Top 20 Superstar Athletes Who Lost it All

Pro Athlete’s make insane amounts of money. Enough to get anyone jealous. We see them driving in luxury cars, going out and flaunting their earnings as it serves as a reminder as to just how much some of these guys get paid to play games for a living. The most shocking contracts of all are the big name guys who sign astronomical deals. Usually breaking some sort of record for how much x player gets paid per year. But while these athletes are living it up during their playing days while the cash is still flowing, the money stops coming in at one point and they’re left grasping at a very expensive lifestyle that’s slowly moving out of their reach.

The smart ones are the ones you never hear about. That’s because they still have their money. They’re not spending a huge chunk of cash on cars or giving handouts to friends. Some invest and others just show some restraint and live on a budget like normal people. Albeit, a more generous budget than the average person is used to. But there are always those that don’t know when to quit. And sooner or later their names are going to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Debts are also a big part of former athletes going broke after retiring. Be it legal debts, gambling debts or child support, those payments can really do a good deal of damage to a bank account that hasn’t seen any regular income for a while. But no matter the circumstance these types of things can happen to any athlete. It might seem impossible for someone to blow millions to someone living on a more modest income, but once you’ve got the money you’re only problem is figuring out what to spend it on.

20 Mark Brunell

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19 Michael Vick

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18 Allen Iverson

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17 Johnny Unitas


16 Antoine Walker


15 Marion Jones


14 Terrell Owens

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13 O.J. Simpson


12 Lenny Dykstra


11 John Daly

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10 Pete Rose

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

9 Latrell Sprewell


8 Kenny Anderson


7 Scottie Pippen

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

6 Darren McCarty


5 Evander Holyfield

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

4 Lawrence Taylor

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3 Warren Sapp

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2 Mike Tyson

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1 Dennis Rodman

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Dennis Rodman was always known for his off court antics as a player, but recently his constant visits to North Korea and public controversy regarding some of his views on the country have painted him in a somehow more negative light. Last year, it was reported that Rodman was “extremely sick” and broke to boot. He owed over $800,000 in unpaid child support that he could no longer afford along with an additional $50,000 in spousal support.

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Top 20 Superstar Athletes Who Lost it All