Top 20 Most Revealing Moments in Women's Sports

Due to the nature of the feminine physique, the appearance of what a woman wears in sports compared to what a man wears is staggering. Women have a greater area of ground to keep covered overall than a guy does, however, sometimes their ‘uniforms’ are less than sympathetic. Wardrobe malfunctions and unforgiving angles happen to the best of us, so its not a surprise sports stars suffer from the same slip ups every now and then. Their gear is designed to keep them aerodynamic as sometimes their god given bodies are just far from it. Nowadays, these lightweight outfits are just prone to unexpected sightings and unfortunate angles that seem to be happening more and more as the years have gone by.

No shock or surprise there though as body suits are getting smaller and derrières are getting bigger, begging the question if there has been some sort of tragic fabric shortage. With cameras filming every second there is no safe place to hide when something pops out to say hello, proving that no sports star, especially female, is safe from the inevitable slow-mo replays or the ability to hit pause on your TV to gawk. A torn uniform, a broken strap, and uncooperative swimsuits are just a few of the classic cases to occur that sometimes cross that fine line between a ESPN event and a NSFW event.

With that, here is a list of the Top 20 Most Revealing Moments In Women’s Sports that will make you blush.

20 Gillian Cooke, Bobsleigh

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British bobsleigh tandem Nicola Minichiello and Gillian Cooke were in St. Moritz, Switzerland back in 2010 competing at a championship race for the Vancouver Olympics the following month. Just seconds before jumping into the bobsleigh to head down the run, Cooke was bending over and managed to perfectly split her skin tight Lycra suit right down the center revealing a full moon. Let's just say the incident gave her a little more exposure, becoming an internet hit.

19 Jordan Carver, Amateur Tennis

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Jordan Carver may not be a professional athlete, but she sure can put a twist on a tennis outfit. The German glamour model, also known as “yoga Jordan”, due to her avid yoga endorsing, has graced the cover of quite a few adult magazines.

She very boldly tried her hand at tennis wearing a quite low, cleavage baring tank top, combined with sudden bursts of speed created a sporting event spectacle.

18 Stephanie Gilmore, Surfing

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Stephanie Gilmore is a world-renowned surfing diva with six World Championships under her belt, and 24 Elite Tour victories. She holds two ESPN ESPYs for Best Female Action Sports Athlete, but even that doesn’t prevent her from the occasional malfunctions. During a photo-shoot for Vogue Magazine once she was tearing it up at Sydney’s Bondi Beach when her slick (and strapless) black one-piece suite slid down revealing more than she probably expected.

17 Kerri Walsh Jennings, Beach Volleyball

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Kerri Walsh Jennings is partnered with Misty May-Treanor and the two are considered to be the best beach volleyball team of all time. The ‘uniform’ for this sport, usually played in the blazing sun in tropical places, is fitting for the climate as it is a sports bra and Brazilian cut bikini bottoms leaving little to the imagination. The teeny tiny bottoms happened to slide down during a dive once on the court, which makes her crack our list at 17.

16 Gabriela Sabatini, Tennis

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Gabriela Sabatini is an Argentine former professional player who was one of the leading women on the winning circuit in the late 80s. She has won titles at the US Open, doubles at Wimbledon, and an Olympic silver medal, and seemingly still can't manage to afford a bra. Once during a match she paraded around the court, with more than just the fuzzy green balls bouncing, ending the game with what would be a win at a wet t-shirt party.

15 Water Polo

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Water polo entails splashing around aggressively in the water in tight one-piece suits while battling against other females in tight one-piece suits. There is grabbing and splashing, and of course the occasional nip-slip. Most famously, NBC televised a moment during the 2012 Summer Games when the USA team made quite the splash against Italy, with a little extra content in terms of underwater coverage.

14 Colombia Women’s Cycling Team

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The Colombia Women’s Cycling Team were the center of an unfortunate uniform design flaw when their one-piece cycling jersey featured a nude strip down south, leaving a somewhat exposed hint to what you might find in a desert. Yikes! We understand it could get a little hot in Columbia, but you have to choose wisely what parts of the body you're going to leave exposed. The designers might want a mulligan on these.

13 Elizabeth Phillips, UFC

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UFC is another rather touchy-grabby sport in which little clothing equals better performance for both parties. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is battled out in just a sports bra and short spandex sports and just last year fighter, Elizabeth Phillips, fell victim to a live television slip. During a match against Jessamyn Duke, a strong leg hold on the ground forced Phillips' top well up above the point of no return before she pulled it back down.

