Top 25 Incredible Luxury Athlete Homes

If any aspiring professional athlete had the time to make a list of the materialistic things they can’t wait to get their hands on once they cash their first big-league check, we’d have a list long enough to crash this entire website. Granted, not all athletes are in it for the riches and the fortune, but let’s be honest; it must be nice to get six-figure bank deposits every couple of weeks, no matter how unconcerned with money an individual might be.

The first thing that comes to mind always seems to be the nice car, either a sleek, high-end machine for the athlete or a big, classy SUV for their mother, or whoever else they might want to thank for the sacrifices that person made to help get them reach their goals. Then an athlete might up his fashion game with a new wardrobe, put on a fresh Armani suit and head out on the town in his brand new Ferrari to buy ridiculously overpriced drinks for stunning women who we’re already in love at the sight of him.

At the end of the night, though, where does the high-earning athlete bring his car, his clothes, and his beautiful girl? To his multi-million dollar mansion, that’s where. High ceilings, the latest technologies, enough rooms for twenty families and a massive pool in the even bigger backyard; all “necessities” in the most grandiose of homes.

Over the years, we've seen athletes spend their big contracts of some pretty magnificent properties; some that will make you cringe with jealousy, and some bordering on “what could he possibly need all that room for?” Either way, these athletes’ houses will blow your mind and make you wish you had hit the gym harder while playing for your high school football team back in the day.

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25 Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson

via sportressofblogitude.com

These days, Johnson is spending less time in his exotic Florida mansion while he’s busy piling up parking tickets and kissing strangers in Montreal, but it remains quite a sight. The main attraction has to be the giant aquariums all over the house; not only are they there to begin with, but many of them encase furniture such as his TV wall unit or his bed’s headboard. We knew Chad had a soft spot for orca whales, but it turns out he’s a full out fish lover.

24 Peyton Manning

via fullersothebysrealty.com

I can see Peyton as the kind of guy who likes a good deal. According to reports, Manning got a steal of a deal on his new Denver mansion, paying only $4.575 million for a house that cost $5.7 million in 2005. The house doesn't seem overly extravagant (as we would also expect from the older Manning), but does have seven bedrooms and bathrooms. Overall, it has a more homely feel to it, with a classy look and massive wine cellar.

23 Jerry Rice

via businessinsider.com

Jerry Rice made a boatload of cash hauling in passes for the San Francisco 49ers, and he spent a lot of those hard earned dollars on an incredible Bay Area estate, which he sold for $9 million last year. Rice’s mansion included a movie theater, pool house, excessive amounts of bedrooms and bathrooms, and was ahead of the curve in terms of using “smart” technology to have control over the house from anywhere in the world.

22 Ray Allen

via bustedcoverage.com

Ray Allen decided to do it big just by coming to Miami to play with the Heat’s Big 3, but then decided he would really live the Miami lifestyle and rented out a beach-side mansion that runs him $50,000 dollars a month to live in. The estate has more baths (11) than bedrooms (9), is practically entirely made of marble and houses a four-car garage.

Should have also mentioned that the beach was man-made…so it’s a pretty high-end beach.

21 Anna Kournikova

via enriqueiglesias.com

So it’s not technically her house, since it’s not in her name, but she does live there – with Enrique Iglesias, no less. The $26-million dollar Miami mansion neighbors other massive estates owned by other megastars, including rapper Lil’ Wayne, Billy Joel and Matt Damon. The outside is spectacular, and like a good boyfriend, Iglesias made sure that there was a full-size regulation tennis court built in the yard for Kournikova to practice on. What a sweetheart…he’s definitely her hero.

20 Barry Bonds

via zillow.com
via zillow.com

One of the few things that might be bigger than Barry Bonds head is his estate in LA. The estate spans over 17,000 square feet, and the Italian-style home includes elaborate murals, imported floors and 30-foot ceilings. Bonds can invite friends a family to the two-story guesthouse located on the property, and while they are over, he can invite them to enjoy a movie in his personal movie theater, among all the other fun things to do, like going for a swim in the pool or getting a game going on the sports court.

