Tricks And Treats: 10 Athlete Costumes That Lose (And 10 That Win)

Since most professional athletes do not have to worry about the basic things that the rest of us have to deal with like living paycheque to paycheque, they have the funds to spend on things like a Halloween costume, and many of them take full advantage of the holiday.

Going back to the early days of the internet, athletes have always spent a little extra cash to get the perfect costume for Halloween. Some of them spend it with their families and win the perfect dad award, like when Bryce Harper dressed his family up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Today, thanks to the increased exposure of professional athletes via social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, athletes have taken the bar up a notch and turned Halloween into a competition among all athletes. Not all of the costumes are winners either, and we have found the best and the worst.

Here are the 10 Athlete Costumes that Win and the 10 that Lose.

20 Best: Deron Williams As Khal Drogo (2015)

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Everyone watches Game of Thrones, right? Based on the ratings alone, between 9-12 million viewers tune in each week to watch so it is safe to say that if you have not seen it, you have heard of it. Deron Williams was banking on that and decided to go to a 2015 Halloween party dressed as Khal Drogo, who only appeared in season one. The outfit was perfectly constructed to simulate the leader of the Dothraki warriors and, as it turns out, Deron Williams has the face for it. His wife, Amy, joined him for that evening dressed as one of the show's all-time most popular characters, Daenerys Targaryen, complete with her dragon egg and beautiful long blonde hair.

19 Worst: Barry Bonds As Paula Abdul (2006)

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Before anyone knew anything about PED's and how just about anyone that hit a lot of home runs was taking them, fans were being treated to a new wave of the game, the power game. No one knew about steroids, and they honestly did not care. And as it turned out, the sport's best power hitter ever, Barry Bonds, never took them apparently.

In 2001, Bonds hit 73 Home Runs and a couple years later, he broke the all-time career record for Home Runs before retiring shortly after. Somewhere between breaking records and retiring, he showed up dressed as Paula Abdul for a charity fundraiser, in one of the most awkward costumes ever seen.

18 Best: Serge Ibaka As Prince Akeem (2013)

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Although much taller, Serge Ibaka dressing up as Prince Akeem for Halloween was the perfect costume for the Republic of Congo native NBA star. He recreated the outfit perfectly, including the mop and bow tie. He even has the accent to probably sound just like Eddie Murphy's portrayal of the Prince but since no one has posted a video of Serge Ibaka in the costume, we just have to use our imagination.

But it did not stop there. Serge's girlfriend and pop star, Keri Hilson, decided to dress up as Lisa McDowell, another character from the film. Her portrayal was almost as good but when the two of them got together, it formed a scary pair of costumes from the pair that earns a spot on our list.

17 Worst: Channing Frye As Sons of Anarchy Member (2016)

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Every year, LeBron James throws a killer Halloween party for his friends and teammates and in 2016, he had another legendary party. Among the teammates that went to the party, there was one in particular that just did not seem to fit. Channing Frye looked like a biker gang member from the hit tv show, Sons of Anarchy, only he added a special twist to it. He went as the only black man from the Sons of Anarchy gang. The costume was a pair of jeans and black jacket you could probably buy at Target. It was just not even close to the level of the rest of his teammates costumes. He also added a solid black cap and white undershirt, just to make sure he fully showcased what it meant to be a member of the fictional biker gang. While we're sure he thought it would be a hit, we're not sure how many people got it.

16 Worst: Matt Harvey As Dark Knight/Joker (2016)

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In 2012, Matt Harvey got his first start as a major league pitcher when the New York Mets faced the Arizona Diamondbacks. He went 5.1 innings and struck out 11 batters while only giving up 3 hits and zero earned runs in a 3-1 win. It was nothing short of amazing for the future star pitcher, who would continue improving throughout his second season. But then he got injured in 2014 and missed the whole year. He returned in 2015 and picked right back off where he began, finishing the year with a 13-8 record, 2.71 ERA, 188 K, and only 37 walks. But he got hurt again, in 2016, and has not been the same since. In fact, his attitude has changed along the way and he is now one of the least liked people in the sport. So when he showed up dressed as both The Dark Knight and Joker, it was expected. He found a way to ruin the Batman and Joker costumes in one fell swoop.

15 Best: Anastasia Ashley As Shark Bait (2016)

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Since becoming a professional surfer at the age of 5, Anastasia Ashley has grown into one of the most recognizable faces in the business. But her beauty isn't the only thing she is known for. When she was only 16 years old, she won the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award and a major national title. That was the year she became a surfing star. It was not very long after her rookie season that she became a professional model and her exposure really exploded. She even got featured in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. But she might be most well-known for her sick shark attack costume, seen here. This costume is an original idea that she rocks to perfection. Her biggest fear could be when she is out on the open water wearing that thing.

