Top 25 Sports Venues You Have To Visit Before You Die

Many of us have a bucket list and some don’t, but if you ever decided to make one, make sure you have these 25 sports venue to visit before you die. Every one of us should have specific places or things we would like to do in our lives. However, there are certain places that require our attention because of their magnificence and grandeur. If you are a sports fan, then this list is definitely for you. It requires your attention since you will be able to visit some really unique places, venues around the world that you have probably never heard about before. Of course, there are stadiums in the United States that made this list, but internationally, you may have not seen or heard of the ones in other countries.

Amongst the countless sports venues internationally and locally, there are 25 stadiums that glow more than others. Whether the stadiums have vast historical meaning or breathtaking elements, they have set the standard high for those who want to experience the best. It is very interesting to see the extent at which teams will go to ensure that their stadiums are the place for enjoyment, but also for an unforgettable experience. There was one time when people were accustomed to watching sports games on top of a hillside. Then there was a time when a sports arena only had standing room. If you didn’t catch a play, you wouldn’t find huge TV screens around the stadium to recap the play. Restrooms consisted of shrubbery and a tree. We have certainly come a long way from the archaic existence, yet some people haven’t had a chance to view the spectacular arenas that now exist. Today, there are multiple restrooms and jumbotrons in a stadium. There more seats that can be filled. Let’s take a look at these 25 unique and modern-day stadiums.

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25 Yankee Stadium

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Yankee Stadium easily made the list. It is one of the top sports venues in the United States, especially since the previous Yankee Stadium has been destroyed. To experience the modern-day prodigy, you must go watch a ball game in the new $1.5 billion stadium. The stadium seats more than 52,000 spectators. Yankee fans love it and you would too! While tickets for the big games can get really expensive, if you're free on a weekday, you can score some tickets on the cheap side.

24 Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indiana

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When Hinkle Fieldhouse was constructed in Indiana in 1928, it was the biggest basketball arena in America. Compared to other college basketball stadiums, this one is the sixth oldest in America. It is a historic and comfortable venue where basketball went through a transformational era. While many get caught up over seeing an NBA game live due to the star power, you'd be hard pressed to find an atmosphere like this.

23 Old Trafford

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When you talk about history, you think about Old Trafford. Its history is phenomenal. This venue is home to the Manchester United football club. It has received much limelight for the historic games played there. The arena was built in 1909 and at the time construction was priced at 90,000 English pounds. It has consistently been refurbished, making it comfortable and enjoyable for watching football. The ongoing restoration and winning culture within the franchise have kept Old Trafford modern and fresh.

22 La Bombonera

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It was in 1940 that La Bombonera stadium was built. At the time, though, it was initiated as Coliseo de la Boca stadium. As supporters, fans and sports enthusiasts went through the doors, the stadium was dubbed, La Bombonera. Since then, the name was fixed. The stadium’s location is Buenos Aires. Many football games are played there and it has become quite popular venue for players and fans. It's like a cathedral for the passionate fans in Argentina, cheering on their Boca Juniors.

21 Franklin Field, Philadelphia

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Any stadium that was built prior to 1960 warrants a visit. Franklin Field in Pennsylvania is no exception. In fact, it exceeds the requirement. The stadium was constructed in 1895. This historical medal appears to be the oldest stadium in NCAA past and present that still operates as a football field. The name, ‘Franklin Field’ reeks of ancient stature. If you're ever in Philadelphia and you hear of an event, any event going on there, pay Franklin Field a visit.

20 Michigan Stadium

via Associated Press

Michigan stadium is said to be the largest stadium today in the United States. It is known as the location of many NCAA games with the most spectators. In fact, in 2011, there were almost 115,000 spectators at the Michigan and Notre Dame game. It also recently hosted the NHL's Heritage Classic when the Detroit Red Wings hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs. If Jim Harbaugh does what's expected of him, he'll also soon make this stadium the home of a winner again.

The stadium is called the “Big House” for a good reason.

19 Oriole Park at Camden Yards

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As the first of the dated Major League Baseball parks built, Camden Yards or Oriole Park, as it is also known, is the one of the most spectacular looking venues in the United States. With its warm ambiance and revitalizing taste, fans are kept riveted in their seats. Not only that, but now the fans have a winning team to cheer for, as their Orioles reached the ALCS last season. You have got to watch a game here.

