Top 20 Hot Pictures of Paige you NEED to see

From the moment Saraya–Jade Bevis stepped foot on American soil, got her start in Florida Championship Wrestling and was christened as Paige, the WWE’s resident alternative Diva has stated that she is the Anti–Diva. The Diva of Tomorrow. She dominated the NXT women’s division and was a premonition to the current revolution. She walked onto Raw the day after WrestleMania XXX, still as NXT Women’s Champ and defeated AJ Lee for the Divas title, ending her then-record setting run.

She’s 23 years old and has already lived enough for a few lifetimes, much less her own. Raised in Norwich, England, Paige was born to professional wrestlers Ian Bevis and Julia–Hamer Bevis; who didn’t know she was pregnant and was still taking bumps with the future Diva still gestating inside. Initially, she didn’t like that her parents fought for a living, but that still didn’t stop her from entering the ring and giving it go with her father opening a wrestling school. The rest is pretty much history as Paige has been working since she was thirteen.

Paige has been a bouncer and a bartender, and wrestler – all before coming to America…to become a wrestler and a reality TV star. Not bad for someone who once was afraid her folks were fighting for a living. Especially not bad for someone who once wanted to be a zoologist. The animal kingdom’s loss is the WWE universe’s gain. We celebrate that gain with twenty pictures of Tomorrow’s Diva, today.

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19 Paige Begins Her Career in FCW

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Our gallery should begin where Paige began her WWE career - in Florida Championship Wrestling. Debuting in 2011, she started in FCW briefly under her real name, Saraya before being repackaged as Paige. While there, she teamed up with former Tough Enough competitor Ivelisse (as Sofia Cortez) as the Anti–Diva Army. It was clear right from the get–go that the Diva of Tomorrow had little interest in the usually preening, posturing, and undulating that is expected of many Divas. But pictures like these are part in parcel part of the process and Paige has no issues flaunting her assets.

18 Instagram Trademark – Paige in Hotel Rooms

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Firmly entrenched in the Selfie generation, Paige’s Instagram is filled with shots of the Diva with her phone; and when your job always has you on the road, most of your pics happen in hotel rooms across the globe. For the most part, her pictures are like any other 23-year-old’s Instagram. Paige’s account is filled with photos of the Anti–Diva with her coworkers, friends, and pets. But unlike many her age, Paige has some great abs!  WWE superstars and Divas all have to work very hard to look chiseled. Taken from several years ago, the youngest Divas’s champ ever decided to show off her midsection, perhaps her best feature of all.

17 Haunted House Divas

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The WWE decided to put their Divas into a Haunted House and take some shots, because why not. But when you’re pale with dark hair and you look like the wrestling version of Wednesday Addams, it actually does create a striking, haunting image. Taken for Halloween 2014, the usually black-clad Diva was adorned in white, taking a break from looking at herself in the mirror to look at us with a come-hither stare. But slightly scarier is the old horror trope that is a slightly different reflection of herself in the mirror. She’s just the right type of girl that could scare the bejesus out of a lot of horror fans–scream for her indeed.

16 Under–Paige–r

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The Phenom’s epic run began over 25 years ago now. Back in November, the WWE celebrated 25 years of the Undertaker in epic fashion.  To celebrate the career of The Deadman, the WWE website had all kinds of features dedicated to the history of the man, including a Divalicous gallery of the ladies doing their best Undertaker impressions. Already a bit of a Gothic beauty, the Diva of Tomorrow looks right in her element channeling the most dangerous entity of the WWE. Could she become the most dangerous Diva in the WWE?

15 She’s Not a Lemon, She’s a Rosebud

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Before the revolution and before Paige had some assistance against The Bella Army, she was an island unto herself, trying desperately to overthrow Nikki’s title reign and show the world that tomorrow is today for the Diva of Tomorrow and the rest of the division. On the road to the Divas Revolution, she hit a slight snag when, on one Monday night in February 2015, The Bellas snagged the beautiful Brit’s clothes, thinking she’d have to wrestle in her birthday suit. But instead of whining and crying about it, she did what a real WWE Diva would do – she improvised and grabbed a nearby Rosebud’s clothing and sauntered to the ring in colorful candy–colored garb. It was a a surprisingly good fit for the usually Gothic looking diva.

