Top 20 Hottest Alleged Athlete Mistresses Of All Time

You know they say once a cheater, always a cheater. High profile affairs are as much a part of sports now as anything else. You have the usual suspects who like to keep their head in the game, and, in turn, have gained their notorious playboy reputations while their poor wives turn a blind eye. Then you have the wallflowers where most cases are kept quiet, until that one instance when the other half of the good time will come out of the wood work, bringing down the media frenzy wrath.

If you're in the first category, it might not be such a bad thing, right? Groupies scouting you out to the point you don’t even have to look anymore! However, if you fall in the latter category, you better hope you got a good lawyer on speed dial because this could get messy! In some instances, though, it’s not even the athlete who generates all the attention, it’s the alleged mistress at hand. These are classified as professional queens of seduction that are enchanting enough to bring even the biggest names to their knees.

Here are the Top 20 Hottest Alleged Athlete Mistresses Of All Time.

20 Mindy McCready - Roger Clemens

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Here's a whirlwind affair that proves that age is simply just a number. Mindy McCready and the MLB pitcher met when she was just 15 years old while he was 28 years old and married with two kids at the time. The two met at a Florida karaoke bar where McCready was an aspiring singer. Although he went back to his hotel room with the youngster, nothing ever happened of the two until she moved to Nashville to pursue her country singing dreams a little later in life.

News broke of the relationship in 2008 by the New York Daily News where Clemens stated; “I have made mistakes in my personal life for which I am sorry”, and confirmed his wife was aware of what was going on. McCready has since appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and has been arrested for things such as using a fake prescription to buy OxyContin. I guess it doesn’t always work out for everyone.

19 Vanessa Perroncel - John Terry

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This one got messy, as a complicated soccer love triangle formed between two friends and a French model in the middle. Vanessa Perroncel is routinely described as the “glamorous lingerie model” that stole the heart of England defender, Wayne Bridge. The two were having a hard time and with their relationship on the rocks, a teammate of Bridge’s, John Terry, swooped in. That turned into a passionate four-month affair. Terry lived with his wife next door to the pair when things started and he made the first moves.

She did not exactly fight him off or try to stop the situation and became labeled a man-eater who used the team rosters to track down potential ‘victims’ herself. Terry allegedly tried to pay his mistress Miss Perroncel to keep quiet, and well, if she had we wouldn’t be here now, would we?

18 Sonia Wild - Ashley Cole

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Sonia Wild kicks off the list as our first topless model mistress. The then 28-year-old became the center of attention when explicit photos of soccer star Ashley Cole were sent to her off his phone- despite his claim they were sent by someone else. Here was his explanation on the incident: "Someone has used it to pretend to be me,' said Cole. 'I would laugh if my foot didn't hurt so much."

He conjured up an elaborate story to cover his tracks while his wife stood by him, despite the fact she revealed he had called her quite a few times and continually tried to meet up with her. In a testimony, she reveals he became obsessed with her and her “fantastic body”. Nothing much came of the duo however as he insisted on meeting up, but Wild was sticking to her ‘successful career as a model’.

17 Traci Lynn Johnson - Tiki Barber

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Traci Lynn Johnson was 23 years old when she worked as an NBC intern, and at 30 Rock on the side when she met NFL star Tiki Barber. They were photographed a few times sitting beside each other at events before people started to put the puzzle pieces together. After a two-year affair Barber dumped the divorce bombshell on his eight-month pregnant wife, who was expecting twins by the way, for the young blonde Johnson, proposing to her a year later. The two are still married to this day, and have even had a daughter of their own.

Johnson reportedly shows little remorse in interviews with regards to the topic and added more fuel to the fire by posing topless after the news broke. Her take on the haters was simply, “ they just hate their life more, so it’s easy for them to hate me”. Well then…

16 Dominica Westling - Shaquille O’ Neal

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Shaquille O’Neal is a few time affair offender known for his fair share of mistresses and claims to have slept with over 20,000 different women. If you're trying to keep track, Dominica Westling would technically count as his third mistress… well, that we know about at least. Westling is a tall, blonde, Swedish-born and bred, blue eyed model and of course, aspiring actress, because who isn’t? She came to the United States and landed the job of Melissa Rivers' nanny, routinely appearing as herself on the family’s reality series, “Joan and Melissa”. For around 18 months while Shaq was still married to Shaunie, the two exchanged some x rated steamy emails before the contents were ‘accidentally’ leaked.

