Top 40 Hottest Sports Daughters Of All Time

Here’s something for you to think about, and it kind of goes along with the notion of “the rich get richer”, if you will. There are a good number of professional athletes who would, by societal standards, be considered rather good looking. There are also a good number of professional athletes who might not be seen as so attractive, but their success, fame and wealth make up for it. And when you combine these traits (plus luck and so many other factors), it means that we see a lot of unions between athletes and gorgeous women. These could be models, actresses, other athletes, or just very beautiful women. It’s just one of the perks of being rich and famous, right? Of course it is!

And what usually happens when two attractive people decide that it is time to start a family? Well, more often than not, that means children. And history (and biology) has shown us that generally when you put good genes together with good genes, you end up with some extremely good looking offspring. And while that is all hypothetical, the examples we are about to cover are very much not. Nope, these beauties are all one hundred percent real, and one hundred percent extremely gorgeous.

In some cases, the beautiful progeny could actually honestly be considered to be that athlete’s best accomplishment (though, to be fair, most normal parents do tend to be immensely proud of their children). So with all that in mind, we have scoured the world (and the World Wide Web) for examples of what we believe to be the forty hottest daughters of professional athletes (and sports figures in general) that we have ever laid eyes on. You may not agree with all of them-there is always room for moving a few around in any direction. But one thing should be undeniable: if they made this list, they are stunners. So enough of the hype, let’s count down these forty fine women.


39 Rachel Bradshaw


Rachel Bradshaw is a perfect example of the point I wanted to make in the intro. She is absolutely gorgeous, along with being a very talented woman. But her father is Terry Bradshaw. While I don’t think I’d go to say he’s hideous (I try not to rank male attractiveness, for a litany of reasons), he has never and would never win any sort of male model awards. He’s no Derek Zoolander, but that is completely fine. He doesn’t have to be. Clearly she’s got her mother’s good looks, and we are all getting to enjoy them. Go ahead, soak her in, enjoy her stunning beauty. And try not to think of her dad in any way, shape or form.

38 Chloe Trestman

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Chloe Trestman is not the daughter of an athlete either, but she is the daughter of a man who makes his living in athletics-specifically, her father is a football coach. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? Marc Trestman rose to fame, sort of, as a head coach in the Canadian Football League. His spotlight got brighter when he was hired to coach the Chicago Bears, but that experiment crashed and burned. He’s now working as an offensive coordinator, but all the while his daughter Chloe has remained constantly extremely attractive. So, I think he would probably be OK looking back on his life’s work and thinking…maybe I didn’t achieve the success I wanted to achieve in football, but gosh, my daughter is one stunningly beautiful young woman.

37 Brittny Gastineau

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Ah, yes. Another gorgeous daughter from a bona fide athlete. Mark Gastineau made himself a good living as a defensive force to be reckoned with while with the New York Jets (New York Sack Exchange, anyone?). But, while Gastineau had himself a pretty nice career, I would go out on a limb to say I think he is likely to consider his lovely daughter Brittny to be one of his best accomplishments in life. Would you argue with him? I know that I would not! First, he is a big guy. Second, holy heck guys, look at her! She is a beauty, and she’s parlayed her looks into several modeling and TV opportunities to boot. She makes a fine addition to this (or any) list.

36 Brittany Favre


Apparently, football players love some of the same names! OK, a minor spelling difference, but Brittany Favre is equally gorgeous as the prior spelling of her name. Her father, in case you had not picked up on that (how could you not?) is the durable and oft-retired quarterback and jeans pitchman Brett Farve, who starred for the Green Bay Packers and had stints with a few other National Football League teams as well. Yes, Favre won several nice trophies during his NFL career (Super Bowl, Most Valuable Player, Most teased retirements) and he has set or holds quite a few , but if I were him I’d be incredibly proud (and protective) of Brittany.

35 Alexa Ray Joel


I can hear you already. The daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley is not an athlete’s daughter. And while you might be technically correct, I am going to bend things for a moment, and for a couple reasons. First, it’s my list, so I can work with the criteria. Second? Take a look at her. Go ahead, I’ll wait. She’s gorgeous. Would you rather argue with me on whether she should be here, or just enjoy her beauty? I thought so. As for the whole “athlete” notion, here’s how I granted the exception: Christie Brinkley has landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated a time or two, and while the swimsuit issue is what it is, I felt like an exception was worth it.

