Top 25 Hottest Female Olympians

The Olympics are the most prestigious sporting event in the world.  Athletes dedicate their whole lives for the possibility of glory, that chance of winning a gold medal and earning instant athletic immortality. Unlike in professional sports, women often overshadow the men during the Olympics. Some of the most beautiful women on the entire planet are Olympic athletes. Watching females dominate a sport is one of the most attractive attributes known to man. When these same females are incredibly attractive physically, you have some of the greatest specimens in the world. The Olympic motto is derived from three Latin words: Citius, Altius, Fortius. In English: Faster, Higher, Stronger. I'd like to add 1 more word: Decorus. In English: Beautiful.

You wish that these women would be more prominently featured other than once every four years. Some participate in sports that are in the public eye for more extended periods, but some just have their few weeks and then live under the radar for another few years.

The Olympics have come a long way since 776 B.C., when a cook named Coroebus won the inaugural event, a 192-meter footrace called the stade to become the first Olympic champion. The events have evolved, and so have the athletes, who have started to resemble actual Greek Goddesses. Zeus would be proud. These athletes range from magicians on the ice, to beasts in the water, to adrenaline junkies on the mountain. Reaching the podium of this list proved to be more challenging than any Olympic event.Choosing 25 of the hottest Olympians was an incredibly grueling task, but somebody had to do it.

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25 Sydney Leroux

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Leroux began her career with Team Canada at the age of 14 as the youngest player at the 2004 FIFA U-19 Women's World Cup, held in Thailand. Just a few years later, she made the controversial decision to add some blue to the red and white, becoming a member of Team USA. Her father, former MLB pitcher Ray Chadwick is American. She has been a star for the Americans and won a Gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. Leroux was engaged to MLB player Brett Lawrie, but shipped him out of town just like the Blue Jays did, and traded him for MLS player Dom Dwyer.

24 Irina Avvakumova

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This ski jumper has won several national championships in Russia. She won the women's Continental Cup season in 2012/13. Since 2009, Avvakumova has studied sports at the Moscow State Academy of Physical Education, Youth and Tourism. You read that right, she has studied sports. Sports. I really didn't think there was anything that could ever convince me to move to Russia, but if I can study sports and hang out with people the likes of Avvakumova, book me a one way ticket pronto.

23 Katarina Witt

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Witt is an Olympic legend winning multiple gold medals in skating. She was a massive star in Russia and around the world, earning her first million by the age of 20. She posed nude for "Playboy" magazine in 1998. It marked only the second time in the history of the magazine that an issue sold out, the first time since Marilyn Monroe.  You may have heard of her. Witt also had a cameo in the movie "Jerry Maguire", and the TV shows "Frasier" and "Everybody Loves Raymond".

22 Maria Komissarova

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Komissarova won a silver medal at the 2012 World Championships and instantly became the face of Russian Freestyle Skiing. Wait, you're telling me with looks like that, she wasn't already the face? While training at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park on the ski cross course of the Sochi Winter Olympics, she suffered a spinal cord injury in a terrible crash.She was rushed to surgery and forced to missed the Olympics. Komissarova continues to battle hard at rehab in effort to be ready for the 2018 Games.

21 Gretchen Bleiler

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Bleiler is a snowboarding legend, she's a two time Olympic silver medalist, a World Superpipe Champion, and a 4-time X Games gold medalist.  he has used her influence to become a global warming advocate. She saw the effects of climate change travelling around the world as a professional snowboarder. Bleiler has committed to acting on climate change and has lobbied on Capitol Hill, worked with brands to design sustainable products, and spoke at events like the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris.

20 Anna Prugova

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The Russian goalie is from Khabarovsk in the far east of Russia. I didn't know they made them like this over there, though it probably still won't make the list of my next vacation possibilities. At the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, at the age of 16, she was the youngest competitor in women's hockey. When I was 16, I couldn't even spell hockey. She was on the bronze medal winning team at the 2016 IIHF Women's World Championship. Prugova plays professionally in Russia for the Tornado Moscow Region.

19 Elisa Di Francisca

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This Italian fencer is a master with the sword. She was the Olympic champion in 2012, World champion in 2010 and a three-time European champion. She won the 2010–11 World Cup series and has seven World Cup victories total. As a child, she was first put into ballet, but found it much too boring. Luckily, the town's biggest sport was fencing; she tried it, and never looked back. Di Francisca is involved in many campaigns to end violence against women, stemming from her own experience of an abusive relationship when she was in high school.