19 Derek Jeter

via pagesix.com

While Derek Jeter is doing the rounds of MLB stadiums on his farewell tour, his St.Petersburg mansion in Hillbourough County sits in relative silence, towering over the rest of his neighborhood, waiting for its owner to return to its many furnishings. The mansion includes seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms to go along with the swimming pool and backyard dock, where he’ll have the rest of his life to enjoy the Florida sun.

18 Chris Bosh

via thehoopdoctors.com

When Chris Bosh moved from Toronto to Miami in 2010, part of the reasoning had to include being able to buy a beautiful condo to live in while enjoying the beautiful weather (while thinking about his beautiful life). Bosh did just that, and perhaps he loved this place to much to leave Miami: a $12.5-million dollar mansion with 20-foot ceilings, an infinity pool, gourmet kitchen and beautiful views of the Biscayne Bay to enjoy year-round.

17 Kobe Bryant

via laist.com

Kobe has certainly toned down the glitz and glam over the past few years (perhaps because the Lakers have become a non-factor in the powerhouse Western Conference), but his house is still quite glamorous. Nearly 9,000 square feet of living space for Bryant to walk around in yelling “Kobe!” while throwing a paper ball as if it were classic fadeaway jumper into trashcans all over his home – that’s all made up, but it wouldn’t surprise me. What Kobe does have is a shark tank…which also should not surprise you.

16 Shaquille O’Neal

via gma.yahoo.com

As it were, Shaq needs a big house for the simple fact that he is so damn big. He makes any other athletes high ceilings look average. The focus on his home could revolve around the 30-plus sports cars lying around the lot, the basketball court, or the Superman statue located near the dock. The property spans 70,000 square feet and is located in Orlando, Florida, where Shaq’s big persona and big-time talent first shone on the NBA stage.

15 Phil Mickelson

via realtor.com

Phil Mickelson is known as the “dad”-like character on the PGA Tour; not too flashy, not dramatic, just plain old Phil, playing his round and heading home to his family. When he does head home to his family, it's to a 9,500 square foot property in San Diego. The big “Ranch” holds a sauna, gym and steam room, and a master bath with a fish tank shower (as decoration, I would think…and hope). Phil has a putting green to master his short game and swimming pool to relax in year-round.

14 Maria Sharapova

via businessinsider.com.au

The darling of tennis also has a home suitable for a princess…or the darling of tennis, I suppose. Sharapova’s gone from the cold Russian winters to the year-round Florida summer weather, where she can enjoy her Longboat Key island home. The two-story home has four bedrooms, a swimming pool and a boat dock, and she reportedly bought the mansion before her 20th birthday; she’s since become a staple of the that community.

13 Cristiano Ronaldo

via therichest.com

It would have been a surprise if one of the richest soccer players of all-time hadn't made this list. Ronaldo actually owns two big homes, one in Madrid and one in England. The Madrid property is worth $7.2 million and spans 8,600 square foot, featuring exactly what you would expect from a house owned by Ronaldo: a trophy room (not uncommon, and considering everything he’s won, probably a necessity)…and his initials engraved all over the house. Need I say more?

12 Amar’e Stoudemire

via businessinsider.com

Stoudemire apparently bought this vacation home during the NBA lockout, when most players were doing the opposite and trying to make money because no income was coming in. The property includes a huge pool, six bedrooms, various fancy rooms, and a big backyard which holds the pool and a hot tub. Stoudemire appears to enjoy relaxing in style, too, as the house features a few lavish bathrooms with marble baths.

11 Alex Rodriguez

via frontdoor.com

Rodriguez is probably spending plenty of time enjoying at least one of his high-end properties, but the most notable is his Miami mansion worth an estimated $24 million, a sprawling 20,000 square foot house with a pool, steam room and gym, gourmet kitchen and terraces (yes, plural: terraces) for lounging, along with a second outdoor kitchen. Simply put, it’s a party inside or outside the Rodriguez household, though it’s unclear if anyone even wants to hang out with Alex anymore after the steroid scandal.

10 Adrian Beltre

via dallasnews.com

Beltre had previously owned a behemoth of an estate which landed him $17 million once he sold it a few years back. The Mediterranian-style house sat on 4.16 acres in the prestigious Bradbury Estates community, the house had sixteen bathrooms and a rec room where Beltre decided to build his own batting cage, a guest house and pretty much every other type of sports field or court you can think of, including a private golf course. So not only is Beltre filthy rich, he’s probably good at golf. Now you’re REALLY jealous.

