Top 20 Hottest Pictures of Paulina Gretzky You NEED To See

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky is, well, a legend. He’s one of the most well-known athletes of all time, and he’s without question one of the best hockey players of all time. There are countless professional hockey players today that idolize him and he still has many devoted fans in the world, despite being retired now. When you have star power of that caliber, it’s only natural that your fans are curious about every aspect of your life. People want to know where Wayne Gretzky lives, what his daily routine is like, what he enjoys doing in his free time, and, of course, what his family life is like. With his former supermodel wife Janet, The Great One has five gorgeous children – Ty, Trevor, Tristan, Emma, and of course, the oldest, Paulina.

Most of his other children have tried to follow in their father’s footsteps by getting extremely involved in athletics. And I mean, if you had Gretzky genes in your blood, why on earth wouldn’t you? If you have even a quarter of the talent that dad had, you probably still have a shot at making the big leagues. However, while Paulina may very well have gotten some of her father’s athletic ability, she also got her mother’s looks – so modeling was the path that she chose to go down. Now, Paulina Gretzky isn’t one that you’ll spot strutting down the haute couture runways in Paris. She is, though, making a living through a certain type of niche. Let’s just put it this way – with her curves and assets, she’s more the lingerie and swimsuit type of model than the pin thin high fashion type.

The majority of photos taken of Paulina Gretzky feature her rocking some kind of teeny, tiny swimwear, and let’s be honest – it’s what she looks phenomenal in, so why wouldn’t she?

Here are just 20 of the hottest photos of Paulina Gretzky that you absolutely NEED to see.

19 Valentine’s Vixen 

Happy Valentines Day🌹

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Paulina Gretzky’s Instagram shots are usually casual shots of her in a bikini taken somewhere poolside or outdoors in sunny California, but this one is a bit different. In this black and white shot, she’s rocking white lingerie – unusual for her in comparison to her brightly colored bikinis – and posing with flowers. The caption says “Happy Valentine’s day,” and let’s be honest – any guy would be pretty thrilled to receive this for Valentine’s day.

18 Soaking In the Sunshine 


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The Great One’s daughter would always be recognizable thanks to her superstar father, but she earned her own fame on Instagram through one thing and one thing only – endless bikini shots. This is just one of many examples of her bold, itty bitty bikinis. Gretzky is lounging on a rocky area near the ocean, stretched out across her towel in a miniscule yellow bikini. Her caption for the photo is just a flower emoji, because really, do you need words when you look this good?

17 Back in Black 

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Again, Paulina Gretzky doesn’t tend to leave a lot of cheeky captions on her Instagram photos – this one, where she shares a shot that was taken of her for Maxim, is captioned with a simple heart. While there are many celebs who are shot way more overtly sexually for Maxim, posing in tangled sheets or in men’s shirts, they’ve kept things ultra simple for Paulina with black on black – and she still looks insanely gorgeous.

16 Talking Body 


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Okay, Paulina Gretzky at least tries to pretend like her bikini shots are glimpses into her life most of the time, but this one is basically just her acknowledging that she has a banging body and that that’s what most people come to her Instagram account for. In this shot, where she appears to be on a boat, she’s cropped out her head and just presents her fans with a full frontal shot of her bikini-clad bod. Hey, no one’s complaining.

15 LA Lady 

So happy to be back in LA!!

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This photo, which Gretzky shared to her Instagram account with the caption “So happy to be back in LA!!” pretty much proves that whoever her neighbors are, they’re probably very, very happy campers. She’s rocking a cheeky polka-dot bikini with ruffles, and she proves to her fans that she looks just as great from behind as she does from the front. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

14 Call The Police 

Let’s face it – when you look like Paulina Gretzky, you go all out on Halloween. Maybe now that she’s a mother she’ll opt for a different, more kid-friendly type of Halloween costume, but in this photo, she went full on sexy police officer with prop handcuffs dangling from her finger and a very low-cut bodysuit. We’re pretty sure legit police officers don’t show this much leg while on duty, but we’re also sure that no one complained at whatever party she went to that evening.

13 Golf Goddess 

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No offense to Paulina’s fiancé Dustin Johnson, but let’s be honest – golf is probably one of the least sexy professional sports. Sure, there are a few younger guys, and some superstars like Tiger Woods inexplicably manage to get tons of gorgeous girls, but as a whole, there’s a lot of old guys and polo shirts. However, when Paulina snagged the cover of Golf Digest, she wasn’t about to let them cover up her body with a baggy polo shirt. Instead, she opted for skintight cropped white leggings and a sports bra. Obviously.

12 Monkey Business 

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This photo is proof of just how hot Paulina Gretzky is – even a monkey wants to get with that. She’s posed here in a teeny red bikini while on vacation, with a small monkey perched on her shoulder. And, if you look close enough, you can see the controversial 99 tattoo peeking out of her bikini bottoms by her hip.

11 Relaxing Poolside 

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Paulina Gretzky doesn’t mess around with a high-stress life. She’s not interested in a jam-packed schedule where she’s forced to forego workouts and eat meals on the go. She wants to be able to lounge poolside sipping a green juice whenever she pleases, as this photo proves. She’s relaxing on some kind of luxe outdoor furniture in a teeny black string bikini, nourishing her body with a packaged green juice. Must be the life!

