Top 25 Hottest Daughters of Professional Athletes

The basic math seems simple enough – pretty people breeding with prettier people usually produce some – well – pretty offspring. Look at some of the celebrity couples in and around Hollywood who have

The basic math seems simple enough – pretty people breeding with prettier people usually produce some – well – pretty offspring. Look at some of the celebrity couples in and around Hollywood who have kids who grew up to be absolutely stunning in their own right. Kate Hudson? Liv Tyler? Zoe Kravitz?

Professional athletes are no different. They, like rock stars and Hollywood A-Listers, seem to have their pick of some of the most beautiful women in the world. Models, actresses, singers – some of the most insanely gorgeous women seem to gravitate toward professional athletes. And when they get together, get married, and have children, not very surprisingly, they have offspring who grow up to be pretty damn easy on the eyes.

You can look through the world of sports, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, auto racing, and soccer, and see athletes who've had children who have grown up to be stunners. Maybe it's all a gift of genetics. But when athletes combine with say – actresses, supermodels, or even other athletes – the results can be downright amazing. And can give you a whole different reason to root for somebody.

Though some of these women have sought out the spotlight, appearing in movies, television programs, modeling, and in one case – ahem – adult entertainment, many others don't. But thanks to the prevalence of social media, the spotlight has sought out some of the stunning daughters of current and former professional athletes. And we're incredibly thankful it has.

Thanks to those who've sought out the spotlight, and social media stalkers for those who haven't, we've been exposed to some of the hottest daughters the world of sports has to offer. It was a chore narrowing the list down to just 25 when there are some absolute stunners to choose from. So what we're saying is this list is far from comprehensive.

Here then, are 25 of the most beautiful daughters produced by professional athletes...

25 Rachel Bradshaw


Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw is not a pretty man. His daughter Rachel however, is an absolute stunner. But being beautiful isn't her only talent. Rachel is a country music artist, and has found some success. She's also the first solo female singer/songwriter to be signed by Bigger Picture Group. She's smart, gorgeous, and talented! Sadly, her husband former NFL kicker Rob Bironas, passed away this week. Our thoughts are with their family.

24 Gigi Meyer


Ohio State University head football coach Urban Meyer may be a polarizing figure, with people across the country – especially in Florida – thinking he's the devil incarnate, but he most certainly helps produce some stunning girls. Gigi, we're sure, helped bring a lot of attention to women's volleyball at Florida Gulf Coast University.

23 Anne Marie Carbonneau-Morrow


Anne Marie is daughter of Montreal Canadiens icon Guy Carbonneau – somebody who would body check you into tomorrow for looking at her the wrong way. While her dad toiled away in the league for 20 seasons, playing for the Canadiens, Dallas Stars, and St. Louis Blues, Anne Marie grew up very nicely. Eventually, she married daddy's former teammate, Brendan Morrow, and has lived happily ever after since.

22 Brittny Gastineau


Her father Mark was a defensive force with the New York Jets for nearly a decade. His biggest achievement however, may be the birth of his daughter Brittny. In addition to a reality TV series with her mother, she's done some modeling work, with a couple of memorable spreads in Maxim and Stuff.

21 Nicki Meyer


Nicki is the other daughter of Ohio State coach Urban Meyer. Like her sister Gigi, Nicki is a volleyball player, but at Georgia Tech rather than in Florida. And also like her sister Gigi, Nicki is an absolute stunner. As mentioned before, Urban Meyer can be a polarizing figure, but there's one thing that can't be denied. He has beautiful daughters.

20 Ashley Force-Hood

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Firstly, she's the stunner on the right in the picture. There aren't many athletes out there who can claim to have whipped their father at their own sport, but Ashley Force-Hood is one of them. The daughter of 15-time NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car National Champion John Force, Ashley was named rookie of the year in 2007 after winning her first professional race, and got to beat her own dad along the way. What can we say? The girl gets guys' engines revving.

19 Stephanie McMahon


WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was never shy about putting his daughter Stephanie's “assets” on display for his own financial gain. And fans around the world are very glad he did. For a time, she was a very visible presence with WWE though over the last couple of years, her role seems to have diminished, and she's made but a handful of public appearances.

18 Jasmyn Wilkins


The daughter of longtime NBA veteran Gerald Wilkins, daughter Jasmyn has made a name for herself, being named Miss Georgia in 2012. She's graduated from Clemson and is currently majoring in nursing at Georgia State University. She was also quite the accomplished athlete and musician back in school, showing how well rounded she really is.

17 Bianca La Russa


Bianca is the daughter of one of baseball's greatest managers, Tony La Russa. She had a shortlived career as an NFL cheerleader in 2011, making the final cut with Oakland's Raiderettes before an injury forced her to retire just a few weeks into the regular season, robbing us all of seeing her on the sidelines. She might have been the relief that Raiders fans needed from their team...

16 Avery Schlereth


Avery is the younger daughter of retired Denver Broncos offensive lineman, current ESPN analyst and all around dirty player, Mark Schlereth. Avery began modeling at a young age, and like a fine wine, has gotten better with age. She's currently pursuing a career on the silver screen and we all hope to see her there.

