Vince McMahon Considering Barring Fans From Future Hall of Fame Ceremonies

After what took place at this year's Hall of Fame ceremony, WWE is considering holding future events without the fans in attendance.

As most fans watching on WWE Network witnessed this past Saturday night, during Bret Hart's induction speech on behalf of The Hart Foundation, he was tackled during the WWE Hall Of Fame event by a "fan" who ran through the crowd and was able to get past security and into the ring before being tackled by other WWE Superstars.

The incident wasn't a storyline and no one was expecting it, but when things went down, there was a variety of reaction. From wrestlers getting in on taking shots at the fan to cameras cutting the live feed to what was probably a very embarrassed and livid Vince McMahon backstage, WWE has plenty to think about moving forward when it comes to incidences like this happening again in the future.

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In fact, Brad Shepard is reporting on the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast that Vince McMahon was very upset about Bret Hart getting attacked and he is toying with the idea of not letting fans into the ceremony ever again.

Shepard says, “Vince McMahon was red-faced steaming mad over the incident with Bret Hart at the Hall Of Fame. By the way I was told that it’s not easy to make that happen. I was told that this may be the final straw for fans attending the Hall Of Fame ceremony or at least limited fan attendance at the Hall Of Fame ceremony.”

In the past, fans have tried to take control of the ceremony with chants and cheers but this is the first time a fan has actually interrupted the show through a physical interaction with an inductee. And, where the safety of former wrestlers is concerned or WWE is worried about lawsuits stemming from something like this (many videos caught Dash Wilder punching the fan), WWE may not want to take chances.

What This Means

It's difficult to image the Hall of Fame ceremony without some fans in attendance so this idea isn't likely to gain steam. But, you can rest assure WWE will be taking greater measures when it comes to the security of all those in attendance.

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