Top 25 Hottest NFL Wives

With NFL season fast approaching, every sports fan has football on the mind even more than usual. Fantasy football fans are already studiously poring over countless articles and magazines to determine who will grace their teams this year and lead them to victory. However, though all the focus is on the football players prepping for their time on the field, many NFL players have something besides athleticism in common – namely, gorgeous wives. Fantasy football could take on two meanings if you were to look at the bombshells on the arms of many NFL players.

It’s no secret that professional athletes often attract insanely beautiful women, and things are certainly not any different in the NFL. NFL players are extremely successful at what they do, and let’s face it, the fact that they’re all in incredible shape certainly doesn’t hurt in their quest to find potential mates. The spots for wives in the stadium are filled with women who could be – or, very often are – models. The gorgeous women on this list are as diverse as the players they found love with. From models and former pageant winners to world renowned actresses and singers to ex athletes and ordinary girls, these women enthralled their respective NFL stars enough to lead them down the aisle and into wedded bliss.

After the gruelling workouts and challenging games, the husbands on this list all have something to look forward to at the end of the day as they come home to their stunning partners. Here is a list of 25 of the hottest NFL wives.

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25 Carmella DeCesare – married to Jeff Garcia

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DeCesare, who is married to former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia, graced the pages of Playboy in her twenties. She was named Cyber Girl of the Week in October 2002, Cyber Girl of the Month in February of 2003, and was named Miss April in a 2003 issue of the print publication. She was also honored with the title of 2004 Playboy Playmate of the year. Now married with two sons and two daughters, DeCesare has distanced herself from her Playboy roots, but remains just as gorgeous as always.

24 Elisabeth Hasselbeck – married to Tim Hasselbeck

via babble.com

While she first came into the public eye as young Elisabeth Filarski on the second season of Survivor, her spot on talk show The View has propelled her into the limelight. She married her college boyfriend, former NFL quarterback turned ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck, in 2002, and the couple have three children. Hasselbeck’s good looks and bubbly personality are certainly factors in her success, but she acknowledges that her entertainment career is in large parts thanks to the influence of the Hasselbeck family.

23 Heather Mitts Feeley – married to A.J. Feeley

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While she happily cheered on her hubby A.J. Feeley, a former NFL quarterback, Heather Mitts Feeley is more used to being on the field than in the stands. A former professional soccer player, Mitts is a three-time Olympic gold medalist as a member of the U.S. women’s national team. She has played professionally for a number of teams such as the Philadelphia Charge and Boston Breakers. The blonde bombshell has received attention for attributes besides her athleticism, however, as she was voted the sexiest player in the WUSA in 2001 and ESPN.com’s Hottest Female Athlete in 2004.

22 Carrie Prejean Boller – married to Kyle Boller

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The wife of former quarterback Kyle Boller is perhaps better known as Miss California USA 2009 and Miss USA 2009 first runner-up. Prejean has modeled for various department stores and appeared as a model on game show Deal or No Deal. The couple, married in 2010, are parents to daughter Grace Christina. Carrie, whose time in the public eye was filled with controversy, published a memoir in 2009 that discusses her perceptions of the media’s attacks on her conservative values.

21 Samantha Ponder – married to Christian Ponder

via espnmediazone.com

Arizona-born Samantha Ponder, married to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, has her own foot in the sports world as a sportscaster. She is currently a reporter and host for ESPN college football and basketball, and was Erin Andrews’ replacement on Saturday morning’s College GameDay. She has also been a sideliner reporter for ESPN’s Thursday Night College Football, replacing Jenn Brown.

20 Brittany Brees – married to Drew Brees

via girongirls.com

Brittany Brees is married to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. The couple started dating while drew was still a college player at Purdue University and Mrs. Brees was still just Miss Dudchenko. They have three sons and are known for their charitable contributions.

19 Brittany Langdon Barkley- married to Matt Barkley

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Again with the trend of athletes attracting athletes is Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley and his soccer star wife, Brittany Langdon. The (relatively) newlyweds wed in July of 2013. The couple, who met when they were children, began dating at the young age of 16 and were together throughout their years as college athletes.

