Top 25 Hottest WAGs In Sports Today

Oh, to be a professional athlete. They’ve got the money. They got the fame. They’ve got the fast sports cars and the ridiculously amazing mansions. Not to mention these guys get to travel the world, visiting the planet’s most beautiful locations playing their sport of choice. Not a bad life, right? Well, hold on there…it only gets better. These guys have it all; including the most gorgeous women alive today. Regular guys would never have a chance with these women, but for these pro athletes? No problem.

At the Sportster, we’ve dug deep and brought you The Ten Hottest Wrestling WAGs and 10 Hottest Mistresses. In the world of hockey, it’s hard to understand why some ladies fall for their men, so we researched the 15 Top NHL Players with WAGs Too Hot for Them. And man, do beautiful women ever love football players! Maybe it’s the tight pants. Check out The Hottest WAG on Every NFL Team.

Being a professional athlete would be a dream, especially with one of these lovely ladies on your arm. From the stunning blonde puck-bunny who love a toothless smile, to the ravishing redhead that adores quarterbacks, it’s hard to choose the 25 hottest WAGs in the world of sport today, but The Sportster has a job to do dammit, so we’ll give it our best shot.

If they’re a wife or a girlfriend – they’re a WAG. And if they’re absolutely smoking hot - we’ll cover them here. This is The 25 Hottest WAGs in Sports Today. Not jealous yet? You’re about to be.

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27 Elisha Cuthbert

via hdwallpapers.in

Married to the Ottawa Senators defenceman Dion Phaneuf, Canadian-born actress Elisha Cuthbert is best known for the comedy The Girl Next Door and her role in the television series 24 opposite fellow Canadian Keifer Sutherland. Recently, she’s been seen in Aston Kutcher’s Netflix comedy The Ranch and recently filmed a role in the movie Goon: Last of the Enforcers opposite Sean William Scott. As a Canadian with an apparent love of hockey players, that role makes perfect sense. Before she married Phaneuf in 2013, she also dated former Dallas Stars bad-boy Sean Avery. Avery gave one of the most shocking media quotes in NHL history in response to Phaneuf dating Cuthbert, but was suspended by the NHL for the remarks. Looks like Elisha made the right choice and married the classier guy. We certainly hope Elisha’s career continues, as seeing this beautiful Canadian blonde is always a treat. The Great White North sure knows how to

26 Paulina Gretzky

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

For anybody else, it may be a tad difficult being the daughter of hockey’s all-time best player. However, Paulina Gretzky is doing her best to emerge from her father Wayne’s legendary shadow. This smoking hot blonde is currently married to golfer Dustin Johnson and recently just announced she’s preggers with baby number two. While Johnson himself has had some drug troubles in the past and removed himself from golf from some time, and Paulina went through a bit of an Instagram party-girl phase posting photos that would’ve made Wayne blush; the couple has seemingly recovered and are now happy and healthy. Take a look through Paulina’s Instagram and you will quickly discover why she deserves a spot on this list. The bathing suits are revealing, but hey, we are absolutely not complaining. Post away Paulina, post away. But Wayne, you may want to avert your eyes. These are not pictures for a father’s eyes.

25 Lisalla Montenegro

via clebhealthy.com

Married to the incredibly lucky Anaheim Angels pitcher C.J Wilson, the absolutely stunning Lisalla Montenegro is a Brazilian model, working with make-up brand Maybelline and is also a Victoria Secret Model. Of course she is. Montenegro and Wilson met through mutual friends as she was filming a commercial and apparently hit it off right away. The couple married in not long after 2013, and honeymooned in Lisalla’s home country of Brazil. While Lisalla took on Wilson’s last name, she still uses her maiden name professionally. C.J and Lisalla have a beautiful baby daughter, Valentina, who was born in 2016. As with most models and gorgeous women these days, everybody has a camera-phone and everyone has social media, which is a great place to show off the goods. If you’d like a look into Lisalla’s life and some incredible pictures, check out her Instagram. One of her most famous shoots was for Maxim magazine, as she sports an itsy-bitsy bikini. She’s also a fan of sports-cars, baseball (no kidding) and Game of Thrones. Perfect, much?

