Ex UFC Rivals: 15 Photos Of Ronda Rousey & Miesha Tate

It's tough to pick which woman you would rather have rough you up when you are talking about UFC beauties Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. Their rivalry goes far beyond that of appearances however. Before the two of them first met in the Octagon in March of 2012, these women had never been the main event for a PPV Mixed Martial Arts bout.

Their rivalry actually predates even that however, beginning on social media in 2011.  While both had some background in Jiu-Jitsu, Tate was known primarily for being a wrestling and Strikeforce Champ. Tate's climb to prominence in her sport was a unique one, due to her wrestling background. Before her first bout in 2006 she clambered on about "not wanting to be hit" and went as far as to successfully wrestle her opponent, Elizebeth Posener, to the mat. Her "not wanting to GET hit" evidently turned into 'not wanting TO hit' once she was down, as she could not finish her off.

She ended up losing that fight (the only loss of her amateur MMA career) before rattling off five straight victories headed into the professional ranks. By 2009 she had captured her first title in the FCF bantamweight title. Over the next two years she piled up victories.  Then, in 2012, a young fighter by the name of Ronda Rousey proclaimed her desire to take on Tate.  She went as far to say "I want to fight her now, I don't want to take a risk on her losing".

Insert Ronda Rousey. There are very few fighters in history that climbed up as highly in the public eye as her. This includes men, women, WWE, Boxing, Mortal Kombat (you get the point). The two highly publicized fights that followed both fell to the favor of Rousey, but the comparisons between the two have never stopped. On the mat or on the beach, retired or not, these two will always compete.

15 White Out

via gotceleb.com

There are many things that make this photo steamy.  She has this ballet toe point going on, her wrists are properly iced (and not that post-fight iced), and she seems to be looking right through us.  The way that she is holding the stair well seeming to point up-stairs?  Yeah, that is probably her telling us where to go.  Hell isn't up there either, so bonus points for everyone!

The white dress really does bring out a different side of the former MMA belt holder. 

The bloodied noses, the black eyes, all of those seem to drift far away on a nice fluffy cloud (a white one) and leave us with one of the most bodacious babes to ever be a professional athlete.  This really gives us a surprising amount of eloquence from someone who is mainly known as being a fighter.

14 Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better!

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Speaking of eloquent, check out Ms Rousey on carpet at the Expendables 3 premiere. The super high slit gold and black print dress not only looks high class, but incredibly steamy at the same time. In case you didn't realize this before, Rousey has incredibly nice legs.  Remind me to send a thank you card to the slit in that dress at the end of this article.

The further into these photos we dive, something else you will really start to notice is how LITTLE damage Ronda has received to her smile.

She has been through 14 professional MMA fights! You could have told me she spent the better part of the last decade working as a life guard in Maui and I wouldn't have even questioned you. Had you told me the FACT that I just handed you though?  Hell, I watched most of her fights and STILL don't believe it.

13 Pretty In Pink

via lvsportnetwork.com

I actually wouldn't even have a problem with what was happening here if the guy in the middle wasn't double-dipping on Affliction. 2001 called bro, it wants its clothes back. I understand why Bryan Caraway was here. (he looks less in shape than she does FWIW) I suppose I am too blinded by the apparel going all over the place here to understand anything else in the photo at first glance.

Miesha looks absolutely dynamite here.

Her hair looks perfect draping down her shoulders. She either just got outside, or Herbal Essences reverse engineered their product from whatever mana comes from her follicles. Pink also wins the day again. It might not be a color I ever want to be a theme in my house, but I will take it on bikinis everyday and twice on Sunday.

12 Why So Serious?

via Sportsrageous.com

Ronda looks pensive here.  Maybe she is deciding on which Hollywood blockbuster film to jump in next?  Maybe she is trying to decide if she is going to fight again?  Maybe she is watching a replay of the Holly Holm fight?

It really doesn't matter what she is thinking about, because we all know where our minds are.

The crush that millions developed on Rousey during her unprecedented six title defense run without a loss is not a mystery.  Even when she has obviously been working out enough to develop at least a bit of a sweat, she can still steal our hearts.

11 Batman For Halloween

via chatsports.com

Aside from the Dark Knight trilogy, has Batman been memorable at all for you lately? Your answer is probably a little bit different now than it was a few seconds ago. The only downside to this outfit is the placing of the cape. Come on Miesha! Put the cape where it is supposed to go! This really makes me want to go ahead and use all of my power to get Batgirl greenlit (sidenote: I have no power). I also want to go ahead and start an online petition on who should play the titular role.

Miesha's legs also are on fire here with the high heeled, high boots and the broad fish net (maybe those are like shark-net) leggings. I will do as you command - I am going to tell all my friends about you.

10 Furious 7 Premiere

via rondarousey.net

As great as she looks here, this also marks the most embarrassing loss in Rousey's entire career. It was in the confines of this franchise that Rousey fell victim to the untrained Michelle Rodriguez. Rodriguez was not only two inches shorter, but also nine years younger at the time of their bout in a Dubai high rise (I suppose she will always be nine years her junior now that I think about it).

In actuality, Rousey accidentally put two golfball sized bumps on the actress' face during the filming of their fight scene.

With her hair down, Ronda has a completely different look (as displayed here). She goes from "the girl who will kick your butt down the street" to "the girl next door" with ease. Furious 7 went on to become the sixth highest grossing movie of all time.

9 On The Ropes

via Sherdog.com

There's a tiny bit of 'pouty face' here. The cheeks are slightly sucked in, causing her lips to pucker ever so slightly. Is she about to kiss the belt? If she did it would only rub in our face just ever-so-slightly more how someone this fine was a StrikeForce Champ. I must also send a shout-out to the make-up artist who complimented the hint of red in the belt with her lipstick.

