10 Photos Of WAGs That Make Us Drool (And 10 That Make Us Cringe)

When you are evaluating the level of success in an athlete's life, there are several factors you may consider. Perhaps the amount of financial stability they've managed to lock down is what impresses you. Maybe it's their ability to play the sport they've loved at a dominant level. Or maybe it's the fact that some of the best looking women in the entire world just happen to love being wrapped up in the burly arms of some of the best athletes.

There are 10 women on our list who'd drop your jaw if you saw them walking down the street. But rest assured that their assets and appeal are going to get cranked up to 10 when you see the photos we've tracked down for you below. Not all of them are still bumping it up with athletes, but are you going to look away from a steamy photo of the former Rodgers lover, Olivia Munn? We didn't think so!

But as gorgeous as the 10 women are going to look, some of the biggest WAGs of all-time have also been involved in situations that are sure to make you want to look away. Whether it's forgetting their limit at the club, getting crept on by fans or by the paparazzi, we're sure you're going to be laughing (and cringing along) at the other half of our list. Here are 10 photos of WAGS that will have your drooling, and 10 that you'd probably want to forget (as would they).

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20 Drool: Olivia Munn Leaves Little To The Imagination

via imgur.com

Aaron Rodgers has had several highlights in his life that have centred around work. If he wanted to start counting off some of the highlights off the field, you probably wouldn't blame him if he spent just as long talking about some of the moments he had with Olivia Munn.

Especially when you consider that the two dated from 2014 to 2017. And while Rodgers is allegedly now interested in Danica Patrick, Munn is still a stunner. Munn has appeared in several great films, but we don't know if she's ever had a role as steamy as the photo shoot that she agreed to! Let's hope seeing this photo doesn't leave Rodgers with too many regrets this offseason. Though if the rumours of Danica Patrick are true, he can probably get over her a lot quicker.

19 Cringe: Kim Kardashian Doesn't Use Cups

via therichest.com

Kim Kardashian has made many decisions in her life that we're sure with the power of hindsight she wishes she had done a little bit differently. Such as her marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries that was over before an NBA season would be, as they filed for divorce after only 72 days of "bliss".

Kardashian has also taken her action to the gridiron, previously bumping it up with Reggie Bush. We're sure Kim also wishes that this photo of her didn't exist on the internet. When you're at the club, you definitely want to keep it cool. And not y'know, going totally overboard. But hey, who is honestly going to be confident enough to go up to Kim and tell her no? At least she can pass it off as wanting to stay hydrated.

18 Drool: Carrie Underwood All Roped Up

via thesportster.com

If you're a sucker for a woman who can sing, Carrie Underwood may just be your dream woman. Along with being a beautiful blonde, Underwood's charming personality and powerful voice catapulted her to victory in American Idol.

She since turned that into arguably the most successful post-Idol career of any winner, having sold upwards of 65 million songs. She's married to former NHL player Mike Fisher, but clearly has some love for the NFL. Along with performing their song for Sunday Night Football, she also recently released a song for this upcoming Super Bowl that she wrote with Ludacris. Let's hope that Fisher has an equal level of appreciation for football! Maybe spending more time with Carrie influenced him to retire.

17 Cringe: Jessica Simpson Gets Lit For Husband's Birthday

via radaronline.com

There is nothing wrong with going out for a night on the town and slamming back some  beverages with your loved one. But if you're a celebrity, you definitely need to be aware of the fact that the paparazzi are definitely going to be on hand to catch you at your most vulnerable moments.

And while some celebrities go their entire career without an "inebriated photo" scandal, Jessica Simpson is not one of them. She was photographed in an obviously inebriated state back in 2017 following a birthday party for her husband Eric Johnson. You may be jealous of her life, but you're probably not jealous of the hangover she probably suffered. If her boots were made for walking, they probably walked a little crooked that night.

16 Drool: Jennifer Lopez Looking Better Than Ever


A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

There are many things that Alex Rodriguez has been doing to help occupy his time now that he is no longer an active baseball player. Perhaps the most exciting thing of all is the fact that he has managed to win over the affections of Jennifer Lopez. Though Rodriguez is definitely no stranger to hitting a home run with the ladies, including previously dating Torrie Wilson for several years. Lopez is gorgeous, but let's hope she isn't intimated by such a stunner being a part of Rodriguez's past.

One thing is for sure, while his career may have been full of controversy, it's hard to imagine too many people would think his taste in women is anything but top notch! The Yankee legend is a legend in every regard, including his personal life.

15 Cringe: Nikki And John Get Crept On At Apple Store

via thesportster.com

There is no question that getting to meet John Cena would be one of the most exciting moments of many people's lives. It may be an even more exciting moment if his fiance and fellow famed wrestler and star, Nikki Bella, was also nearby. But how is that going to be an exciting moment if instead of going up and saying Hi, you instead just take a creepy shot while standing in the Apple store? This fan definitely won't get a job at the genius bar any time soon.

