Top 20 Pro Athletes You Don't Want Dating Your Daughter

Spring is around the corner, which means that love will be in the air soon. People all over the world will be opening up their heart for love. And athletes seem to get the most attention from the ladies. So, if you’re a concerned parent of a lovely daughter, there are some things about athletes you should consider.

There are some athletes that awe us with their athleticism and make us laugh by displaying colorful character. However, some of these same athletes would make an honorable man cringe with their antics when they're not on the field of play. The following list is compiled of athletes with behavior problems so bad that no amount of athletic success they accomplish would change your mind about letting them date your daughter. Some are womanizers, others are convicted felons and a few are even sexual predators. However, all of them have behaved in a manner that would make any decent parent concerned to have these guys around their daughter.

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20 Jose Canseco

via foxsports.com

It would be best to keep your daughter away from Jose Canseco, especially if she wants to keep her privacy. The former MLB MVP has a penchant to kiss and tell. Well, he normally blabbed that he and his lovers did more than kiss. He claimed that, “Madonna wanted my baby” and has publicly criticized exes via social media and books. But, no matter how bad talking about exes is, being accused of domestic violence by both of his ex wives makes us cringe when he's called a “Bash Brother.”

19 Antonio Cromartie 

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There are some men that are just plain potent. NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie would be the poster boy for that category. The multiple-time Pro Bowler has never been accused of being a bad father, but he is the the father of ten children from eight different mothers. Oops, make that 12 children as his current wife Terricka is expecting twins. The most mind boggling part of this is that Cromartie claims to have had a vasectomy prior to the pregnancy. Now that’s potency. But, don’t bring up the frenzied baby making to Cromartie, he threatened the son of a former coach with bodily harm for pointing that out via twitter in 2015.

18 Derek Jeter

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

While most of the athletes on this list need to stay away from your daughter so she avoids violence or unwanted pregnancy, you want your daughter to stay away from Derek Jeter so she doesn’t become another statistic. Even the complimentary gift basket that all his conquests receive after a one night stand is not enough to comfort your daughter after a Jeter-esque relationship. The postseason all-time hit leader is not known to keep his ‘partners’ around and he usually prefers celebrities. His three year relationship with Minka Kelly is his longest known hook up.

17 Rob Gronkowski  

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, this entire list isn't all bad boys from the past, some of these guys are decent people, albeit a little flakey. However, deep down inside, would you want your daughter to date Rob Gronkowski? His teammates may love him and Tom Brady has steadfastly defended his honor, "Gronk is a kind guy. He's one of the most positive people I've ever been around." The legendary QB may be right, but having your daughter dating a guy that's name has been turned into a verb for acting like a bad boy isn't ideal. "I met a girl last night and Gronked her," or "I got so Gronked last night I woke up on a party boat," isn't the type of conversation you want at your dinner table. Oh, a dinner table that would be shared with his four bombastic brothers, if Gronk dated your daughter.

16 Travis Henry 

via gabworthy.com

Considering the number of women Travis Henry got pregnant, it's impressive his legs had enough energy left to run as hard as he did.  The All-American running back from Tennessee and 2002 Pro Bowler for the Bills is the father of at least 11 children from 10 different women. Hopefully, your daughter isn’t one of his neglected baby mamas, because the broke Henry doesn’t have any money left to pay his reported $170,000 a year in child support payments. One of Henry's schemes to raise the money resulted in him pleading guilty of conspiracy to distribute cocaine in 2009. 

15 Deanna 'Tweety' Nolan

via youtube.com

This list is flexible enough to consider some of your daughters may be attracted to women. If that's the case in your family, you would sour quickly on the sweet looking Tweety Nolan dating your daughter. The WNBA veteran has a history of domestic violence against her partners, which includes being arrested for assaulting her wife in 2012. Her partner later dropped those charges.

14 Jason Caffey  

via rollingout.com

There would be tremendous concern for most parents if they found out their daughter was dating Jason Caffey. Not only would you be worried that Caffey would add to his ten kids with eight different mothers with your daughter, you'd be concerned that she may have to pay all his bills. While a lot of athletes file bankruptcy and claim they're broke, those guys always come up with their child support payments to stay out of jail. However, Cafffey is so broke he has had multiple trips to the pony for failure to pay child support.

13 Sean Avery 

via theworldaccordingtojud.com

Seeing Sean Avery as your daughter's boyfriend wouldn't be that appealing. Avery has been linked to as many women as any NHL player and has been known to talk poorly about them after kicking them to the curb. And if your daughter has an issue with prescription drugs, keep the high living Avery away from her. He was arrested in 2015 with enough pills that he would've needed two trips to Walgreens to get.

