Top 8 Pictures Tiger Woods Wants You To See And 7 He Doesn't

Tiger Woods has had one hell of a career, one hell of a life for that matter. Everything was going swimmingly for Tiger; he was winning tournaments for fun, was one of the highest paid athletes on the planet, had a stable family life – that is until allegations of his infidelity began to surface in 2009. Since then plenty of things have come to light, Tiger’s golfing has suffered, and he hasn’t really been able to move away from the dark path he’s been going down since that scandal rocked his life and the world of golf. There’ve been a lot of low moments for Tiger since then, and the problems in his life have just kept on mounting. In a way, everything that’s come to light over recent years has tarnished his reputation somewhat, has taken the gloss off everything he’d achieved during those many years during which he was winning for fun on the golf course.

But if you can cast your mind back before all those recent scandals, you’ll be able to recollect and realize that there’ve been a ton of high moments too, and it hasn’t all been doom and gloom. These are 8 pics depicting such high moments, and 7 showing moments he’d want you to – and want to himself – forget, pictures he doesn’t want you to see.

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15 WANTS YOU TO SEE: Starting Out Young

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The secret to success, is finding something and making it your passion, your sole objective in life, and sticking at it until you make a success out of it. It helps if you start out on this journey young, as Tiger did. Golf’s all he really knows, and first picked up the clubs at a really young age, remarkably at the age of just two years old. He was a child prodigy and it was evident he was always going to make it as a pro golfer, and not just make it, but be something special on the course. His trophy table, which is already lacking space, at such a young age, is testimony to the guy’s remarkable skill set with a club in hand. Tiger would certainly want people to see this pic, as it shows a time from his childhood when everything was roses, when he was winning tournaments for fun, when he had no worries other than doing what he loved to do, play golf.

14 DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Mistresses

via nydailynews.com

The main thing that got the ball rolling on his path to ruin, was the allegations of extramarital affairs. Well, they weren’t just allegations, and since everything came to light, plenty of women have come forward and have said that they’ve done the dirty with Tiger. Some probably came forward just to get a bit of publicity, but after the media and relevant people have done plenty of digging, it came to light Tiger had up to 12 women on the go. These are Tiger’s girls, Tiger’s cheat sheet, and it’s not something that Tiger would want you to see for obvious reasons. He didn’t want any of this to be made public in the first place, but it’s such a juicy bit of gossip for the media, there was no way he could have expected it to be kept under wraps for too long.

13 WANTS: Customary Fist Pump

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We’ve become used to seeing this sight over the years – not recent years where it’s been lacking, along with his form – when Tiger was winning tournaments for fun. Those who play it will know that golf gives you a tremendous amount of satisfaction. When you make a seemingly impossible put, when you keep your cool and strut around the golf course like you own it – that’s what Tiger was used to. Every tournament win gave him the same level of satisfaction, as you can see here.

This really is a great sight, one from one of his better days. It’s something the crowds came to see, and if they did, it’s a sure sign that Tiger’s playing well and was on course for yet another victory. He’d want you to see this pic, as it will remind him and you of some of his better days, when he was winning and his enthusiasm for golf was at its peak.

12 DOESN’T WANT: Missing Front Teeth

via golfwrx.com

This is a pretty embarrassing pic; it’s a no-brainer as to why Tiger wouldn’t want this pic getting out.

It’s a pic from 2015 where Tiger was on holiday with his girlfriend at the time, Lindsey Vonn, and he’d come along to support her in her ski race in Italy. He’d watched her race, watched everyone as they came across the finish line, when all of a sudden, a camera guy who was kneeling down in front of him, stood up and cracked him straight in the mouth – by accident of course – causing him to crack and chip a couple of his teeth. Tiger did his best to hide it by wearing a ski mask for the rest of the trip, but with the amount of paparazzi around, that was going to be an impossible task.

11 WANTS: Sponsorship Deals

via forbes.com

Tiger was once one of the wealthiest athletes on the planet, not only because of his tournament wins, from which he earned millions, but because sponsors, companies were queuing up left right and centre to get him on board, pay him to be the face of their products or services. They paid him huge amounts of cash too, as you’d expect them too, because we are talking about some major companies here. Nike, Gillette and Tag Heuer are just a few of the companies that paid Tiger megabucks for advertising their products, and of course he was only too happy to oblige. He still has quite a few sponsors on board, but some parted ways with him in the light of all the recent scandals that have rocked his world.

10 DOESN’T WANT: Latest Arrest On Suspected DUI Charges

via aol.com

After coming out and admitting he was a sex addict, all those affairs, crashing his car, etc. Tiger’s life seemed to have calmed down a bit over recent years. He looked to be on the straight and narrow, looked to have finally been sorting himself out, but then this goes and happens. A matter of weeks ago, Tiger was arrested for a DUI. He was asleep at the wheel while the car was still running, although it was stationary in a traffic lane. A breathalyzer test revealed that there was no alcohol in his system, but he did then admit that he’d taken prescription medication which may have caused him to fall asleep. "What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly. I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions," he said. Tiger was released later that same day, but it’s still something he’d rather not want people to see, especially after everything that’s been going on in his life recently.

9 WANTS : First Major Championship win

via denverpost.com

Tiger was winning trophies and tournaments from an incredibly young age, but the pinnacle for any golfer, the one that everyone grows up wanting to and striving to achieve, is winning master’s tournaments. Tiger’s first was in 1997, undoubtedly a special year for Tiger as it marked his first major championship win at the age of 22. Being his first, it was seriously special, and he’s said that it’s one of the most important moments of his life. The win was special not only on a personal front, but from a golfing front too; he rewrote the history books with that win, and became the first player of black origin to win a major. Thinking back to it, it’s still a spine-tingling moment for Tiger and all those who witnessed it, not just in golf, but in the world of sport.