If you don't want to disturb them, that's totally fair, but taking a photo seems counterintuitive to the policy of just leaving them alone. Though considering the beatdown ability of both Nikki and John, perhaps it's a good thing this fan didn't get caught taking the photo!

14 Drool: Hayden Panettiere Looking Perfect

via hdwallpapers.in

There aren't many couples in Hollywood that have a bigger height difference than Hayden Panettiere and her boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko. While she is barely over 5'0, Klitschko is a towering 6'6. But when you consider he is a professional boxer, it definitely makes sense that he would be on the bigger side. And when you look at Panettiere, it's definitely easy to see why he might be interested in her!

The two started dating in 2009, and while they have been on and off, are currently together. They also have one child together, a girl, who was born back in December 2014. Let's hope raising a family together will help keep them together for the foreseeable future. They seem to be genuinely in love, and that makes many men jealous all around the world.

13 Cringe: Paris Hilton At The Club

via therichest.com

There aren't many celebrities in Hollywood with a bigger reputation for partying it up than Paris Hilton. Something she definitely proves with the photo we've selected of her. Part of her partying ways allegedly involved taking athletes back to the bedroom for some extra cardio. Hilton engaged in a relationship with failed NFL quarterback Matt Leinart in 2007. He did probably learn how to party it up at USC though.

It also cannot be confirmed on how far she went, but reports have also circulated in the past that Hilton has had encounters with Andy Roddick (in 2006), Cristiano Ronaldo (in 2009) and Oscar De La Hoya (in 2000). That's a very impressive resume, but we're sure those athletes wouldn't be too proud to be on it these days.

12 Drool: Jessica Simpson Drops Your Jaw

via thesportster.com

This list is going to put Jessica Simpson on blast for her drunken stumbles following her night out with husband Eric Johnson. But if you want to find yourself jealous of the life that Eric Johnson lives, you may just need to take some time out of your day to look at the photo we've included for you above.

It's easy to see with this photo why many people consider Simpson to be one of the most iconic blonde bombshells of all time. While Johnson's NFL career wasn't the most notable thing in the world, it's clear he was still able to impress Simpson. Which may have been even harder to do considering she had previously gone out with the much more successful Tony Romo. It looks like Simpson doesn't care about on-field skill, but maybe cares more about other skills off the field.

11 Cringe: Khloe Kardashian Caught Without Makeup

via dailymail.co.uk

The Kardashian family is perhaps the most photographed family in America. Which is something that their significant other is definitely going to get used to. Khloe's previous marriage to Lamar Odom even led to a short-lived reality show based on their life. Let's hope her current lover, Tristan Thompson, won't mind the publicity that comes with knocking boots.

If Khloe could pick her least favourite photo in the world, she might have to go with the one we have featured above. The photo not only features Khloe Kardashian before she started getting more aggressive with her gym routine, but she also appears to have been caught without makeup on. She probably takes all the paparazzi in stride though, as it only adds to the power of her brand.

10 Drool: Kate Upton For Vogue

via imgur.com

There are many people all around the world that would be able to say they had themselves a great 2017. But we don't know if anyone would be more accurate in saying that statement than Justin Verlander. On top of accomplishing his biggest career goal with winning the world series and being damn impressive while doing so, he also tied the knot with Kate Upton. Talk about winning in both your personal and professional life!

As successful as Verlander is the MLB, Upton's name in the modeling world may end up being even bigger when all is said and done. She dominates any magazine that comes calling and surely has the competitive nature (and support from Justin) needed to continue succeeding in the industry.

9 Cringe: Paulina Gretzky Getting Wild

via canoe.ca

Paulina Gretzky's life definitely may have been settling down as of late. It was reported back in June that her and Dustin Johnson had welcomed their second child into the family. Which means that nights like the one captured on camera above are hopefully going to be something that doesn't happen anymore. Or if they do, that they have a good babysitter. How are The Great One's diaper changing skills?

Though one element of the photo that may make you cringe extra hard is the fact that the person she is getting close to isn't Dustin Johnson! Let's hope the photo predated their relationship or there may have been some super awkward conversations in store. Then again if Paulina looks that great, I'm sure Johnson may be quick to forgive the hockey princess.

8 Drool: Ciara Gets Comfortable

📷 @DangeRussWilson 😍

A post shared by Ciara (@ciara) on

There is no question that Seattle Seahawk fans were disappointed with how their season turned out this past year. At least until the organization announced the firing of offensive coordinator Darrell Bevel and offensive line coach, Tom Cable. If missing the playoffs was what was needed to give those two the boot, we're sure many fans would be willing to make that trade.

