants and bra. Wow.

2 Edurne Garcia

via mirror.co.uk


Soccer goalkeepers rarely score, but Manchester United’s David De Gea did just that when he wooed Spanish television presenter and model girlfriend Edurne Garcia. From lingerie to panties, dresses to painted-on tattoos, the 29-year-old is drop-dead beautiful from any angle you care to look at her. Such is her confidence, the British press believes she is the main protagonist in De Gea’s transfer sage this month, pushing for her hubby to move from the wet and dreary Manchester to the modeling hub of Madrid. Somehow we don’t think the weather will affect Garcia’s standing as one of the curviest WAGs in sport.

1 Shakira

via BigStockPhoto.com


How can Shakira not top the list of curviest WAGS when she sung about the fact that her hips don’t lie? The lyrics say it all for us really. Her partner is well known to European soccer fans in the form of Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, but Shakira’s status as one of the worlds sexiest pop stars can only be surpassed by her stunning figure and booty-shaking moves. Her music video for the 2006 track Beautiful Liar, accompanied by Beyonce, put Shakira on a par with the Destiny’s Child trailblazer for all things curvaceous.

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