34 Sailor Brinkley Cook

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Same as with half sister Alexa Ray, Sailor lands here because her mother is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition royalty. And, while that sort of granted her admission, she really gets here because, oh my, she is a stunning specimen. Like, it’s one of those where I admit the requirement for “athlete” is a stretch, but considering her amazing good looks, I had a hunch I would not receive a ton of pushback for her inclusion. I promise she’s easy on the eyes, and just a gander at her and you will forget the title of this piece completely! OK, still with me? It’s perfectly fine if you are more focused on her fine features and I totally do not blame you one iota. Now I am thinking you see why I pushed to get her on the list too. And now we move on…

33 Gigi Meyer

OK, we are getting the reaches out of the way early, if you really want to call them reaches, or those of questionable eligibility. Trust me, these exceptions are totally worth it. I am not going to steer you wrong folks, this is all about presenting some tens. Gigi Meyer is the daughter of famous football coach Urban Meyer, so in this case no, not a world famous athlete, but her father is still athletically inclined. And, we are not here to really debate the quality of the athlete-in fact, expect some of the athletes on the list to be horrible. What lands these women on this list is the plain and simple fact that they are amazingly easy on the eyes. I challenge you to tell me that Gigi Meyer, or anyone else coming up on this list, does not measure up.


32 Nicki Meyer


If Urban Meyer was not a terrific football coach, he would be able to hang his hat on being the proud father of two exceptionally, stunningly beautiful young women. And, his daughters also happen to be pretty good athletes to boot. Nicki’s sister Gigi is on the list too (you just saw her!), so there really is no questioning their excellent genes and fabulous good looks. And yes, when you factor in their looks and their father being successful in athletics, even if not being famous for being an athlete? Those items put together are more than enough to qualify her for this list. I really do not expect anyone is at home, looking at that picture and thinking she does not belong. Anyone? Didn’t think so.

31 Natalya Neidhart


I dare you to tell me that professional wrestlers (or sports entertainers, if you go by Vince McMahon’s preference) are not in some capacity, athletes. They are. They are in shape, they work hard, and in quite a few cases, they have legitimate athletic backgrounds that they used to build a successful career in sports entertainment off of. Natalya is a beautiful specimen, and her father is a former WWE (WWF at the time) tag team champion, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. And if you are still sitting there talking to yourself, saying pro wrestlers are not athletes? I double-dog-dare you to say it, to either Natalya or her father. Let’s see how badly that conversation goes. Or, just sit back and enjoy Natalya’s beauty. Thought so…

30 Laila Ali


Not only was her father an athlete, her father happened to be the one and only “Greatest”, Muhammed Ali. Pretty damn good resume for a dad, right? But look at his daughter Laila. Not only was she blessed with some exceptional beauty, she also inherited the talents and abilities of her father. That’s right folks, Laila was a gifted pugilist in her own right. So, if you feel like disputing her qualifications to be on this list, I beg you to track her down and say she’s not a heck of a beautiful woman. Because, just keep in mind, there’s pretty much no doubt that she could absolutely kick your butt. Which I wouldn’t mind watching, but honestly I think we would all be much happier just sitting back and enjoying her looks.

29 Sara Kosar


If you are a sports fan, chances are you know the name Kosar. Especially if you are from, or a fan of, Cleveland sports teams, or of the University of Miami Hurricanes. You see, Sara’s father is Bernie Kosar, a pretty good quarterback in his day. But daughter Sara? She may (or may not be) familiar to you under her stage name. That is, she goes by Lexxi Silver, and the interesting use of the letter X likely tells you all you need to know about what industry she has chosen to work in. But, knock it at your own risk-she’s got an extensive resume, she’s found success, and regardless, she is quite the looker. Sorry we had to find a clothed picture of her, but I have no doubts you’ll be able to find the really good ones.

