UFC Fight Pass Servers Are Crashing Because of Mayweather Vs. McGregor

Ahead of the anticipated Mayweather vs McGregor Money Fight, it appears UFC Fight Pass is getting overloaded causing the service to crash.

The Floyd Mayweather - Conor McGregor fight moments away from starting it looks like the UFC's Fight Pass was not ready to handle the server load for what's expected to be the biggest boxing match ever.

UFC's Fight Pass customers are actually unable to currently log in to view the fight due to an “overwhelming volume of requests," according to Screen Rant.

This is not uncommon. It's happened quite often when streaming services broadcast large events like this.  But we're shocked that the UFC wasn't ready to handle the server load needed to make sure things would run smoothly. Especially after how much this fight has been hyped over the past few months.


Hopefully, the UFC will fix things quickly in order to allow their fans to watch the fight through Fight Pass. But if they aren't able to get things running they can always pay the ridiculous pay-per-view price or head a friends house who might have purchased the fight through their cable provider.

There hopefully is also a local bar that is showing the fight as well, but you may need to pay in order to get in. Now, of course, it would be a lot cheaper than paying your cable provider for the pay-per-view and you won't be able to sit on your comfy furniture.

Either way, fans have to be incredibly disappointed with the UFC on Saturday night, but there is no word if users will receive a refund or something else from the UFC for their trouble.

I'm sure by now the UFC is regretting the Tweet they sent out prior to the fight.


We're sure UFC president Dana White will be furious to find out what has happened. With how temperamental he can be at times, and we wouldn't be surprised if someone loses their job over this incident. And looking at the  Fight Pass website and it looks like it has crashed.

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UFC Fight Pass Servers Are Crashing Because of Mayweather Vs. McGregor