Top 20 Hottest Soccer WAGs

Professional athletes certainly don’t have a bad life. They get to play the sport  they have loved their whole life every day, they earn huge sums of money for doing so every week, they can afford the best clothes, cars and houses in the world, and they of course attract the most beautiful women on the planet. They have a lot going for them, which is a large part of why so many footballers have other halves that are stunning actresses, swimsuit models, musicians or TV personalities. This is not always the case however, as in some cases their relationship pre-dates professional soccer and any celebrity status.

You will often see these wives or girlfriends in the stands at games or in the sports pages, making them a huge part of the modern game and something that many fans take great interest in. Sometimes the drama of who is dating who will even spill over onto the pitch, such as when John Terry cheated on his wife with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend, causing Bridge to snub his former teammate during pregame handshakes. When stories such as this emerge, it can add spice and drama to games, making it sometimes feel like you are watching a soap opera instead of a football match.

The media attention that footballers and their partners receive is enormous, with many of them practically living their lives surrounded by paparazzi and the media. Victoria Beckham (or Posh Spice if you prefer) is arguably the most famous WAG of all time, and their entire relationship has been hard to avoid over the years, including the birth and upbringing of their 4 kids.

They say that behind every successful man there is a great woman, and that certainly seems to be the case for a number of professional players. Here are the top 20 hottest wives and girlfriends of professional soccer players.

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20 Alexandra Ivarsdottir (girlfriend of Gylfi Sigurdsson)

via whatculture.com

Seeing as Gylfi Sigurdsson is Iceland’s greatest footballer, it seems appropriate that he is dating Miss Iceland. This beauty queen reached the semi finals in the Miss World contest in 2008, which unfortunately for Gylfi, is a lot further than he will get with his national team in any competition. Since returning to Swansea, Sigurdsson has improved his fortunes on the pitch and is currently one of the top midfielders in the league. With Sigurdsson impressing this season and his partner one of the most recognizable faces in Iceland, this must make them the Icelandic equivalent of Posh and Becks.

19 Montana Yorke (girlfriend of Andre Schurrle)

via dailymail.co.uk

One of the many German players that is enjoying life at the moment, Schurrle had a fantastic summer winning the World Cup, and his Chelsea team look likely to top the Premier League at the end of the season. Off the pitch he is enjoying life with his long term girlfriend Montana York, who has also demonstrated that she has some football skills herself. The couple posted an Instagram video this summer of her attempting flicks and tricks in their backyard; at this point it is unclear who taught who.

18 Lena Gercke (girlfriend of Sami Khedira)

via gopixpic.com

It has been quite a year for Sami Khedira, who helped Real Madrid win the Champions League before helping Germany win the World Cup. In addition to this, he has been able to celebrate these tremendous accomplishments with his girlfriend Lena Gercke, German model and TV host. She was the winner of the first Germany’s Next Top Model, and now subsequently hosts Austria’s Next Top Model.

17 Tatjana Batinic (girlfriend of Sebastian Boenisch)

via nydailynews.com

Polish Bayer Leverkusen defender Sebastian Boenisch is married to Tatjana Batinic, an Austrian model who won 2006 Miss Austria. You know that you must be dating an attractive woman when, not only has she won an award for her looks, but her face is on the side of a plane, as this is exactly what Sky Europe did. Tatjana used to date Croatian footballer Ivan Rakitic, but the couple split in 2009.

16 Shakira (girlfriend of Gerard Pique)

via fanpop.com

Shakira is probably the most famous name on this list, and arguably more famous than her partner. The Columbian singer and two-time Grammy winner became a global star with hit singles such as ‘Whenever, Wherever’ and ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. Her and the Barcelona centre back have been together for four years, and first met at the 2010 World Cup when she was promoting her World Cup anthem ‘Waka Waka – This Time for Africa’. They are now expecting their second child together.

15 Irina Shayk (girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo)

via pagesix.com

Cristiano Ronaldo really does have it all. Arguably the best player in the world, Ronaldo leads a very lavish lifestyle and is one of the most famous people on the planet. Unsurprisingly, his girlfriend is a stunning Russian Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Irina has played a key role in bringing up Ronaldo’s son, Cristiano Jr, as the identity of his birth mother has been kept secret. The couple has been together since 2010, perhaps being part of the reason for Ronaldo’s sensational play in the last few years.

14 Abigail Clancy (wife of Peter Crouch)

via mirror.co.uk

Many were slightly baffled when they first saw Abigail Clancy and Peter Crouch together. A beautiful, English rose paired with a lanky, slightly goofy footballer famous for doing the robot. Abigail Clancy was the runner up in popular TV show Britain’s Next Top Model, where she finished second. She is now a famous model and TV presenter. Despite some turbulence in their long term relationship, the two remain happy and have a daughter, Sophia, who hopefully hasn’t inherited her dad’s dance moves.

13 Melissa Satta (wife of Kevin-Prince Boateng)

Spada - LaPresse

Most managers probably don't mind who their players date as long as it does not interfere with their play, so one can only imagine that then A.C Milan manager, Massimiliano, was not happy when Boateng came to him with a mysterious thigh injury. Boateng claimed that his injury was due to excessive sex with his partner Melissa Satta, and it was not long until he was on his way to Schalke 04 after recurring injury problems. Satta is an Italian-American TV presenter and has modelled for many notable magazines. So next time Boateng is out injured but he has a smile on his face, you know why.

