Top 20 Most Embarassing Fakers In Sports

It is understandable that some top-tier professional athletes choose to be “fakers” during competitions. Taking a dive or a flop to get a call from a referee may not be respected by fans and even some analysts, but it has proven to be an effective method in different sports. Some might even say that there is a certain gamesmanship in such a practice. The old adage that has been associated with sports for quite some time teaches that “if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.” It could be said that those who are regarded as some of the biggest fakers in sports are merely trying harder than opposing players.

Perception is reality, or so the saying goes. The perception that has existed for some time is that European athletes have brought diving, flopping and other embellishments to North American sports. This idea largely comes from what has been seen in the Premier League, La Liga, Champions League games and other soccer competitions over the years. Players dive in soccer. It happens and it has become such a problem that referees are now able to caution athletes for doing so. Major League Soccer has taken the additional step of handing out fines to players who are found guilty of being fakers during games.

Soccer is not, of course, the only sport that features rich men throwing themselves down on the playing surface during games. Some of the best players in both the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League have been accused of taking ridiculous and even humorous flops during games. These instances have been showcased in highlights shows such as SportsCenter and they have earned the athletes guilty of these crimes reputations for being fakers. One athlete even unintentionally created an Internet meme all because of an alleged dive during a game.

20 20. Evgeni Malkin 

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

19 19. Oscar 


18 18. Nene 

17 17. Ashley Young 


16 16. Brad Marchand 

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

15 15. Blake Griffin 

14 14. Didier Drogba 


13 13. P.K. Subban 

12 12. Manu Ginobili 

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

11 11. Gareth Bale 

10 10. Alexander Semin 

9 9. Paul Pierce 


8 8. Arjen Robben 

7 7. Sidney Crosby 


6 6. Dwyane Wade 


5 5. Neymar 

4 4. James Neal 


3 3. LeBron James 


2 2. Cristiano Ronaldo 

1 1. Luis Suarez 

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

“He cheats! He dives! He hates the Jackson 5! He's Luis Suarez!” This is the song that has been associated with the front man who plays for Barcelona. As skilled of a goal-scorer as Suarez has been for club and for country, he is also maybe the dirtiest player in the game. Along with biting multiple opponents during his playing days, Suarez has also committed some shameful flops worthy of red cards because they were so disrespectful to the sport. There is an argument to be made that Suarez should not be allowed to be a pro footballer because of his actions over the years. Included in those are his many dives.

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Top 20 Most Embarassing Fakers In Sports