Top 20 Sports Tattoos You're Glad You Don't Have

People have been getting tattoos since the beginning of time. Whether it is for a religious, tribal, or for any other reason, tattoos are nothing new. In modern times, tattoos have been used to expres

People have been getting tattoos since the beginning of time. Whether it is for a religious, tribal, or for any other reason, tattoos are nothing new. In modern times, tattoos have been used to express oneself through art. Ranging from names of family members, or just objects such as basketballs, tattoo artists have really seen it all.

Since we are on the subject of tattoos, sports fans are not shy about letting the world know what team they are rooting for. Identifying with a team and city for a certain sport, is one of the most entertaining things in the world. But some people just can't be happy with wearing a jersey or just their team's hat. They have to do something drastic, that shows that they are a die-hard fan. There is no doubt that there have been some absolutely awesome sports tattoos over the years. The problem with tattoos is they are permanent. One small mistake could leave you looking at a bad tattoo for the rest of your life, unless you want to get it burned off. That is why there is a lot of pressure on professional tattoo artists to never make make mistakes, and they never make mistakes Right? Wrong!

Anyone who gets a tattoo is taking a risk, but with many truly great artists working in the industry that risk can be very small.  When the wrong artist is selected is when we go downhill. These are some terrible sports tattoos, I mean permanent, ink filled regret. Some of these tattoos defy logic. It's not the tattoo artists fault that their client wanted to declare that their team would win the upcoming championship game before it even happened. This is a total fail, win or lose, they lost. Let's just agree that if you are a major sports fan, get a sticker for your car or something. Nobody told you to get a bad tattoo of your team, all that you accomplished is gaining a spot on this list.

Here are the top 20 sports tattoos that you should be glad you don't have.

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20 The O.J. Simpson Mugshot


This person must have been a gigantic fan of O.J. Simpson, despite the fact "Juice" was accused for brutally murdering his ex-wife and another man. Although Simpson was acquitted in the criminal trial, in a subsequent civil trial he was found to have been responsible for their deaths, and was ordered to pay $33 million to the victims' families. Not only did this guy decide to get a full blown face of O.J. on his arm, he chose of all pictures O.J.'s mugshot.

I can understand a tattoo of Simpson scoring a touchdown, or even something having to do with his Heisman Trophy, but the mugshot is one of the weirder choices for a tattoo I have ever seen.

19 Pittsburgh Steelers Doodle


We have all seen Steelers logos as tattoos, certainly, and they all vary in quality, but this one has to be among the worst.  It looks like a five year old drew this, and I don't understand how anyone thought this was a good idea for a tattoo. What's worse than the actual doodle, is the fact the artist spelled "Steelers" wrong. How could a spelling mistake like this make it's way onto somebody's arm? I'm not questioning this guy's dedication to the Steelers, but I am questioning this tattoo.

18 Charlie Villanawho?


I do give props to this mega-Villanueva fan for getting a giant portrait of Charlie on their body. But this image of Charlie and his deformed arms and torso is just down right creepy. Not to mention the fact that he got a tattoo of Charlie Villanueva...Charlie Villanueva? We're not talking about Michael Jordan or LeBron James...Charlie Villanueva. Did I just say this guy actually got a giant tattoo of Charlie Villanueva on his arm?

17 Linsanity


Linsanity! Yes, Jeremy Lin had an amazing run for the Knicks a few years ago, but his fame is now settling down. I wonder if this fan regrets getting Jeremy's number "17" in the Knicks style on their arm. Not only is Jeremy Lin not on the Knicks anymore, he is not even number "17" anymore. This fan could have just watched some highlights of Linsanity, no need to tattoo it. A nice warning to all you sports fans.

16 The Boston Mashup


This guy must really love Boston sports teams. Using the Patriots logo for a head, the Celtics logo for the torso, and the Red Sox logo for the pants, this tattoo is just a heaping mess. I can picture in my mind what a top tattoo artist may have created for this fan, but the way it looks, this fan went to the discount shop. I guess if nothing else this guy gets a pass for creativity.

15 Blue Elway


John Elway was one of the best quarterbacks ever, earning him many fans throughout the years. I must not be up to speed with how loyal these Elway fans are, because I would not have expected anyone to put a giant blue Elway portrait on their thigh.  The odd thing about this tattoo is the lack of color. The artwork is really good, but why all that blue? It just doesn't look nor feel right to me at all.

14 Not So Tebow Time


Tim Tebow took the league by storm and was loved by some because of his outspoken religious beliefs. The devotion Tebow displays for Christianity must be the same kind of devotion his fans have for him. This person thought it was a good idea to get a half Tebow half Bronco tattoo with the words "Tebow Time" embossed on their body.  It's a shame because Tim Tebow didn't turn out to be a very good quarterback and is no longer on the Broncos. Ouch.

13 A Good Effort


This fan just had to get one of the Patriots logo tattooed permanently on his skin. I might understand the idea if it was well made, The Patriots have won enough Super Bowls to merit a nice tattoo, but this one? Not so much. It is hard to describe just how disappointing this particular Patriot looks. The lines are incredibly shaky, and it looks like both the tattoo artist and the canvas were likely intoxicated during this session.