Shaq was known to treat his mistresses very well. One source told Radar: “He would often deposit money directly into their bank accounts. A lot of the girls were struggling actresses and models and when you’re in that situation and you are worrying about paying your bills a $10,000 donation from Shaq can go a long way.”

15 Jamie Jungers - Tiger Woods

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Another few time offender to the mistress list, however in this case we use the term ‘a few’ loosely as the numbers hit double digits with Mr. Woods when his multiple mistresses all decided to step out and air the dirty secrets. Jamie Jungers was a Las Vegas lingerie model and a stripper that came out in 2009 with details of the affair after Woods refused to financially aid her during the time they were together. They met when she was 21 years old working at a Vegas nightclub where the night ended in hanging out and drinking.

The bottle blonde stated she had given Woods “her luscious body and love”, while the return was a broken heart. Sorry Jamie, you weren’t the only one!

Many of Woods' mistresses eventually came forward when the you know what hit the fan and weren't shy in recalling all the details of their time with the world's greatest golfer.

14 Jaimee Grubbs - Tiger Woods

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I guess Tiger has a thing for the name. Jamiee Grubbs was a Los Angeles cocktail waitress at the time she stepped out and claimed she and Woods carried out a 31-month affair- with photos for proof. She was 21 years old the first time they hooked up and insisted the relationship was more than just physical…sound familiar? She was the second mistress of his to be publicly named and stripped down a few years later for a Maxim spread. Their text messages were publicly released, and then a panicked Tiger proceeded to leave a voice mail on the 24-year-old blonde's phone alluding to the fact his wife knew about their relationship. Hate to break it to you, Tiger, she wasn’t the only one who knew!

It always seems that one person comes forward in an affair, droves of mistresses will come forward. Perhaps it's because they share a common bond.

13 Rebecca Loos - David Beckham

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Rebecca Loos is a Spanish-born glamour model and personality in the media who gained attention for her looks, but most importantly attention for the claim of the affair she conducted with clean cut soccer star David Beckham. She has appeared on several reality shows on television, magazine covers, and more. Loos served as a personal assistant to the family at the time of the alleged affair and even referred to herself as his ‘second wife’.

David publicly stated that nothing ever happened and he was happily married (to which wife?) to fashion mogul and ex-spice girl Victoria Beckham, while Loos shared that she was “quite young and foolish and very reckless, and obviously I didn’t think things through, I just acted on impulse”.

Today, Loos now works as a medical assistant. She's said she regrets how she went about in claiming to have had an affair with Becks.

12 Vanessa Lopez - Shaquille O’Neal

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Vanessa Lopez is an Orlando model that was a bit of an NBA groupie when she met good ol’ Shaq and crept into place as a five-year mistress. She had previously been linked to names such as Delonte West and J.J. Redick before settling down with O’Neal. The affair did not end well however as she filed suit against the 7-foot-1 basketball star after she claimed was being followed by his “henchmen” and two sisters who started to threaten and harass her following the breakup and possibility she was pregnant.

The lawsuit never went anywhere or gained momentum and Shaq filed a restraining order against her in 2013, causing her lawyer Gloria Allred to quit as she believed the beautiful Lopez was actually involved in fraudulent or criminal behavior.

The judge in the case deemed Lopez to be a pathological liar, saying: "[Lopez] lied often. She lied about facts important to the defense, and she demonstrated an utter disrespect for the system of justice."

11 Rachel Uchitel - Tiger Woods

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Are you really surprised that a Woods mistress lands on this list again? Rachel Uchitel has to be one of the most infamous of all the mistresses involved with Woods due to her looks. She is an American nightclub manager, hostess, and TV correspondent. She first gained publicity when a photo from the New York Post was circulated worldwide of her holding a photo of her fiancé who worked in the World Trade Center following the 9/11 attacks. Then she came back into the limelight many years later and for a very different reason.