Russell Wilson was integral to helping the Seahawks succeed as much as they did this past year. Which means he was able to avoid temptations off the field by Ciara to spend some extra long mornings in bed! A feat that is made all the more impressive when you consider how gorgeous she is.

7 Cringe: Mariah Carey Lip Sync Fail

via peopletalk.ru

This time last year Mariah Carey was suffering from some terrible publicity after she flubbed Dick Clark's New Year's Eve Performance. After an issue caused her in-ear audio to cut out, Carey appeared to be flustered and give off the impression to people watching that she was lip-synching. This may not be her most embarrassing moment, but it may very well be the most publicized in the singer's career.

Thankfully for Carey, it didn't deter what ended up being a great 2017 for her. Perhaps she figured the worst had already happened, but she still probably wishes it had started off a little smoother. Carey is allegedly currently single but in the past has gone around the bases with Derek Jeter.

6 Drool: Brooklyn Decker On The Sand

via bricksite.com

Brooklyn Decker made a name for herself in the modelling world when she appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue back in 2010. But when looking at her, it definitely makes sense why they would throw her on the cover!

Decker has also attempted to make a name for herself as an actress appearing in several projects including, Just Go With It and What To Expect When You're Expecting. It'll be hard to imagine that she'll ever surpass the success of her husband, Andy Roddick, but we're sure he is plenty supportive. For now, though, she may be playing the role of Mom, as Decker gave birth to their 2nd child back on January 3rd. Perhaps her role in What To Expect helped make the process all the smoother!

5 Cringe: Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Commercial

via ruv.is

Pepsi is no stranger to associating their brand with some of the most beautiful women in the world. One of the biggest examples is Britney Spears, but other stunners like Beyonce have also embraced the can over the years. The company was hoping to strike gold again when they decided that Kendall Jenner was the perfect spokesmodel to help their brand along. But things quickly took a turn for the worse when the ad that Jenner was cast in made light of the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

The ad didn't last long on the air before heavy backlash, but the damage was already done. Jenner has since bounced back, but if Blake Griffin is ever wondering if he should get her a coca-cola or Pepsi, maybe pass on the Pepsi!

4 Drool: Hilary Duff Lounges Out In The Sun

via thesportster.com

If you grew up in the 90s and were watching television in the early 2000s, there is probably a pretty big chance that you had a crush on Hilary Duff. Lizzie McGuire was one of the most popular shows and there was even a movie based on the show.

But as steamy as Hilary Duff looks in the above photo, she is not currently linked to an athlete. Instead, it is her former marriage to (fittingly perhaps) the former NHL player Mike Comrie that makes her one of the most iconic "WAGs" of all-time. While the two had a child together, they filed for divorce back in 2016 after 6 years of marriage. Perhaps he isn't the biggest fan of staring at photos like this of Duff, but we bet you sure are!

3 Cringe: Nicole Scherzinger Can Barely Stand

via bcharts.net

As a one-time member of The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger definitely knows the value of having a strong support system of girls around her. But judging from her feet and walking skills in the above photo, it seems that the girl with her was vital to her being able to get out of the club on two feet!

And let's be honest, as embarrassing and cringe-worthy as this picture is, it may have taken on a whole new level if Nicole had ended the night with a faceplant. While Nicole has not been married, she was once engaged to fellow musician Nick Hexum. At the current state, she has been engaging in some doubles play with Tennis professional Grigor Dimitrov since 2016.

2 Drool: Jay Cutler Is Lucky

via chicagotribune.com

There are many people out there who like to run with the idea that Jay Cutler isn't the most passionate quarterback in the league. But while he may sometimes have a lackadaisical attitude on the sidelines and in interviews, we're sure there are many areas of his life that he is passionate about. Such as making sure he has a healthy (and logically, sexually active) life alongside his wife Kristin Cavallari.

They have been married since 2013 and have 3 children together. We're sure Kristin is having a lot more fun hanging out on the beaches of Miami than the cold windy city of Chicago. So perhaps Cutler setting up retirement roots wouldn't be the most shocking thing.

1 Cringe: The Ray Rice Punch

via nypost.com

Now we suppose this photo technically includes Ray Rice and his at the time (now wife), fiancee Janay Palmer. Following an altercation at the Revel Casino in New Jersey, Ray Rice elected to end the argument with physical violence.

The security footage was then obtained by TMZ. While Janay eventually forgave and later married, Rice; there was irreparable damage done to his NFL career that never took off again. Prior to this incident, Rice had one of the best reputations in the league for how he acted off of it. Let's hope that if he gets the opportunity to use this experience to help others, that he'll do everything in his power to embrace that in a positive way.

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