14 Worst: Paul Pierce As Rick James (2016)

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Although the costume was pretty much the most accurate Rick James costumes we had ever seen, the fact that he wore it during a game while sitting on the bench was just plain awful. Apparently, some people thought it was an incredible idea and found it to be hilarious but it was anything but cool. It was a huge distraction and, honestly, for a player that is months away from his final game, it was just plain awkward. He would go on to play in just 25 games last season, averaging 3.2 points, 1.9 rebounds, and only got to start seven games. Needless to say, the idea fell flat to LA Clipper fans last year. Maybe he should stick to the things he knows best and leave the costumes for the Halloween parties.

13 Best: Hunter Pence As Napoleon Dynamite (2016)

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Hunter Pence was already an odd looking guy but when he decided to show up in the Napoleon Dynamite costume, no one was ready for the authenticity he captured that night. He even went as far as to have his fiancee, Alexis Cozombolidis, dress up as Pedro. The two got together for one epic photo that was accompanied with another present.

It was a video of Hunter Pence, as Napoleon Dynamite, doing the entire dance from the movie, to perfection. No seriously, his video was the exact same thing like in the movie and it is worth a watch. He also once went as The Wet Bandits from the movie Home Alone. He and his girlfriend Alexis dressed up as the two robbers complete with burnt hand prints and faces. It was almost as good as the Napoleon Dynamite one from last year.

12 Worst: Brandon Weeden As Waldo (2013)

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When he was at Oklahoma State, Brandon Weeden threw 767 completions with a 69.5 completion percentage while throwing for 9,260 yards and 75 touchdowns. He was a great prospect for two seasons and turned into a first round draft pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

However, something happened between college and the NFL because once he was put in as the starter for the Cleveland Browns, he was anything but great. Maybe the Where's Waldo costume was the perfect costume for him to wear in 2013 because his game seemed to have disappeared sometime between getting to the NFL and his rookie season. He became nothing more than a liability and found himself being shipped out in 2014.

11 Best: Christian Ponder & Wife As Kids From Sandlot (2013)

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Over the past decade, one of the biggest Halloween couple costumes is based off of the romance between Squints from The Sandlot and his local neighbourhood lifeguard, Wendy Peffercorn. His love for Wendy was legendary. Christian Ponder, the former Minnesota Vikings quarterback, is not really the same person as Squints was in the film. He was a star quarterback for Florida State and got himself drafted into the NFL where he then lead the Minnesota Vikings for a couple of years.

So, although he does not fit the bill for a good Squints, his wife and sports reporter, Samantha Ponder, definitely makes for a good Wendy Peffercorn. The gorgeous blonde was able to pull off the red swimsuit and iconic sunglasses, helping to raise the bar for a great Halloween costume for couples.

10 Worst: Joe Flacco As Mike "The Situation" (2010)

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In his 3rd season in the NFL, Joe Flacco matured into a legit starting quarterback when he led the Baltimore Ravens to a 12-4 record. He added 3,622 passing yards, 25 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions with a 62.6 completion percentage. His numbers were not out of this world but they were definitely solid for a man from Delaware.

By the time October came around in 2010, he showed up at a charity event for the Ravens in which he wore, let's just say, a costume that made little sense for the quiet leader. No one really knows why Joe Flacco celebrated Halloween in 2010 dressed up as Mike, also known as "The Situation", from the Jersey Shore. But for some reason, he decided to rock the attire as one of the most hated men in show business ever. He even added the classic haircut and gel look that made him have that true Jersey Shore feel.

9 Best: Justin Verlander & Kate Upton As Danny & Sandy (2016)

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Justin Verlander spent 13 years with the Detroit Tigers but never found a way to win a World Series. So about a month ago, he was given the opportunity to be traded to the Houston Astros. When it comes to celebrity couples, Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are one of the cutest. Not only has he been a role model to his fans, the relationship these two share is as real as it comes. The genuinely love one another and it shows every time they are spotted around town.

So when they decided to spend their 2016 Halloween dressed as Danny and Sandy from the musical Grease. They even posted a picture of the two of them doing the finale dance from the film. It's easy to say that Kate Upton is a much better Sandy than he is a Danny, but who are we to judge.

8 Worst: Cam Newton As Angel (2011)

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In the matter of one season, Cam Newton went from virtually unknown to the number one pick in the 2011 NFL Draft after his incredible season leading the Auburn Tigers to a national title. When he became the starting QB for the Carolina Panthers in 2011, he quickly earned a reputation for being a young and immature player with a lot to learn. He managed to throw for 4,051 yards as a rookie with 21 touchdowns and 17 interceptions but he also added 706 yards rushing and 14 more scores. Regardless of how great he was during that season, he was still a rookie in the NFL and was treated as such when he was forced to rock a skimpy angel costume that left little for the imagination.

