Top 20 Reasons For Non-Football Fans to Watch the Super Bowl

It's that time of year again. One of the biggest sporting events in history is quickly approaching. Football is  America's most popular sport. The Super Bowl is the biggest showcase for it. The NFL's SuperBowl XLIX will take place this Sunday in Glendale, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium. It will be played against the two best teams in their respective conferences which are the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. This is the second consecutive appearance for the Seahawks as they won the championship last season in a resounding 43-8 victory over Denver. This is the eighth appearance for the New England Patriots. NBC has the rights to the game and the game is scheduled to start at 6:30 pm EST.

There are so many things to look forward to during the Super Bowl.  There are the commercials, the halftime show, the championship celebration and much more. Over 111.5 million people watched last year and the ratings are expected to increase this year as well. Super Bowl Sunday is now a big part of the sports culture and carries great interest which is why so many people watch the game. Football fans have this date circled on their calenders and usually either throw big viewing parties or go to the game themselves.  Non football fans  probably wonder why the SuperBowl is such a big deal. For those non football fans who are still undecided if they want to watch or not listed below are 20 great reasons why they should watch the SuperBowl and won't be bored doing so.

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20 No Other Great Options

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The title says it all. Seriously. During the time that the Super Bowl will air on NBC, the other TV networks will be airing marathons of mediocre shows. Other than TV shows, going out will be limited as the game takes place Sunday evening and most establishments are closed early on Sundays. With not so great alternative choices other than going to bed early, let's face it; non football fans will watch the game one way or another.

19 Curiosity

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The lead up to the SuperBowl is filled with intrigue and excitement. Most, if not all people will talk about the teams, the rivalry, legacies, etc... Chances are, most non football fans will be curious about the game. Their curiosity will lead them to tune into the game at one point or another. And as the famous saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. Don't worry, watching the Super Bowl won't put you in that much danger.

18 Office Bets or Box Pools

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Bets and box pools are one of the things to look forward to during the Super Bowl. Football fans and non football fans can wager on who will win the game, who will be MVP, how many times will deflategate be mentioned, etc...  Non football fans should watch to see if their bet paid off. They might even win a lot of money doing so, or bragging rights. If you win, you can brag to football fans that you know more than them.

17 Championship Presentation

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One team will become the champion and will be given the Lombardi Trophy. The celebration that occurs afterwards is always very sentimental and fans get to see sides of a player they rarely see. Non football fans can enjoy watching the presentation and if that's not enough, watching the coach get drenched with Gatorade can is always fun. If a player like Richard Sherman gets a hold of a microphone after an emotional victory non-football fans will be in for a treat.

16 Stadium

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This year, the SuperBowl will be held in the University of Phoenix Stadium. The stadium has some neat features that will be sure to impress anyone watching the game. One of the features is a retractable roof that rides on an arc. It is the only one of it's kind in the US or Europe. There is also another cool feature which is the retractable field. The natural grass field is usually out, but during the Super Bowl it will be rolled back inside. That alone should be one of the reasons to watch the game.

15 NBC Sports broadcast team

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NBC is calling the game this year and is bringing their best sports broadcast team. Al Michaels is one of the best sportscasters of all time and will be joined by Chris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya. These three sportscasters are great at their jobs and won't make non-football fans feel out of the loop. Even at the age of 70, Al Michaels may be the best play-by-play man out there and his big game moments can't be taken for granted.

14 Possible unintended entertainment

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There have been Super Bowls in the past where football became the sideshow to malfunctions that occur during the event. In 2013 following Beyonce's performance the lights were knocked out. In 2011, Christina Aguilera messed up the national anthem. Back at Super Bowl XXXVIII, Janet Jackson suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show. Non football fans should tune in for this reason alone.

13 Die Hard Fans

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Look and try to spot the most loyal fans of the Seahawks and the Patriots. They should be one reason to watch as they probably will face paint or have their bodies painted. Some will wear costumes or bring really cool signs to get noticed. Seattle's "12th man" was a dominant presence last year and this year, both teams' fanbases will travel in droves. Also watch for their reactions to their team's plays on the field. Any non football fan will be amused and chances are most likely to be entertained.