28 Brooke Hogan


Ah, here we go again. Someone will be sitting there, checking out this list, and screaming at their screens that professional wrestlers are not athletes. Whatever you’d like to believe, go for it. For me, for the sake of this, they are athletes, and with that said, let’s get real. Brooke Hogan is the daughter of the Immortal Hulk Hogan. She really broke out thanks to her dad’s short-lived reality show, and she used that exposure to get her own spin-off show and a ton of other exposure and opportunities. Even if she hadn’t, take a look at her. There is no doubt she was training and taking her vitamins, and whatever else she felt compelled to do. Whatever else she’s done, it’s all worked. She’s simply beautiful.

27 Elizabeth Montana


If this name really needs a backstory, I would be shocked…but we shall provide one all the same. Joe Montana, one of the best quarterbacks to ever step foot onto a National Football League field (some say the best ever, some say Brady), was also pretty lucky with the ladies. His wife brought looks to the relationship in spades, though Joe was doing pretty well there too. Put that all together and they had beautiful daughter Elizabeth. She has managed to set the Internet on fire with a few rather sexy pictures, so I think it’s safe to say that she qualifies. Go ahead and take a gander at what we have uncovered for you. Her qualifications are all too easy to see.

26 Ashley Force


Get ready for a Tour de Force of a different kind. Ashley, along with sisters Brittany and Courtney, are the daughters of National Hot Rod Association drag racing legend John Force. So, the man who loves to go fast, and has done it so well over the years? He’s also the proud father of some exceptionally sexy daughters. And get this…they are fast! No, not fast like that guys. Come on, be nice, minds out of the gutters-these are someone’s children, after all. Fast as in, they followed in dear daddy’s footsteps, er, tire tracks. His daughters could have probably found success in modeling, but they have all gone and tried their hand at drag racing.

25 Brittany Force


Hey, I warned you. What did you think I meant by Tour de Force? I was not kidding. I do not kid or joke about putting this list together, so bad puns aside, here is another of the amazingly beautiful and incredibly speedy Force females. Really and truly, as competitive as they sure seem to be, I should put a disclaimer on this right now. Just because I have one listed ahead of the other two, their spots on the list are basically interchangeable. I don’t want these ladies fighting over who landed higher than the others on my little list, so let’s get that out of the way. And with that said, damn, does John Force help make a good looking daughter or what?

24 Courtney Force


Yep, he was not kidding. Tour de Force. Seriously. But, it’s a trio, and if you were not counting, Courtney is the third and final Force on the list. As hot and quick as her siblings, and with looks that smoke her dad (we give all that credit to her mother!), she is as easy on our eyes as she is hard on the throttle. She smokes tires just as easily as she can smoke her tires. Too much hyberbole? I apologize, I just could not help myself. Fine, ignore me. Go ahead and focus on the stunning selection of just how exquisite Courtney is. And guys, let’s be real. Tell me she isn’t just a bit hotter than most, because you already know she’s into cars too?

23 Charlotte Flair

Not her real name, but it is the name we all know her by. And if you do not know her, sit back. You are going to want to know her, and that is where I come in. You see, Charlotte Flair is one of the top female talents working for World Wrestling Entertainment today. And she also happens to be the daughter of two time WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Charlotte calls herself the new dirtiest player in the game, modeling her in ring persona after that of her famous father. But she could do just about anything she wanted to do, even if it didn’t involve wrestling. With long legs and amazing good looks, are you going to resist her?

22 Stephanie McMahon


If you doubt for a moment her credentials to land here, allow me to stop you. Her father is, of course, mastermind and wrestling promoter Vince McMahon. So, you might be arguing that this is like putting a coaches daughter on the list-except that, since Vince writes the checks, he calls the shots, and he’s gotten in the ring quite a few times over the years. So, put those two together, and she qualifies for the list easily. And why wouldn’t you want the Billion Dollar Princess on it? I mean, look at Stephanie. She’s gorgeous. Even as a mother and top executive for a publicly traded company, she makes time to keep herself in shape and ensure that she is as sexy as ever.

21 Alexa Flutie

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If you follow sports at all, and have since the 1980s, then you very well should know the name Flutie. As in Doug Flutie. Diminutive as this Boston College star was, he authored impressive victory after impressive victory, from college to the Canadian Football League and of course, the National Football League. He also leant his name to cereal, too (Flutie Flakes, anyone?). And when he wasn’t busy being better than critics ever expected him to be on the gridiron? He had a family, too. And Alexa is proof that Doug and his wife equal gorgeous offspring. And what’s even more of a kicker? Alexa found success on a football field too, working as an NFL Cheerleader. Fortunately for her, and unlike her dad, she didn’t have to go to Canada first.

