When Does Finn Balor Hope To Return?

At SummerSlam last month Finn Balor would capture the inaugural WWE Universal Championship in a match against Seth Rollins; and for a moment, Balor stood atop the world as the best Superstar on Monday Night Raw.

Unfortunately for Finn Balor, a shoulder injury suffered throughout said bout would force "The Demon King" to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship the following night; making way for Kevin Owens to capitalize.

For Finn Balor, "The Luck of the Irish" ran out in a flash; a quick surge of charm replaced with agony and the loss of a dream. However, Balor recently provided WWE.com with an update on his return status:

Five months? We all know that WWE Superstars and their freakish rehabilitation abilities are more than capable of returning earlier than scheduled. Finn Balor: surprise entrant in the 2017 Royal Rumble?

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