9 Greg Norman

via golf.com

Golf legend Greg Norman has ample money to spend on whatever he wants, so why not invest in massive multimillionaire dollar properties? His latest mansion was up near the $44-million sale price, right around what Tiger Woods sold his Jupiter Island property for. The house includes a separate guesthouse, a massive garage with room for 17 cars, and several leisurely activity hubs such a tennis court, boat dock and a huge pool.

8 David Beckham

via digitalspy.ca

The darling of English soccer and fantasy husband for women all over the world, David Beckham can always find solace (and a safe place to hide from rabid fans) in one of his two mansions; the first being the one displayed here, located in Kensington, England. Located on a 9,000 square foot lot, the “castle” holds eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and their very own special corners of the home; Beckham built himself a “man-cave” with all the necessities, while Victoria got her own dressing room and a separate make-up room.

7 Tom Brady

via masslive.com

Tom Brady already has the championships, the fame, the glory, and a supermodel wife. So of course, he needs a massive California mansion for him, his supermodel wife and his young family. The home is simply incredible, but the couple has since sold it (to Dr. Dre, interestingly enough). Their old place had everything; plenty of rooms, a sauna, gym and library, was an “eco-friendly” and “simplistic” home (as simplistic as a $45 million dollar mansion can be), all while surrounded by ponds, a pool and a moat.

6 Michael Jordan

via huffingtonpost.com

As the greatest basketball player to ever step on an NBA court, and possibly one of the greatest athletes of all-time, MJ needed to have a top-notch estate; it’s only appropriate. He had issues selling his Chicago estate, but celebrated that sale buy getting an even bigger property in Florida. His new crib includes eleven bedrooms, a room specifically built to handle large amount of cigar smoke, and of course a basketball court…because what else would he need?

5 Tiger Woods

via mikelom.com

As one of the world’s highest earning professional athletes, are you really surprised to hear that Tiger Woods lives on a $60-million dollar property, complete with a personal four-hole golf course and two swimming pools? Didn’t think so. Not to mention the spa, tennis and basketball court…and, you know, the actual mansion itself, which is as ridiculously big as his backyard. Woods’ home, as you would probably have also guessed, supposedly has the best “house” in the area.

4 Deion Sanders

via northtexasluxury.blogspot.com

Deion Sanders aptly built his mansion in Prosper, Texas, where it seems only the prosperous dwell. His house was dubbed the "Ultimate Party and Family Ranch” and consists of amenities only the richest of the rich can afford: various sports areas, including a basketball court, bowling alley, and a football field, pools inside and outside, a huge dining room and a 10-car garage. Primetime, baby. Primetime.

3 LeBron James

via bustedcoverage.com

It would have been a criminal offense to leave LeBron off this list. Even if I had never seen his house, I still would have had him on it, knowing he probably has an amazing house. Sure enough, his Akron mansion was built for a king: 30,00 square feet that includes 19 rooms, a recording studio, a bowling alley, casino, barbershop…it’s basically a village in a house that happens to be in a city. His wife also gets to have fun decorating eight full and six half bathrooms, but it’s safe to say that’s probably not her favourite part about the place.

2 Joe Montana

via malkainthecloset.blogspot.com

Perhaps the greatest quarterback of all-time, Joe Montana deserves to have one of the greatest houses of all-time. Him and his wife Jennifer went all out to create their perfect home, and it’s hard to argue that they got it wrong. The most notable features of the house include a pool, a bocce court, a skeet-shooting range, an olive garden, and an equestrian stable. Suffice to say Montana has had plenty of things to do to keep himself entertained in retirement.

1 Floyd Mayweather

via thisis50.com

The world’s wealthiest athlete would be wasting the fruits of his labor if he wasn't relaxing (or partying, or doing anything for that matter) in the most extravagant home of them all. Money Mayweather didn't disappoint; mostly because his extravagance spans to houses in Miami, LA, and NYC…and three in Vegas. He owns 88 cars. His main Vegas mansion is four-stories and consists of a huge pool with a view of Las Vegas. There is plenty of marble in the house, not to mention a private movie theater, a balcony and the piece de resistance: video games in his kitchen counter-tops.

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