18 October Gonzalez – married to Tony Gonzalez

via thefumble.com

Wife of newly retired tight end Tony Gonzalez, October Gonzalez brought her assets into the spotlight when she posed with her husband for a PETA ad – naked. They had a commitment ceremony in 2007 and consider themselves married. Tony had a long NFL career, and stunning wife October stood rooting him on in the stadium for years on end.

17 Jennifer Walcott-Archuleta – married to Adam Archuleta

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Walcott, an American glamour model and actress, is married to former NFL safety Adam Archuleta. She was Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month in August 2001, and subsequently participated in countless shoots for the magazine, as well as became a member of the Playboy Xtreme team. She can also be seen in several music videos, health and fitness magazines, and the feature films American Pie: Band Camp and The Pool Boys.

16 Laurie Schaub – married to Matt Schaub

via houston.cbslocal.com

Mr. and Mrs. Schaub played out the classic football player and cheerleader courtship – they met at a charity golf tournament hosted by one of Matt’s Atlanta Falcons teammates, while Matt was just starting as a benchwarmer for Atlanta and Laurie was a Falcons cheerleader. They married in 2008 and have three daughters. Despite being a busy mom, the former cheerleader is in enviable shape and graces nearly every hottest NFL wives list available.

15 Sasha Dindayal – married to Antonio Gates

via playerwives.com

San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates married Sasha Dindayal in 2011. While she is reportedly working on creating her own business as of late, Dindayal is a former hip hop video star and model. Though she has been the subject of speculations regarding her former romances and past scandals, the couple seem happy and supportive of one another.

14 Anna Burns Welker – married to Wes Welker

via aol.com

Former model Anna Burns Welker is married to Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker. Once named Miss Hooters International 2005, the stunner is certainly a passionate spitfire and has made comments to the press that probably didn’t make things too easy for Mr. Welker. Even if she gets too opinionated about his purple-clad opponents, however, the fact that she’s certainly easy on the eyes might soften the blow.

13 Abby McGrew – married to Eli Manning

via mstarz.com

Abby McGrew met her husband Eli Manning while they were both studying at Ole Miss (the University of Mississippi) and they have been together ever since. The couple got married in 2008 and have two daughters. Abby differs slightly from the many models that grace the arms of NFL stars, as she diligently worked on her own career while supporting her man. While Eli played with the New York Giants, Abby studied fashion in New York City and eventually found a career as an account executive with Pamela Roland.

12 Lindsey Hauschka – married to Steven Hauschka

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While many athletes’ wives are content to relax and allow their husbands to be the breadwinners of the family, Lindsey Hauschka took a page from Elle Woods’ book and went by a far different route. The couple met while at Middlebury College, but once Steven made it into the NFL, Lindsey kept on with her own dreams and obtained a law degree in 2011. They married about a month after her law school graduation. Hauschka is notorious for being a humongous Seattle Seahawks fan, and her social media presence shows her to be extremely supportive of both her husband and his entire team.

11 Kelsi Reich – married to David Nelson

via knoxnews.com

Blonde bombshell Kelsi Reich snagged wide receiver David Nelson while she was cheering on the sidelines – for the other team! The Dallas Cowboys cheerleader’s relationship with Nelson was brought into the spotlight in the infamous moment when Nelson celebrated a touchdown by running across the field to hug his cheerleader.

10 Kendra Wilkinson Baskett – married to Hank Baskett

via suturi.com

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett is someone who has been in the spotlight since the young age of 18 as a resident of the Playboy mansion and star of The Girls Next Door. Her time with her husband, former wide receiver Hank Baskett, has been documented on her reality shows Kendra and Kendra on Top. The couple have been facing some scandal in the press as of late, which will be explored on the next season of their show. Regardless of their marital issues, however, the former Girls Next Door tomboy has maintained her Playboy figure despite having two children and continues to stun with her bikini ready body and fun loving personality.

9 Lacey Minchew – married to Matt Flynn

via aol.com

Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn married his girlfriend Lacey Minchew in 2013. The southern belle, who originally hails from Atlanta, attended Louisiana State University, where Flynn played. Lacey was a member of the LSU Golden Girls dance team for the entirety of her time at LSU. She also participated in pageants, snagging the title of Miss Teen America in 2002, and Miss Louisiana in 2009.

