Top 20 Hottest Athletes Who Are Blessed In The Chest

There are some great things about breasts. The first two are pretty simple, if you're a female and have a child, they are for feeding. If you're a straight male, they are for other things that should

There are some great things about breasts. The first two are pretty simple, if you're a female and have a child, they are for feeding. If you're a straight male, they are for other things that should not be mentioned in polite company. Sweater-meat also has some lesser-known uses. Large breasts can be used as a shelf, if one sits back at a correct angle.

One thing that a woman's chest does not necessarily help with, however, is athletic endeavors. While I'm no woman, I have it under good advisement that running (which causes bouncing) can be painful and that breasts can really get in the way of a proper golf swing. Given that they are a naturally sensitive area of the body, one can also imagine that taking a puck, ball or punch (MMA or boxing) could be unpleasant.

With all this said though, when a woman is playing a sport, most men who are watching are wondering what she looks like with less/nothing on. It's sad, but let's all admit it, we're born addicted. Female athletes are fit, sexy, and highly motivated, but few actually have large ta-tas. Every so often though, one of the sexy ladies of sport comes equipped with a world-class chest. With all shapes and sizes being considered, here are twenty of the sexiest female athletes who are "blessed in the chest."

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20 Jennifer Barretta 


In the past, I'd never have said that billiard games could be classified as sports. I'd have said the same thing about poker and auto racing, but here we are and all three are on ESPN. Has it changed my life? No. But increased coverage of billiards has brought some new hotties to light. One of them is the lovely Jennifer Barretta, who is a lovely mix of fit body, gorgeous face, and a pair of sweater-puppies that make us think of other things when we hear the phrase "rack "em up."

19 Ashley Massaro


While she is technically retired from WWE, Ashley Massaro is still active in the world of wrestling on independent promotions. She was one of the most popular bad girls of her era and many fans got to see just how great her chest was when she posed for Playboy back in 2007. It's pretty obvious that she's had some modification done, but we really don't mind at all, as she's still one of the hottest women ever to work in the business.

18 Natalie Gulbis

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One of the original hotties of women's golf, Californian Natalie Gulbis is one stunning babe we'd love to play 18 holes with. That can be a euphemism if you like, but we mean that golf is a nice way to spend an afternoon, and she seems like good company. We weren't being dirty.

But back to the issue at hand, despite not tearing up the LPGA (one LGPA win in her career) she has become renowned for her beauty. Over a decade ago, a calendar featuring pictures of her was banned from being sold at tournaments. What can we say, golf is still run by dinosaurs.

17 Holly Sonders


Football fans may recognize this name from NFL coverage, but stunning brunette sideline reporter Holly Sonders played on the Michigan State golf team while in college and worked hosting shows in the Golf Channel before entering the world of football. Unless you're totally repulsed by beautiful women with brown hair, blue eyes and an awesome chest, there really isn't anything negative we can say about her.

16 Mia St. John


One of the all-time greats and fan favorites of boxing is Mia St. John. She's also the oldest of the ladies on our list, which is deserving of respect. She's 48 at the time of writing and has held three boxing world championships in her competitive career. It would be disrespectful to say she looks good for her age because this stunning lady makes plenty of reasonably attractive women half her age look terrible. Maybe beating people up is the secret to everlasting youth...

15 LaTasha Marzolla


For the life of me, I have no idea what happened to LaTasha Marzolla after her first three amateur MMA fights in Tuff-N-Uff (a promotion based in Las Vegas), in which she went 2-1. Prior to a brief fighting career, she was a Playboy model, hence the obviously fake breasts. I won't post a link here because I imagine the internet fun police would hunt me down like a wild beast, but there just might be pictures of her wearing much less than this elsewhere on the internet. Finish reading this article, then feel free to look those up.

14 Alicia Sacramone


Remember Brady Quinn? That first round pick in the 2007 NFL draft who turned out to be a hilarious bust? Well, stop laughing because he's married to an Olympian and multiple world champion gymnast. Basically, his football career didn't take off, but he managed to trick a very flexible woman into marriage.

Alicia Sacramone won silver in Beijing and multiple world championship golds throughout her career. As gymnasts go, she's got one hell of a body.

13 Miesha Tate


The current UFC Women's Bantamweight champion is our lucky number thirteen. This isn't news to anyone who loves MMA, but Cupcake is an easy top five in terms of best bodies in the sport. Paige VanZant is up there, and Ronda Rousey can still turn heads, but for a great body, look no further than the champ. She may get more attention for her practically perfect posterior, but nobody should ignore the front of Miesha.