12 Sara Carbonero (wife of Iker Casillas)

via digidownload.libero.it

The wife of legendary Real Madrid and Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas is a famous Spanish journalist, and the two famously kissed while she was interviewing Casillas after Spain’s victory in the 2010 World Cup final. This sparked a media frenzy, and the couple has been closely followed ever since. Carbonero has been voted the ‘Sexiest Reporter in the World’, and the couple now have a son together.

11 Liai Grassi (girlfriend of Alexis Sanchez)

via nydailynews.com

Alexis Sanchez was one of the stand out performers at the World Cup this year, and he was so impressive that Arsene Wenger spent around £30 million for the Chilean midfielder’s services. Sanchez arrived in North London with his girlfriend Liai Grassi, who immediately made Arsenal’s fans' hearts skip a beat when she posted a photo of herself wearing an Arsenal shirt with the caption “I’m a Gunner”. Not surprisingly, life is going well for Sanchez and Grassi in London.

10 Gabriella Lenzi (girlfriend of Neymar)

via abcnews.com

The young, glamorous Brazilian star Neymar is dating young, glamorous Brazilian star Gabriella Lenzi, a supermodel who was seen cheering on Neymar this summer at the World Cup. Not too much is known about Neymar’s other half, but if Neymar continues to emerge as one of the top talents around then it seems inevitable that the two will be in the limelight. She is the face of DF model agency and is highly active on Instagram, where she has over 404,000 followers.

9 Michela Quattrociocche (Alberto Aquilani)

via eurosport.com

Italian midfielder Alberto Aquilani is married to Rome born actress Michela Quattrociocche, and the two have a young daughter together. Aquilani did not enjoy much success during his time in Liverpool, but at least he had his wife by his side. The couple have since returned to Italy, where Aquilani is enjoying family life and playing for Fiorentina, whilst Quattrociocche is a star through her appearances in multiple films and TV shows.

8 Antonella Roccuzzo (girlfriend of Lionel Messi)

via southupdates.com

We all know that not only is Messi one of the greatest players of all time, but he is also a great guy too. Messi and his girlfriend have known each other since childhood, as both their families are friends. Their love blossomed in 2009, but the couple try to keep their relationship a low profile. This is clearly a challenge when your name is Lionel Messi, but Roccuzzo dislikes the limelight and keeps away from the cameras. This is the typical sweet story that you would expect from Messi, and of course she is a stunner too. Thiago Messi was born in 2012, sending scouting teams around the world on high alert.

7 Sam Cooke (girlfriend of Chris Smalling)

via athleteswives.com

The Manchester United defence may be struggling on the pitch at the moment, but Chris Smalling isn’t struggling off of it. The 24-year-old has been dating English model and DJ Sam Cooke for a while now, and she has decided that she will be giving up her modelling career to focus on becoming a DJ. Smalling will need to focus on tightening up the United backline if they are to succeed this season.

6 Polly Parsons (girlfriend of Thomas Vermaelen)

via nydailynews.com

Thomas Vermaelen may have had a rough couple of seasons at Arsenal as he struggled with injuries, but he made sure that he could take some positives when he left for Barcelona this summer. One of these is his English girlfriend Polly Parsons, who presents the popular BBC 3 programme ,"Real Hustle". The couple has left North London for sunny Spain, and even if the Belgian defender didn’t win many trophies at Arsenal, he can still feel like a winner with Polly Parsons by his side.

5 Anara Atanes (girlfriend of Samir Nasri)

via closemag.fr

As a stereotype, a WAG is supposed to get involved with her partner’s career at any opportunity, and this is exactly what the Man City midfielder’s girlfriend did recently. After an omission from the national squad, Anara Atanes unleashed a shocking, expletive filled rant on Twitter defending Nasri. He was apparently left out of the squad not because he was lacking in talent, but instead because he has a bad attitude. I wonder where he gets it from. Nevertheless, Atanes is a Victoria’s Secret model and has earned respect for standing by her man.

4 Edurne Garcia (girlfriend of David De Gea)

via mirror.co.uk

It must be stressful for David de Gea being the Manchester United goalkeeper this season, but fortunately for the Spaniard, he has a beautiful Spanish pop star girlfriend to go home to. Back in Spain she is simply known as Edurne, who rose to fame through talent show Operacion Triunfo, and now has five albums to her name. The goalkeeper has proven himself to be one of the top keepers in the world this season, and having Edurna Garcia as his partner may have played a role in this emergence.

3 Sarah Brandner (girlfriend of Bastian Scwheinsteiger)


Not many players have won more trophies than Bastian Schweinsteiger has in the last few years. The Bayern Munich midfielder and German vice-captain is also doing well for himself off the pitch, as he has been dating German model Sarah Brandner for a number of years. The couple first met in 2007 when they were shopping in Germany, and then by chance bumped into one another on holiday in Ibiza which is when they struck up a relationship.

2 Yolanthe Sneijder (wife of Wesley Sneijder)


Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder has been with his model and TV presenter partner for a number of years now, and the two married in 2010. She was born in Ibiza and raised in Holland, and has appeared in a number of TV shows and films in her career. She was voted in the Dutch FHM the sexiest Dutch woman in 2006, 2007 and 2009, and also won the BNN award for best actress in 2007.

1 Ann Kathrin-Brommel (girlfriend of Mario Gotze)

via chatsports.com

As this list has demonstrated, a lot of the German national team is doing quite well for themselves at the moment. Mario Gotze is one of these, as the World Cup winning midfielder not only scored the winning goal, but he is also dating the stunning super model Ann Kathrin-Brommel. She states that she does not want to be seen as a WAG and someone who is simply attached to a footballer, and instead she wants to achieve her own personal goals. Unfortunately for Ann, this helps her to top the list of wives and girlfriends.

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