Top 20 Weirdest Eating Rituals in Sports

Everyone has different habits for eating. It may be how you eat it, how it’s made, what it is, etc. These differences can fuel some solid recipes and dishes and other times it can fuel full on health problems. Some people chain themselves from carbs, others carb-load. Some eat an entire pizza for dinner and other people can’t wrap their heads around even eating one slice. People eat slow and fast, loudly and softly, with small bites or monster bites. With so many differences in the normal day life, of course things are going to get weird when you throw in athleticism, coat it with superstition and add a sprinkle of OCD into that mix.

Most people live with superstitions. We poke fun at Friday the 13th, but some people actually take that seriously. Normally, our superstitions are related to how something is going to turn out and something may be done to try to trick the universe into making it a good day, and if it’s not done, well then forget about it. If you want to see ridiculous superstitions, sports is where you'll find a bunch of them. I actually have a friend who eats a KitKat before any street hockey game he plays. We're talking about street hockey here, not even professional sports. I compulsively try different jerseys on during games to turn around the Pittsburgh Penguins mojo. You never say the words “perfect game,” “sweep,” or “shutout.” If you do, you are the single reason why it didn’t happen. Logically, this is insane, but it makes people feel secure.

With professional athletes specifically, they tend to get crazy when it comes to eating and superstition. Some may perform this ritual everyday or only once in a while. Some of these athletes might have a bridezilla-esque breakdown if it can’t be performed for any reason, while others might let it go a little easier. If you’re curious at how dedicated some of these guys get, here are the top 20 weirdest food rituals in sports.

20 Rasual Butler

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19 Johan Cruyff

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18 Clint Barmes

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17 Caron Butler

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16 Yorvit Torrealba

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15 Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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14 Wade Boggs

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13 Ray Allen

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12 Jerry Tarkanian


11 Stephane Lebeau


10 Claude Giroux

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9 Usain Bolt

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8 Brian Urlacher

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7 Sidney Crosby

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6 2008 Boston Celtics

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5 Turk Wendell


4 Pelle Lindbergh


3 Les Miles

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

2 Wayne Gretzky

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1 Lyoto Machida


Lyoto has won 22 fights with nine knockouts and has definitely been one of the best in the UFC over the last decade. His insane habit is that he drinks his own urine every morning. He and his father believe in urine therapy, something that is very common in China and that has existed since the beginning of civilization. Before freaking out and going “EEEEWWWWWWWW” (which you likely already did), keep in mind this can have health benefits. It can potentially clear up things like acne, cleanse your blood and help your immune system. Advocates also claim that it could potentially decrease your risk of liver cancer and heart disease. On top of that, it could potentially be a remedy for things like polio, AIDS, rabies, the flu, arthritis, and a lot more. In the United States especially, people would be quick to reject the idea, but hey, maybe Lyoto, his father, and the rest of the world are on to something.

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Top 20 Weirdest Eating Rituals in Sports