12 Rangers Champs 2011?


I think this guy was a little quick to pull the trigger on this one. Now The Rangers were a great team in 2011, I will give him that. But why would anybody ever take the chance and get a tattoo not knowing if your team is going to actually win or not? I bet this guy definitely regrets this tattoo, maybe he was just amped up about his champion Dallas Mavericks tattoo beside it.

11 Still Hope

Now this tattoo hasn't been proven wrong yet, and for this dude's sake, I hope he's right. The Bills have a very slim chance of winning the Super Bowl this year, but this fan is liking his chances. Again, I am not sure why he would ever want to get this tattoo, but if the Bills do somehow win, this guy will be a Buffalo legend! If they don't win, at least he has a pretty decent amount of hair to cover it up.

10 I Slept With Shaq...


I really have no idea what prompted this guy to get this tattoo. I hope this was a dare or something because "I Slept With Shaq" is ridiculous; maybe he lost a bet, now that would make sense to me. I suppose sleeping with Shaq could actually be this guy's dream, hopefully he has figured out how to explain this tattoo to his friends. It makes you wonder what Shaq's opinion of this tattoo might be.

9 Thunder Thighs


A corny "Thunder Up!" slogan and a giant full color Thunder logo does not look good on this man's thighs. In fact, I don't think it's a stretch to say that it doesn't look good anywhere. These designs deserve to be on a t-shirt you get down at the Thunder game, not permanently tattooed on skin! At least the tattoos are cleanly made and the Thunder are one of the best NBA teams in the league... for now.

8 Super Bowl XLVIII


Another bad miscalculation, this made a risky prediction that his Broncos would be getting the Super Bowl win in 2014. While the tattoo itself is pretty clean, the fact that this eternal reminder of his teams embarrassing blowout 43-8 loss against the Seattle Seahawks, makes this tattoo one of the worst fails in sports tattoo history. Maybe he can throw another "I" on the end of that "XLVIII" and salvage his back a little bit. Couldn't this guy just wait another couple of year? A Super Bowl 50 tattoo would have looked really sharp.

7 Indianapolis Packers


Some tattoos are just meant to be by themselves, that's the way they make some sense. If put two of this type of tattoos together this becomes a real head scratcher. Having Indianapolis across your back, and a Green Bay Packers logo directly under it makes no sense. Maybe if we could get a word with this guy we would understand the thinking behind these tattoos. Was it a prank on him played by the tattoo artist?

6 Fear the Beard


There is no doubt that James Harden is one of the best players in the NBA right now. With so much success, "The Beard" has gained himself a lot of fans throughout the country. This fan loves Harden so much he got a totally lifelike tattoo of Harden. The problem with this tat is that it is pretty creepy. You can see every follicle in James' beard, and the whole face looks a little deformed. Even if the tattoo looked normal, it's never a good idea to get an athletes face on your body.

5 A Yankee Brow


Getting a tattoo between your eyebrows right smack on your forehead just doesn't look good. The tattooist obviously had to cram in the iconic New York Yankee logo between this guys eyebrows, which is why the logo looks a little off. Not afraid to be blunt here, this tattoo is just brutal to look at. Not to mention that the reason we even know about this tat, is that this guy is clearly in a mugshot photo.

4 Seattle Doodle


This tattoo just looks like it hurt as much to have done as it does to look at. Having your favorite football team's logo in front of the skyline of the city may have seemed like a good idea at the time.  It starts to go terribly wrong when it looks like a 10-year-old sketched it on your chest, it turns into an epic fail when that sketch is make permanent. The football behind the shaky city is just awful and really poorly drawn. I cannot fathom how someone would ever let this tattoo happen, or why this guy would ever take his shirt off to show it.

3 Not a Chance


Being from Philadelphia, seeing this Cowboys tattoo is just a great feeling. Like I have said before, I can't understand how anybody, would ever get a tattoo declaring their team won the championship before they actually won. In 2015, the Cowboys went 4-12, and it was known before the season they probably would not have been a Super Bowl contender. Yet, this mega fan thought otherwise and did something he will regret for the rest of his life.

2 Bad News Bears


What isn't wrong with this tattoo. The first thing that catches the eye is how off center the tattoo is from the center of this guys head. Another aspect of this bad Bears tattoo, is how smudged and undefined the actual bear's head is. It looks like a watercolor painting that hasn't dried yet. Nothing about this artwork is pleasant, the only thing it shows is how dedicated this guy is to the Chicago Bears. Maybe invest in a better tattoo artist.

1 Detroit Lions 0-16


Apparently this guy never wants to forget that the Lions went 0-16 in the 2008 NFL season. That this guy would get a tattoo of this makes me question if he is even a Lions fan or a Lions hater. It makes more sense that this guy is mocking the Lions pitiful NFL season. I don't see why the Lions 2008 record is something anybody would want to have permanently on their body, fan or not. Maybe he's just walking around looking for pity.

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Top 20 Sports Tattoos You're Glad You Don't Have