15 Chloe Trestman


Her dad has the tough job of turning Jay Cutler into a real NFL QB, and making the Chicago Bears into contenders. But perhaps his toughest job is keeping boys away from his gorgeous daughter, Chloe. And don't think for a moment that Trestman won't send Lance Briggs over to put a hurt on you if you step out of line with Chloe.

14 Sydney Esiason


Boomer who? As great as he was as an NFL quarterback, Sydney is by far, his greatest achievement. She might even be enough for Cincinnati fans to forgive him for never bringing a Super Bowl title to their town.

13 Alexandria Schlereth


Alexandria is the other daughter of former Bronco and current ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth. She's also the second of his two daughters to make this list. Alexandria does some football analysis work of her own with FoxSports and has been acting and modeling on and off since 2006.

12 Stephanie Turner


Stephanie's father Norv may be a terrible head coach, but he's one hell of an offensive coordinator – and he has produced a truly stunning daughter to boot. She's pursued a career in acting and has also used her “unique perspective” on football to launch her own sports website, She certainly knows her sport and is well worth checking out... and so is her website.

11 Sara Kosar


Cleveland Browns iconic QB Bernie Kosar has had a rough stretch since retiring from the NFL. And we doubt that his daughter Sara – aka Lexxi Silver – made things any easier. Sara – errrr – Lexxi has established herself in the adult entertainment industry, starring in several “films.” She's got quite an extensive resume – but we're not providing you with links. Go find it for yourself.

10 Bianca Gascoigne


English soccer players are never short of beautiful women to date. And sometimes, they produce absurdly attractive children. Take for example, model and actress Bianca Gascoigne, daughter of former Newcastle and Tottenham midfielder Paul Gascoigne, and also a veteran of the English national team. Almost enough to convert soccer fans, isn't it?

9 Gina Carano


Though Gina has made quite the name for herself as an actress and a former MMA fighter, she has her roots in the NFL. Her father Glenn, was a backup for the Dallas Cowboys, playing second fiddle to the likes of Roger Staubach and Danny White. Carano has done quite a bit of modeling work, and has appeared in various fitness magazines, as well as ESPN's annual “body issue.”

8 Kate Mara


Kate Mara is one of Hollywood's underrated beauties. She's also the daughter of NY Giants exec Timothy Mara, granddaughter of Wellington Mara, the team's late owner, and is the great niece of Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney. She's also the sister of hottie Rooney Mara, and has had some memorable roles in movies like We Are Marshall, Shooter, and the television show American Horror Story.

7 Paulina Gretzky


When your parents are Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones, you've pretty well got genetics on your side. And Paulina, the eldest of the Great Ones' five children, has made the most of her genetics, posting some very racy pictures that set the internet on fire, to her Instagram account. Since then, she's gone on to do some modeling and singing – and of course, continues to post super hot pictures of herself to Instagram.

6 Deepika Padukone


Unless you follow the world badminton circuit, you'll likely never know who Prakash Padukone is. But he's a pretty big deal in India. He also has one of the most stunning daughters ever – Deepika. She's an actress who hasn't yet hit the big time in Hollywood. But we're hoping that changes very soon since we could watch her reciting the phone book on screen all day.

5 Jordin Sparks


She's best known as a singer, songwriter, and winner of American Idol's sixth season, but Jordin is also the daughter of New York Giants veteran cornerback Phillippi Sparks who played for seven seasons in the Big Apple. In addition to singing, Jordin has also developed an acting career, starring alongside Whitney Houston – in what would be her final role – in 2012's Sparkle.

4 Leigh Mayock

via Leigh Mayock

Mike Mayock was a defensive back with the NY Giants for about a minute, and has made more of a name for himself as an NFL writer and analyst. But football fans around the country would most assuredly like to see less of him and more of his daughter Leigh, who works for NBC Sports.

3 Elizabeth Montana


Joe Montana, aka Joe Cool, was great in the clutch. He led 31 4th quarter come from behind wins over the course of his illustrious Hall of Fame career. Joe Cool was apparently pretty clutch in helping produce some gorgeous daughters as well – which can be evidenced by daughter Elizabeth who has lit up the internet with some pretty steamy bikini shots.

2 Alexa Flutie


Undersized but effective in the NFL, QB Doug Flutie inspired a lot of people. But we should all give him thanks for his daughter Alexa. She made some headlines for becoming a finalist for the New England Patriots' cheer squad – the final team her dad played for. But she eventually found her way to California where she opted to shake her pom-poms for the San Diego Chargers instead.

1 Angela Rypien


We should all be thankful Angela Rypien didn't inherit her looks from her father, two-time Super Bowl winning QB Mark Rypien. She did however, inherit his passion for the game, becoming the starting QB for the Seattle Mist and later the Baltimore Charm in the Lingerie Football League. She's a stunner with one hell of an arm.

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Top 25 Hottest Daughters of Professional Athletes