18 Joe Louis Arena

via letsgowings.com

Joe Louis Arena, located in Detroit, was opened in 1979. It holds more than 20,000 spectators and is home to the Detroit Red Wings, a successful hockey team that has won 11 Stanley Cups. The arena received its name from renowned boxer, Joe Louis. Its dazzling history charms the stadium banners. Fans try to do their part by brightening the arena in their brightly colored Detroit Red Wings jerseys. In NHL history, this location is the fourth oldest arena that NHL fans must visit. You might want to do it soon, because the arena is set to be demolished in 2017, as the Red Wings are planning to move to a new downtown arena.

17 Camp Nou

via globo-rojo.com

Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe, seating more than 98,000 spectators. The stadium is home to FC Barcelona of La Liga. The venue has held some of the biggest football games in European history. During the World Cup in 1982, the stadium was able to seat more than 121,000 fans. With its culture for consistent victory, the team has remained relevant. This part of Barcelona creates excitement in the games. You won’t see any of the fans all jammed up in the upper decks like you would see at a Lakers game. All the fans are ardent, cheering almost uncontrollably during the games. You will enjoy the atmosphere and experience of the fans at Camp Nou.

16 Estadio Azteca

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Estadio Azteca was opened in 1960 in Mexico City and seats around 104,000 spectators. It is the official stadium to the football team, Club América. It is the first host stadium for two finals of the FIFA World Cups in 1970 and 1986. During games, the fans are loud and passionate, hurling torches and starting flares. If you have a breathing problem, this may not be the venue for you, but there is enough space to sit far away from it. You have the option to sit on the balcony and enjoy the ambiance. No matter where you are seated, the football field looks close to you. This is the field where Pele scored his 100th goal.

15 Ohio Stadium

via buckeyeemire.com

Home to the national champion Ohio State Buckeyes and fourth largest football stadium in America, the Horseshoe was opened in 1922. It seats more than 102,000 spectators. The construction is inspiring when it comes to size, shape and color. The exterior is built in a horseshoe shape, hence its nickname. The most captivating feature of all is the lack of lights on the field. This is definitely a must-see in Columbus.

14 Wrigley Field

via washingtontimes.com

Americana at its finest. You'd be doing well for yourself by visiting any of Chicago's sports venues, but if you have to pick one, make it Wrigley. The iconic ballpark recently celebrated its centennial year and while the Cubs have not won a World Series in that century, the ballpark will make you forget all about the team's failures. The ivy grass at the warning track, the rooftops surrounding the park and the manual clock and scoreboard is something you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the 21st century.

13 Churchill Downs, Kentucky

via campforall.com

Spectators and racetrack enthusiasts knew the moment that James Lee, African American equestrian won the six-card race in 1907 that Churchill Downs would be an historical racetrack. This pedigree racetrack has been host to Breeder’s Cup on several occasions. Compared to 65 racetracks, Churchill Downs received a ranking of number 5. This is a cultural phenomenon if you're ever in Kentucky. Even if horse racing isn't your thing, it's worth a gander.

12 Staples Center, California

via theinsidewordonline.com

Staples Center in California was opened in 1999 and holds more than 19,000 spectators. The teams that play in this arena include Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, the NHL's Kings and the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks. Clearly, this is a busy star-studded stadium. The Kings won the Stanley Cup in that arena last summer and the arena also hosts many entertainment events. It's the busiest arena in North America.

11 Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Spain

via wikimedia.org

Santiago Bernabeu, located in Real Madrid, Spain was opened in 1947 and holds a capacity of more than 85,000 spectators for football matches. One of the most celebrated soccer stadiums in the world, Santiago Bernabeu has been host to three European Cup finals and in 2010, was the selected venue for the UEFA Champions League final. Its interesting design looks like a clam with a wide open mouth.

10 Fenway Park

via panoramio.com

With its rich history, Fenway Park is the oldest major league baseball park. The stadium has gone through a lot including the low spectator attendance in 1965. People dubbed the franchise, “Curse of Bambino.” The franchise was thinking of demolishing the stadium in 1999. However, fans were not having it and so the idea was dropped. Soon after, things started to improve. In 2004, the Red Sox won the World Series. This was their first win in more than 80 years. The Red Sox have won two additional World Series since then, including a win on their home field in 2013, the first time that had happened at Fenway in 95 years.  If you are an avid sports fan, especially for baseball, you must visit this place.

9 Beaver Stadium

via pennlive.com

The Nittany Lions of Penn State University play at the Beaver Stadium, an outdoor venue, which is second largest to Michigan Stadium. The Nittany Lions have played well and enjoyed recent success after a dark period for the school's football program. What better place to visit than where a winning team is on display? The venue seats more than 106,000 spectators. In collegiate athletics, this stadium is well-known as one of the toughest places for opponents to win. The stadium has gone through six expansions, reflecting the team’s rise to distinction. In 2001, an upper deck addition was made, making room for more than 1,000 additional spectators.

