Top 20 Hottest European Female Athletes

Sports fans occasionally do take the time to admire the athletes of the opposite sex in the sports they love. I mean for a lot of men, perhaps not. It isn’t often that my buddies and I will pick up a 24-pack and on a Sunday afternoon to watch some good old WNBA. Let’s face it, the sports played by female athletes are often less exciting from an entertainment aspect, even though they are amazing athletes and they are exciting to watch, I’m just referring to comparing the two.

But then, you see this one girl. Man she has it all. The looks, the skills, the attitude, and its instant love. We are exposed to beautiful American female athletes, but what about our cousins to the east, in Europe, who boast some of the most beautiful women in the world? The female athletes in Europe aren’t only skilled in their athletics, but very beautiful as well. It gives a whole different aspect to the game, and you become obsessed when this one girl comes on screen, and before you know it you’re not watching the Pats game anymore, but you’re watching Ice Skating on a Sunday afternoon. That’s what a beautiful female athlete can do to a sports fan. So we compiled a list of the top 20 hottest female European athletes. Some names you’ll recognize, some you won’t; but you’ll enjoy it all the same.

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20 Anni Friesinger-Postma

via bleacherreport.net

This speed-skater is sexy, in a weird, German kind of way. Although she retired in 2010 because of damage in her right knee joint, her success as an athlete and also her hotness – which don’t forget is what this article is all about - means she gets to squeak onto this list. She has five medals at the Olympics through four events, three gold medals and two bronze. She also has an incredible display of other medals won from tournaments around the world, as well as being three-time World AllRound Champion.

19 Simona Halep

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Simona Halep is a tennis player currently ranked fifth in the world, an impressive feat for someone who only broke into the top 50 in 2012. She’s reached the Grand Slam Finals a few times as well. At the French Open in 2015, she lost in three sets to Maria Sharapova, and then she lost in straight sets to Serena Williams in the WTA Finals. Still only 24 years old, the future is very bright for Halep from Constanta, Romania. I would personally say Simona cracks into this list based on cuteness, but she also has a great upper body (for risk of offending anyone).

18 Minea Blomqvist

via ramilaappalainen.com

30-year old Milea Blomqvist is a Finnish professional golfer who plays mostly in the LPGA tour but also plays in the Ladies European Tour. If you had one chance to guess where Minea’s from, you’d probably guess the Baltic countries. Her perfectly blond hair, porcelain skin and cute demeanour make her on the sexiest European athletes at the moment. She became the first Finn to win at the Finnair Masters, and her best finish at the LPGA tour was third place at the Safe International.

17 Lesia Tsurenko

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We now move to Ukraine, home of professional tennis player Lesia Tsurenko. The 26-year old isn’t really the biggest name in European tennis, but one can argue as to where she ranks in terms of raw hotness. However, on the tennis pitch, the Ukrainian is currently ranked 35th, two spots shy of her personal best of 33rd. She came into the public eye in 2013 at the WTA Premier Brisbane International Tournament, replacing a sick Maria Sharapova.

16 Natalie Gulbis

via Sports Illustrated

If one thing is certain, it’s that Natalie Gulbis is a serious golfer. She played in LPGA tour at the age of 14. At the time she was considered the best golfer in her school which consisted mostly of boys. The Latvian golfer has been a decent performer throughout her career and has looked damn good doing it. She’s stunning to look at, boasting beautiful blond hair and Eastern European features from her Latvian descent. She also technically posed naked for Sports Illustrated, where she wore nothing but a painted on bikini, a nice little treat for her biggest fans.

15 Marta Menegatti

via mikasasports.com

Bear with me folks, but doesn’t Marta Menegatti, the Italian beach volleyball player, kind of look like the Italian who speaks no English in an American romantic comedy, where the English character falls in love with her for her sheer beauty despite the fact that they can’t speak a word in each other’s language? Point being that she is in all definitions of the word babe, and the fact that she plays volleyball makes her all the more attractive. She represented Italy in beach volleyball in the 2012 London Summer Olympics, finishing fifth overall. At just 25 years old, Marta still has a long career ahead of her, and we can expect to see her in Rio in 2016 for the Olympics once again.