12 John Daly 

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

It would keep you up at night wondering what you did wrong as a parent if your daughter was dating John Daly. The large golfer is more likely to be found in a dive bar than on the fairway lately. But, if you can't find him, just look for the cloud of smoke the chain smoker creates in his wake. His ex-wife, Sherrie, detailed numerous infidelities by Daly on an episode of Inside Edition where she said, "John Daly makes Tiger Woods look like a saint."

11 Dwight Howard 

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The always smiling Dwight Howard would bring a frown to your face if he was dating your daughter. The always joking Howard doesn't seem to understand the magnitude of being a parent as it took him years to acknowledge he had seven kids, not one. However, Howard actually had eight kids at the time with eight different mothers. And if not knowing how many kids he had wasn't bad enough, he gets into Twitter wars with his baby's mothers over child support on a regular basis.

10 Tiger Woods

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The stories of rampant cheating and womanizing that came out after Tiger woods was caught by his then-wife Elin Nordegren of cheating are enough to keep your daughter away from the golf champion. Is there really anything else to say here? How would you feel if you had to admit to your friends than your daughter was dating the guy who dated all those porn stars and lost half his money?

9 Tony Parker 

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

There may be more promiscuous athletes wth baggage that you want to keep away from your daughter, but the terrible choices that Tony Parker has made wants you to keep this guy as far away from your home as possible. The NBA champion appeared to have it all when he was married to the lovely Eva Longoria, but he needed more than just the actress. And to make things even creepier, he broke the sacred bond of team and cheated on his wife with Spurs teammate Brent Barry's wife.

8 Milton Bradley

via sportingnews.com

Milton Bradley might be the name of a game company, but being the significant other to the oft troubled baseball player would be no game at all. The quick tempered Bradley was accused of multiple instances of domestic violence by his wife Monique, which is detailed by Sports Illustrated. He is even accused of physically forcing her to sign a prenuptial agreement before the ceremony.

7 Mel Hall 

via sbnation.com

Finding out that your daughter is dating Mel Hall shouldn't be an issue before he's eligible for parole in 2031. But, if he gets out, the sexual predator would be one of the last men you would want with your daughter. Hall was convicted of two different accounts of sexual assault in 2009 and admitted that he was a sexual predator and that age didn't matter to him.

6 Mike Tyson

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The convictions and accusations of violence against women have piled up against the youngest Heavyweight Champion in history. Tyson has admittedly slowed down and mellowed as he's matured in married life, but it's hard to forget about all the different scandals he's been involved in. He's bragged about the thousands of women he's been with and would probably brag about dating your daughter to your face.

5 Shawn Kemp 

via nba.com

Stemming from the fact that Shawn Kemp has 7 children with 6 different women, as of today, it may already be too late if you have a daughter between the ages of 20-45 to prevent their coupling. It seems, he has already gotten all of them pregnant. Kemp was a running joke as a player as the number nearly reached double figures. He's also struggled to make child support payments, which obviously isn't ideal.

4 Greg Hardy 

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

A chill of fear and then a craving to stock up on ammunition would rush through you if you found out your daughter was dating bad boy Greg Hardy. The pass rush specialist was charged with assault on a female and communicating threats in a bench trial after beating up his girlfriend and throwing her on a pile of guns. After being convicted in the first trial, his charges were dismissed in the retrial when the accuser couldn't be located. The defiant Hardy has shown no signs of remorse or maturation since the incident.

3 Lenny Dykstra 

via lancasteronline.com

How long of a list would you need to bring up all the concerns you would have if your daughter was dating Lenny Dykstra? The convicted felon wouldn't be able to be trusted with anything. He's been accused of stealing from his family to exposing himself to potential personal assistants. He's also been accused of sexual assault on a housekeeper who feared for her job.

2 Cristiano Ronaldo

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The notorious ladies man is not the type of person you want dating your daughter. His friends actually flaunt that he goes from lady to lady just to dispel the numerous rumors he's a metrosexual. Look, you wouldn't want your daughter shacking up with a guy that scores much more frequently in the bedroom than on the pitch. And considering he's the all-time leading scorer for RealMadrid, that's a lot of scoring.

1 Patrick Kane

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

There may not be truth in the allegations of sexual assault that Kane was faced with in the Summer of 2015. While it's unsure whether or not the allegations were merited, there's still been enough rumors to keep him away from your daughter. Kane has frequently been photographed around the mid west in a drunken stupor with scandalously clad women. Whether he's pulling a beer bong, and then kissing a girl, or doing a tequila shot directly from a woman's breast (or slugging a cab driver...just sayin'), Patrick Kane is not the type of athlete you want dating your daughter.

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