8 DOESN’T WANT : Weight Gain

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This is a rather unflattering pic of Tiger looking seriously bloated. You can probably guess what part of his life this pic is from. It wasn’t taken from the mid-2000s when Tiger was still the darling of golf. Back then he was one of the fittest guys on tour and had a body and level of fitness envied by a lot of his fellow competitors. This was taken just after that whole sex scandal, when golf and being fit, looking like a professional sportsman wasn’t high on his list of priorities. He was in a dark place and let himself go, before slowly but surely making an effort to get back into the swing of things. It was a pretty drastic weight gain, and certainly one of his more embarrassing pics.

7 WANTS : Chilling With Rap Royalty

via flickr.com

This is just a really cool picture that would endear him – even the people who didn’t really know golf or Tiger Woods – to a lot of people.

It’s safe to assume that most of you reading this would’ve heard of Snoop Dogg. Even if you don’t particularly like his music, you’d probably at least be able to recognize a few of his iconic songs, know who the guy is. So, when he got together with Tiger at Spike TV's 2nd Annual Video Game Awards in 2004, it got plenty of people talking. It turned out the two were actually pretty cool with each other – you’d have to say the unlikeliest of friendships. This is actually a pretty comical picture – Snoop in his golfing attire, and Tiger looking like a rap superstar – just having a laugh and letting loose.

6 DOESN’T: Admitting He’s A Sex Addict

via okimoto.com

I’ve already mentioned that whole sex scandal that shook Tiger, his family, and the world of golf, and have shown a picture depicting the women he’s thought to have slept with. But this is a moment from that actual press conference, during which he actually came out and said it; “I am a sex addict.” Of all the things celebs are addicted to, not many are addicted to sex, but it was obviously a pretty serious addiction for Tiger because it basically took him on a path that ended up ruining his family life and tarnishing his reputation for good. This was undoubtedly the worst and most embarrassing press conference he’d ever have had done.

It must have been painful for Tiger to come out and admit to all his past indiscretions, especially since the world and his family were watching, and his mum watching from the front row which must have only compounded matters. Imagine admitting you’re a sex addict right in front of your mom! Ahh, not one of Tiger’s best days.

5 WANTS: Adorable Family Pic

via ftw.usatoday.com

I just mentioned how that whole cheating scandal ruined aspects of his family life, which is why it’s even more important for Tiger to get this pic out there and see it himself too, in order to remind people that he is a loving father and a real family man – well, as much as someone can be having done some of the things he’s done! He might have cheated on wives, girlfriends and might have been a sleazebag when it comes to relationships, but one relationship that is rock-solid is his relationship with his kids. He absolutely adores his two kids, and their dogs, and they’re really all the family he needs. This is a really cute snap, and will show people that Tiger’s more than just a cheating monster who thinks he’s god’s gift to women and can’t keep it in his pants.

4 DOESN’T: Car Crash

via msn.com

This is yet another incident that led on from that time Tiger was exposed as a serial cheater. A short time after that news first broke out, this went and happened. Tiger crashed his car on the street just outside his house, and both he and the car ended up in a real mess. It just demonstrates how his life was falling apart at that time, how everything was unravelling for him. His frame of mind was delicate, in a really dark place, but luckily for him his wife was thinking clearly and managed to smash a window and help him out of the car. It meant he was in the news yet again for the wrong reasons – it was a really dark and fragile time for Tiger.

3 WANTS : With His Most Famous Golfing Buddy

via yahoo.com

A golfer of Tiger’s calibre is going to meet a lot of special people, hang with a lot of celebs. He has plenty of fans for what he’s done for the sport of golf, all of his achievements etc. We’ve already seen Tiger hanging out with one of his good buddies, rap legend Snoop Dogg, but here’s yet another high-profile star that has a tremendous amount of respect for Tiger, and the feeling’s probably reciprocated. Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, was, and still is, an avid golfer and a massive fan of Tiger. He invited him to the White House, and after that first meeting, apparently they struck up a friendship and went on numerous golfing trips together.

Whether that’s true or not, only they’ll know, but nevertheless this is still a moment that Tiger would be very proud of, and would want everyone to remember.

2 DOESN’T: Mugshot

via complex.com

We thought Tiger’s life was getting back on track, then this goes and happens and once again he’s in the news for all the wrong reasons. You’ve already seen the picture of his arrest a few weeks ago, being led away in handcuffs by the cops. That certainly isn’t a picture he’d want people to see, but once he arrived at the police station, he had his mugshot taken, and this is equally an embarrassing picture for Tiger.

The incident itself was blown out of proportion by the media. Apparently he had taken some prescription medication which had the side effect of making him feel sleepy; he explained everything and the police were happy to let him go just hours later. But even so, it’s yet another arrest for Tiger, yet another low point in his life, and this picture will remind him and everyone else of those dark times.

1 WANTS: The Sweet Life

via businessinsider.com

Let’s end on a positive, a picture that sums up Tiger’s career – before his life began to unravel – and one that he’d like everyone to see. He probably still looks at this picture, or pictures like this anyway, because he’d want to get back to those winning ways as soon as possible, after he recovers from his recent surgery.

This is a pic of Tiger doing what he does – or did – best, winning golf tournaments and raking in the cash through tournament wins. This is Tiger gratefully receiving his winner’s cheque after emerging victorious at a tournament in Dubai. The Dubai Desert Classic is one of his favorite tournaments, and he was actually due to play there this year after a pretty long absence but had to pull out because he’s still recovering from his surgery.

This is one of many pictures depicting his sweet life, when he was constantly winning and raking in the cash, when he was a global superstar, and there’s no doubt that he’d want to get back to that level.

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