14 Maria Kirilenko

via Sports Illustrated

Maria Kirilenko is the first of three beautiful Russian tennis players to crack into this list. Like those who will follow her, Maria is beautiful, blond, and very good at tennis. She turned pro at 21, and has had an impressive career so far, reaching the number 10 rank in 2013, her highest yet. She also won Bronze in the 2012 Olympic games for the doubles tournament, and has not yet won a Grand Slam, her best finish being the Quarters three times in her career. Like any hot female athlete, she did a shoot with Sports Illustrated that is an absolute must see. She also came on to the public scene for reasons other than success in Tennis, like in 2011 when she was engaged to NHL star Alex Ovechkin.

13 Biljana Golic

via pinterest.com

From tennis to table tennis, we now move on to Serbia to meet Biljana Golic, a Serbian professional table tennis player. Despite the fact that table tennis doesn’t usually shine fame on many of their players, there’s a reason Golic is considered the “Anna Kourinkova” of table tennis. She appeared in ESPN’s original body issue in 2005 and was also considered one of the “Sexiest Women in Sports” by ESPN. To top it off, she’s even appeared in a few Hollywood produced films, including Balls of Fury, a movie involving table tennis of course. She’s done a good job promoting herself past the walls of table tennis, and the world has leaned that apparently very beautiful women play table tennis in Serbia.

12 Kiira Korpi

via alux.com

We now go back to the Baltics to admire Kiira Korpi, a Finnish figure skater who is also a three-time European medalist and five-time Finnish national champion before hanging up her skates and retiring in 2015 at the age of 26. My personal opinion is that she can probably become a very good model. There’s a reason her nickname back home was Jääprinsessa, which in English means Ice Princess, due to a striking resemblance to Grace Kelly, the former Princess of Monaco. To top it off, Barry Mittan, a writer for GoldenSkate.com, went on to say that she was "widely regarded as the most beautiful woman in figure skating.”

11 Rita Dravucz

via womenpowe.blogspot.com

Moving on to water polo in Hungary in Central Europe, we meet Rita Dravucz. The tall and slender Hungarian water polo player is very nice on the eyes, has an especially nice figure, and will make you want to play some water polo in the near future. She represented her country at three straight summer Olympic Games, in Athens, Beijing, and London. She was also most impressively part of the team that claimed the title at the 2001 Women's European Water Polo Championship in Budapest, Hungary. Today, she plays her water polo for Italian top division side Pro Recco.

10 Silje Norendal

via cosmopolitan.com

We now bring this party overseas to Norway, to admire the beauty of Norwegian snowboarder Silje Norendal. The 22-year old competes in halfpipe, slopestyles, and bordercross, and won gold at the 2013 Winter X Games in Tignes for Women’s Slopestyle. As far as athletes go, it’s hard to imagine many women being sexier than Norendal. She also has winning women’s slopestyle at the Winter X games in 2014 in Colorado to add to her resume, as well as finishing fourth in the slopestyle semi-final in the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. On a side note, I think she rocks the best smile on any female athlete I’ve ever seen.

9 Claudia Fischer

via america.pink

Did you know that one of the most beautiful European female athletes actually plays curling professionally? To be honest I didn’t even know curling was played in Europe, but you learn something every day. Introducing Claudia Fischer, originally named Claudia Toth, an Austrian professional curling player that was the teams captain from 2004-2007. She also played in four European Championships in those years, leading her team as captain all four times.

That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t really do justice to her level of hotness. She once turned down an offer to pose for the German equivalent of Playboy magazine, and in 2005 she posed nude in a calendar to promote women’s curling. Ah, the things we do for the sports we love.

8 Josefine Oqvist

via sportswoman.info

Josefine Oqvist is a now retired footballer from Sweden, who played her soccer for the Swedish International side and also for club side Montpellier of the French Division 1 Feminine side. Oqvist had a very successful career, named rookie of the year in 2003, and played in a few World Cups representing Sweden in the midfield position. She scored 20 goals in 80 appearances for Sweden internationally. Oqvist was also made slightly more famous for a bikini shoot in 2004 for the magazine Slitz, and for swapping shirts with a male fan at the 2011 World Cup. Don’t stress readers, she was wearing a sports bra. But the bikini shoot is definitely something to look for.