18 Jessica Ennis-Hill

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Ennis-Hill is a phenomenal athlete. Well of course she is, she's an Olympian. But even compared to other Olympic athletes, she is on another level. She competes in multiple events and is an Olympic and World Champion in the heptathlon and currently holds the British national record. She is also a former British record holder in the 100 metre hurdles, the high jump and the indoor pentathlon. Her defining moment came in 2012 when she won gold competing in her home country during the London Olympics.

17 Kim Glass

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Glass made her first Olympic appearance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, leading Team USA to a silver medal.  She stands at a towering 6-foot-3, so it comes as no surprise that she is also a model. Glass tried out for Tyra Banks' show America's Next Top Model five times while she was attending college. That's some impressive persistence. Tyra's loss was the USA volleyball team's gain. Glass has played professionally overseas for several years, playing for a variety of different squads.

16 Lolo Jones

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Jones has won both USA and World championships in the hurdles, and has competed in the last three Summer Olympics where she has yet to medal.  She also participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics as a bobsledder, where she finished in 11th place.  Jones has been hated on by her own teammates for receiving so much attention regarding her looks. They don’t think she’s earned the spotlight the right way. Well it’s not Jones’s fault she is so wonderfully beautiful.

15 Ekaterina Bobrova

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I'm not certain what's more beautiful, Bobrova or her trophy room.  Among her many triumphs are five Russian Championships and a 2013 World bronze medal with her ice dancing partner Dmitri Soloviev. She told Russia's Men's Health magazine: "Every man should buy his woman an underwear - at least once first to check if he can figure out her breast size with his hands, and secondly to show her which knickers and bra he loves on her most." Clearly English is her second language, though you can't argue with these words.

14 Lindsey Vonn

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With 70 World Cup victories, Vonn is the most successful downhill skier of all time. She became the first American woman to win Olympic gold in the Downhill at the 2010 Vancouver Games and also earned a bronze in the Super G. Around this time, she began to date an animal named Eldrick. You probably know him as Tiger. Vonn was Woods' first girlfriend since his cheating scandal played out in front of the whole world.  They called it quits in May of 2015, citing their conflicting schedules.

13 Almudena Cid Tostado

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Tostado began doing gymnastics at the age of six and became a member of the Spanish National Team in 1994 at the age of 14. She competed in four straight Olympics starting in 1998. The stunning Spaniard competed in rhythmic gymnastics. She was the first Spanish gymnast to reach to Olympic finals and is the only rhythmic gymnast to make the finals of four consecutive Olympics. Unfortunately, even with four chances, her best ever finish was only 8th. Eighth in the world, you know what, that's actually not too shabby. She once had a modelling contract with Nike and also modeled underwear for the "Love Store".

12 Ekaterina Galkina

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At only 25, Galkina has been kicking ass and taking names since 2006 when she was the European champion. She rocked the Russian curling scene too, winning back to back Russian Championships. This Motherland beauty has competed in three straight Olympic Games for Russia. Those fans in Turin, Vancouver and Sochi sure lucked out. In 2014 Galkina and Team Russia picked up a bronze medal victory over Team Korea for her country's first women's world curling championship medal. Nothing against curling, but when the athletes look like Galkina, it is a must see event. Sweeeep, sweeeep, hurry hard!

11 Hilary Knight

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Knight is an Olympic Silver Medalist, MVP of the Canadian Women’s Professional hockey league, four-time World Champion and three-time All American in the sport of women’s hockey. In college she starred for the Wisconsin Badgers, winning an NCAA championship and breaking several records. Knight was drafted first overall by the Boston Blades of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League in 2012. In her first season she led the Blades in goals and was awarded league MVP. In 2015 Knight joined the Boston Pride for the inaugural season of the National Women's Hockey League.

10 Annette Gerritsen

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Gerritsen has been a stalwart in the speed skating world producing sustained success for a many years. The beautiful Dutch woman has a closet full of medals. Gerritsen holds the Dutch junior record in the 500 meter event and, along with her teammates, holds the world junior record in the team event. Her greatest triumph occurred in 2010 during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Gerritsen took home a silver medal in the 1,000 meter race. She was only two hundredths of a second behind gold medalist Christine Nesbitt of Canada. That's okay Annette, you are two hundred spots above Nesbitt on this list.

