Top 20 Hottest Photos Of Female Athletes In Action

Several years ago, most women’s sports struggled for audiences and legitimacy. There was little interest in the likes of women’s basketball, hockey, and soccer, among other sports. Even sports such as golf and tennis, despite having talented women competing, were largely ignored by the viewing masses. Coverage of the Olympic Games focused on the men’s events, while the women’s events were largely ignored. Over the past couple of decades, the popularity of women’s sports has finally gained some steam. One of the reasons is that more women are entering sports. The talent pool now has more depth which creates a higher level of competition and growing interest. There is also a larger female fan base.

However, at the same time, we all know that sex sells. Anna Kournikova was talented enough to play professional tennis but she found limited success on the tennis court. Her looks, however, propelled her into the spotlight. People tuned in to watch her mostly because it was fun to see her bounce around the tennis court in a short skirt. The important thing was that more people were tuning in. Sponsors were lining up to make her the face of their products because of her awesome looks and her endorsement earnings far exceed her career earnings on the tennis court.

Sports fans can now enjoy the best of both worlds. Several women’s sports are now saturated with competitors who have incredible talent and ability, while also possessing sex appeal. Here are the 20 hottest female athletes in action. They are not only hot, they are extremely talented.

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20 Brooke Ence 

via rxarmy.com

Brooke Ence is a rising star in the world of CrossFit. She has to stay in peak physical form to compete and sticks to a rigorous training schedule and diet. This conditioning has paid off for Brooke, allowing her to compete in the CrossFit Games since 2010. She has rock hard chiseled abs and a terrifically toned muscular frame while she also maintains a lot of feminine appeal. She also has a good business sense, which she has applied to start her own line of shoes. If she is looking for a change in pace, she even has the looks to go into modelling.

19 Ronda Rousey 

via sawmma.wordpress.com

Even though she was unable to defend her title at UFC 193, Ronda Rousey continues to be the face of women’s MMA. She has taken her beautiful looks and talent outside the octagon and has appeared in television and movies. It is unclear whether Ronda will return to fight again, but her fans and the UFC are hoping she does. Another fight card with Rousey on it would certainly get a lot of attention and generate a nice payday for herself and the UFC.

If she chooses to retire from fighting, then it is a sure bet that we will see her acting career flourish.

18 Ellen Hoog

Via 3.bp.blogspot.com

Ellen Hoog has been a member of the Dutch women’s national field hockey team since 2004. She is also one of the hottest female athletes in the world, but she's also incredibly talented, as she has won two Olympic gold medals. She has been playing field hockey since she was seven-years-old and has played in over 150 international matches in which she has recorded 36 goals. Here we see her training. She doesn't show much but she looks fantastic either way.

17 Hilary Knight

Via dekhduniya.com

Representing the US women’s national team and the Boston Pride of the NWHL has brought Hilary Knight a lot of exposure. The 26-year-old has won six gold medals at the IIHF World Women’s Championship as well as two Olympic silver medals. Often regarded as one of the best women’s hockey players on Earth, she is a scoring machine who is highly sought after by sponsors such as Proctor and Gamble, Red Bull and Nike.

With the caged helmet and all the other equipment she must wear on the ice, it is tough to see just how awesome Hilary looks. A quick Google search shows how well she fills out her 5’11” frame.

16 Leryn Franco 

via xerq.io

Though officially retired from her specialty of the javelin throw, Leryn Franco works in the athletic department of Club Sol de America, so she still qualifies as one of the hottest female athletes on the planet. The three-time Olympian is one of the most stunning athletes to ever grace women’s sports and the internet provides plenty of evidence to support this. The 34-year-old Paraguayan can be seen filling out scant bikinis while seductively posing in many photos.

She holds the Paraguayan national record with a 57.77-meter javelin throw. On the other hand, she has competed in a few beauty pageants and was runner-up in the 2006 Miss Universe Paraguay. In 2011, the Business Administration graduate was in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

15 Allison Stokke 

The best way to turn up on spring break

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Allison Stokke is well-known for being a talented pole vaulter and looking awesome in her pole vaulting outfit. Her pretty face and tight physique have been photographed from nearly every angle, but this hasn’t always made Allison happy. You see, Stokke prefers to be recognized as a serious athlete and not some strumpet. We couldn't agree more, so while we are currently admiring how good she looks, we want to remind you that she's an incredible athlete.

14 Paige VanZant 

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There are probably a few million guys out there who wouldn’t mind having their butts kicked by Paige VanZant. Her sweet looks and tiny frame are quite deceiving, as she is actually a talented fighter who is currently ranked seventh in the UFC’s Strawweight division. She is known for her aggressive grappling, ground-and-pound and furious elbows. Her UFC record dropped to 6-2 in December 2015 when she was submitted with a rear-naked choke in the 5th round.

At 22-years of age, Paige is off to a great start to her career and she has already taken her talents to television where she competed on Dancing with the Stars.

13 Maria Kirilenko

Via media.cmgdigital.com

29-year-old Russian-born Maria Kirilenko turned pro in 2002. Her professional career has seen many ups and downs, but her good looks have remained steady. Her skill and great looks netted her a lucrative endorsement with Adidas in 2006, but she disappeared from the public eye in 2014, and, when she surfaced in mid-2015, she announced that she had married and given birth to a son. There is no word on her return to tennis.