24 Julianne Hough

Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY

She’s a singer. She’s a dancer. She’s an actress. Yes, Julianne Hough can do it all and then some. Oh, and she’s also a total smoke show. Blonde bombshell Julianne is known for her roles in Rock of Ages and the Footloose remake, also appearing on such television programs as Dancing with the Stars. While filming the horror movie Curve, Julianne worked with actor Teddy Sears, who just so happened to be good friends with Canadian NHLer Brooks Laich. Brooks, at the time a Washington Capital, was introduced to Julianne and the pair immediately hit it off. After two years of dating, Brooks proposed in August of 2015. Laich has hit a roadblock in his hockey career recently, being traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2015-2016 NHL season, now, spending the entire 2016-17 season in the minor with the Toronto Marlies. A long distance relationship can be difficult, with Julianne in Hollywood and Brooks in Toronto, but if anybody can pull it off – these two can.

23 Ayesha Curry

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s another Canadian on the list – but this one is no hockey player. Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry, point-guard for the Golden State Warriors have known each other since the wee age of 14. An aspiring actress and television personality, Ayesha has her own cooking show and YouTube channel. Ayesha’s resume continues to grow, as does the Curry family. The two have two daughters, Riley and Ryan, who are posted all over Ayesha’s Instagram. The adorable pictures are incredibly popular, as was Riley Curry’s appearance at a press conference during the NBA Western Conference Finals. While Ayesha continues to grow her career and care for the growing Curry family, she no doubt feels great pride watching her hubby tear it up in the NBA. Steph Curry, now a two-time MVP, 4 time All-Star and NBA Champion. With the Golden State Warriors looking better than ever, his impressive list of accomplishments is no doubt about to get longer.

22 Olivia Munn


With an impressive resume and her Hollywood popularity growing rapidly, you know Olivia Munn as that smoking hot babe in the recent X-Men: Apocalypse, Zoolander 2 and the TV series Newsroom. With three movie releases coming in 2018, including the new Predator and Ocean’s Eight films, Olivia will be all over the big-screen in the coming years. Not only that, but she’s been dating Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers since 2014. With recent rumours of their engagement circling the internet, and a strange family drama story popping up, with the claim that the Rodgers’ family doesn’t trust Olivia, things certainly are interesting for the couple. When Aaron’s brother Jordan appeared on the television show The Bachelor, that’s when this story really took off, and since then it’s seems the family drama hasn’t gotten messy. Family issues aside, these two seem very much in love, and of course we hope it works out for this sports power couple.

21 Kate Bock

via wallpapersdsc.net

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a powerhouse in the NBA. So, things probably couldn’t get much better for power forward Kevin Love of the Cavaliers, right? Guess again. Kevin is also dating Sports Illustrated model Kate Bock. Another Canadian making the list (I’m seeing a theme here), Kate has appeared in the 2013 to 2016 Sports illustrated Swimsuit Issues, and take one look at her Instagram page and prepare to be smitten. Kate does more than swimsuits, however, appearing in such magazines as Elle and Maxim, along with appearances with Victoria Secret. After her Rookie of the Year photoshoot for the 2013 swimsuit edition, she’s appeared in every issue since. This Vancouver native was discovered at a swimming pool at age 12, and after spending some time in Paris early in her modelling career, speaks fluent French. Things just keep getting better for Kevin Love; a smoking hot model girlfriend with a French tongue. My goodness.

20 Ciara

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ciara can do it all. When it comes to the music industry, she’s a singer, songwriter, producer, and also has a few acting credits to her name. Ciara is a complete beauty, who is also married to Super Bowl Champion and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. In 2016 the two tied the knot with an incredibly lavish, incredibly expensive wedding in England. With a celebrity wedding planner and celebrity guests like the rapper Future and Kelly Rowland, the wedding band was Earth, Wind and Fire, the guests list was 100 people long and the whole ceremony probably cost more than your year’s salary. Recently, the couple announced their upcoming pregnancy via Ciara’s Instagram page, because why not. Ciara makes pregnancy look absolutely adorable, and I’m sure the couple’s baby will be just as precious.

19 Lauren Cosgrove

via keywordhut.com

This stunning ray of sunshine is Lauren Cosgrove; husband to Washington Capitals forward T.J Oshie. Just before T.J left for the Sochi Olympics to play for Team USA, he proposed to Lauren on the couple’s third anniversary. She was also super-pregnant before the Olympics and was unable to join T.J at the games. Both Minnesota natives, they met in college, while she was studying at the University of North Dakota and he was tearing it up in the college hockey scene. The pair married in 2015 and now have two daughters. And while the States may have lost out on the Gold Medal in Sochi, the Capitals look to be making a deep run in the 2016-17 NHL playoffs, so everything is looking good for the Oshie family. The only thing that would make being married to a lovely specimen such as Lauren better would be a Stanley Cup ring – maybe this is the Capitals’ year.