12 Seahawks and Patriots are the most hated teams

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The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots are the most hated teams in the NFL. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are two of the most hated people but so are Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch and Pete Caroll from Seattle. Non football fans should watch to see the two teams beat each other up. Interesting villains always make for great television and there will be no shortage of them in this Super Bowl

11 Deflategate

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The New England Patriots allegedly deflated game footballs two weeks during their AFC championship game and the term deflategate was born. During the SuperBowl broadcast, this word will come up in some sort of capacity so non football fans should tune in to see how many times this term comes up. Heck, surely there's a prop bet out there, so viewers can bet on how many times the word will be mentioned on the broadcast.

10 Dynamic Duo

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The New England Patriots are one of the best teams in the NFL thanks in large part to tremendous pairing of their superstar quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. This duo has three Super Bowl wins and 12 division championships. Tom Brady is the first quarterback to play in six Super Bowls and Bill Belichick will be the first head coach with six Super Bowl appearances as well. The only question that remains is, will they add a win to that list?

9 Marshawn Lynch

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Marshawn Lynch is an interesting player who shall be one of the players to talk about during the game. He is famous for not speaking to the media, the gold shoe controversy and much more. As noted above, he is also one of the most hated players in the NFL. Non football fans should tune in to see what kind of antics Marshawn Lynch will pull during the game. On media day, Lynch did the bare minimum as required by league rules, participating in a four and a half minute press conference, repeatedly answering questions with, "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

8 Celebrities

Celebrities are usually present whenever there are big events. This event will be no different. The TV cameras will try to locate Gisele Bundchen who is the supermodel wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. This should make the non football fans busy as they try to figure out which celebrity is present at the game. Celebrities are also prevalent on pre-game panels, whether they're plugging a project or providing their game analysis and prediction.

7 Twitter

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Social media is a huge part of sporting events. During the Super Bowl last year, over 24.9 million tweets were sent out on everything related about the Super Bowl. Non football fans should tune into the Super Bowl just to tweet along with other users and enjoy the social conversation all game long. Even if you don't have many football thoughts to offer, there are countless themes involved in the Super Bowl.

6 Games

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The Super Bowl gives the perfect opportunity to play some games! Games can really get people to interact with others at a party. There are many cool ideas of games that involve the Super Bowl.  The non football fans can have fun participating in games and won't be bored or left out from the group. Find a buddy of yours that enjoys football and see if you can get in on the fun.

5 Be up to date

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The Super Bowl is a live event. It's beyond a sporting event, one might say it's as much a pop culture event at this stage. Anything can happen on live TV. If something does happen either during the game or the broadcast it will become viral within a couple of minutes. Any non football fan who didn't watch the game would have no clue about what happened and no one ever wants to be the odd one out. It might even be helpful in a trivia game down the road.

4 Parties

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There will be many Super Bowl parties taking place during the game. It is the perfect excuse to throw a party. There are many neat ideas on how to throw the perfect Super Bowl themed party. It's also a great way to bring friends, family and neighbours during a Sunday evening. Everyone loves a party and for non football fans, it's another great reason to tune into the game. Who knows, maybe you'll become a football fan by the end of the night.

3 Food & Drinks

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Thousands of tons of pizza, chicken wings, guacamole, chips, beer, etc.. will be consumed during Super Bowl parties. Super Bowl Sunday only trails Thanksgiving as the largest food consumption day. Everyone loves to eat and drink and non football fans surely don't want to miss out on some good food. If the party you're attending is hosted by any self-respecting football fan, you won't be disappointed.

2 Halftime show

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The halftime show for the Super Bowl always has the world's best and/or most popular performers. This year is no different as Katy Perry will be the halftime performer. Katy Perry has many surprises planned for the halftime show. One of her songs "Firework" will actually have real fireworks going off. She will also have a grand entrance and an exit which should excite anybody. All non football fans must tune into the game so they can see Katy Perry's unique performance. Halftime shows are actually geared towards non-football fans, so enjoy.

1 Commercials

Commercials are the biggest reason for non football fans to tune into the game. Over the years, companies have spent billions and hired many celebrities and sports stars to advertise their product during Super Bowl Sunday. One of the biggest commercials last year was Budweiser's "Puppy Love". It currently has 55 million views and counting on YouTube. Some commercials are hits and can have a large impact on their brand or company. Some commercials have also caused controversies. This year's commercials have already started to come out and there should be many more commercials to look forward during game breaks.

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