14 Triple Threat Divas

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Now that they have become part of the entertainment culture with Total Divas, Paige and the other WWE women get to gussy themselves up from time to time and be a part of a gala or a fundraiser or some other event where the E! network requires their presence. Here, Paige teams up with fellow divas Natayla and Brie Bella and all three divas look dynamite when dressed to the nines. With Brie and Nattie dressing a little more conservative, albeit form–fitting, the youngest Diva’s champion ever risks being slightly risqué by showing some skin, no doubt leaving some fans wanting to take the plunge.

13 Speaking of Plunging

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The ladies of the selfie generation all seem to enjoy showcasing themselves in the bathroom and Paige is no different. But unlike many girls of her generation, they weren’t in the bathroom on the eve of their WrestleMania debut. Having debuted the day after WrestleMania XXX, she would proclaim the WWE her house and along with AJ Lee, set the Divas division ablaze, and set the stage for the current revolution. Here, the Diva of Tomorrow is wearing what might be the sexiest pantsuit ever crafted. She doesn't show off much, but that's exactly what makes Paige look all the more alluring. She doesn't always need to show off skin to get our attention, her beauty stands on its own.

12 Welcome to Her House  

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For the second–generation Diva, the life of a wrestler comes natural for her – she was even taking bumps in the womb as Sweet Saraya was getting dropped before she knew she was preggers with raven–haired Paige. Growing up in the business meant taking bumps at a very young age, plus British television followed her family around filing a documentary, which undoubtedly got her ready to be on camera for the WWE universe. So naturally, even though she is young, the former two-time Divas champion is as confident as a twenty–year vet sauntering to the ring and declaring to all that this is her house. Here we see her demonstrating that famous bravado of hers. She projects all the confidence you'd expect of a former champion and looks incredible while doing so.

11 Hard Day's Night

In some ways, WWE Divas have it hardest out of any WWE wrestler. They have to be tough and train every day, but have to still be demure and ladylike. If you're Paige, you also juggle the road life with being a young adult, which means every now and again showing off your assets. Here, the Gothic diva shows off how good she looks after a day of working in front of a crowd. But as her own caption shows, the work of a WWE Superstar is never done, if they're not working they're traveling, it they're not traveling they're working.

10 Gothic Beauty

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As leader of the Divas Revolution, Paige has had memorable matches both in NXT, and on the main roster as well. Along with Nattie, Tamina, and Charlotte, she's wrestling royalty, a member of the Knight wrestling family. She's one of the breakout stars of Total Divas and became the Simon Cowell of the wrestling world when she was a judge in Tough Enough. There's no fluke about it, Paige is one of the premier stars of the company right now and in shots like these, she looks like the hottest Wednesday Addams cosplayer ever, while sitting on a throne waiting for our adoration.

9 Alluring Abs


A post shared by Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe) on

Whether Paige or anyone else realizes it or not, pictures like this one are some of the most alluring shots of a women you'll ever see. Even at her young age, the girl knows how to work the camera. It's a tasteful, yet sexy piece of photography. Tomorrow's Diva shows off just enough to tantalize – lips, cleavage, and a flat stomach; but leaves us all wanting more than just some more. But looking like this takes hard work and dedication. In the WWE.com Body Series, Paige has stated that she works out constantly and exercises at least three times a week. She might be a natural beauty, but looking like a Diva takes a lot of work and dedication.