18 Erin Andrews

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Arguably the most beautiful reporter and host in all of sports, Erin Andrews has seen her fair share of troubles, including an incredibly creepy lawsuit where video of Erin undressing in a hotel was posted to the internet. She ended up winning $55 million in the lawsuit, which is good news for Andrews, who can devastated by the whole ordeal. Things are more positive recently for Erin, appearing on Dancing with the Stars and accepting an engagement to former NHLer Jarret Stoll. Stoll, who played for the Oilers, Kings, Rangers and Wild currently works as a scout for the Los Angeles Kings. While Stoll was pushed out of the younger, faster NHL, he continues working in the league and having the hottest lady in sports broadcasting on his arm is a pretty sweet deal. We love sports and we love watching Erin report them, because of her expertise and professionalism…of course.

17 Hannah Davis

George Walker IV/The Tennessean via USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model Hannah Davis is an absolute knockout. She’s been featured in countless magazines and photoshoots, showing off her ridiculous body and pure stunning good looks. As with most models, her Instagram is a treasure-trove of pure beauty. They’ve been off and on for years, but Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter have finally got their relationship figured out. 26 year old Davis married 42 year old Jeter in July of 2016. They also recently announced their first child, with an adorable picture of Jeter holding a handful of pink balloons. Looks like they’ll be having a baby girl, the only question is; will she be a model or a baseball player? Either way, this little one is bound to have endless skill and beauty, just like mom and dad. Her 2017 Swimsuit Edition pictures are pure ridiculous, as Hannah shows off her curves and exactly what attracted Derek to her in the first place.

16 Jaime Edmondson

via pinterest.com

Stunning brunette Jaime Edmondson was the Playmate of the Month for January of 2010, and the pictures are, well…awesome. She is most deficiently one of the hottest WAGs in Major League Baseball. She’s also a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and appears on the television show the Amazing Race in Season 14 and 15. In February of 2012, it was announced that Edmonson was dating Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria. Not long after, the couple announced they were pregnant with their first child. They weren’t quick to marry, however, but did tie the knot in December of 2015. While Longoria and the Rays are a long way from an MLB championship, he already hit the jackpot by marrying this beauty. At Spring training for the 2017 season, Longoria is seen sporting a new, thick beard, which he claims his wife absolutely loves. I always thought beards were more of a hockey thing, but hey, what do I know?

15 Lindsey Vecchione

via sportky.zoznam.sk

Former member of the Chicago Bliss from the LFL; the Lingerie Football League, Lindsey Vecchione is one hot tamale. She worked for Playboy and appeared in a Playstation commercial, but Lindsey is now famous for dating Chicago Blackhawks superstar Jonathan Toews. Like Lindsey, Toews is a master at his craft; winning multiple Stanley Cups, a Gold Medal and Junior Championships. Looks like Jonathan found himself a keeper; Lindsey is known for Lingerie football, nudie mags and video games. Jonathan just keeps on winning with this stunning blonde on his arm. As the captain of the Blackhawks with an already established career and many more quality years playing hockey ahead of him – we congratulate you, Jonathan. Would you rather kiss the Stanley Cup or Lindsey Vecchoine? Hmmm…that’s a tough one.

14 Carrie Underwood

Larry McCormack/ The Tennessean via USA TODAY Sports

American Idol champ, six-time Grammy award winner and complete babe, since she stormed onto the Country Music scene, Carrie Underwood has dominated the charts and won countless awards. Carrie is the definition of glitz and glamour, beauty and style. So, how does a small-town boy from Peterborough, Ontario win the heart of this striking beauty? Carrie met her husband Mike Fisher backstage at one of her concerts in 2008 and apparently they immediately hit it off. They married soon after in 2010 and had their first born son in February of 2015. Fisher, formerly an Ottawa Senator, was traded to the Nashville Predators in the 2010-2011 NHL season, much to the delight of his beautiful wife, who calls Nashville home. What is it with hot blondes having a thing for hockey players? It’s one of life’s great mysteries.

13 Georgina Dorsett

via theestle.net

Formerly a property developer, but now reality TV star and model, the exquisite Dorsett is the wife of Tom Cleverley, mid-fielder for Watford of Ioan. Famous for her role in the ridiculously cheesy scripted reality TV series Towie – The Only Way is Essex, which is essentially Britain’s answer to Jersey Shore, Dorsett loves to be photographed strutting her stuff for the paparazzi in some revealing outfits. Of course check out Georgina’s Instagram, where her love for her behind is quite apparent. We couldn’t agree more, Georgina. Keep it up, girl. Dorsett and Cleverley were engaged in 2014 and married the following year and share two children together. Georgina Dorsett is tall and beautiful, absolutely deserving of a spot on this list. When it comes to WAGs, Georgina is one of the hottest.

