Top 20 Most Attractive Tennis Players Of 2018

If you think of the most famous female tennis players in the world over the past few decades, what they always have in common is a mix of attractiveness and talent. There's something that we—as humans—love to see about someone who is immensely good at something who also is able to look good while doing it. The ability to wear a skimpy, delicate outfit while laying a beatdown on someone on the tennis court, for example, or in golf, which is another sport with a lot of beautiful female athletes. The combination of skill and effortlessness is undeniably attractive.

If you're a female tennis player, it definitely pays to be attractive. Maria Sharapova makes way more money through her endorsement deals and modelling than she has playing tennis, though she has been the number one women player in the world in various points during an impressive career so far. There's something a little bit sad about that—that no matter how well she ever plays, she'll earn more money simply by being attractive and looking good in a bathing suit—but that's the way the world operates and there's no avoiding it. Though women like Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, and Ana Ivanovic are definitely the ones who come to mind when we think about beautiful tennis players, there is definitely also no shortage of up-and-coming or lesser known players who can give them a run for their money in the looks department, though not, perhaps on the court.

This list will focus on active or recently retired players who are ranked by the Women's Tennis Association. There aren't any models who picked up rackets for fun here; in addition to being gorgeous, these are some of the best women tennis players in the world.


20 Dominika Cibulkova

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Dominika Cibulkova's Instagram bio says "Fashion is my passion ? Oh and i play some ?" which shows that she has a good sense of humour about the fact that the world may be more interested in her modelling than in her career as a tennis player. She's currently ranked in the top thirty players in the world, though, and she's still only 28-years-old and she's known for a very dynamic and aggressive style of play that has become popular with her growing fanbase. She has also racked up more than $10 million in career earnings already, although it certainly seems possible that she's outperform that number in endorsements, and she recently started her own line of clothing which showcases her signature expression "Pome" which means "Let's go" in Slovak.

19 CoCo Vandeweghe

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With a name like that, you're bound to get some media attention. CoCo Vandeweghe, whose birth name is Colleen, is a twenty-six year old player from California who has seen her profile rise recently, as she now finds herself occupying the tenth overall position in the rankings, making her the top ranked American woman tennis player behind only Venus Williams. She is known for being one of the most aggressive players around, with a powerful serve, and she often gets to the net as quickly as she can to avoid longer rallies, at which she isn't as proficient. She comes from an athletic background, as her mom was an Olympic swimmer and her grandfather and uncle both played in the NBA.


18 Serena Williams

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You obviously really can't talk about contemporary women's tennis without talking about the Williams sisters, and the consensus seems to be that Serena Williams is the better looking of the two, even though Venus is the better tennis player lately. At time of writing, Venus is the fifth ranked female tennis player in the world, while Serena comes in at number 22. Serena is 36-years-old, and any way you slice it, she'll retire as one of the most accomplished women to ever play the game. She's married to one of the co-founders of the website Reddit, and she gave birth to her first child late last year. People were shocked when they did the math and realized that she had been 8 weeks pregnant when she had won the Australian Open earlier last year. There's definitely something sexy about someone who is so confident and good at what she does.

17 Belinda Bencic

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Belinda Bencic is certainly less known than the women who appeared before her on this list, but she's definitely an up-and-coming star. The 20-year-old, who was born in a quaint little town in Switzerland, has already racked up more than $3 million in career earnings, and will be looking to make a return this year into the top 10 in rankings like she did back in 2016 when she peaked at #6. Right now, she has a long way to go, as she's the #74 ranked singles player in the world. She started playing tennis at the age of three, and was coached by her mother and travels with her father. The biggest win of her career so far was at the Rogers Cup back in 2015, when she knocked out many of the world's top players en route to taking home that trophy.


16 Caroline Wozniacki

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If you Google Caroline Wozniacki's name, you'll see a lot more photos of her posing in bikinis on the beach or in modelling shoots than you'll see of her on the tennis court. That's pretty striking when you consider that Wozniacki has been one of the best women's tennis players in the world for years now, currently sitting at third place in the world, but barely trailing the front-runners and poised to make a move into first place with a significant tournament win. She's 27-years-old and was born in Denmark, and her romantic relationships have often been in the media as well. She was in a relationship with golfer Rory McIlroy and they got engaged, which represented two of the greatest in their respective sports tying the knot. However, McIlroy got cold feet and ended the relationship and she announced earlier this year that now she's dating former basketball player David Lee.