In 2009 it was reported that Uchitel had an affair with Woods at the Australian Masters and was photographed checking into his hotel while in Australia. Rumor has it she got a hefty cash settlement though to not follow through with a press conference when asked to address the rumors as she was ‘humiliated and devastated’ when they broke up.

10 Carla DiBello - Kobe Bryant

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Carla DiBello is a successful television and film based producer who is best known for being BFF with the Kardashian clan, tagging along on the lavish get aways, and she acted as producer on the show. She came under fire a few years back as according to reports she was the straw that broke the camel's back in Kobe Bryant’s failing marriage as she was one of this alleged mistresses.

The two had been on “friendly terms” for two years before a few alleged mistresses came out and his wife Vanessa promptly pushed along the divorce papers. DiBello was also director of strategic relations for SBE groups, who own multiple high profile Hollywood hotels, and acted as Steve Wynn’s assistant as his hotel in Las Vegas.

Kobe's marriage looked like it was over, but he and Vanessa eventually patched things up in 2013. Vanessa sure has stuck with Kobe through a lot of shenanigans.

9 Deanna Merryman - Jeff Gordon

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Deanna Merryman is an actress, glamour model, and fitness model. She was a part of Playboy’s Great Lingerie Model Search back in 1997 and was a model for Hawaiian Tropic. She not only has graced magazine covers put appeared as a role on 90s classic Baywatch. Merryman started a relationship with married car racing driver Jeff Gordon when they first met as she was employed in a mall advising customers on cosmetics.

They did not start seeing each other for a year then started an 11 month affair in which he whisked her away to the Caribbean for New Years. To say the situation caused difficulty with his wife would be an understatement as she divorced him when she found out about Merryman.

Merryman was eventually featured in a 2003 edition of Playboy where she went into detail on her relationship with Gordon. She shared what Gordon told her during their relationship, saying: "He got married when he was 23 and has been on the racetrack since he was a kid. He used to tell me all the time he never had a chance to have fun."

8 Michelle Money - Carlos Boozer

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Michelle Money’s claim to fame not only came from the fact she was a contestant on The Bachelor, but that she admitted to being the mistress of NBA star Carlos Boozer. She told the magazine Life & Style during a Bachelor interview that she had been involved with Boozer before his split from his wife. She was the single mother to a 5-year-old daughter when she established herself as one of the most controversial contestants the show had seen. She said Boozer had led her to believe they were already separated when the affair started in which she admits, “I should never have been so naïve to assume what I was told was true”.

Money has since garnered a few acting credits since her affair with Boozer ended. Sometimes there isn't ill intent from the so-called "mistress" and this appears to be one of those cases.

7 Sundy Carter - Larry Hughes

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Sundy Carter is a Basketball Wives: L.A. personality who originally started her time on the screen as an actress. She majored in drama at Temple University attending the prestigious Freedom Theater. Sundy was seriously dating and involved with NBA player Larry Hughes while he was married, eventually giving birth to a daughter. She reportedly had no idea he was married with four children at the time, or living with his family for that matter.

Hughes initially denied the little girl but after Carter sought and forced a paternity test, well he couldn’t Jerry Springer his way out of that one. His wife refuses to believe the tests are true and denies the obvious resemblances between the father and daughter.

It's a shame when an innocent kid has to be at the center of such an affair.

6 Amelia Vega - Al Horford

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Amelia Vega hails from the Dominican Republic and is a renowned actress, singer, model, and of course beauty queen. She was the first Dominican woman to be named Miss Universe in 2003 and was just 18 years old at the time. Al Horford is a NBA player who led his team, the Atlanta Hawks, to the Eastern Conference finals in 2015. Back in 2011 he married the young Vega after two years as having an affair as lovers, starting their relationship when the two were both engaged to other people, with Horford actually in the midst of planning a wedding. Now he has the claim that almost all guys wish they had, to be able to say they are married to Miss Universe!