12 Danielle Knudson

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Canadian’s certainly are representing on this list. Meet Danielle Knudson, 27 year old Canadian model born in Alberta. Danielle is going to be hitting it big soon, with an appearance in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Maxim, and modelling for Guess, showing off her beauty and curves. She’s chosen a winner as well; as she’s recently been seen with Tennis pro boyfriend and fellow Canadian Milos Raonic. It would be a great disservice of ours if we didn’t link her Instagram account, which you will have a hard time tearing your eyes away from. You’re welcome for that one, by the way. With her unique features, platinum blonde hair and her love for showing off her assets, Danielle is no doubt one of the sexiest WAGs alive.

11 Brooklyn Decker

via wallgalery.org

If you don’t know who Brooklyn Decker is by now…what the hell dude? She skyrocketed to modelling fame with multiple Swimsuit Edition appearances, and with her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover, it’s no question that Brooklyn is not only one of the hottest WAGs alive, but one of the hottest women on the planet, period. She is married to American Tennis star Andy Roddick. They began dating in 2007, were engaged in 2009 and wed in 2010. Lock that down, Andy. Good job. She gave birth to their first child Hank in September 2015. Since her rise to fame, Brooklyn has locked down a number of television roles on shows like Chuck and New Girl, while appearing in major motion pictures like Battleship and Just Go With It. We certainly hope to see more, a lot more, of Brooklyn Decker in the coming years.

10 Emma Andersson

via alexgperez.com

Emma Andersson is one of the hottest women to ever come out of Sweden, and that’s saying a lot. Rising to fame on the television series Expedition Robison in 2001, which is Sweden’s version of Survivor, she lost the contest in 2001, but returned in 2003 for a best of the best-type reunion, which she ended up winning. Emma appeared on multiple television programs in Sweden before moving to America with her husband, long-time Detroit Red Wings superstar Henrik Zetterberg. The two wed in 2010, which, as rumor has it, was one of the most luxurious and expensive weddings in Sweden’s history, which makes some sense, seeing as how in their native Sweden, they’re viewed as royalty. Henrik is the King and Emma his Queen. Now there’s a Queen I’d like to worship.

9 Anna Kasterova

via listal.com

An incredibly popular television host in her native Russia, there’s no question why Anna Kasterova is so high on this list of the Hottest WAGs in Sport. Just take one look at her Instagram account and see why her selfies are so popular. That is, of course, if you don’t mind seeing the occasional picture of her hubby and baby-daddy Evgeni Malkin. With her pouty lips and elegant, dark hair, she is the definition of Russian beauty. In 2015 the lucky Evgeni proposed to Anna, and six months later the couple welcomed Nikita, their first-born son to the world. With a mom as beautiful as Anna and a dad who has his name etched on the Stanley Cup twice, we think little Nikita will be just fine. And talking about fine – there’s no argument that Anna Kasterova is one of the Hottest WAGs in Sport.

8 Kim DeJesus

via lockerdome.com


A former model and Amazing Race contestant, Kim DeJesus is hot. Like, smoking hot. She’s had quite an impressive modelling career, and a quick Google will show you why. She’s beautiful and very willing to show off her curves in some revealing swimsuits. The other nice thing about Kim? She’s got a personality as well. Check out her Twitter feed for some fun, actually funny tweets about her daily life. She’s married to Anaheim Angels David DeJesus. Her acting resume is growing, and while she hasn’t yet had her big break, it’s about to happen for Kim. There aren’t many women on the planet that can wear a bikini like Kim, which is why she’s so far up the list on the Hottest WAGs in Sport.

7 Amanda McCarthy

via nypost.com


Doing a Google search on Amanda McCarthy won’t give you much. You will find some smoking hot pictures of the model, but other than that she’s kept a fairly low profile. She seems down to Earth and quite relatable. Maybe it’s the mystery that makes her that much more hot? She’s married to MLB pitcher Brandon McCarthy, as the two grew up together in Colorado Springs and met in High School. They met up later in life, around 2007, while Brandon was pitching for the Texas Rangers. In 2009, they were engaged, and in 2010 they were married. Amanda has a blog called “Stilettos and Cleats”, which highlights her life as one of the hottest baseball wives there is. She’s hot, she’s funny, and she participates actively with charities. So, she’s the whole package then?