20 Britney Calcavecchia


This one is a pretty distinct last name, but unless you either follow golf or always watched SportsCenter, I do suppose you might not actually know who Mark Calcavecchia is. But, for those who don’t, here goes. Mark Calcavecchia was a moderately successful professional golfer on the PGA tour back in the day. While he might not have ever achieved the fame and success that the upper echelon guys get, he had a really nice career. He also has an exceptionally gorgeous daughter, as proven by this photograph of his daughter Britney. No matter how much success he achieved on the links, I think it is a safe bet to say he is probably immensely proud of the beautiful young woman who can call him dad.

19 Diana Larionov


Here’s one that could have possibly flown under the radar. Which, once you lay eyes on her, I have to admit it’s pretty hard to imagine Diana Larionov going anywhere without being the center of attention. We could say the same for her sister as well, but in this instance we will make Diana the focal point. I somehow don’t think you all will mind. This Russian beauty makes men smile everywhere, but her famous hockey playing dad used to make grown men cry. Her dad? Detroit Red Wings legend Igor Larionov, a key player during the franchise’s great run during the 1990s. He’s tough and gritty, while his daughter (both of them, actually) are hot and pretty. It’s a good arrangement, one we can all be thankful for.

18 Brittany Viola


A beautiful young woman, with a pretty name to boot. That’s Brittany Viola in a nutshell. Now, as for that requirement of being a daughter of a famous athlete? How about being the daughter of one of the more under-rated pitchers of his generation? I think that qualifies her. Oh, who is her dad? None other than Frank Viola, who made his name as a top notch pitcher on the Minnesota Twins and a few other franchises along the way. And as for beautiful young Brittany? She obviously has the gift of great looks, but as it turns out, she’s also inherited the athletic genes of her father too. She was a top diver in college,and actually landed on the U.S. Olympics team in 2012 too. Talk about the whole package!

17 Jasmyn Wilkins


How is this for lineage: Jasmyn is the daughter of Gerald Wilkins. The niece of Dominique Wilkins. The sister of Damien Wilkins. Two were, and one is, an NBA player. If that doesn’t qualify for an athlete-rich family tree, I don’t know what would. So, she’s got the first half of the equation down, looking at the father bit with Gerald. As for the beauty? Oh, does she have that covered in spades. So much so, that’s an easy one for Jasmyn too, apparently. Take a look at her. Seriously, she’s a stunner. And, you really don’t have to take my word for it, or just be convinced by the picture. She was a runner up in the Miss USA pageant too, so she’s got some credentials there. Any questions?

16 Alexandria Schlereth


If you have made it this far, then you should have made note that we have had a couple sets of sisters on the list thus far. Get prepared for another. I promise, you won’t hate me. They will not disappoint in the least bit. Honestly folks, you may even thank me. OK, maybe not that far, but anyways… Behold sister number one, Alexandria Schlereth. You should recognize that last name-her father, Mark, was a dominant offensive lineman in the National Football League for a good while, and her brother has also pitched in the Major Leagues. And Alexandria? Well, she’s just flat out beautiful. She has had acting roles and has also served in roles for Fox Sports, too. Pretty, sexy, talented and into sports? Amazing!

15 Avery Schlereth

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And, as I promised, here is the second Schlereth sister, Avery. Honestly folks, if you wanted to place Alexandria first purely on the merits of her acting and television career, I would not put up much resistance. To me, you can flip flop them, because at the end of the day these two women are just flat out, drop dead gorgeous. I mean, if you were looking for like, a prom date? You would have to look at them as options one a and one b, so it isn’t like it’s a tremendous difference between them. Gorgeous is gorgeous, and the Schlereth sisters are certifiably gorgeous. And, coming from a sports-loving family, these two beauties are very likely to be just what many guys would love to fall for. What do you think?

14 Angela Rypien

No football fan-especially those who are fans of the Washington Redskins-can forget Mark Rypien. He was a late round draft pick and winner of a pair of Super Bowls, so you could say he had himself a pretty good career. But, he also has an amazingly hot daughter, as you can see here. And guess what? Not only is she an absolute stunner, she too is a football player! And like her dear old dad, she is also a quarterback. She used her God given good looks, plus her familial football talents, to QB for a team in the infamous Lingerie Football League. How is that for a well rounded individual? Tough as nails, athletically gifted, and an absolute knockout? What’s not to like?

