Why Vince McMahon Stuck With The 'XFL' Name

Vince McMahon is not someone who's had many failures in his life. He turned wrestling into sports entertainment and made WWE into a multi-million dollar operation and himself a billionaire.

But one of McMahon's most infamous "failures" was the XFL. A joint venture between WWE and NBC, the league lasted just one season with the co-owners each losing approximately $35 million. It was a disaster commercially and was just as bad critically as fans, media and some players, themselves, mocked the product and the games.


Perhaps motivated by the colossal disaster the XFL was the first time around, McMahon wanted a second chance at a football league and he's getting it. He announced on Thursday that he'll be reforming the XFL which doesn't come as a surprise considering the move has been in the works for months. But what is a surprise is that McMahon is restarting the league under the name of "XFL" which has carried a negative stigma with it for the last 17 years.

The league will look much different than the original XFL but McMahon kept the name. He talked with ESPN as to why he's keeping the name which is seen as a laughingstock by both fans and the media.

"Quite frankly I looked at a number of things, but nothing resonated like the XFL," McMahon told Darren Rovell. "There's only so many things that have 'FL' on the end of them and those are already taken. But we aren't going to have much of what the XFL had, including the cheerleaders, who aren't really part of the game anymore. The audience wants entertainment with football, and that's what we are going to give them."


Back in December it was reported that McMahon's company, VKM Ventures, had filed for the UFL trademark. However that was denied due to it conflicting with the Urban Fitness League who had previously filed for the trademark. VKM Ventures also applied for the United Football League trademark, and while it's not known if the company was granted that name, it's pretty much obselete with McMahon choosing to resurrect the XFL name.

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Why Vince McMahon Stuck With The 'XFL' Name