15 Camila Giorgi

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Camila Giorgi is one of the shortest people on this list, standing at only 5'6", but the 26-year-old Italian has had a strong career so far, racking up almost $3 million in earnings so far, and more through endorsement deals, as she's one of the best Italian women tennis players in the world. She has been playing tennis since she was only five years old, and also boxes and plays soccer on a recreational level. Despite her small size, she is known as one of the most aggressive and hard hitting players of the tour. Her career has not been overwhelmingly successful so far, but she has a winning record overall against top 10 players, which bodes well for her future when she starts advancing further into tournaments. It seems likely that we'll be seeing quite a bit more of Giorgi in the future.


14 Simona Halep

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While Simona Halep may not be quite as pretty as others on this list, she deserves some props considering that she's currently the number one women's player in the world, and is considered to be the most popular female player in the world as well, as she consistently is the name that is clicked on most often on the WTA's website. She's only 5'6", but thrives on every surface, and says that her favourite part of playing tennis is serving. She's currently sponsored by Adidas, but used to be repped by Nike and Lacoste. She also has endorsements with companies like Vodafone, Hublot, and Mercedes. It's safe to say that the combination of her more than $20 million in tournament money, plus her endorsements and her fairly young age means that she'll retire as one of the richest female tennis players.

13 Maria Kirilenko

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It seems fair to say that when it comes to women's tennis, there's something uniquely attractive about Russian players that nobody can really put their finger on. Whether it's Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, or countless others over the years, fans both of tennis and beautiful women in general have been captivated by Russian players. Maria Kirilenko is 30-years-old, and so far her career highlight is when she reached number 10 in the world rankings back in 2013. She also won a bronze medal at the Olympics in London back in 2012. She dated Russian hockey star Alex Ovechkin for a time, but is now married with a child to a non-athlete. She has done plenty of modelling, and was the subject of some weird controversy with the US Army, when it was believed that she had mailed her underwear to troops in Afghanistan.


12 Vojislava Lukic

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Vojislava Lukic is another Eastern European tennis player who has a significant following online more because of her sexy photos than for her play. She's from Serbia and turned pro back in 2004, but she seems to have retired since then, as she hasn't played professionally since 2016. Instead, she has done work as a television presenter and a model, and she also founded a tennis school for girls, which has been successful. She is also the coach of the Virgin Islands' national tennis team, which is kind of a funny coincidence, given the countless sexy magazine shoots she has posed for. (Okay, that was a bad joke.) Her personal life has been the subject of media attention in Serbia, as she spent time in a relationship with a corrupt businessman who was 21 years older than her and was eventually jailed for money laundering.

11 Agnieszka Radwańska

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Agnieszka Radwańska is a popular Polish player from Krakow who has been ranking as high as number two before, but currently is ranked twenty-eighth as a singles player. She is constantly ranked among the most fun players to watch, and is often given fan favourite awards, as she is known for pulling off impressive, acrobatic shots, and she is known to have the ability to make smart use of the court to her advantage. He has been ranked as the WTA fan favourite award for a remarkable six straight years, and has been given awards by the Polish government for making her country proud on the international level. She has many large endorsement deals, including one for Cheesecake Factory, an American restaurant chain that she has been vocalizing her love for for years. She wears a little Cheesecake Factory logo on her visor for all the games she plays in the US.


10 Eugenie Bouchard

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For some women, like for instance Caroline Wozniacki, it could be considered unfair or even sexist for their looks to be given prominence over their performance. Wozniacki has been one of the highest performing women in professional tennis in recent years, and that ought to be the first thing we focus on, as sports fans. However, in the case of Eugenie Bouchard, her status as a tennis player has been greatly inflated by her looks. After some early success, she has been consistently disappointing in recent years, and is now ranked in the mid 80s. Her fame and endorsement deals have come largely because of her looks, and she has been posting increasingly seductive photos on her Instagram, which now has well over a million followers. Bouchard's poor performance, coupled with her enduring fame, is a prime example of the media bias towards pretty faces in sports.

9 Laura Robson

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Laura Robson is only 23-years-old, but it seems like she has been around for a long time because she had a successful career as a youth player, and became popular in her home country of England. She won her first professional tennis tournament when she was only 14. She's made over a million dollars in her career and seemed to be on track to have a long, successful run as a professional tennis player, but she got sidetracked by injuries and has frequently been out of action over the past few years, unable to gain momentum and improve her ranking. She's considered to be a calm, poised player with a big serve, so hopefully she'll be able to turn things around in 2018 and get her career back on track.


8 Ana Ivanovic

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While there have been no shortage of women tennis players who have done modelling for Sports Illustrated, or for sportswear brands, Ana Ivanovic has appeared in higher-end magazines like Vogue. Though she is now retired at the age of 30, she spend considerable time as the world's top female tennis player, and has also been among the most prominent in terms of endorsements and media attention over the last decade. She's from Serbia, and has earned more than $15 million over the course of her career, which is good enough for 20th on the all time list, but her career suffered in the wake of intense media attention, which lead to a drop in the quality of her play and her eventual retirement last year. She's married to soccer player Bastian Schweinsteiger, and she recently announced that they're expecting a kid.

