Top 20 Unbelievable Major Sports Lookalikes

As much as we like to pride ourselves on our uniqueness, unfortunately that is not always the case. When it comes to facial features biology offers only so many choices when DNA is involved. With the 

As much as we like to pride ourselves on our uniqueness, unfortunately that is not always the case. When it comes to facial features biology offers only so many choices when DNA is involved. With the sheer number of people in the sports world, whether it be an athlete, coach, or management there is bound to be a few replicas. That's just the way the gene pool works. There have been doppelgangers all through history, and the people in the sports world are no exception to having a few dead ringers. Not all of these look alikes are even real people!

Some of these characters were meant to look amusing, and the fact that a respectable human being resembles them is down right hilarious. So hilarious in fact, I took the liberty in bringing these look a likes together so they can finally be placed with their rightful twin.

As you can see, some of these comparisons are incredibly accurate. It is always interesting to see these oddities in nature. I find that looking at these human carbon copies are astonishingly eye opening. These unbelievable major sports look a likes may make you wonder where your twin is hiding out in the world.

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20 Kobe Bryant & Erik Kynard Jr.


Both of these athletes have been very successful in their respective sports. With Kobe Bryant playing basketball and Erik Kynard being an Olympic high jumper, both of them are on a different path. What isn't different about the two, is pretty much every physical feature a person can have. They are complete twins. LeBron even tweeted both their pictures joking, "Kobe 1 and Kobe 2".

19 Bill Belichick & Emperor Palpatine


The Force must be strong with Bill Belichick, as he is somehow able to cheat his way toward winning Super Bowls on many different occasions. When Belichick has his hood on, he resembles the evil Emperor Palpatine as they both try to lead their dark sided army to victory, by any means necessary... The fact the Patriots have kept winning make them an empire of some sort, further lending credence to the notion of Belichick being the emperor.

18 Ricky Rubio & Ringo Star


Ringo Star is a legendary rock icon who will be remembered for lifetimes to come. Ricky Rubio on the other hand has not yet separated himself from the rest of the pack...except his peculiar look. Rubio and Ringo both have the shaggy hair and the very thick sideburns that go down into their beards. Another similarity between the two is they have been overshadowed by their colleagues.

17 Phil Jackson & Colonel Sanders


Whether it's being one of the most successful coaches in NBA history or the face of Kentucky Fried Chicken, these two have some very similar facial traits. The white goatee and hair are spot on and the glasses just add to the resemblance. I wonder if Phil Jackson eats Kentucky Fried Chicken and has ever noticed. Back in his Chicago days, Jackson could have also been confused for Master Splinter from Ninja Turtles due to his facial hair and reputation as the zen master.

16 Josh Smith & The Game


Take away The Game's face tattoos and these two would look exactly alike. They both have the same mean mug' of a face. I would love for Smith to hop on a song with The Game just for the music video to see these guys next to each other. With or without the tattoos, I definitely wouldn't want to rub either of these dudes the wrong way. You wonder if they've ever thought of pairing up for one.

15 Robert Griffin III & Andre 3000

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The smile and hair of RG3 and Andre 3000 really have a striking resemblance. I wouldn't be surprised if we found an incredibly athletic and talented rapper, distant relative between these two. They already look alike and the mustache and the goatee just adds to it. The only difference between the two is that Andre 3000 wasn't a one hit wonder. Hopefully RG3 can catch on with a new team and add to the similarities.

14 Zach Randolph & Iron-E Singleton


I loved watching Zach Randolph kill zombie after zombie in The Walking Dead. While Iron-E Singleton has been tearing it up on the court for the Grizzlies. Wait, that doesn't sound right, switch it around. Sometimes I really can't tell the difference between the two. One acts and one plays ball, that is literally the only difference between these two beasts. You wonder if Iron-E could hold his own on an NBA court.

13 Rick Carlisle & Jim Carrey


I am not sure if Rick Carlisle, coach of the Dallas Mavericks, has the same comedic genius that Jim Carrey possesses. After many successful films Carrey is a Hollywood institution, but what Carlisle does have, is almost the exact same face as Carrey. There is nothing very distinguishable about either of their faces, but what we can distinguish is they look exactly alike. You wonder if Carlisle could ever pull off Carrey's over-the-top expressions.