12 Sierra Blair-Coyle 

via sierrablaircoyle.tumblr.com

Sierra Blair-Coyle is a 22-year-old goddess who has been rock climbing for over 13 years. She attends Arizona State University on a full scholarship and her fame and jaw-dropping beauty have led her to the glamorous world of modelling. In a nutshell, she is one of the world’s sexiest athletes who looks just as sexy climbing a rock as she does strutting around in a bikini. In fact, judging by some of the many photos that are out there, there isn’t much of a difference between a bikini and her climbing apparel. Lucky us.

11 Anouk Hoogendijk 

via vrouwen.startpagina.nl

Anouk Hoogendijk is a Dutch professional women’s soccer player. Being athletic, smart, and outrageously hot has brought her plenty of attention. Anouk has appeared on several Dutch television shows and does volunteer work when she has time. She left Holland to play on the Arsenal Ladies team in England, but she decided to return to Holland and play for Ajax. One look at Anouk will have you following Dutch women’s soccer. She looks fantastic in their vibrant orange jersey, which nicely compliments her stunning blond hair.

10 Anna Rawson 

via board.postjung.com

Women’s golf has been known to have its share of sexy competitors and Anna Rawson is one of the standouts. While her looks have not translated to success on the golf course, they have brought her success in the modelling business. She's also incredible smart, as she earned her Master of Business Administration at Columbia University in May 2015. It’s probably a good thing she has interests outside of golf because she's struggled at the pro level, as she made only 14 cuts in 46 attempts as a professional golfer. However, she definitely doesn’t struggle in modelling. She plans on using her business knowledge to get into the clothing business. Let’s hope she continues to do a bit of posing too.

9 Marta Menegatti

Via futbolfan.com.ar

This 25-year-old up-and-coming beach volleyball player was born in Rovigo, Italy, on August 16th, 1990. Marta Menegatti can bump and set with the best of them and she is a treat to watch as she lunges and dives across the sand. At 5’11”, she has the height to spike the ball right down an opponent’s throat.

8 Antonija Sandric 

via ffbb.com

Antonija Sandric is described as the most beautiful sportswoman in Croatia, while some might even say that she is the hottest sportswoman in the world. The 5’11” women’s basketball player was the talk of the 2012 Olympics in London. She was featured in the magazine Muse as one of the 2012 games’ most amazing athletes and Bleacher Report named her the Olympics most beautiful female competitor. She has been studying tourism management and in 2015, she got married. Sorry to break your hearts guys.

7 Elena Delle Donne 

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

At 6’5”, the towering Elena Delle Donne is one of the best and hottest players in the WNBA. She was Rookie of the Year in 2013 and has been an All-Star in each of her three seasons. The 2015 WNBA League MVP also has her eye on representing the US Women’s National Team at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Delle Donne is a leading candidate to be the most dominant force in women’s basketball for years to come. She is adamant about making a name for herself through her abilities and not by dressing down for the cameras. But should her basketball career not work out, she's bound to find some modelling work somewhere.

6 Sally Fitzgibbons 

via wesharepics.info

25-year-old Sally Fitzgibbons is a surfing prodigy and an incredibly gorgeous woman. The native of Australia was riding the waves to victory when she was 14-years-old and her career has been continuously advancing. Her achievements are too many to list but her resume is packed with first place finishes and championships. Thankfully for her fans, she loves being photographed. Sally can be seen posing her sun-kissed body on her website or through a simple Google search.

5 Angela Rypien

Via lfl360.com

Angela Rypien is a quarterback in the Legends Football League, formerly known as the Lingerie Football League. She can also be found on Instagram where she routinely posts racy photos of herself. She's also a terrific quarterback, as she takes after her father, Mark Rypien who was a Super Bowl winning quarterback with the Washington Redskins. Angela is probably the most well-known player in the LFL and a tireless promoter of the sport.

4 Erica Hosseini 

via ericahosseini.com

When Mother Nature is whipping up big rolling waves, Erica Hosseini is in her glory. The gorgeous surfer has been a master of the board since her professional debut in 2002. She has won many events and will likely continue to win more. She keeps her splendid figure by maintaining a healthy diet and spending a lot of time in the gym.

While she sees herself more as a surfer than a model, she accepts the occasional modelling gig if she feels that it's a good fit. She has hosted a few television shows which has led to more exposure and opened doors for her in the future. When it comes to Erica, more exposure is a good thing.

3 Caroline Wozniacki 

via xnews2.com

Caroline Wozniacki made her WTA debut in 2005 and has been steadily climbing the rankings, while amassing a fortune in career earnings. She showed off her sexy looks in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2015 and that photo shoot is an absolute must see.

Caroline is everything a guy could want. She’s super sexy, talented and rich. She recently broke up with Rory McIlroy which means she’s single too. Dream on.

2 Maria Sharapova 

via ya2ch.net

This Russian superstar has been the face of women’s tennis for several years. Maria Sharapova has also been the fantasy of many men. She has endorsements from some of the biggest companies on Earth, and at 28-years-old, she is on top of the world. Well, except for the doping scandal.

Fans of the troubled tennis star are hoping that it’s just a setback and not the end of her career. She has already been provisionally suspended from tennis and has been losing her sponsors. She has been the target of much criticism from fellow athletes and some fans. Fortunately, she has been getting a lot of support too. It would be a shame to see her talent wasted.

1 Natalie Gulbis 

via juegodebolas.wordpress.com

She’s beautiful enough for a career in modelling and she's also a talented golfer. What a blessing that we get the best of both worlds from super fox Natalie Gulbis. In 2005, she released her own calendar which showed her posing in swimwear. The prudes at the United States Golf Association deemed it inappropriate and wouldn’t allow it to be sold at the US Women’s Open. On top of that, she posed in body paint for the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Check it out if you dare.

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