7 Mirjam Bjorklund

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At only 19 years of age, Mirjam Bjorklund is easily the youngest player on this list, and she only recently began her pro career. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1998, and right now she is more highly ranked than ever before, at 571, after achieving a career high around 700 in the middle of last year. Her career prize earnings have been under $10 000, and she has not drawn much media attention or any endorsement deals outside of her native Sweden yet. Given how she has been quietly climbing up the rankings without slipping, it seems as though she could become one of the next female tennis players who becomes equally known for their looks as their play, as she has already been catching eyes in her limited tournament exposure so far.


6 Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova is only thirty years old, but it feels like she has been around forever due to the fact that she has been on the WTA tour for over fifteen years, and has been probably the most talked about female tennis player in the world since then. She has spent long stretches as the number one woman tennis player in the world, first achieving the feat when she was only 18-years-old. She's made over $30 million in prize money over her career, but that number is dwarfed by her endless list of endorsements, which are said to total around $300 000 000. She has been very unpopular lately, having failed a drug test in 2016 and being suspended from pro tennis. Lately, she has been trying to rehabilitate her career and get her ranking back up, as she's currently sitting at number 59 in the world.

5 Tsvetana Pironkova

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There are certainly a lot of beautiful Eastern European women in tennis, and one of the hottest of them is Tsvetana Pironkova, who is from Bulgaria. She's the second highest ranked Bulgarian woman in the world, though her ranking is 166 overall. She is 30-years-old, and has been on the pro tour since 2002. After some pretty mediocre years at the beginning of her career, she had a kind of breakthrough back in 2010, when she entered Wimbledon as a relatively unknown player but managed to make the semi-finals. The next year, she had another great Wimbledon performance, giving her a reputation as a dark horse who was liable to upset much higher ranked players. She also founded her own clothing and lifestyle brand. She's consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful women in sports, but so far has been unable to achieve significant, lasting success in tennis.


4 Garbiñe Muguruza

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Earlier on this list we saw the number one ranked women in tennis, but Garbiñe Muguruza, who is currently taking the second spot overall, is definitely hot as well. She's very tall, at 6'0", and she has been consistently successful since she turned pro back in 2012. She's from Venezuela, and is only 24-years-old, but she has already won five singles titles—including two majors—and many tennis analysts believe that the sky is the limit for her future potential. She has been named one of the most marketable figures in all of sports, men or women, and she is known for her charitable endeavours. Though she was born in Venezuela, her family moved to Spain when she was a child, and her dad is Spanish.

3 Victoria Azarenka

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Victoria Azarenka is one of the highest-earning and most successful women's tennis players, but she has struggled in recent years, both on the court and off, and she is currently looking to mount a comeback to her former stature. In years like 2012 and 2013, she was among the highest paid female athletes in the year in any sport, with endorsement deals with massive companies like Nike, American Express, and Red Bull. She has notable rivalries with other top players like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, who she has faced off with multiple times during a pro career that spans back to 2003. In 2016, she announced that she was pregnant, and took the rest of the year off. She gave birth that December, but then split from the child's father and had to go through a custody battle. Considering these struggles in her personal life, it's no wonder that her ranking has dropped to below 200, but if anyone can mount a comeback, it's Azarenka.


2 Mandy Minella

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It's pretty remarkable how international of a game tennis is. In a list of the hottest basketball players, soccer players, figure skaters, or golfers, we'd likely be seeing many women from similar countries, but over the course of this list there was been almost no repetition of nationalities. Mandy Minella is from the tiny European country of Luxembourg. Like many of the women on this list, she started playing tennis when she was five-years-old, which seems to be the golden age to introduce kids to the sport. After a promising early career, she suffered some inconsistency recently, and last year she married her coach and had a daughter. As such, it may be a while before we see Mandy Minella on the court again, sadly, as she definitely has one of the prettiest faces of any tennis player out there. 

1 Sabine Lisicki

Besides being very beautiful, Sabine Lisicki has a crazy good service game, as she holds the world record for fastest recorded female serve at 131 miles per hour, which came during a game against Ana Ivanovic back in 2014. She also temporarily held the record for the most aces in a single match with 27, though that record has since been surpassed. She has been having a bit of a rough time lately, suffering multiple injuries and failing to gain any momentum, but she is kind of starting over this year. Watch for her to make a comeback and surge up the rankings in 2018, as it's hard to believe that she could be kept out of the top 100 or so for long when she has a serve that good.  She lives in Florida with her dog, and is fluent in three languages, and is currently sitting in the mid 200s in the WTA rankings, which she'll definitely be looking to improve upon.


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