10 Sexy Straps 

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In a lot of the photographs Paulina takes of herself in a bikini, she’s perfectly made up, with her hair perfectly done, and it makes you question whether she actually ever gets in the water. This photo prove that she does often cool down with a dip – her hair appears to be slicked back and drying after getting wet. However, can we also talk about her swimwear choice? The type of strappy black swimsuit that she’s rocking tends to look good on, well, no one. Except, apparently, Paulina Gretzky.

9 High Fashion Hottie 

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There are countless Paulina Gretzky pictures out there, but the majority of them come from her own Instagram account or casual shots taken of her attending events. The fact that she’s Wayne Gretzky’s daughter has been enough to earn her a few magazine spreads, but she’s not quite a supermodel yet. However, this photo proves that she can look just as gorgeous all styled in a shoot as when she’s casually lounging poolside in her own backyard. She’s rocking teeny bikini bottoms and a crop top, jewelry, heels, and a gorgeous red lip. The stylist definitely took her sexy reputation into consideration when planning the look for this shoot – I mean, she’s holding a lollipop.

8 Colour-Blocked Cutie 

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About 90% of Paulina Gretzky’s photos seem to follow the same formula. Tiny bikini? Check. Some type of body of water? Check. Sunglasses and loose, flowy hair? Check. Hey, the girl knows what works for her, and she goes with it. This photo is no different – she’s posing on the beach rocking a sexy light red and black bikini and looking phenomenal.

7 Dirty Diana 

love you @djohnsonpga Dirty Diana 🎶

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This photo proves that while Paulina Gretzky shares photos of herself scantily clad in bikinis all the time, there’s only one person who gets to share her bed at the end of the day – Dustin Johnson. The caption for this photo is simply “love you @djohnsonpga” followed by “Dirty Diana.” So, we learned two things with this photo – she’s a Michael Jackson fan who loves his iconic hit “Dirty Diana,” and she enjoys taking sexy boudoir shots for her babe.

6 World Traveller 

American Girl in Korea 🇺🇸✌🏼️@sunkissedtraveler

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It’s fairly rare to find a photo of Paulina Gretzky where she’s not in a bikini, and in the few where she’s fully clothed, she tends to be rocking super short, bodycon cocktail dresses for nights on the town. However, this photo proves she looks gorgeous in pretty much whatever she wears. This shot, captured from behind while she was travelling in Korea, shows her in a simple navy top, white jeans, a red belt and a purse with stars on it. She basically dressed as ‘American Girl’ for this day of travelling.

5 Dog Whisperer 

Good Morning Charlie ♡

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Paulina Gretzky has been pictured with exotic animals like monkeys on her travels, but she’s also a down-home girl who just loves man’s best friend. In this shot, she’s walking through some kind of tropical setting when she stumbles across a friendly black dog – while, of course, rocking a teeny black bikini.

4 Behind The Scenes 

Fun day on set with @taylormadegolf !! Can't wait to see the commercial ❤️

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While her famous name and good looks have earned her a few very minor acting roles here and there, Paulina Gretzky isn’t exactly an A-List star in line for an Oscar. However, this shot shows her on set with TaylorMade Golf as they shoot a commercial. She’s wearing a simply red tank-top, but when you have a body like that, even that looks incredibly sexy.

3 Colourful Choices 

➳ @boysandarrows my favorite bikinis!!

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Paulina Gretzky has documented her insane bikini body from pretty much every available angle – full frontal view, angled view, from behind, etc. This shot shows a different perspective than normal, as she takes what looks to be a selfie from a side angle. Allegedly, she’s showing off the bikini she’s wearing, as the caption is a shout out to a particular brand, Boys and Arrows. However, let’s be honest – it’s mostly just showing off that physique she works so hard for.

3. Miami Red

Hello Miami ❤

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Paulina Gretzky certainly loves to travel, but when she’s on the road, she’s usually not documenting her meals and excursions to landmarks like other travellers. She’s just hanging out at the beach, getting her tan on and showing off her extensive bikini collection. In this shot, taken while she was in Miami, Gretzky is rocking a teeny, tiny red bikini while lounging on what looks to be a balcony or patio with a phenomenal view of the beach.

2 Family First 

HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY @trevorgretzky!!

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Paulina Gretzky is a girl who knows what works for her and what her fans want to see – so the majority of her shots are just herself, solo, in a bikini. Sure, she sometimes includes a friend or two, or her current boyfriend at the time, but it’s mostly the Paulina show. However, she makes an exception for family – this shot, as the caption indicates, was taken when the Gretzky family was celebrating Trevor Gretzky’s 20th birthday. As his big sis, Paulina gives him a shout out and a goofy pose – although, of course, she’s still wearing a teeny outfit that shows off her body.

1 Little Miss Homemaker 

Homemade Arrabiata @kushiebear Style

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This woman almost never, ever posts pictures of her meals, unlike many on Instagram, and she especially never posts pictures of meals that she herself has made. Let’s face it – she has enough dough to hire a personal chef. However, every now and then, as this photo demonstrates, she does get in the kitchen. This picture captures her making homemade arrabiata sauce, as the caption explains, in what looks to be a teeny kitchen. She’s also rocking what looks to be a men’s shirt and drinking a beer, because she knows how to cater to her male audience.

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