8 Leila Lopes – married to Osi Umenyiora

via gotceleb.com

Leila Lopes (or, full name, Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes – what a mouthful!) recently married Atlanta Falcons linebacker Osi Umenyiora in a traditional Angolan ceremony. Leila is most known for her role as Miss Universe, a title she won in 2011.

7 Lauren Tannehill – married to Ryan Tannehill

via nfl.com

Everyone knows Lauren Tannehill after the infamous draft day incident. When her husband, now Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, was drafted in 2012, a quick camera shot of Lauren was enough to spark the public’s curiosity about the identity of the blonde and start a twitter frenzy. The couple married in 2012. Lauren has done some modeling work, as many beautiful NFL wives have, but is also reported to be a nurse in training.

6 Jessica Simpson – married to Eric Johnson

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After a long engagement, pop star Jessica Simpson finally married former NFL tight end Eric Johnson in 2014. The couple have two children together. Simpson has released seven studio albums and been in movies such as Employee of the Month and Blonde Ambition, as well as playing the infamous Daisy Duke in 2005’s The Dukes of Hazzard.

5 Kristin Cavallari – married to Jay Cutler

via wallpampers.com

Kristin Cavallari rose to fame as a teenager on MTV’s Laguna Beach, and later The Hills. She’s left the drama of reality television behind her, however, and instead has been focusing on her role as wife to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and mother to sons Camden and Jaxon. Cavallari and Cutler married in 2013.

4 Kerry Washington – married to Nnamdi Asomugha

via huffingtonpost.com

Actress Kerry Washington has had a meteoric rise to fame since starring as the popcorn-eating, wine-swigging, impeccably dressed Olivia Pope on Scandal. She has received countless nominations for her role as Olivia Pope and was included in Time magazine’s “Most Influential People in the World” in 2014. While two of her prominent movie roles involve playing wife to Ray Charles in Ray and Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland, in real life she’s wife to former NFL cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. The couple have one child together and married in Hailey, Idaho, in 2013.

3 Jessie James Decker – married to Eric Decker

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One of James’ songs claims that boys are hotter in the summer, but the country-pop star certainly isn’t too bad herself. The gorgeous couple were married in 2013 and have one child, Vivianne Rose. Having started auditioning in Nashville at age 15, James’ music career has taken off since the release of her self-titled debut album in 2009. If anyone is curious about the relationship between the country cutie and her NFL wide receiver husband, the two have a reality show on E! network entitled Eric and Jessie: Game On.

2 Candice Crawford – married to Tony Romo

via wallpapers.brothersoft.com

Good genes run in the Crawford family: Candice Crawford Romo is the sister of leading man Chace Crawford, who is best known for his role as Gossip Girl’s privileged Nate Archibald. Candice first stepped into the spotlight on the pageant stage and competed in several pageants. She was third runner up in Miss Texas Teen USA 2003 and 2005, and first runner up in Miss Missouri USA in 2007. She finally seized the crown in 2008 as Miss Missouri USA (where she won Special Achievement recognition in the swimsuit category, not too hard to believe if you see any shots of her in a bikini) and snagged 6th place in the Miss USA competition that year.

She also has a toe in the sports world – while studying journalism at the University of Missouri, she worked as a reporter and covered the Cowboys on CBS’ The Blitz. The former reporter for KDAF in Dallas, Texas later hosted the Dallas Cowboys’ weekend sports show, Special Edition. Having wrangled her own cowboy, she’s now mom to two sons, Hawkins and River.

1 Gisele Bündchen – married to Tom Brady

via huffingtonpost.com

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know who Gisele is – the ultra famous supermodel has turned the sidelines into a catwalk as she shows up to support her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The Brazilian-born Bündchen started modeling in her teenage years and has appeared on the covers of W, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, ELLE, Vogue, Esquire… the list goes on and on. The fashion icon has snagged over 600 magazine covers over the course of her career, and spent seven years as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. The couple, who married in 2009 and have two kids, are celebrity royalty in both the sports and fashion worlds.

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