Horford and Vega are now married today with a daughter. At least their affair wasn't just some meaningless fling, right?

5 Kimberly Bell - Barry Bonds

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Kimberly Bell is a brunette bombshell that met home run king Barry Bonds in the summer of 1994 in the parking lot of the San Francisco Giants stadium. The affair started when she was 24 years old and for the next nine years, Bell was his mistress/ girlfriend through two marriages. In 2011 Bell took the witness stand in court to give a testimony against Bonds in regards to his alleged use of steroids. She gave a detailed description on changes she noticed in him and his body during the time they were together and credited it to his using of steroids. "He was increasingly aggressive, irritable, agitated and very impatient," said Bell, who also testified that Bonds once threatened to behead her.

Bell admits to the relationship benefiting her financially, of course on top of her Playboy appearances.

Her testimony proved to be of vital importance in the trial against Bonds.

4 Gabrielle Union - Dwyane Wade

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Gabrielle Union is a well-known actress who has appeared on both the television and movie screens. Two years ago she got married to basketball star Dwyane Wade, who has admitted to cheating both with and on Union. Union was Wade’s mistress while he was married to his first wife Siohvaughn Wade, with whom he has two kids. A ‘WCW’ (woman crush Wednesday) post cryptically suggested he had again, cheated, except on Union, with the post “My #WCW my #beautifulblackqueen…My life mistakes gave me you and my life mistakes almost made me lose you”.

A suggestion Wade, I would slow down with the life mistakes unless you want another wife.

Wade and Union signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage which is probably a wise move, given that Wade has an NBA fortune and Union has a Hollywood fortune. With Wade's wandering eye, you wonder if this marriage will last in the long run.

3 Vanessa Curry - Kobe Bryant

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Vanessa Curry is a model, dancer, and singer based in California. Curry was known best as her stint as a Laker girl in the 2007-08 basketball season, was a member of The Pussycat Dolls, and appeared on Dancing with the Stars. She was only 18 years old around the time that she and Bryant began an alleged affair, and it was probably the last thing Bryant needed as he was dealing with the disastrous sexual assault scandal.

The whole thing really makes you think if he ever got his Vanessas mixed up. Anyway, she only lasted that season with the organization as the team got rid of her, or should I say she left to pursue her “hosting career”. Whatever happened was great for this mistress as she later popped up at the newest member of The Pussycat Dolls.

It was probably in the best interest of both parties to terminate that relationship.

2 Lauren London - Dwyane Wade

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Lauren London is an actress, model, and television personality. She kicked off her career in music videos and then transferred into television shows. She has been on shows such as 90210 and Entourage and had a re-occurring role in The Game. In September of 2009, she mothered a child with rapper Lil Wayne, who stayed by her side through the whole pregnancy despite the fact the relationship didn’t work out. Fast forward a few years and you’ve got Shaquille O’Neal letting it slip that Wade was cheating on girlfriend Gabrielle Union with London. He spilled the beans in an email exchange between he and Newsweek writer Allison Samuels. Shaq's email read:

"Loren is d wade’s girl im not wrong sesslie aint my type u r "

So to make it clear, Wade cheated on his first wife with Union, then cheated on Union with London, then somehow still married Union.

1 Jessica Burciaga - Kobe Bryant

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Finally, at number one we have Jessica Burciaga. She’s a California model who bears a crazy resemblance to Jennifer Lopez, in every way. Her vast Instagram following gains her plenty of likes on each picture she posts, and to tip it over the edge she has been Playboy’s ‘Playmate of the Month’, while working as a Playboy Bunny and blackjack dealer in Las Vegas. Burciaga denied that she was the other woman that was responsible for the separation of he and his wife, even though Vanessa was furious he had taken her on as a mistress.

Numerous news outlets reported the affair and when asked about it on the streets Burciaga played rather coy and shook her finger saying playfully “no, not I !”.

As has constantly been the case with Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, even this affair didn't end in their divorce, as they eventually reconciled.

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