12 Clair Bidez


Much like a few others on this list, like Mia St. John and Alicia Sacramone, snowboarder Clair Bidez' chest may not be the biggest, but is still...just fantastic. She may have missed the cut for the 2010 Olympics, but she got plenty of attention for how good she looks, with a great "cute face and tight body" combination. After her competitive career, she went back to school for environmental science, so if you ever try to pick her up, be warned: you might have to hear about climate change.

11 Tamira Paszek


One can imagine that tennis players would be less than likely to enjoy having bountiful chests while playing, given the amount of stopping and starting and bouncing that must result (I have it under good authority that constant bouncing can get painful). But alas, here we are and Austrian Tamira Paszek has managed to make a solid career in tennis with three WTA titles in a little over ten years as a pro.

10 Bianca Cruz


So I'll admit that this is a bit outdated and that there isn't a whole lot of information regarding what Bianca Cruz is doing these days. A Twitter account indicates that she's now married and has a couple of kids. Back in the late 2000s however, she was a softball player for Arizona State and got some love from Maxim as a "hometown hottie." Blessed in the chest is an understatement; this goddess is (was?) blessed everywhere, from head to toe.

9 Vojislava Lukic


This Serbian tennis player never achieved much on the court. Now 29, she turned pro back in 2004 and won a few titles, but nothing major, and was never able to rank in the top 200 worldwide. She retired twice and most recently came back to the sport in 2014. She participated in a few tournaments in 2015, winning one.

What she's most known for among male fans is her body, having appeared in Serbian FHM.

8 Mackenzie Dern

23 year old Mackenzie Dern from Arizona is one of the most respected Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the world. With two black belt parents and having practiced martial arts since she was a child, it is no wonder that she has been winning championships all her life. She has a great body, but don't try to cop a feel though, as she can probably rip your arm off then feed it to you.

We'll likely see an MMA debut for Dern in the summer, as she signed a contract with Legacy FC a couple of months ago.

7 Victoria Vanucci


Another former tennis player, Victoria Vanucci's career wasn't even short and sweet, it was just short. She basically turned pro, only to suffer a nasty injury to her shoulder which ended her competitive career. Thankfully for her and all males, she was spotted by some righteous dude who noticed she had talent off the court. This stunning babe has become a successful model now and has posed for Playboy.

6 Nikki Bella

"Blessed in the chest" may and indeed does include those who use their money to attain said blessings. If you ever need to explain the difference between the WWE's Bella twins to someone, "Nikki is the one popping out of her top" is all the explanation necessary. She's dating John Cena and he's a lucky guy to say the least.

5 Simona Halep

Romanian tennis star Simona Halep, who is the current number six in worldwide rankings (reached number two a couple of years ago) is our number five. While a few members of this list went for implants, she got breast reduction surgery, to which she attributes some of her success. She went from a 36DD to 34C which isn't a massive move, but enough to make her far more comfortble and effective on the court.

4 Eva Marie

The last of our current WWE divas, Eva Marie has been with WWE since 2013. She's had implants during that time and back in 2015, one of her fake tata's broke during the show Total Divas, and had to be surgically replaced. Nonetheless, Eva Marie is one of the hottest members of the WWE cast right now and has a great overall body that includes the chest.

3 Anna Semenovich


While this stunning Russian has been retired from ice dancing for a long time now, she has awesome chest that we couldn't not include here. Anyone who doesn't like these retired athletes being on this list is probably a North Korean agent.

But I digress, Anna Semenovich competed in the mid and late 1990s and had some success; mostly winning and placing high in European tournaments. Since her retirement things have been going well for her, as she has launched a singing and acting career.

2 Gina Carano

Before there was Ronda "Viking woman kicked me in the face" Rousey, there was Gina Carano. She was the original big name star in women's MMA. She went 7-0 before being ripped to shreds by Cristiane Justino back in 2009. She has not fought since but still has an existing contract with UFC (her pre-existing Strikeforce contract), but has moved on to movies, most recently playing Angel Dust in Deadpool. She is undeniably one of the best female fighters MMA has ever seen.

1 Brye Anne Russillo

Unless you are a die-hard mixed martial arts fan with way too much time on your hands, you have probably not heard of Brye Anne Russillo. She's an amateur fighter from New York. She is one and one thus far in her career and has F size breasts. She has said that her chest has not stood in the way of her fighting, but has admitted that the extra 12 lbs makes it harder for her to make weight for fights.

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Top 20 Hottest Athletes Who Are Blessed In The Chest