9 Jennie Finch

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The dominating softball pitcher shined bright on the diamond. She won the Women's College World Series in 2001 and joined the USA National team that same year. She led team USA to an Olympic gold medal in 2004 and took home a silver medal in 2008. Finch is the most famous women's softball player in the world. In 2005, she married MLB pitcher Casey Daigle. Who? It's not often a professional baseball pitcher's wife is a better pitcher than them. These days Finch teaches camps across the country and has her own softball academy.

8 Tanith Belbin

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Belbin and her ice dancing partner Benjamin Agosto, were silver medalists in the 2006 Winter Olympics. They finished a disappointing fourth in the 2010 Olympics. In another example of how moronic men can be, Belbin once had a boyfriend who loved video games so much that he would play them even when she came over to hang out. "I'm not opposed to video games-everyone has a hobby," she says. "But if I come over to spend time with you, I want to do something together, not sit passively and watch." No s*** dude, you're lucky enough to even get a shot with somebody like Belbin.

7 Ekaterina Stolyarova

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This freestyle skier competed at her first Olympics in Vancouver in 2010. The sport runs in her family, her dad is a top freestyle coach and her mom is a coach and international referee. So it's no surprise she was on the mountains a ton as a toddler. She was skiing by two and a half. Seems dangerous to me, but hey, it turned out alright for this stunning Olympian. There's no truth to the rumor Stolyarova is named after Stoli's, the popular Russian Vodka, although all vodka is popular in Russia.

6 Anna Kournikova

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When you think about Kournikova, the first thing that pops into your head is not "Olympic athlete". In fact, it might not even be "athlete". There is a good chance it is "absolute gorgeous 10 bombshell". But Kournikova was a superb athlete and participated in the 1996 Summer Olympics at the age of 15. She put together a showing reminiscent of her professional career; knocked out in the first round of both the singles and doubles tournament. Kournikova retired from the game of tennis in 2003 at the young age of just 22 due to a number of injuries, but she still plays the occasional exhibition or charity event.

5 Fatima Moreira de Melo

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She is one of Holland's greatest ever field hockey players. She played for the team that won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, having previously won a bronze medal at the Sydney games in 2000, and silver in 2004 in Athens. As her playing career winded down, she began to play poker, making it all the way to the European Poker Tour. She's won over $100,000, including three top 10 finishes. She is incredibly talented all around, earning a Masters Degree in Law, and also having worked as a television host and singer.

4 Alexandra Saitova

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This ravishing Russian competed in her first Olympics at here home country in Sochi.  By the age of 21 she had already won two bronze medals at the Russian Curling Championships. In 2012 she added another bronze to her trophy case, this time on the world stage at the World Junior Championships. Warning:  The rest of this paragraph is going to be really sad. Saitova is already married. There's an old wives tale in Russia that goes something like "All the beautiful Russian Curlers get married early." It appears to be a story of truth.

3 Maria Sharapova

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Sharapova's first Olympics were at London in 2012. She took home a silver medal in women’s singles, losing the gold to her American rival Serena Williams. Well, here is your consolation Maria, no.3 on this illustrious list with Serena no where in sight. Sharapova was once engaged to Lakers basketball player Sasha Vujacic, one of the most annoying athletes in pro sports. To the chagrin of single men everywhere, the Russian rocket called off the engagement. Sharapova recently made news for her impending suspension for use of the drug meldonium which was added to the banned substance list on January 1st.

2 Erin Phillips

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Phillips is a member of the Australian women's national basketball team, winning a silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.  On the court, Phillips and her short hair portray that of a tomboy.  Off the court, well just check out the photo shoot she did for Alpha magazine, hotter than an Australian Christmas. Phillips does not hold back, telling Alpha, "We're not going to be team USA's little b***". Her dad is a former professional Australian Rules Football star who was named as one of the greatest players in the history of the Port Adelaide club.

1 Alex Morgan

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At only 26, Morgan looks poised to become one of the greatest American soccer players to lace up the boots.  Her beauty is matched by her incredible skill on the pitch.  At the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, Morgan won her first Olympic gold medal. Earlier this year, Morgan joined her teammates in filing a complaint of wage discrimination against U.S. Soccer, alluding to large discrepancies between the wages for players on the women's and men's national teams. When you see the attention the women's team receives both on and off the field, they have a very strong case.

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