Fortunately for us, since her retirement Miesha spends all of her time around the ring dressed a lot like this now. She has transitioned seamlessly into reporting and commentating for Fox Sports.

Side note: That is one giant rope. (The one at the top holding her belt) That thing looks like it got salvaged from the Black Pearl when they were tearing apart Johnny Depp's career.

8 Yoga, Anyone?


So Ronda can do some yoga, it would seem. I actually don't know if this IS a pose or not, but a quick search brought me to a few that this might be (if it indeed is a yoga pose)

-Firelog (because of the end result)

-Half Moon (because we don't know what's happening on the other side)

-Peacock (because I am totally paying attention)

-Upward Salute (self explanatory)

In case you haven't already, or haven't in the first few photos I have presented to you here - please go follow Ronda on Instagram. It really is like Christmas a few times a day. This is Christmas on the beach. In a black bikini. While she stares off in the distance. Maintaining balance like a pro Jenga player or the Yin and Yang.

7 Cupcake Tate


Originally ending up on Tate's Snapchat, this photo shows our girl from the always-flattering upward angle in a pair of overall-jorts and a red top.  This is the first shot I found showing off the seductive nature of her hazel eyes, which with her skin tone and hair color are leaning ever slightly more towards a green tinge. Normally I would (and do) blast any and everyone who chooses to go with a pose and angle of this nature, but Miesha is just so pretty that I can't get mad at her. It's like trying to dislike an Oreo cookie.

Tate's smile -rather, her flirty smirk- shows off as being more sweet than anything here.

In all of the various photos of her that show off just how stunning she can be, the thing to marvel the most at is in just how many ways she can accomplish it.

6 Let's Take The Gloves Off!


To me, jeans aren't really all that comfortable in bed.  I can't imagine these being either for Ronda.  Up a little bit from them we also see a (wait for it) belly button ring! I didn't even realize they were still a thing, but here we are with our girl and here it is. In the 90s and 2000s these were considered a must-have for all women to show off their looks. Remember when even women who shopped at the Lane Bryant would have them?

As stated in the title, the most obvious amazing thing in this photo are how the gloves are there. I would be willing to bet they also serve as the least appealing thing in this photo as obvious product placement is obvious.

5 Abs Like Woah


When women have this amount of abs - it's totally hot. There is the grade of ab above this that becomes somewhat creepy. Men like women in great shape, not shaped like men. This should be a lesson to all women out there. This is an example of prime and perfect abs. If you spend much time on Instagram looking up in-shape women you can find thousands with actual washboard abs.

Miesha never goes too far, we never have to wonder if she has been on the Brad Pitt-Fight Club workout routine.  This helps us not spend anytime wondering if she will be joining Barry Bonds in the "Never gonna get to Cooperstown" Club. Women on roids = not hot.

4 Get 'Em Up


I think baby blue might be Ronda's best color.  It adds a certain element of femininity to what is often perceived as someone possessing a great amount of brute force.  This photo was taken leading up to the first fight between these two ladies, the first of two times that Rousey put Tate in a blender and left her on the ground afterwards (it's UFC, so maybe put her in a 'Ninja'?).

She has that 'bring it on' look.

Not the Kirsten Dunst kind, but of the King Leonidas variety.  She probably actually could have been filmed against a green screen at three hundred frames a second and looked as cool as Butler did.  I don't know why the UFC hasn't tried this yet now that I think about it.  Maybe the newly reborn XFL in its early infancy stage called dibs.

3 Wonder Woman

via pinterest.com

Miesha loves Halloween. I remember when I first discovered in college that Halloween was cool again.  There is about a 10 year gap in between it being awesome.  No one wants to be the 14 year old out looking for candy (as no one wants to be fat-shamed), but no one wants to miss the first foam party where every girl is dressed up like this (in their dreams dressed up this well).

I have never seen a Wonder Woman costume quite like this, and aside from Gal Gadot, have seen few wear anything with the Wonder Woman-related look that good.

Between this and the Batman photo, I also peg Tate as a DC girl. That's pretty cool. Let's you know that she has not been bamboozled into thinking that Marvel is where the cool comics are. This also serves as the second Zack Snyder reference (possibly third depending how closely you read) in this article. I'm not sure if that is good thing!

2 Sunset

via pinterest.com

This is what I found to be the most artistic photo of the pair. I can't tell if it's got more of a 3:10 To Yuma flair or a Zack Snyder (4th reference!) thing going on, but the composition is just fantastic. Makeup artists always go dark with Rousey's eyes, I think this is to make her look more seductive. I appreciate their work. They accomplish their mission.

Maybe this is supposed to signify her impending retirement. Kind of a 'going off into the sunset' sort of deal? Ronda still remains in the United States Anti-Doping Agency, so she could make a return to the octagon any time she wants.

1 A Rivalry It Was

via youtube.com

Both of the girls sit in full on makeup and dress in our final photo, one taken during their promotional tour leading up to a bout.  As I stated, Rousey is not retired, but would be if Dana White had anything to say about it.  When asked about a return to the mats White stated "I wouldn't want to see it".  One does have to question the amount of power he actually retains in his sport when looking at the last eighteen months of Conor McGregor.  White was certain he would make a near immediate return to UFC after the money finished rolling in from The Money Fight. (Crickets chirping)

While Ronda decides her future, as I stated earlier, you can gaze upon Miesha Tate on Fox Sports extremely often.  Or, if you just need a fix - bookmark the link here.

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