9. Britain's Sexiest Rugby Fan

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For people who like football without pads, perhaps Rugby might be your cup of tea. Speaking of tea, Paige's home country of England hosted last year's Rubgy World Cup - it's like the Soccer World Cup, just without all of the fanfare. Since the WWE finds any excuse to dress their Divas up and take pictures–and no one is complaining about that at all - seeing Paige in this stunning yet trim uniform shouldn't be much of a surprise. The host country might not have won it all, but fans got to see their favorite daughter, decked out in England's uniform; surely leaving many Rubgy hooligans with a desire to tackle...something.

8 Poolside 

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Paige is the kind of Diva that follows in the footsteps of AJ Lee and Hall of Famer Lita. Not only can she go, but she isn't the blond bombshell or conventional brunette like many of her peers. She's the newest alternative Diva and that's more than fine for a lot of fans. Last summer, the WWE website was filled with Divas frolicking about the pool and subsequent pool house. True to form, the pale beauty found ways to stay pale, whether it was wearing a giant black hat to keep the sun away or simply staying put inside, playing it cool and keeping it sexy.

7 She Knows What Boys Like

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Paige is what some might a call a little minx, and why not?  A cheeky, flirtatious, mischievous girl.That's Paige to a T. Throw in some wrestling acumen into that definition and you get the Diva of Tomorrow. Many of her Instagram shots showcase her inside of her hotel rooms relaxing either before or after a hard day at the office. So why not show off and keep the boys wanting a little more; to coin an “Uncle” Jerry Lawler phrase, to show off one of her better assets.

6 Party Life 

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While all superstars have to endure life on the road, some superstars look like rockstars doing it–heck Chris Jericho literally became one. Paige has dated a few of them as well. We’ve seen her on Total Divas and on her own Instagram page that she knows how to party like a rockstar. So why not flaunt it?

5 Dual Champion 

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When Florida Champion Wrestling became NXT, the entire WWE developmental program got an upgrade and the same holds true for the Divas division. Everyone knows that she's the youngest Diva to win the Divas Championship - at one point she even held both the Divas title and the NXT Women's Championship simultaneously. This look is classic Paige. It's her at her very best both professionally and appearance-wise, as she began taking the WWE universe by storm.

4 Paige Takes Brooklyn 

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From the days of Bruno Sammartino to the most recent Network special that emanated from there, WWE has long made New York's Madison Square Garden they're home away from home. While the Garden might be the capital of the WWE Universe, this past year, the company officially decreed Brooklyn is the city's hottest borough when it was announced that Summer Slam would take place at the Barclays Center not only last year, but for the next two years as well. To celebrate, the WWE snapped their Divas all over the borough–Paige led the charge as punk rock as ever, wearing a shirt with New York's favorite sons, the Ramones.

3 Relaxing In The Hotel


A post shared by Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe) on

We've already talked about how many selfies Paige takes in her hotel rooms and we likely could've put together a list of those selfies that would be just as jaw-dropping as this list. However, the best of them all is this one, as the gorgeous Anti-Diva gives off a girl-next-door vibe that has her fans screaming. Do you blame them?

2 Paige and Barbie

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Paige was born Soraya–Jade Bevis. What kind of name is Soraya, you ask? The kind of name that combines Slayer with its front man, Tom Araya. Paige was not only raised to be a total rock and roll Diva (her mom raised her on Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and the aforementioned Slayer), she's also dated a few musicians as well. But here, she takes her inspiration from Mick Foley, posing with every wrestling fans favorite Barbie. The message is clear–Paige is a badass not to be trifled with. Even when she's looking to threaten you, Paige's beauty jut can't be ignored.

1 Gothic Sexy

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There might be Diva strong, but it has nothing on Gothic sexy! For all of the boys and girls that are far more into the alternative than the conventional–here is one of the most beautiful, unconventional beauties looking as gorgeous as any blond bombshell could look. Paige has run roughshod over the Divas division for almost two years now and here she shows that she's as beautiful as she is dangerous in wearing one of the very things that can melt a man’s heart and mind–a tight black miniskirt paired with some fishnet stockings. She proclaims that the WWE is her house, but we know that in actuality, it is her Universe.

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