7 Best: Nick Collison As Walter White (2013)

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Throughout his entire career, Nick Collison was nothing more than a solid defender that could come off the bench and steal a few minutes while the starters rested. He played his entire career with the Oklahoma City Thunder, even when they were still the Seattle Sonics. At 37 years old, he heads into the 2017-18 season with another chance to help provide some depth to a now deep roster for the Thunder.

But before the season starts, let's go back to 2013, in the height of the popularity of the hit television show Breaking Bad. Nick Collison decided to honor the main character, Walter White, by putting on the same gear Walter wore while making his, well, let's say candy.

6 Worst: Jeremy Shockey As Drunken Inmate (2011)

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In 2002, during his rookie season, Jeremy Shockey put up his best career numbers with 74 receptions, 894 yards, and 2 touchdowns. But the only thing people will remember about Jeremy Shockey is going to be how much he loved to party and have fun all year round. He was constantly in the spotlight, showing up at the biggest of parties with a different woman by his side each time. He started getting injured more often and had trouble keeping his opinions to himself and eventually found himself traded to the Saints. Sending someone that likes to party to New Orleans was probably not the best idea. By 2011, in his final season, he was spotted at a Halloween party dressed as a drunken inmate. Again, not the best choice for someone with his reputation.

5 Best: LeBron James As Flo (2014)

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LeBron James has shown us that he takes Halloween very seriously. But that is what happens when you are a competitive athlete such as himself. He competes at everything, even if it is just having the best Halloween costume. In 2014, he rocked a costume that was not expected yet was still about as awesome as it sounds. He was Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials and even took a promotional photo posing as her. The following year, in 2015, he arrived at his own Halloween party dressed as Prince, complete with guitar and a perfect head of hair, in honor of the deceased musician. He eclipsed that costume last year when he was Jerome from the hit tv show Martin.

4 Worst: Dwyane Wade As Justin Timberlake (2010)

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In 2010, Dwyane Wade put together one of his best campaigns thanks to the addition of LeBron James to the Miami Heat. That same season, D-Wade averaged 25.5 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 4.6 assists while also making the All-Star team. In the beginning of the 2010 season, however, while the fans in Cleveland were still getting over the mess caused by LeBron James departure, D-Wade decided to go to a Halloween party dressed up as Justin Timberlake. The costume was not nearly complete until he painted his face white and went all out. The reviews in 2010 were mixed but we just wanted to say that it was anything but a good idea. The whiteface look was not the problem with this costume either, it was simply that he did not even look like Justin Timberlake. He looked like Dwyane Wade with his face painted white.

3 Best: P.K. Subban As Michael Jackson From "Thriller" (2014)

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Some athletes love to dress up for Halloween and they go all out. P.K. Subban is one of those athletes. He has rocked some insane classics in the past but of all of his best work, his 2014 Halloween costume was easily the best. He posted a photo of his costume on the internet and it became a legendary costume right away. He went as Michael Jackson's fictional character from the infamous music video, "Thriller", including the zombie makeup and red jacket with pants. His entire ensemble was so detailed and authentic, it felt as if he was the re-incarnation of Michael Jackson from the video. He also once dressed up as Prince and, much like with the Michael Jackson costume, he also destroyed that one.

2 Worst: Johnny Manziel As Scooby Doo (2012)

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Long before he blew his chance at becoming an NFL superstar, Johnny Manziel was a rockstar at Texas A&M, leading the Aggies for a couple seasons and becoming the face of the team while being given the nickname, "Johnny Football". While attending Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel was a stud with the ladies, constantly having another supermodel by his side. He was the life of the party every weekend, and during the Halloween of 2012, he showed up in a Scooby Doo costume. He was just a freshman when the pictures of him partying with all of the campus hotties in a bar started to break the internet and it became the first, of many, times that he would end up becoming a bigger story for his off-the-field antics rather than his play on the field.

1 Best: Alex Morgan & Sydney Leroux (2012, 2013)

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For two straight years, Halloween was won by the two soccer stars from the World Cup Champion USA Women's National Team, Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux. We wanted to feature them for just their 2012 costume but then recalled what they did in 2013 and just had to give them credit for both. In 2012, they took advantage of the internet's love for U.S. Gold medal Gymnast McKayla Maroney's face after receiving the Silver medal in the vault competition. She was not impressed and while standing on the podium, showcased a look of dissatisfaction that became an internet sensation. Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux dressed up in their best U.S. Gymnast gear and showed the world their favourite McKayla Maroney face too. They became a hit and in 2013, they did it again. Only this time they capitalized on the bizarre Miley Cyrus performance during the VMA's on MTV. Alex Morgan dressed up as Miley Cyrus while Sydney Leroux dressed up as Robin Thicke. The two posed and posted the photo to Instagram and it blew up into the biggest of the year.

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