7 Elisa Di Francisca

via cronachemaceratesi.com

We now dance our way into the land of pizzas, romance, and beautiful women, and Elisa Di Francesca is no exception. The Italian foil fencer is not only stunning, but a champion as well, taking home gold in the 2012 Olympics. She also has seven World Cup victories to her name and is at three-time European Champion. Not bad for a female athlete that can probably make a great living modelling for a high end Italian label. All the more reason to quit your day job, move to Italy and become passionate about fencing. Could be you’ll have the legendary (and very beautiful) Di Francisca by your side.

6 Belen Mozo

via pinterest.com

Belen Mozo is a golfer on the LPGA from Spain, and was recently included on Golf.com’s list of “most beautiful women in golf.” And we can see why. The 27-year-old golfer is a thing of beauty, and a pretty good golfer to boot. She made the LPGA on her first attempt, and started playing golf as just eight years old. She enjoyed an especially successful amateur career, becoming the first player since 1972 to win both the Women’s British Amateur Championship and the British Girls Amateur Championship.

5 Antonija Sandric

Dino Stanin/PIXSELL

Continuing to represent all European countries equally, we now move to Croatian Basketball to meet the beauty that is Antonija Sandric. She currently plays basketball for Toulouse Metropole Basket in the Ligue Feminine de Basketball in France. She’s often described as the most beautiful sportswoman in Croatia, and I understand why, having spent the past four minutes staring at her Wikipedia picture. Bleacher Report named her the most beautiful woman at the 2012 Olympic Games, and NBA player Nate Robinson even tweeted that she "might be the most beautiful woman basketball player ever to lace up some sneakers.”

Although those comments are all deserved, she’s said the attention she receives is both flattering and annoying, and she rejects a lot of modelling opportunities for such a beautiful female athlete.

4 Anna Semenovich

via celebs-place.com

Anna Semenovich has one of those faces that makes you want to drop everything that matters to you and dedicate your life to her beauty. Too far, perhaps? I don’t think so. I will go as far as to say that she is the most beautiful female Russian athlete, and there are quite a few of them. Anna is a former Russian Ice dancer that now has a career as a singer, actress, and model, and is known for having more than a few half naked pictures of herself circulating the web. Don’t worry Anna, nobody here is complaining, just pointing it out. Now 36 years old, Anna was forced to retire from figure skating due to an injury in the 2001 Russian Championships, but continues singing, modelling, and acting to this day.

3 Maria Sharapova

via Sports Illustrated

This is one of my personal favorite female athletes. Arguably the sexiest female tennis player to ever play the game, Sharapova is also one of the greatest. Hot and legendary? That’s what I’m talking about. The Russian beauty has elegant blond hair, a slender, athletic body and very nice eyes. She isn’t only hot; she has true beauty, and tennis fans around the world haven’t failed to notice. Despite her successes, Sharapova was recently banned from the tennis world after admitting to failing a drug test before the Australian Open earlier this year. It will end up a stain on what was otherwise a great career, but hey at least she’s still stunning.

2 Sophie Horn

via esmas.com

My god there are so many good things to say about Sophie Horn, it’s hard to know where to start. The British professional golfer is taking the sport by storm, mostly by being so goddamn attractive it makes watching golf bearable. The best part is that she’s commented on the game of golf for Maxim magazine, saying how she thought the sport was stuck in the “old ways”, and that if a woman was seen with a skirt above her knees, it was all “shock and horror.” Can we all take a minute to support our friend Sophie Horn here? I mean, if she wants to wear a miniskirt while playing golf, it would be against my personal values to stop her. The English golfer often poses as a model as well, so have fun browsing the very flattering images of her on the web.

1 Anna Kourinkova

via paparatsi.mn

There is only one Russian female tennis player that can match Maria Sharapova’s great beauty, and that’s Anna Kourinkova. Depending on who you talk to, they may even say that Anna is actually more beautiful than Maria. This is not a drill folks, she really is for real. She is an absolute bombshell, and takes first place on my list any day of the week. The former tennis player is currently 34 years old and as beautiful as ever. In her prime, she was one of the most recognizable faces in women’s tennis and was once ranked as high as 8th worldwide despite never having won a title. Her appearance in near naked photo-shoots and level of skill on the field made her one of the most common people searched on Google.

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