What Did Stone Cold Think Of Charlotte's Promo Last Week?

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Last week on RAW saw Charlotte and Ric Flair have a falling out on screen. Stone Cold knows a thing or two about promos and he wasn't impressed with what he saw last week. He gave his thoughts on the segment on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show.

Austin had some criticism for all parties involved as he felt within 15 seconds Flair, had kind of spoiled that the segment would involve he and his daughter having a falling out. He said he felt Charlotte got lost in her promo and faulted the writers too, as he felt the segment was overscripted.

"That was just a real bad [segment] and that thing, Ric kind of spilled the beans. Whoever wrote that, and you know Ric is one of the best promos in the history of the business and you don’t write for Ric Flair. Just let him go out there and do his thing. But, so he’s going out there and he’s trying to memorize this script that someone wrote him and he spilled the beans, started tripping all over himself, and then, it only got worse from there. And then, Charlotte’s trying to recoup and she gets lost a couple of times and goes at the crowd and then kind of misspeaks and then it was extremely awkward and it was hard to watch because I’m such a fan of the Flairs."

Do you agree with The Texas Rattlesnake here?

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