Top 20 Embarrassing Athlete High School Photos

There comes a time in every person’s life when they look back on their high school photos and realize they were straight ugly or a genetic anomaly.

Even if you were high school hot, you are real life ugly. Sorry. I'm in the same boat. Shirts that say Hollister Co., paired with a Lulu Lemon headband somehow aren't cute as they were just a few short years ago. The further you go back, the worst it gets. Until you get to the 80s, that's about as bad as it gets. Some people know this and burn their high school yearbooks, while others are in for a shocking reality check.

It’s hard enough to look at Instagram photos from 48 weeks ago. High school photos are another level of shame.

The same holds true for famous people and professional athletes.

Ronda Rousey and Kevin Love's yearbook are currently on Ebay. Rousey's yearbook photo is going for $800, which is pretty insane because who wants to buy a picture book full of minors.

These are dudes who sometimes gain several inches of height in just a few months, so the transition from childhood to adulthood isn't always a smooth one.

Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers and Ronda Rousey have stylists, trainers, nutritionists and more to help them prevent ever looking blemished in a photo again. Before that, they suffered the same fate as the rest of us, and that's wanting to scratch themselves out of group photos from their teens.

Here are the top 20 awkward pro athlete high school photos.

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20 Tom Brady 

via sikids.com

This isn’t actually that bad.

But why is Tom Brady wearing a tuxedo? He's in high school. A bowtie? Is he catering a wedding after yearbook photos? Brady posted his college resume on Facebook and his work experiences include an internship at Merrill Lynch and a summer job as a festival security manager. No catering jobs.

Maybe he just thought it was a good outfit choice?

Brady has three sisters. Unless him and his sisters somehow managed to avoid the mass amount of media and marketing directed at teenager girls about fashion and style, Brady has no excuse.

19 Matt Leinart

via sikids.com

I'm not sure if Matt Leinart is still allowed in articles about athletes. Leinart's more suited to articles about Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriends and hot tubbing.

Leinart's still listed as a free agent on the ESPN fantasy football app, so apparently he's still clinging on to the NFL career that Johnny Manaziel seems to be currently re-creating.

Leinart had a phase in his early 20s where is he was very good-looking.

This was definitely well before that.

18 Tony Romo 

via basd.k12.wi.us

In the three times that the Dallas Cowboys reached the playoffs under Tony Romo, only once did he lead them to a win. If you showed this picture to somebody who knows nothing about football and said this guy will one day grow up to break the hearts of Dallas Cowboys fans, they would likely say: "yeah, probably."

There are several problems with this photo. The main issue here is that Romo's hair is wet. And also that he has bangs. But not normal bangs, really little weird ones.

What type of person was the hairdresser that did this to him?

Tony Romo shouldn't have bangs again. Especially the ones he has here.

17 Derek Jeter 

via deadspin.com

Of course, Derek Jeter was a hot kid. Well, minus the mullet. Jeter's senior year was in 1992. Where mullets a thing then?

Perfect bone structure. Great eyebrows. Not an a hint of adolescent acne. Five World Series Championships, 14 time All-Star appearances and a World Series MVP. Some people get it all. And then a New York City penthouse.

Jeets probably spent his free time after school helping old ladies cross the street.

16 Kobe Bryant 

via iconsportsmedia.com

Why does Kobe Bryant look frightened in this picture? Was he watching a teammate miss the game-winning shot?

This is Bryant's high school yearbook photo from Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia. Wear they apparently do yearbooks in black and white. Classy.

High school was good for Bryant. His senior year highlights included being named Naismith High School Player of the Year, Gatorade Men's National Basketball Player of the Year, a McDonald's All-American, and a USA Today All-USA First Team player.

Bryant took the pop star Brandy to prom. She was already pretty famous at this point. They were friends. He wasn't one of those weird kids who asks celebrities to prom on YouTube.

Bryant also had a SAT score of 1080. He definitely could have gone to college, but you know, it worked out.

15 Blake Griffin 

via imgarcade.com

Do you think that Blake Griffin is still friends with the person who posted this picture on the Internet? Or do you think he tried to crush him in his sleep?

Griffin's enthusiasm in this picture shows that he wasn't aware that he was seriously going to regret showing up to picture day.

There are a lot of things wrong with this picture. But you can see that.

14 Aaron Rodgers 

via larrybrownsports.com

Aaron Rodgers looks like one of those kids on that TLC TV show where convicted felons scare troubled youth out of lives of crime. Maybe he was, who knows.

Like Romo, Rodgers was super into teenage boy bangs.

Rodgers might have been a duckling then, but he's a beautiful swan of a quarterback now. Who also holds the the single-season passer rating record of 122.5, so nothing about high school maters anymore.

13 Rob Gronkowski

via terezowens.com

Rob Gronkowski looks exactly the same, as he still has the bro haircut today. The only difference between young Gronk and now Gronk is that young Gronk is a cutie with a childlike innocence.