13 Sydney Golic


If you haven’t noticed a theme by now, I might as well point it out. Some of these athletes have produced not only absolutely ridiculously gorgeous daughters, but quite a few of these young women have also been incredibly capable athletes in their own right. That is an excellent way of describing Sydney Golic. Sydney is the daughter of former NFL defensive lineman, and sports talkshow host Mike Golic. And Ms. Golic, outside of being an absolute stunner? She was an excellent competitive swimmer, being a part of the Notre Dame Swimming Team while a student at South Bend. Don’t believe me? Take a look, I promise you will not in any way be sorry. Go ahead, I will wait, she is worth it. I mean, what’s not to love? Beautiful, smart and athletic? Absolutely the total package.

12 Vashti Cunningham

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This one might surprise some folks, but for me it was one of the first names I even thought of. First off, the parents, right? Sure. Anyone who was watching the National Football League in the eighties should remember that tall, gangly quarterback, from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. He wore number 12 for the Philadelphia Eagles, and by all accounts was a forerunner of the modern, dual threat QB. That, of course, is Randall Cunningham. His daughter? She is Vashti Cunningham, who is a very beautiful young woman, and someone who has been gifted with tremendous athletic talent similar to her father. So talented is Vashti that she was on the United States Track and Field team that competed in the Rio Olympics last year.

11 Gina Carano


Here is a great example of the daughter being far more famous than her athlete father. Because while I knew who she was, I did not know of her father at first. Perhaps if I was a follower of the Dallas Cowboys, that might have been different-but I am not, so it wasn’t. So, her father Glenn was a backup quarterback for the Cowboys, but his daughter has brought the fame to the name. How has she done that? Well, for one, she is an absolutely gorgeous woman. For another? She’s had herself a bit of a noteworthy mixed martial arts career. Now, considering she’s got that MMA background, perhaps I should have placed her higher on this list? Maybe, but either way, she’s stunning.

10 Bianca La Russa

Ah, how about that beauty, Bianca La Russa? Her father should be a pretty easy name to guess. Yes, her father is famous and successful Major League manager Tony La Russa. Not only was he a great manager, but he apparently is also capable of helping create one amazingly attractive young woman. And, for a bit, she put her beauty to good use on the gridiron. No, she was not a member of the Lingerie Football League. Instead, she was another athlete’s daughter who stayed close to sports. She was actually a National Football League cheerleader for the Raiders, but due to an unfortunate back injury, her career as a cheerleader lasted less than a season. Still, she’s a stunner, so give her a look.

9 Sydney Esiason

Any fan of professional football in the 1980s, or anyone who followed the National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals, well, they know the name Esiason. As in Boomer Esiason. He was a pretty capable quarterback in his day. He started a Super Bowl. He has since become a renowned sportscaster. He has a pretty established resume. And he was one of those pretty boy QBs, if you ask me. As in, he looked good, not all grizzled and beat up. And, he has passed on those looks to his daughter Sydney. And believe me when I say this: Sydney is one of the hottest daughters on this list. But, this is the Internet folks, so you do not need to take my word for it. Go ahead, take a look at that amazing beauty.

8 Kate Mara


Uh oh folks. The sister theme is rearing it’s ugly head again. Ah, scratch that, no ugly here. Not on this list. And absolutely not at this spot. So, before we talk about the world class lovely lady that is Kate Mara, let’s talk about those credentials. I admit, this one is on the list through a loophole I have used a few times already on account of she is too hot to NOT be on this list. Her family on her father’s side, the Maras? They have owned the New York Giants for forever. On her mother’s side? The Rooneys are synonymous with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Does that qualify her? I would say so. And then, we look at Kate. Easy on the eyes, and extremely talent on the screen, having enjoyed numerous acting roles.

