Update On Passing Of Dana Brooke's Boyfriend, Dallas McCarver

Earlier this week, it was reported that Dallas McCarver, the boyfriend of Monday Night Raw Superstar Dana Brooke, passed away at the age of 26, not long after he collapsed on stage during the Arnold Classic Australia. Now new details have emerged regarding McCarver’s untimely death, which a friend says may have been due to a medical condition related to his insulin use.

Earlier today, TMZ released an audio recording from a 911 call made Tuesday, just as McCarver apparently gone unconscious after choking on food. Based on the recording, the unidentified male caller appears to have tried several life-saving techniques on McCarver, trying to revive him with CPR at one point, but to no avail. McCarver’s friend also noted that Dallas was taking insulin at the time of his death and that he may have choked due to a medical condition that required him to take the drug.


In the aftermath of McCarver’s death, Dana Brooke (real name Ashley Sebera) launched a GoFundMe page for the Dallas McCarver Foundation, posting a video where she and bodybuilder Aaron Singerman talk about the legacy Dallas wanted to have, as someone who wants to help, and “give back to” children in need. As of this writing, the campaign has raised slightly less than $17,000 out of its $150,000 goal in slightly less than one day from the time it was posted.

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Originally hailing from Memphis, Dallas McCarver began his bodybuilding career in his early 20s and was widely seen as a rising star in the business. Earlier this year, McCarver had a serious health scare just ahead of the Arnold Classic Australia finals, according to a March 2017 report from Generation Iron. With many expecting big things from Dallas at that time, the young bodybuilder collapsed during the prejudging, forcing him to drop out of the finals at the last minute. He later confirmed that he had collapsed due to an upper respiratory infection; citing McCarver's friend, the above TMZ report alleges that his cause of death may have been related to the reason behind his collapse from March.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dallas McCarver's family, friends, and loved ones, including Dana Brooke. Regardless of the circumstances behind McCarver's death, 26 is far too young for anyone to lose their lives.

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