What Kind Of Contracts Is WWE Offering Former Stars?

It's been well documented that WWE has been reaching out to former stars in hopes of stacking their roster for the upcoming brand split. Over the next month, more of an effort will be made, as the Brand Extension kicks off when SmackDown goes live on July 19th.

Names that have been rumored to be in talks with WWE include Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, MVP, Carlito and Tommy Dreamer.

The returns of former Superstars are planned to be full-time returns, with most deals being offered in the range of 2-3 years. It's doubtful WWE will be able to secure full-time deals, as many of these veterans left the WWE specifically because they couldn't handle the rigorous schedule.

In addition to these names as talents, Stevie Richards has reportedly been offered to be a coach at the WWE Performance Center. Many members of the developmental staff will be moved up to work with the main roster, which will leave spots open down in Orlando.

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What Kind Of Contracts Is WWE Offering Former Stars?