6 Nicole Scherzinger

via celebmafia.com


You know her from the Pussycat Dolls…you know, that awful R&B group from the early 2000s. The music was awful but man, is she ever hot. Nicole has made some music since the Pussycat Dolls, along with some television appearances, modeling gigs and most recently, voiced a character in the Disney film Moana. Over the years, it seems Nicole has had a thing for athletes. She dated F1 racer Lewis Hamilton for three years, however they had a rocky relationship, splitting up and reconciling multiple times. They officially ended in 2015, then in 2016, Scherzinger began seeing tennis pro Grigor Dimitrov. She also battled bulimia for some time, before overcoming the disorder. In our eyes, she’s never looked better, earning her a rightful spot as one of the hottest Sports WAGs of all time.

5 Shakira

via hdfreewallpaper.net

Another musician makes the list, coming in at number 5. Just watch one Shakira music video and try to look away. Bet you can’t. This blonde bombshell has had one hell of a musical career, releasing multiple albums, countless sell-out tours, has appeared on Saturday Night Live three times and made a voice-over appearance in the 2016 film Zootopia. She met her husband, professional footballer for FC Barcelona Gerard Pique, when he appeared in her music video. The couple have two children together and reside in Spain, where Shakira continues to work on her music, and is about to release her 11th studio album. Watching a Shakira music video is a hypnotizing experience and that’s why she’s earned one of the top spots in the Hottest WAGs in Sport.

4 Victoria Beckham

via etonline.com

Emerging from her Spice Girls shadow, Victoria Beckham is a beacon of fashion and style. Plus, she’s ridiculously hot. Which is why, no doubt, she got the attention of David Backham in 1997 when they started dating. Since ’97, they’ve gotten married, had four children and been dubbed “Posh and Becks” by the media, due to their superstar status, and ever celebrity couple needs a nickname nowadays, apparently. While she’s dabbled a tad in music and television, Victoria now focuses on fashion and philanthropy to keep her busy, as well as her four kids and supporting David who recently retired from pro football. While she has taken grief from the media over her body image, at times looking far too thin, when in her prime, Victoria Beckham is undoubtably one of the hottest WAGs alive.

3 Kristen Cavallari

via intouchweekly.com


It’s not often reality TV stars transition into successful careers outside of television. But, complete smoke show Kristen Cavallari has made quite the name for herself in fashion, beauty and publishing. She’s blonde, she’s hot and she’s quite the entrepreneur. Not only that, but she married Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in June of 2013, and they now have three kids together. Apparently, the former Laguna Beach star wasn’t entirely thrilled to meet her future-husband, but after a pep-talk from her cousin, a huge Bears fan, she agreed to a date. Obviously things went well, as four years later they’re still happily married. And, as always, if you’d like to get lost in the Instagram account of a really, really hot girl, you should check out her page. However, with Cavallari’s account, you’ll get less gratuitous bikini shots and more glam and fashion. Hey, a girl with class…that’s got to count for something.

2 Gisele Bundchen

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports


Coming in at number two, Gisele shouldn’t need much of an introduction. One-half of one of the world’s most famous couples, Brazilian-born Gisele is now officially the world’s top-earning model, is one of the hottest, most powerful women on the planet and is married to the legendarily awesome New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. She’s appeared in a handful of movies and even released a couple singles, but let’s face it; we’re not here to hear her sing or watch her act. Her Instagram is a great way to take a look into the life of Mrs. Brady, their kids, her Super Bowl winning husband, and of course, some ridiculously hot pictures of Gisele herself. It must be a rough life…travelling the world modelling, marrying arguably the best QB who ever lived, and being ridiculously good looking. It makes perfect sense that Gisele came in at number two on this list, as she is most definitely one of the hottest women on the entire planet.

1 Kate Upton

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kate Upton has been everywhere in the last few years, and with good reason. Kate is number one on this list for many reasons. First…just look at her. My goodness. Blonde, curvy and beautiful, Kate ushered in a new era of modelling and women’s image expectations. No longer to models have to be pencil-thin with no figure. Now, models and be curve and voluptuous and still considered beautiful, and we couldn’t be happier. After appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Kate’s rise to fame was quick. She began dating Detroit Tigers star Justin Verlander in 2011, and in 2016, they engaged. Sorry guys. She’s started acting as well, appearing in such movies as The Three Stooges and The Other Woman, as well as numerous television appearances. She’s won numerous modelling awards and in 2014 was crowed the Sexiest Woman Alive by People Magazine. Give her a Google or check out her Instagram for pictures of the sexy, adorable Kate, and try not to get too jealous of the luckiest man on the planet. Yeah, sorry…too late. There’s do questioning why Kate Upton is number 1 on the list of the 25 Hottest WAGs in Sports Today.

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