12 Olga Graf, Speed Skating

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Olga Graf is a Russian speed skater that won bronze medals in the 2014 Winter Olympics and has a few World Championships to boot. Speed skating one pieces leave little to the imagination as they are basically molded to one's body to prevent excess fabric from slowing you down. After winning Russia’s first medal at the Sochi Olympics the thrilled speed skater excitedly unzipped her suit down to her belly button, forgetting there was, well, nothing underneath.

11 Rosa Mendes, WWE Diva

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Back in 2014 during a WWE Main Event episode, the crowd got more than they were expecting, really getting to witness a main event. Rosa Mendes is a WWE Diva who was a part of a tag team that was taking on two other Divas. While Mendes was trying to re-enter the ring, Rosa’s tights were grabbed, revealing a rather shiny backside to the world. It’s a wonder the Divas don’t endure more accidents while on live television.

10 Serena Williams, Tennis

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Tennis is basically the only sport that enables you to wear a dress while playing the game to fly around the court and jump up and down to retrieve the ball. The tight outfit is especially a draw to the game for spectators as you have ladies like Serena Williams playing the game. The U.S. Open champion is known for her colorful Nike sponsored outfits, but even more so for a few moments that bared her booty for all to see as she tends to bend over, and, well, stretch in the rather compromising positions.

9 Jenifer Benitez, Diving

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Jenifer Benitez is a Spanish swimmer who fell victim to a mishap that took place at yet another moment in the 2012 Summer Olympic games. She competed in the springboard event and upon completing a dive, she watched the replay from the side of the pool, and while doing a little self adjustment in her bathing suit, exposing herself to the camera. She did not win a medal, but she sure made a big splash before the flash!

8 Flavia Zoccari, Swimming

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Flavia Zoccari, the top Italian swimmer experienced the end all to be all of wardrobe malfunctions. While competing at the Mediterranean Games she was wearing a rather controversial, rather expensive £318 top of the line ‘Jaked J01’ swimsuit, when absolute disaster struck. Upon bending down to dismount for the pool, the high-tech suit literally burst at the seams, splitting wide open, ultimately ending in a disqualification from the games.

7 Grand Prix Girls

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These girls modeling medals for the Grand Prix race drew more attention than expected as whoever fit them for the outfits obviously failed at being a seamstress. The little red numbers revealed a line of ladies experiencing the dreaded camel toe while up on stage. As Khloe Kardashian would tell them, “CTC!” (Cover the camel). While this may have brought some more eyes to the event, it was probably not in the way Formula One wanted.

6 Cheerleading

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Being a cheerleader is basically setting you up for the unexpected when it comes to whether or not the audience will be getting more than they paid for. The NFL has experienced countless wardrobe fails in the cheerleading department from broken straps to revealing up skirts shot by photographers and cameras who really can prove timing is everything. The next to nothing uniforms prove to be eye candy for fans between plays, even more so when there is a mishap.

5 Gymnastics

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Gymnastics is another sport where the more aerodynamic the suit the better. Gymnasts experience some of the worst accidents, to the point a special spray was formulated to be put on along the booty bikini line in order to stick the fabric in place. From the floor, to bars, and beam, gymnasts only have to have the slightest transition captured on screen, to the point it would make even the best of you wonder how that is even allowed.

4 Legends Football League

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There is no one single moment that can be pinpoint as the whole premise of the sport, is well, the fact it is played in nothing but underwear. This women’s only, 7 on 7 tackle league, plays their games in the spring and summer months. It originated during a Super Bowl halftime special, with lingerie mimicking their counter part NFL teams. As it's contact, one thing often leads to another and what little clothing is there is often grabbed and pulled out of place, taking the game to a whole other level.

3 Venus Williams, Tennis

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Sister of Serena, a previous member of our list, Venus is no stranger to malfunctions, or in this case optical illusions. During a tennis match a few years back, what might have seemed like a good decision to blend in the time, was anything but. Upon a jump into the air, Venus revealed a very tight under portion to her tennis skirt that was the exact same color as her skin. To give it to you straight, it was as if she simply had nothing on at all.

2 Ekaterina Rubleva, Figure Skating

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Figure skating is another risky sport when it comes to making sure everything stays in place while you’re on the ice. The sport entails twisting, turning, and being thrown in the air at great speeds all while wearing skintight sequined costumes, sometimes strapless. Russian figure skater Ekaterina Rubleva was performing alongside her partner when mid twirl her dress slipped down giving the world a peep show as the backless dress gave out.

1 Christina Tsoukala, Water Polo

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Yes, another water polo catastrophe. Christina Tsoukala from the Greek team was splish splashing around in the pool when she tried to go for gold in more ways than one. As she was reaching up during the 2008 Olympic Games, her swimsuit took a turn for the worse, proving just how sideways of a direction one slight move by you or others could take you in while in the water. This may be a good lesson for the Olympians this summer in Rio.

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