The Gronk in this photo didn't know the joy of beer pong or funnelling. If he could only see the Las Vegas pool parties that adult him will never remember.

Gronk's father, Gordon, told Sports Illustrated stories about the Gronkowski childhood. The Gronk boys once threw forks at each other so hard that one got stuck in Rob's little brother's arm.

Maybe Gronk wasn't such a cute kid.

12 Kevin Love 

via USAtoday.com

Kevin Love looks pretty grumpy in this old picture. And old. What I'm trying to say is that, overall, this isn't a very good picture.

Love is actually a very nice looking person. This photo doesn't capture that in the least bit.

The lighting in the photo isn't doing Love any favours either.

11 Marc Gasol

via becuo.com

Marc Gasol was the awkwardest. Nobody has ever mastered the combo of cute and awkward like the childhood version of Marc.

The best part about Gasol's high school photos are the size of him compared to the other children. Gasol was pretty much NBA ready in the 8th grade. He towers over them.

Unfortunately, photos of Marc's brother Pau could not be found.

10 Sidney Crosby 

via rantsports.com

Sidney Crosby is so happy to be getting his picture taken. Young Crosby looks the same as today's mumps free Crosby.

The photo of mumps Crosby far exceeds any advertising that the world's best ad agencys could ever come up with for the importance of vital childhood vaccinations.

This high school photo of Crosby is actually cute. Somebody should have offered him some hair gel though.

9 Kevin Durant 

via kdsneaks.weebly.com

This photo is the real MVP.

Kevin Durant looks exactly the same. Same skinny arms. Same hair cut. Same everything. The only thing he's missing is his new goatee.

Till this day, Durant still looks kind of upset in every photo. It doesn't matter if he's losing the NBA finals or accepting the MVP award, Durant doesn't really have a happy face.

8 Eli Manning

via nydailynews.com

Eli Manning, things will get better.

Manning looks like a nice normal kid in this picture. It's very generic Sears. Everything that says Manning is a world-class athlete is cut out of this picture.

The difference between the kid in this picture and the two time Super Bowl champion, two time MVP is sensational.

7 Patrick Kane 

via tumblr.com

Patrick Kane had a mullet in high school. Kane is 26-years-old, so mullets weren't still cool when he was in high school. Want to know what the crazy thing is? He still had a mullet in his twenties.

It was probably a good thing he was already a hockey God or high school/life would have been really hard for him and his mullet.

6 Joakim Noah

via sikids.com

Caption this high school photo.

Young Joakim Noah got those Kylie Jenner lips.

Joakim Noah comes from a beautiful family. His mother and sister are gorgeous. His father is a nice looking person. Noah has perfect bone structure. Perfect eyebrows and perfect lips. Half of the time, Noah looks like male model material. The other half of the time, Noah has his neck veins popping and a bunch of other bad stuff happening.

5 Dwight Howard 

via basketfootball.com

Why did the photographer tell Dwight Howard to pose like this? He's not in an early 90s rap group.

He already had those shoulders in high school. Howard says that he used to get up at 5AM in high school to do his thing. Probably how he got those shoulders.

4 Chris Bosh 

via sikids.com

Chris Bosh looked even more like a dinosaur in high school than he does now. Imagine him chasing Chris Pratt in the next Jurassic Park movie. He'll probably be more realistic than whatever they can cook up.

He still has the same dunk face. Yet's lost the hand motions though. That's kind of too bad. Imagine seeing this on Sports Center every night?

3 Carlos Boozer 

via sikids.com

Carlo Boozer looked at least 35-years-old in high school. He looks younger today than he did then.

Apart from that, there's a lot wrong with this picture.

A) The weird pose he's doing on the floor.

B) The weird pose he's doing on the floor.

Can you gets what else is wrong with this picture? Yes, it's the really weird pose he's doing on the floor.

2 Ronda Rousey 

via ebay.com

Ronda Rousey wasn't the baddest in this photo. Hard to believe this girl went on to be the woman who beats up Turtle in the Entourage movie trailer.

As mentioned before, Rousey's high school picture is available on Ebay. And, if you are a weirdo, and there are plenty of them out there, you can purchase the photo of adolescent Rousey for only $800.  If you're curious, and I'm sure you are, you can also buy Gina Carano's high school photo for $800. We'll inquire and see if there's a joint price for the two.

1 Brett Favre

via sikids.com

Brett Favre's NFL draft picture is probably one of the best photos of all-time, up there with the ones in National Geographic.

His high school photo proves to be another classic.

This picture leads me to believe that Favre's parents are siblings or at least first cousins.

Favre has a mullet in this picture but who knows if he would feel shame over this.

Favre is extremely photogenic. Hard to believe this kid would use that little gift to allegedly text Jenn Sterger nudie pics.

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