7 Rooney Mara


And then we have her sister, Rooney. Same credentials as her sister-the Mara side of the family has a huge hand in the operations of the New York Giants. Her maternal side of the family is all about the Rooneys (see the name?) and Pittsburgh’s beloved Steelers. As for the ravishing Rooney? Like her previously mentioned thespian sister Kate, Rooney too is a movie and television star. She has enjoyed roles in projects both big and small, and has earned nominations for numerous awards along the way. While I somehow doubt she will consider landing on this list as an award, well, she’s in at number seven regardless. The only argument here, I suppose, would be whether or not they were ranked high enough…or maybe you think they were too high? I just don’t think anyone is arguing for them to be off the list.

6 Paulina Gretzky

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Any Canadians out there? Any hockey fans? Anyone who loves the LA Kings, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers or any other team that number 99 played for? They don’t need anyone explaining who a Gretzky is, and they probably have a pretty good idea about his absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful daughter. If Wayne was The Great One, then Paulina has to be considered The Hot One. Like, it doesn’t even matter if she has done anything with her life. We don’t care if she has an acting career like others on the list do. We are fine looking at her pictures, taking in her beauty and realizing that she is just that damn hot. Like, seriously hot. I actually debated slotting her at number one, but as you will see, I had good reasons to not do so.

5 Noelle Foley

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This, I would imagine, will surprise quite a few people. Specifically, my non-wrestling readers. But, for any of my wrestling readers, Noelle Foley is a well known quantity. But, let’s cover her for those who don’t know who she is. First and foremost, how has she earned a spot on this list? Her father is the crazy, deranged, ear-missing retired professional wrestler known as Mick Foley, or also by other characters, most notably Mankind and Cactus Jack. And with that box checked, what lands Noelle here? Well, you see, dilapidated Mick married up. Like, way up. His wife is a former model, and you can see it with Noelle, who herself has done modeling. I have her this high because one, look how hot she is compared to half the genes she had to work with. And second? I think she’s flown under the radar as compared to many women on this list, and she’s primed to break out. Enjoy!

4 Kristen Saban


Yes, she is related to THAT Saban. As in, her father is the current head football coach at The University of Alabama, and has also served in that capacity at LSU and in the National Football League with the Miami Dolphins, ever so briefly. So, since we have already seen and enjoyed a number of other daughters who were from owners and coaches, there was no reason not to include the lovely Miss Saban to this list. I mean, seriously, who at the University wouldn’t be trying to get closer to Kristen? She could help them study, or party, or just about anything she wants to.

3 Jordin Sparks

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If you watch mainstream reality television, then you know full well who Jordin Sparks is. If you watched the National Football League a couple decades ago, then you would surely remember her father, defensive back Phillipi Sparks. Her dad was a pretty decent player in his day-not great, but dependable and he had himself a pretty nice career. But after breaking out on the television competition show, one might be inclined to say that his daughter Jordin is far more talented now than her dad ever was. Mind you, it really is an apples and oranges comparison, football to singing, but the point being made is clear enough-Jordin Sparks is both smoking hot, and one heck of an amazing singer and entertainer. I would say she’s probably achieved more fame than he ever did.

2 Kendall Jenner

Here’s someone I am willing to bet most readers know all about. And, if you are like me, you probably wish you didn’t know all about her. But first, let’s start off with the parental unit. This one is actually an interesting one, because of who that parent is. Kendall Jenner is former United States Olympic Gymnast Bruce Jenner’s daughter. And Kendall Jenner now gets to spend time with former dad turned transgender icon Cait. I am sorry, I really don’t know what to say there, I presume Cait doesn’t want to be called dad anymore. But anyways, you get that point. As for Kendall, I don’t think anyone here needs to debate her hotness-she’s a model, for God’s sake. She’s a stunner, even if you otherwise can’t stand her or her family and their incessant reality TV drama.

1 Nastia Liukin

Here she is, my number one hottest daughter of an athlete. I have to say, now that we have finally reached the number one spot...I don’t know about you, but I am actually really impressed at how many attractive daughters are on this list who themselves are actually pretty accomplished athletes too. Nastia Liukin, of course, is a recent member of the amazing United States women’s gymnastics team. And, it goes without saying, she’s absolutely gorgeous and extremely easy on the eyes. But, what I did not know is that both of her parents were former highly ranked gymnasts themselves. How about her father Valeri? He just so happens to be a 1988 Summer Olympics gold medalist. How is that for some amazingly good genes?


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