Top 20 Hottest Athletes to Follow on Instagram

Social media is not only a useful implement for communication and time wasting, it is also one of the most important developments of the last couple of decades. It's hard to actually determine what was the original start of this phenomenon but it may well have been simple internet forums that started the movement, if it can be called such.

MySpace popped up in the early 2000's and was followed by Facebook in the middle of the decade. Facebook enabled people to accurately keep tabs on people, while it had been more difficult to do so with MySpace. Online creeping became simple and almost the norm with the advent of Facebook. Twitter came along a couple of years after Facebook and of course, Twitter allowed any number of anonymous, self-important jack-wagons (myself included) to voice irrelevant and irreverent opinions to a potentially unlimited audience.

Instagram is the same thing, but with pictures. Sadly, much like the vast majority of Facebook statuses and Tweets, most pictures on Instagram are the product of semi-literate teens snapping shots of whatever barely worthwhile nonsense went on during their unremarkable day. Fortunately however, plenty of gorgeous, fit, and generally wonderful looking athletes are active Instagram participants and that makes all the difference. Here are twenty of the hottest sporty babes on Instagram.

If we missed anyone, let us know, but we probably won't see your comment, we'll be busy checking out pictures of these 20 hotties.

20 Julia Mancuso

19 Lindsey Vonn

Tiger Woods' girlfriend is another skier who is as active on Instagram as she is on the slopes. Also 30 years old and one of the countries greatest skiers, she recently returned to active competition after sustaining a serious knee injury. On her Instagram, one can obviously find skiing related shots but also everything else she does, from cycling to hanging out with her dog. Not too many pictures of Tiger is a bonus.

18 Stephanie Rice

17 Sydney Leroux

Focused in my @nikewomen Legendary Lava Tight. #BeBold

A post shared by Sydney Leroux Dwyer (@sydneyleroux) on

One of the finest (that word can be used to mean two things) soccer players in the United States is an Instagram-er that should be on everyone's "to follow" list. A staple of the United States' national soccer teams for seven years now, the Canadian-born striker currently plays professionally for the Seattle Reign. If you missed her appearance in ESPN's 2013 Body Issue, you can see much of the same stuff on her Instagram page.

16 Alex Morgan

Fun and Loud new tights from @nikewomen that I'm obsessed with!

A post shared by Alex Morgan (@alexmorgan13) on

15 Michelle Jenneke

@lonsdaleau #lonsdaleLFX

A post shared by Michelle Jenneke (@mjenneke93) on

14 Miesha Tate

Good morning everyone! Dream big today!!

A post shared by Miesha Tate (@mieshatate) on

13 Meghan Hardin

12 Victoria Azarenka

11 Paula Creamer

New Zealand ❤️ #Coromandel #honeymoon #MrsHeath

A post shared by Paula Creamer (@paulacreamer1) on

And the award for "best last name on the list" goes to, you guessed it, Paula Creamer!

For those of you still reading, thanks for tolerating the horrible joke. Time for another golfer, dear readers. Paula Creamer, who has been competing since 2004, has 10 wins on the LPGA Tour. She got married last year, and while there may be a picture or two of her and a husband on there, steer clear of those and all you'll see is a foxy golfing babe.

10 Blair O'Neal

No list of beautiful athletes can be complete without a few golfers, and Blair O'Neal is the epitome of a beautiful golfer-turned-model. She's been golfing for quite a while but has yet to make it onto the full LPGA, having spent much of her time on the Symetra Tour, the LPGA's developmental tour. Much of her success has come from modelling, and if you don't believe us, check out her Instagram page!

9 Gracie Gold

Any list about beautiful athletes requires at least one figure skater. Gracie Gold is our first. You might remember her from the 2014 Olympics when she won a bronze medal. She was also the US national champ for that same year. On her Instagram, you can find mostly figure skating related shots but plenty more to keep you entertained. While the dancing thing and terrible music choices may not please everyone, a total doll like Gracie Gold is an example of why figure skating is great, even if you hate the sporting aspect of it.

8 Anna Rawson

LOVE day reading

A post shared by Anna Rawson (@annarawson) on

7 Tiffany Suarez

The 5'11 guard for the Virginia Cavaliers women's basketball team is our only basketball player on the list. Suarez is a gorgeous blond from Miami who is currently in her junior year. Along with the usual sport related shots and a few pics from select dinners, Suarez uses her Instagram to post plenty of motivational and inspirational pictures. Did we mention she's absolutely stunning? That's important too.

6 Ronda Rousey

The UFC's Bantamweight Women's champion, Ronda Rousey is also a champion when it comes to Instagram. While she is no stranger to having her picture taken, especially with regard to her pics in the ESPN Body Issue, her Instagram is very much like her own mindset: training-based. We can't say a bad thing about Rowdy Ronda's Instagram, first because the pictures are awesome, but also because we like our arms unbroken.

5 Angela Rypien

4 McKayla Maroney

3 Alana Blanchard

Playing with my @gopro this morning.

A post shared by Alana Blanchard (@alanarblanchard) on

2 Kaylyn Kyle

Oh Canada indeed. Canadian women's national team midfielder Kaylyn Kyle is our number two and it is well-earned. Born in Saskatchewan, Canada (a flat expanse of fields, roughly equivalent to Canada's Nebraska) she has been playing professionally since 2006, and recently joined the Portland Thorns FC. Her Instagram page has some soccer content but really focuses on the fact that she is gorgeous and has a keen interest in fashion.

1 Anastasia Ashley

Thanks for my new black beauty @infinity_surf #allblackeverything

A post shared by Anastasia Ashley (@anastasiaashley) on

For those of you who, after seeing Alana Blanchard on the list, needed to see another surfer, you're in luck and you're welcome. The number one female athlete to follow on Instagram is the gorgeous Californian; Anastasia Ashley. There isn't much too unusual on her page; she spends time at the beach, likes to pose next to boards, and sometimes puts on dresses and has pictures taken. She's another perfect "ten" and if you're into stunning women who regularly pose in bikinis, ride waves and post related pictures online, she should be next on your list.

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Top 20 Hottest Athletes to Follow on Instagram