8 AT&T Stadium

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The Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium seats more than 111,000 fans. The owner, Jerry Jones has some heavy pockets and he is never afraid to do upgrades or restoration, which is what he did and the new stadium is obviously one of the most modern in the NFL. Talk about high definition screen and you will be thrilled to view the dangling screens while sitting in the rafters. The screens extend from one end of the field to the next. Of all the domed stadiums around the world, this stadium is the largest. You need to visit this one at least once. It has hosted a Super Bowl and is set to host WrestleMania in 2016.

7 Metlife Stadium

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Metlife Stadium was opened in 2010. It is home to two popular franchises, the New York Giants and the New York Jets. The project to build this stadium ran up to $1.6 billion and was funded by the two teams. About 20 football games are played there each year. This is more than what is played at any other NFL venue. You will also be able to enjoy major concerts, college sorts, and racing, international soccer games and other entertainment. The outside is specially designed with aluminum louvers. Depending on which NFL team is playing, interior lighting changes colors during the game. Blue for the Giants and green is for the Jets. In a few hours, the stadium is transformed from a NY Giants game to a NY Jets game. The stadium also hosted Super Bowl XLVIII and WrestleMania XXIX.

6 Soccer City, South Africa (FNB Stadium)

via mottmac.com

Recently built in 2010, Soccer City was the main attraction for the 2010 World Cup, hosting the final between Spain and the Netherlands.

For its exterior, the design imitates an African pot. This sports arena is thought to be the best and most contemporary arena in South Africa. It seats about 90,000 spectators who sit less than 100 meters away from the field. The fan support is incredible every time a game is played. The stadium earned the winner’s spot for the best innovatively designed structure for the public, receiving an award from (LEAF), the Leading European Architects Forum. The exterior design is outstanding with incorporation of the urban perspective of Johannesburg and its culture.

5 Marina Bay Stadium

via wikimedia.org

Marina Bay Stadium is probably the most distinct in the world. The football field is situated about 30 feet adjacent to land inside one of the harbors in Singapore. Seating is roughly 50 feet from the field. The stadium holds approximately 30,000 spectators. Visiting this stadium at night in hope of watching the F1 race, you will hear the roaring engines, gasoline smell and flash of cars zooming by. Even while the race car drivers are practicing on a Friday, you can feel the anticipation building up for the race as the cars make their way onto the track. If you stand at the first run as the cars race by, it is apparent that you will never experience such a high anywhere else.

4 Melbourne Cricket Ground

via richardtulloch.com

If you are a cricket fan or would love to just watch one game, visit the Melbourne Cricket ground where you will experience the intense anticipation of the game. Cricket has become a world renowned sport. This ground has the tallest light towers than any other sport venue. At Melbourne Cricket grounds, the Summer Olympics was held in 1956 as well as the Commonwealth Games in 2006.

3 Beijing National Stadium, China

via wikimedia.org

Beijing National Stadium has set a high standard for other future stadiums to follow. Whether it was designed and constructed for the Summer Olympics in 2008, the $428 million stadium is captivating, artsy and breathtaking. With steel beams hiding the retractable roof, the stadium appears as if it is a bird’s nest. Since then, the retractable roof has been removed. Although, the venue was designed specifically for track and field, it will be host to different sporting events.

2 Madison Square Garden, New York

via J.C.Rice / thenypost.com

Opened in 1968 and built above a working railroad station platform, Madison Square Garden is popularly known for New York Knicks games. It is the renowned home of basketball and has given the Rangers a great home as well. In 1991, $200 million was spent on renovations, adding 89 suites to replace the upper level seats. It underwent further renovations from 2011-2013, with an excess of $1 billion spent. It is a busy music arena, hosting many concerts, boxing, political conventions, dog shows, circuses and ice shows.

It certainly a must-see for anyone, whether a sports fan or not. New Yorkers have a place to watch their favorite sports team and you can too.

1 Wembley Stadium

via essma.com

Wembley Stadium is one of England’s finest in the sporting community and in the world. The venue has been updated with a modern look, remodeled addition made on top of the old stadium in 2007. The first stadium was built as far back as 1923 and demolished in 2003. Its restructuring is similar to that of Yankee Stadium. Even if you are not a soccer fan, you should definitely visit the new stadium. If anything, you can go for an NFL game in the fall.

The stadium is host to season openers, the FA Cup final, and Football League Cup finals and playoffs. In addition to sports, the venue hosts concerts and weddings. In fact, in 2007, George Michael and Bon Jovi was featured artist at a concert.

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