12 Mike Tomlin & Omar Epps


There's no doubt that if a movie was made about Mike Tomlin's life that the casting choice would be incredibly easy, at least from an appearance standpoint. Omar Epps could walk right into an audition room for the role of Tomlin and land it in an instant. The Steelers head coach has a Super Bowl to his name and is one of the game's most respected coaches. A movie about his life could be interesting.

11 Mike Bibby & Mini Me


When you look at these two guys, Mike Bibby looks just like Mini Me's older brother. They have the same exact face and when Bibby goes for the bald look, the resemblance between the two small guys is perfect. Luckily for us, Bibby isn't a 3 foot tall evil clone who is determined to destroy the world. Bibby's role was a much more harmless one, as he was just expected to run the Kings offense of the early 2000s.

10 Chris Jericho & Gordon Ramsey


These two blond characters are both known for being very outgoing. If these two were brothers they would make an awesome tag team in the WWE. They might even call themselves the "Blond Brothers Inc."(the name is a work in progress). Now as we all know this will probably never happen, but it's great to have a dream right? So for now we will just admire their similar looks.

9 Marshawn Lynch & The Predator


With Marshawn Lynch announcing his retirement, it's only proper we get Beast Mode on this list. Now a lot of these comparisons aren't compliments, but this one is. Both having that killer instinct, Lynch was really just the Predator of the football world. I wouldn't be surprised if we found some type of alien robotics in Lynch's genetic makeup either...and the braids, it's all about the braids.

8 Nate Robinson & Kevin Hart

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Robinson and Kevin Hart are very similar in many ways. Not only are they both small in stature, their facial features truly resemble each other as well.  The good news is both these guys appear to be having a good time.  They always seem to be having fun in their respected crafts. Nate and Kevin don't just look alike, but I think they would also get along very well. Maybe Robinson can play a brother of Hart in one of his movies.

7 Claude Julien & Elmer Fudd

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No one will ever have to make a cartoon version of Bruins coach Claude Julien. Elmer Fudd already fills the role of that perfectly. They are both small, bald and when you add the hat Claude Julien wore during the Bruins' outdoor game to the hat Fudd normally wears, it is incredibly funny just how much these two look a like. You wonder if any Bruins players have broached the subject with their coach.

6 Kyle Korver & Ashton Kutcher


You could put Kyle Korver on the set of Two and a Half Men and throw a Hawks jersey on Ashton Kutcher and nobody would know the difference. Everything about them screams they are related because they both have the same exact features as each other. Both of these handsome dudes could be twins. It's too bad CBS couldn't get Korver on an episode while the show was still on the air.

5 Aaron Rodgers & Jake Gyllenhaal


Aaron Rodgers and Jake Gyllenhaal are both critically acclaimed in their respective fields of work. Not only are they critically acclaimed though, they are both complete look a likes. The permanent 5 o'clock shadow, the gelled hair and the blue eyes are the finishing touches that puts this duo over the top. These guys could be brothers. You wonder how long it would take the Packers to notice if Gyllenhaal were to wear A-Rod's uniform on game day.

4 David Luiz & Sideshow Bob

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David Luiz was first noticed by many soccer fans around the world at the 2014 World Cup, but many will remember him most for his wild hair, which bears a striking resemblance to the evil Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. We sure hope Luiz isn't as maniacal as Krusty's former sidekick. It's obviously all in the hair here, and you wonder how often Luiz has had this pointed out to him.

3 Michael Jordan & Mookie Blaylock


Now these two NBA players definitely don't have the same skill on the basketball court. But what they do have in common is eerily similar looks. Too bad Mookie only got the appearance and not the talent, because we would have had some very interesting basketball battles between these two twins. How many people can say they look exactly like the greatest of all time?

2 Sam Cassell & E.T.


Well, it's not exactly the most flattering comparison, but it's accurate. Sam Cassell has been compared to many different creatures and monsters through the years, but in this picture you really would think that he is trying to phone home. The way his oddly shaped head is wrapped in the towel, it is just a perfect match with E.T....There definitely is something extra-terrestrial about this match that was made in the stars.

1 Adam Silver & American Gothic Guy


Perfect match! From the balding head down to the round-wire glasses, this is hilariously dead on. It really looks as if Adam Silver decided to jump off the painting and try his luck in commissioning the NBA. The haunting resemblance that Adam Silver shares with the American Gothic man is why they both take #1 on this list. It really looks as if someone drew the American Gothic Guy as an artistic portrait of the commissioner.

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Top 20 Unbelievable Major Sports Lookalikes